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233405233405B007TJGZ4AA3RTK2OIDCN1E2Arthur Mills "Arthur M. Mills, Jr."0011338595200Good Product Bad PacketingI was happy to get my coffee. Me without coffee is like a baby without her sippy cup! I tore the box open and my heart sank. The individual K-Cups were just thrown around. The bottom of the box had a good amount of coffee grinds. I don't think the post office is responsible for the mishap because the box didn't appear damaged. The only logical explanation is the damage originated where the K-Cups were loaded into the box. Five out of the 50 K-Cups were unusable. If you don't think 10 percent is a big deal, then imagine going on a blind date and your blind date answers the door and you notice he/she is missing 10 percent of his/her teeth! See, 10 percent is a lot. Bottom line, I'm not ordering K-cups on-line anymore. I guess I'll just get of my butt and head down to the store. It will be worth the extra expense.

Arthur M. Mills, Jr.

Author of The Empty Lot Next Door and The Crawl Space
233406233406B007TJGZ4AA2RWYKUYLT15ZIMady0011338336000Not what I ordered!I ordered decaf hazelnut k-cups from Gloria Jean (that's what I clicked on) what came in the mail was non-decaf (regular) I cannot drink regular coffee. I was dismayed to see they were not returnable. If it were not for Amazon's wonderful policy (they refunded me anyway!) I would be stuck with coffee I could not use. This is why I order 90% of my online purchases from Amazon. I will go back to Paul Newman decaf k-cups. They arrive as ordered.
233407233407B007TJGZ4AA2IVF2MVEVER0Icubgirl0031337731200OK but not as flavorful as I likeThese are OK but not as flavorful as I like. Maybe it's just me. My son tried them and liked them but they are not hazel nutty as I like. I'll try again -- maybe the 1st cup was a dud.
233408233408B007TJGZ4AAD0TWPJI9TG6ISusan M. Hinson0051336780800Highly recommended!Hazelnut is always a favorite standard flavor in my house. As we go through a lot of coffee, we purchase our K-Cups in bulk so we're always looking for the best price per K-Cup. We've tried other flavors from Gloria Jean's Coffees, and we have been satisfied with all of them so far. We keep our K-Cups on the Keurig 5060 K-Cup Carousel, Chrome so we're okay that the K-Cups ship in this box. Highly recommended!
233409233409B007TJGZ4AA8HP431VGJC3NRalph0031335916800Gloria Jean K-cupsThe last box of Gloria Jean Hazelnut contained at least 10 K-cups that leaked coffee grounds into my wife's cup. So far that is the only K-cup to do this. Love the taste. Hope you fix the problem.
233410233410B0000AH3UKA1UEPDBZLGAYWXC. Curtis "GO PRIME!"9951174608000THE BESTI am going to go out and say that Flossies are the BEST dog treat. There is not one treat that could ever compare to this one. My puppy loves them and it is quite cute watching him eat it. The treat is a spiral and he puts his little paw at one end to hold the treat down and eats the whole thing. I used Flossies to train my puppy. They work! The only CON is that they are expensive. The more you buy, the more you save. Trust me, your dog will LOVE this treat!
233411233411B0000AH3UKAFJIP8Q4PKGJRBobbie S. Hudson Penick5551198108800Too expensive but dogs love themMy Pit Bulls love them but they only last a second. Was looking for something that could stand up to thier chewing power!
233412233412B0000AH3UKA9R96JQ4T67D1S. Hems5541169596800great dog treatGood for puppies as well as mature dogs. Our dogs really liked them and it kept the puppy occupied and helped satisfy that urge to chew when teething.
233413233413B0000AH3UKA2R9EKUMODCKZ2Jennifer L. Cumbo "JenCumbo21"2251250380800AWESOME - GREAT DOG TREATGot a Jumbo Flossie for my newly adopted Schnoodle 4 y.o. dog. At first he ignored it but then suddently he couldn't get enough of it! Although he is only 16 lbs., he chewed the Jumbo Flossie down in one week! Kind of like catnip for dogs. I think he was not eating his regular food b/c he liked this so much which I guess that could be the only draw back of them (but not really) - just have to watch that for your dog if you buy these and I of course will watch this with our dog too with future Flossies. It kept him occupied for periods of time, gnawing and playing with it, rather than seeking constant attention from his "humans" or constantly sleeping. He loved this so much he would retrieve it and then bring it to his "humans" to "show it off" he was that proud of this chew!!! Buy one to try it and you won't be sorry. I have told all my co-workers who have dogs as well about this product and I will be buying one for each of their dogs for Christmas presents this year. It is made of Beef Tendon which is better for dogs than rawhide (rawhide not recommended by my groomer or vet).
233414233414B0000AH3UKA28102FMNXOL19C. R. Kelly "squiggs"2251229212800ChewieMy dog loves these! They're the best chewie he has. Perfect for car trips in his crate.
233415233415B0000AH3UKAWLGF0P04MSTBCarrie2241221523200My Dog Loves TheseMy dog loves these flossies. They are like a bully stick, but a little more of a challenge to chew. They are great for a small dog/puppy who is a medium chewer.
233416233416B0000AH3UKA2YMX3W1P77DEGMikie1151328486400Amazon has Yum Yum FlossiesI buy these for my dog at home, and could not find them in AZ. My dog loves them. I like them because they are Made In AMERICA!!! Very important. I only feed my dog a few things and they are all Made in AMERICA!! Worth the price, as my dogs teeth are so clean and white from these flossies. I knew that I could find them buy shopping at Amazon.
I have a happy dog and his little teeth just sparkle! Merrick makes these flossies, and they are shaped to clean the teeth, and the dogs just love them.

