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233071233071B008AV5HLSA11WTBLSXJOHU6Bluto "From Oswego"0041339632000Good stuff but buy the smallest possible bottleGood stuff but buy the smallest possible bottle as it does lose strength and flavor within a few weeks in the refrigerator in my experience...
233072233072B008AV5HLSA20YN7Y8VZ2VRBNikira0051337990400Srirach cool stuff for making spicy mayo.Huy Fong - Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce (Net Wt. 28 Oz.) Cool stuff, like to experiment with food, good to add to meat and veggies. :-)
233073233073B008AV5HLSA3N3W4ZZ8JS8L3Shaun0051333411200One of the best hot chili sauce!Googled "best hot/chili sauce in the US" the other day and Huy Fong Sriracha popped up. I read that this brand is one of the best hot chili sauce so I figured I would give it a try. I was hoping that a supermarket near my apartment would sell this brand, and to my delight it does.
I understand now why this is one of the best hot chili sauce out there. man! its so spicy and hot that I must have drinking water near me all the time I'm eating this sauce. Not only I like the spiciness, it has a little garlic taste to it too. Plus the squeeze bottle is a plus. I'm never gonna buy different brands again. This will do.
233074233074B008AV5HLSANBTR3SC4U6CNKevin P. Rice0051333152000The Best Chili SauceI have been using this sauce for 10+ years and it is still among the best out there. If you have not had your mouth on fire from this sauce, give it a try! Tastes good on just about anything
233075233075B008AV5HLSA11C8VY79HYKOJA. Castro0051333152000Love it!This sauce has great flavor. It's a little acidic with a good peppery garlicky kick to it and it's not too hot so, the family can enjoy it too. I like to use it in a number of recipes but it's good on pretty much anything that needs some spiciness. I like to squeeze a little on my eggs or in a sandwich. The stuff is just good...
233076233076B008AV5HLSA15AAQZRP69ILWAlessandro Presti0051324857600Delicious and VersatileYou have to try it. Spicy, but a flavorful spicy, rather than just a burning spicy. Works well in soups, on pizza, with many types of Asian food, and pretty much everything else you can put hot sauce on. The only thing I have found it doesn't really work well with is Mexican food and as an ingredient in buffalo sauce.
233077233077B008AV5HLSA61GP6TVX0AXDChris0051324252800habit formingaddictive substance. Get it now before it gets banned. I lick it off my plate, suck it off napkins and hoard cases of it.
233078233078B008AV5HLSAZI22S7R4LXJNSymbol for Hope0051323648000Verstile and hotI use this stuff on a lot of different foods. It is hot enough and flavorful enough to spice up any food. Should be a staple in any spice lovers cupboard.
233079233079B008AV5HLSA1VDPAUBS71M1BDean Swiatek "fps_dean"0051322956800The other great mild hot sauceThis is a great tasting mild hot sauce. While it is milder than Tabasco sauce, or Cholula's hot sauce, Sriracha tastes a bit hotter because it is thicker, making it a perfect candidate to put on a sandwich or burger. I tried this for the first time on a chicken sandwich a few days ago -- the sandwich was aleady great and the "Rooster Sauce" complimented the sandwich perfectly. I have not tried it on seafood but the hot sauce was actually created with seafood in mind -- it does seem like it would be a viable alternative to cocktail sauce!

I generally prefer much hotter hot sauces, but there is no denying this is a great tasting hot sauce and is perfect for lunch sandwiches.
233080233080B008AV5HLSA3FON5X0Z32T03maddy ferguson "maddy ferguson"0051322265600the duct tape of hot sauceOn my 17th birthday a friend took me to a Thai restaurant and I tried Sriracha sauce for the first time. Almost eight years later, it's still one of my staple condiments! It makes pretty much anything taste good.
233081233081B008AV5HLSA3BVE597CELVWMEileen0051321488000yummy!this product was very cheap for a nice large sized bottle. it's also very delicious when mixed with mayo to make some delicious spicy mayo for my sushi.
233082233082B008AV5HLSA1NSJ5JJOY3BTWT. Kauger0051315008000The perfect sauce, full stopAfter rave reviews from friends, I picked up a bottle of this exotic looking sauce in the supermarket. After using it in all three of my meals in one day (eggs, chili, and pasta), I am now a dedicated fan of this chili sauce. There's an initial garlic note, followed by a curious sweetness and then the wonderful, wonderful burn of chili peppers. It's as complete a hot sauce as you're likely to find. I recommend trying it on the tip of your finger first, and on its own as a condiment before mixing it into other sauces. It serves every purpose well, and is the only everyday hot sauce I'll need.

