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233611233611B001EO68NEA1FWEV36N65E48E. F. Winerock2251312761600As good as everyone says!Having just returned from our honeymoon in England, my new husband and I were bemoaning our fate: Chicago is a great food city, but not for cream tea. There simply isn't anyplace that we know of where one can get fresh scones with clotted cream. Out of curiosity I did a search on Amazon and stumbled across the many and emphatic recommendations for Garvey's Organic Scone Mix. I took the plunge and got my six boxes, and ... I couldn't be more delighted.

Last night I surprised my husband with my first batch: the basic recipe plus raisins. It was too hot to turn on the oven, so I made half-size dough balls and baked them in the toaster oven for just ten minutes. They were so good! My husband couldn't decide whether they were tied with the best ones we had in England or whether they might actually be better. The crust was properly crisp and golden, and the inside was light and fluffy. I served them with raspberry jam and Devon cream (also bought from Amazon), and the only problem was that we ate the whole batch before I had a chance to take pictures. Thank you fellow Amazon reviewers for introducing me to my newest favorite baking mix; I can't wait to make another batch!
233612233612B001EO68NEA2CDAFK39FU0VOJohn C4551226448000Yummy sconesHave been enjoying these scones for years. Just recently saw these available online. Have to try if you haven't yet
233613233613B001EO68NEA1Z1HOPBE4PQN7ren44551226448000Delicious sconesThese scones are so good and very easy to make. What a great treat for the whole family. I'm so happy I found these scones. I'll always have these on hand in the pantry. Delicious!!
233614233614B001EO68NEAO0HPTFIKQE9BStephen R. Scheffler "Alki food connoisseur"4551209513600Awesome scone'sThese are some of the best stones I've ever had. I really like them with raspberry jelly and warm butter. Hot out of the oven yum.
233615233615B001EO68NEA2QUCZ091B5C4Bcholett1141333670400SconesExcellent product. Brought back a memory of England. Easy to make and delicious to eat. I gave some away as gifts with no regrets.
233616233616B001EO68NEA2FHXGLCOYLM5Ken2351232064000These scones made me a KING!I had some of these incredible scones at a little bed & breakfast some time ago. When I came accross these Garvey scone gems again, I bought them quick and served them up for a special breakfast. Needless to say, I could have been crowned a KING for being so thoughtful! Thanks for carrying these Amazon - and thanks for making them easy to make Garvey Scones.
233617233617B001EO68NEA3582AW5G3GPUVM. J. Lyzanchuk "Mlyzan"2351230249600Wow!I generally do not write reviews for prodcuts, but after I had these a few weeks ago I felt that I had to. Easy to make and so worth it. Highly recommended. Easily 5 stars! Thanks for the great product
233618233618B001EO68NEANXCDKI45ZIXASean Minister2351227830400Great taste and good for you.As a triathlete I watch what I eat, but I still want something that tastes good. With Garveys Organic Scone's I get both. With organically grown ingredients and no trans fat it accomplishes healthy, and it is also a great tasting product. It is my Saturday morning pre ride fuel.
233640233640B000JSQ3CCA2XEIS3GH0Q7GZPaul Reece5551204416000Great excuse for a trip to LondonThese are the absolutely perfect choice for your coffee table candy jar. They are individually wrapped, and the wrappers are color coded for what's inside. The variety is generous and truly diverse. And every morsel is unbelievably delicious. I can't think of an American made candy that compares.
You won't be buying these to hand out to trick-or-treaters, though. The price (in this country) is bank breakingly high. If you have friends or relatives in England, you could ask them to send you some. Or, as my wife and I agree, they make a wonderful additional motivation for our next trip to London.
233619233619B001EO68NEA1JR821ORC3Y1UK. RUNOLFSON2351227398400Excellent sconesI love these scones. They were very easy to make, and far above the rest on the shelf in terms of texture and flavor. I used to go to starbucks for a scone, now I just whip up a batch of Garvery's, and save myself money with a better tasting product.
233620233620B001EO68NEAEAOI2FI5GI7QK. Robinson2351227139200Simply Delicious!!Garvey Scones are delicious!! And ridiculously easy to make. They are great for a Sunday morning with coffee, the smell while baking are sure to wake the entire neighborhood. I have been thinking that they would make a lovely Holiday gift as well, baked or unbaked!
233621233621B001EO68NEA1Z1ORDG4D507BC. Colburn2351227052800Love the scones!These scones were fantastic! I put some fresh fruit in the mix and enjoyed them thoroughly.
233623233623B001EO68NEA29O6CX25TAEG9Michael A. Sachs0031345593600Gluten OverdoseI do not doubt that folks in England just love this stuff but if you like your scones to have a lighter consistency
then stay away from this product.
233624233624B001EO68NEA2BH1NP0VIFWASarah Parrott "Amazon Fan"0051327190400Wonderful Scone MixWe buy the six-pack every Christmas for my mother-in-law. She loves scones and this is a particularly easy mix to prepare. The scones from this mix are delicious. She serves them with jam or clotted cream.