233417233417B0000AH3UKA1COQQJURBCCQIMostly Music1151327363200Yummy! My favorite treat! And NO FOUL SMELL!!! =DMy 5 pound chihuahua LOVES these. She is definitely a power chewer, and this keeps her occupied for several hours. When she was younger, it would last her days, so it could last a very long time, depending on your dog. I just got another chihuahua puppy, and he loves these just as much, and they do a good job sharing and taking turns with it. The only bad thing about these is that you better not need your dog to pay any attention to you. My dogs become completely preoccupied with these for hours, and they don't pay any attention to me!

I've tried other types of bully sticks (generic, I think), because sometimes this brand is hard to get, but they smell terrible! The smell of some of the other brands makes me want to hurl. But these don't smell at all to me, so I am going to stick with Merrick Flossies.
233418233418B0000AH3UKA237CELSNGEL3K. Wright1151250208000Great Chew TreatThese chews are great. My little Shi-Poo puppy Oliver loves them. Instead of chewing on my hand (which he kept wanting to do), I can hold this in my hand and he chews on this. He also does a good job of holding it himself because the spirals make it easier for him to do so. I will always make sure I have some on hand. Thanks for offering them 5 in a package.
233419233419B0000AH3UKA3MZNRSDQ32UUHimsocrazy "frenzied reader"1151234915200my dogs favorite pastimeI have a VERY picky husky and he turns his nose up at most dog treats. This, however, tickles his fancy and he doesn't stop chewing until every last morsel is gone! He just loves them, they are good for his teeth and don't seem to cause intestinal distress as some chewies can. They are in that cute little squiggle! so who wouldn't love them. No wonder they sell them by the case. Get some, your doggie will thank you.
233420233420B0000AH3UKA58BAH1W91V09Imfreshlikesalsa0051349827200Perfect Gift!Quick delivery! Cohen is the happiest puppy in the world right now. These are his favorite treats and now my whole floor is filled with them! Thanks to this seller for being so quick and sending the nice plump ones that last a little bit longer!!
233421233421B0000AH3UKA1PXPKKAQ68TILannak0051334966400My Pup Loves These!My 1 year old dachshund LOVES these!
She will work on it for hours until it is gone!
It is truly not possible to have enough!
233422233422B0000AH3UKALQGOMOY1F5X9scott0051326758400flossiesfor little dogs I break them in half, and have to supervise. my dogs love these and cant get enough.
233423233423B0000AH3UKA2IBF31N8P9FPJM. Lormand0051309219200GrammieMy yorkie puppy loves these spiral tendon treats. It is his all time favorite and his teeth stay clean.
233424233424B0000AH3UKA31B27UOGIF0MOJennifer Smith0051252886400Chihuahua loves 'emMy chihuahua really loves these! I started offering him the smallest ones during puppyhood - he's now graduated to the middle size. Whenever he starts chewing on inappropriate items, I offer him chewable treats like these as a trade. The middle size Flossies last him a month or so, and I throw them when they are about 1.5" only. When he gets bored with other toys or chew items, this is one he rarely turns down.
233425233425B0000AH3UKA3KDOLPK00OH6MPam Ann "Pea"3551187827200Easy Ordering Fast Shipping
233426233426B0000AH3UKAILAHGJ0LY6ROPapillon Mama0131297900800Last longer than expected!These are expensive but they lasted longer than I thought. My dog loves them too...still think bully sticks are better, last longer and are a little cheaper!
233427233427B004HS9N04A1Z94ZAPBJH3O3K. Burgess1151338595200Yum!This is so easy to make, and it tastes awesome! There are real flecks of vanilla bean throughout. No artificial taste at all.
233428233428B004OT4TXMA1AULJ471YG7X3HeyJude0041349222400Canine CaviarMy dogs are use to chicken jerky. They were apprehensive at 1st. I kept the buffalo put away for awhile, now they seem to love it. Go figure? Anyway it last longer than chicken jerky. I give them both alternataly. No jerky made in China, be careful of that.
233429233429B000P4ZUB0A2A3WQUXLMU5PC. Judd121451193011200great bars, but you can probably find them cheaperThe cherry chocolate kashi bars are great, but they're a lot cheaper at my Target (2.74 a box, sometimes on sale for 2.50).
233430233430B000P4ZUB0AV9R9KOV0M90BLaura Andrews "benegesserit"4451192924800Favorite Breakfast Bar!This is by far and away my favorite breakfast bar on the planet (thus far discovered). The dark chocolate chips are essentially unsweetened and complement the perfectly tart and sweet cherries. The Kashi cereal mix holds the whole thing together with honey or something. Darn good stuff. They are sometimes hard to find at the store and 12 boxes will last a long time (6 bars per box)!
233401233401B007TJGZ4AA1IXCRG9K7WO8CLizzy0041339718400Great BuyTried Gloria Jean coffee for the first time. Very satisfied. Great taste and better yet, great price. I would order this coffee again in a heartbeat.
233402233402B007TJGZ4AA2ZQK0ABB91AU4daydreamer0051339372800great cup of coffeeHazlenut is my favorite flavor in coffee and this brand delivers. Buying online is convenient and a fast way of getting what you want. I also like the butter toffee but it can be a strong flavor. If you're not into heavy flavors in your coffee I wouldn't recommend it but if you do, it's the flavor for you.
233403233403B007TJGZ4AALRJ3PZCFW72Ehomer0041339113600Nice Hazlenut CoffeeThese hazlenut K Cups have a pleasing, but mild flavor. Very good overall, but a bit mild for those who prefer stronger coffee.
233404233404B007TJGZ4AA3FXK6HXI0MR5XSajia Hoque0041338681600SajiaLoved the taste of it. It is simply a great kind to have. Highly recommend to people who likes not strong coffee

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