Those who appreciate spicy food will find this sauce to be something of a culinary religious experience.
233083233083B008AV5HLSA1TNUUSBLUSVZFDaKs0051314835200HOT, amazing flavor with a few dropsits hot hot hot sauce. serious. Also adds a real asian flavor to food, a few drops in peanut sauce can make the taste so authentic, it is not the same without it! stay kosher rooster sauce!
233084233084B008AV5HLSA3KQVEK0E3P1N2Magic Man0051314662400great hot sauceThe whole family loves this product and would purchase it again. We use it on meats,veggies,pasta and eggs.
Would highly recommend this product. Mild but spicy.
233085233085B008AV5HLSA17TU6W8X8E2SABrandon0041313539200Nice Heat, Nice FlavorVery good, one of my new favorite toppings that adds great flavor and just the right amount of heat to any meal.
233086233086B008AV5HLSA2SI78R33PC5JRJavaGuy1470051313452800Rooster Sauce...As you can probably tell from the other reviews, this stuff is the new ketchup. It's popping up in restaurants and other venues, and for good reason: its tastes amazing! I can take really hot stuff, but this sauce isn't about killing your taste buds (or killing you). Instead, it lets you actually experience the flavor of the chilis front and center, while also complementing it with a strong garlic taste. I love to put this on hot dogs and hamburgers, as well as ramen noodles. Of course, feel free to experiment, I still experiment putting this on anything and everything if I think it might taste good.

Believe it or not this sauce is made in America, despite its non-American-looking bottle. Its also as a pretty simple ingredient list that doesn't make you cringe when you look at it. I would recommend buying this (the 28oz bottle) as it is a much better deal than buying the smaller (17oz) one.
233087233087B008AV5HLSA1OQ1VETOSOAUDSissyGirl0041313107200Pretty good sauce!Nice flavor, even if it is a little more on the sweet side. I usually prefer real barn-burners and extra spicey sauces but I like this one on almost everything. It is especially well suited for soups and stews!
233088233088B008AV5HLSA1I49V6ZPZPQ4GSting45 "sting45"0041311292800UM,UM, GOOD !This is a fairly hot (my wife thinks it's Hell's Fire) but not to extreme and a very tasty condiment. It is a thick suace with a good flavor not just a hot runny liquid like some hot sauces. A bargain for the price paid.
233089233089B008AV5HLSAXR114BYWO8RWMark Griffin0051311292800Try it on spagettiI like this so much because it is hot but not too hot, in fact I love it. It's delicious. It seems to go on everything... I put it on sandwiches, spagetti, burgers, put a bit in in cheese macoroni and rice dises sometimes (with mixed results) really, anything that just doesn't quite have enough spice. I buy it by the case.
233090233090B008AV5HLSA2MUGFV2TDQ47KLynrie "Oh HELL no"0051308700800Some Like it Hot!!!Woo-hoo y'all...Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce will keep your tinglers tingling for a spell. This has replaced Tabasco on my table, although hotter it is smoother and really perks up a dish with more than pepper heat. Great in Asian, Indian, Latin entrees AND good old popcorn or burgers. Just be sure to warn the newbies that this is not Mom's old hot sauce.
233091233091B008AV5HLSA87HUARTR4NLTSteven M. Newton "Virginia Hiker"0051292371200Best Sriracha Sauce on the Market...Not good for spicing up everything... but for things with curry or soy sauce, sesame, or an Asian flare, this stuff can't be beaten. Especially good on rice and I also enjoy it on Hamburgers and as a substitute for ketchup. It's a little too sweet for eggs, though, IMO.
233092233092B008AV5HLSAGXO0AH7D1284A. Terry0051286582400I Am Never Without It!!!I first knew about it when I started working in a neighborhood that had a number of Vietnamese restaurants. It's kept on the table like soy sauce or salt and pepper. I was hooked. Not only do I use it as a condiment at the table, I'll use it when I'm making spaghetti sauce, or chili, and it's great to kick up mayo for sandwich spreads, and potato and pasta salads. It's fantastic and I consider it a staple around my house.
233093233093B008AV5HLSA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"0051277856000Great Flavor and Heat - Highly RecommendedHuy Fong "Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce" is offered in just about every Chinese and Vietnamese restaurant in my area, and with good reason! Unlike at lot of hot sauces, this has a great chili pepper and garlic flavor that compliments most of the dishes I like (particularly good on Pork Lo-Mein) and also provides a good amount of spicy heat. This is not the hottest of the hot sauces but it is on the borderline for several of my friend.