233625233625B001EO68NEA3PCQH32A6EG4GJerseygirl250051325462400Delicious and versatileThis is the second time I have ordered this mix. We love it! The scones are so tender and delicious. I have added cinnamon chips,blueberries, strawberries and cranberries( although not at the same time). I will certainly order again.
233626233626B001EO68NEA3APD06LK6ITVPLois from Texas0051317859200love to bakeAfter making scones from "scratch", I found this mix to taste the same as my homemade ones. The mix was quick and easy to prepare. I did make one change: I added an entire stick of butter for a richer taste (best to grate it from a frozen state for easy mixing).
233627233627B001EO68NEA3AU8NVBKX0HOFLoving Mama0051301529600Yummy and great for people with allergiesThis mix creates yummy scones and short bread. We have used it to make plain scones with a little sugar on top, flattened it out and usd it for strawberry shortcake and also made scones with fresh blueberries. All versions turned out great. My son is allergic to dairy and eggs so it is great for us to find a mix that you add your own version of both. I was able to substitute soy milk and margarine for the regular versions of each and the results were great.
233628233628B001EO68NEAJ361H5SBYC4Lfoodshopper0051301356800Wow!!!I read the reviews and saw the 5 stars rating, yet was still skeptical about a box mix. I thought no box scone mix could be as good as my scones from scratch, but I gotta say these rival mine. I was blown away from first bite. So buttery and flaky. The best texture ever. Cannot go wrong with this product. Just like homemade. Amazing!
233629233629B001EO68NEA1G0FMBPZGWPL5Anthony J. Haddad0051283040000Great Price!The price was great as we saved quite a bit of money compared to retail outlets. The delivery was prompt and we were lucky to get it under a free shipping promotion. The product itself is one of the best scone mixes that we have tried.
233630233630B001EO68NEA2YFC43EECVL76Don0051281571200Love these sconesThese scones are outstanding! Easy to make and great with tea. The best ever
233631233631B001EO68NEA4YYGL1TE9SQQIrish reader0051270598400Quick, easy, and authentic...Do you have some people coming for coffee in an hour? Grab this mix and whip up a batch of authentic Irish Scones to wow them completely! Great product!! Thank you Garveys!!!
233632233632B001EO68NEA3LI8DDV0T52F1Aaron981010051226880000Great Scones!Ahh the Garvey scones. We tried Garvey's pancake mix and loved it, the scones are just as good. I like to add a little vanilla and orange zest to the mix, bake, a butter while they are still warm from the oven and breakfast is complete.
233633233633B001EO68NEA3UUTDX2WNVUS3S. Whitworth "Hannah's Mommy"1251253923200Garvey's Heavenly Organic Scone MixThis is the most heavenly mix ever. From the very opening of the package, you smell a good wholesome smell. I just made these scones and used the Nordic Ware mini scone pan. I topped my scones with cinnamon and sugar. The aroma filled the house and now I am gobbling them up. The are great when paired with PG Tips tea. Guess what? I am buying more already because I want to have these scones very often. Yep, they are that good. Use real butter.
233634233634B001EO68NEA3OTIFTFITQ8IAC. M. Kelley1251246233600Quick "Homemade" ItemLove these scones, it's the best way to have fresh scones in the morning. I add fresh berries and a little sugar as the side of the pkg instructs and they are wonderful. Sprinkle powder sugar on top for a little variety.
233635233635B001EO68NEA30BGCBXHB0TURB. Shelley1251232755200A cut above the rest!Garvey's scones are easy to prepare and the taste and texture are amazing! I've never been a huge fan of scones until I tried Garvey's mix. The instructions are simple and they're ready in no time. They're a nice treat to have on hand anytime. So glad I found these!
233636233636B001EO68NEA15G8DU73NC8M6momofboys0151342396800Makes great sconesMy son and I both like the blueberry scones at Starbucks, but they always seem to run out before we get there. So I bought this hoping I could make them easy enough and they would taste good. We think they are better, but we get to eat them warm at home. I add fresh blueberries. I will say I do have to add more water than what the box calls for.
233637233637B003SB9XXIAWM6RXLDMA0HLMom to 4 Ragdolls0051288396800Solid Gold is a HitI found Solid Gold Tuna back when the melamine recall was a problem. I was impressed that it was thickened with tapioca and my cats absolutely love this food. The plates are licked clean when they get some solid gold. They prefer the red tuna part so I break the white chunks up in the can and then everybody gets some. All four of my cats prefer fish flavors so this is tops in their book. Hats off to Solid Gold!!
233638233638B000LRFWN2ATQGZUXZ95R63Linda Kennedy0051351036800Great MozzerellaI received the fresh mozzerella and couldn't wait to try it. It was so fresh and the taste was unbelievable. I will be ordering this item again. Shipping was fast and packaging was perfect.
233639233639B000LRFWN2AY4MZQ2Z96Z5KMichael Motes0051346716800Really goodUsed to make capresse with fresh basil and tomatoes, wonderful. Fresh and cold on arrival. Worth buying if unavailable in your area.

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