This is really good stuff and we almost always keep a bottle of it on hand to liven up or cooking or when take-out doesn't have enough "zing". It is also great to spread on chicken when grilling but watch the smoke when opening the grill lid, it is like OC spray if it gets into your eyes.

Highly Recommended

233094233094B008AV5HLSA3HE289DG2QQWBAdam Argo0051266883200I put it on everythingI love it. It's delicious. It goes on everything... I put it on sandwiches, eggs, burgers, put a bit in soup, popcorn, salad, pizza... really, anything that just doesn't quite have enough spice. I buy it by the truckload.
233095233095B008AV5HLSAWKOEOA2KR5RUSir Bulldog0051253836800deliciously hot and spicyive been searching for years for this stuff. depending on how much u use,varies the heat index. its not one of those hot for no reason type sauces. its full of flavors. i use it on pretty much anything i wanna give a zing to. great with rice, eggs, hotdogs, u name it. definintly worth givin a try. but start slow, a couple drops is all it takes! :)
233096233096B008AV5HLSA1ODOGXEYECQQ8Nuknuk0051230508800Great Hot Sauce - Great PriceYou see this hot sauce very popular at most oriental restaurants. Not only because of the low price but because of its terrific flavor. You get 28oz (compare that with the skinny tabasco bottle) of hot spice that will last for a very long time. Great especially for soup lovers who want to spike it up a notch. Also good with your pizzas, burritos, nachos, ... and more.
233097233097B008AV5HLSA3LPIOQVCYLX3Nmaggie "lovestoshop"0051224892800hot spicy yummyI love spicy and this is a little too hot for me. Both my husband and son love it, it livens up every dish. It arrived well packaged and in a timely manner.
233098233098B008AV5HLSA1W05NSMY0JFUO1000Books "1000Books"1241257811200Sweet and tastey for Asian foodThis is a standard for noodle shops. That said, I gave it 4 stars because it is sweet and will change the flavors of your food (though often for the better). It's spicy, but not too spicy. I can eat it by itself with no problems.
233099233099B008AV5HLSA3HDAFBXULEDDYPeaceonesxwai0151341532800Get drunk off this stuff!!#@LJ!$5oThis stuff is awesome!! I dont even use it for food, poor onto hand, drink some rum like captain mo and like this off your arm (or off someone)as chaser!! Get drunk!!$#@?>!%<1
233100233100B008AV5HLSA1TJT6GXDGNN8QOpinunated1141269129600A Potent Hot Sauce - it should be in every kitchen. Far better than Tabasco. The 28oz is only a few cents moreThis hot sauce has become a staple in my kitchen and replaced my bottle of Tabasco. Like Tabasco - it is primarily a cayenne pepper delivery device. A few drops add a lot of heat to any dish. This is NOT a watered down hot sauce like Franks, etc.

While Tabasco seems to impart mostly heat along with a vinegar note - this product has far more subtle tastes going on beyond the heat, yet the heat is considerable and dominates. It also lingers, on your taste buds, longer than Tabasco. There is a subtle sweetness with garlic notes to this sauce. While Tabasco can taste harsh if you add enough to a dish ---- this sauce, no matter how much you add, tastes fresh and just a bit sweet.

I wanted to say in my review that this sauce had a hint of tomato yet there are no tomatoes listed on the ingredients. I suspect what I thought was tomato is simply the sun ripened chilies and the added sugar listed on the ingredients. But to be clear - heat - lingering heat - is the primary taste

I like this product and I'd recommend its purchase but I'm not sure it rates 5 stars because the overall flavor does not seem, in any way, exceptional. There really is just one major taste evident and that is heat - and after that only a vague hint of something else which seems to be chiles, sugar and garlic. But chiles, sugar and garlic sure beats the vinegar aftertaste evidenced in Tabasco.

For the $5.99 I paid locally for a 28 Oz bottle --- I'm glad to have it on hand.

As another reviewer recommended - given the potency of this stuff - you probably only want to have a single bottle on hand. Larger quantities will deteriorate over time. I'd recommend you purchase this locally and not in the 2/3/6 packs offered on Amazon. I doubt many households will go through a bottle in a year. As I said: this is potent stuff.

Update (July 2010) - a formal taste test

I put 4 ounces of tomato juice into two glasses and progressively added 1/8 teaspoon of Tabasco or Huy Fong Sriracha into one of the two glasses until they both became too "hot" to taste

Results: With Tabasco - with each added dose the juice became not only hotter but harsher. With the Huy Fong - it became hotter yet retained a very fresh but sweeter note

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