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233641233641B000JSQ3CCA3B949NFB4I0PWSajbwi0011350691200AwfulThey sent me this package on 10/24/12 which has an expiry date of 11/2012. I would not have bought if it was from a store.
233642233642B000JSQ3CCA20QZB1IDMLQSSwilkie1251303430400yum!bought these for my girlfriend for her birthday.she used to live in England and missed them.needless to say she was very happy when she opened them.she gave me an orange cream and i was in heaven.yum
233643233643B0001AVSRIAZSE0K98A68HTMarianna R. Malik "bravegirl"0251321833600Perfect TimingHi, I need pumpkin pie spice for a recipe, and thought it won't get here on time.. but I got it today... Thank you so much for getting it to me on time. Marina.M WA
233644233644B004TBKAHOA29XN9WK6MQGLVTT "favored w/wisdom"0031317168000hard batchYummy. But some of these were very hard to chew.....maybe not the best batch? I can't find these anywhere. I wish mire stores would carry them.
233645233645B00328X5V8A2SOYRYB1O34QDshwillia0051337644800Fabulous Nuts!!!These are the best pistacio's I've found! Large, sweet, no duds, and generally wonderful. I buy them at Holiday time for hostess gifts.
233646233646B003IFPLDUA3MNY9M7VQQYAIGriffin doggy "Jeff"4511327363200Arrived late.Food item. Paid 25 dollars for expedited shipping. Arrived late. No help from the vendor. Would recommend that you not use this vendor if you need your item in a tight time frame.
233647233647B000GZY8XEATDE9JYCPI0L1Alyssa A. Lappen0041258848000DeliciousFor years, we relied on Near East Rice Pilaf to brighten weekday dinners. The product cooks quickly and the pine nuts (not lentils, as another reviewer erroneously reported) are absolutely stupendous.

Unfortunately, inflation has hit some of the higher-end grocery items, like this one, and at these levels (including the shipping), even a carton of 12 Near East Rice Pilaf boxes is way beyond our budget. Each box feeds about five people. For two, there will be leftovers. But still. Reheated rice and pine nuts, despite the interesting spice content, aren't as good.

We've therefore shifted to a neat Trader Joe's combination of basmati and wild rices, with vegetable bits (not offered here) that spices up daily meals with a lot less strain on the purse. Amazon does offer a 12-pack carton of tasty-sounding 6.5 ounce Basmati Rice with roasted garlic and herbs but we haven't tried it, as even that is a bit too steep for us.

We'll finish all the Near East products now on our shelves. But delicious or not, the stuff has just grown too dear.
233648233648B000GZY8XEAIVCFAOAP2OQ6Randi L. O'lone "michrn81"0041232150400Good nutritional valueThis product is very easy to make--just add water and spice packet and 25 minutes later you have lentil rice pilaf. Very good source of protein and fiber. I always add more spices to mine, however, because the flavor leaves something to be desired if you don't.
233649233649B000GZY8XEA1YJX0RMROYLO8Arslan0051192579200make your own gourmet foodWhy would you spend much money for gourmet food when you can make it by yourself in your kitchen? near east rice pilaf is awesome product, it's very easy to make, yet it's so delicious. you can have gourmet rice pilaf just in 25 minutes! isn't that great?!
233650233650B000GZY8XEA11EIDY6DD40CSPeregrinn0151307836800Not just a side -- Add stuff for a quick main dish!While I still serve Near East rice pilafs as a side dish, I now fix them for a quick and healthy weeknight meal! For most of them, I cook as directed in my small rice cooker (Cuisinart CRC-400 4-Cup Rice Cooker). Five minutes after I hear the water starting its boil, I add a cup of cut-up cooked meat (leftover chicken, turkey, chickpeas, beans, whatever) and a cup or so of chopped veggies (fresh broccoli, carrots, onions, frozen peas). When the rice cooker light tells me the rice is done, so is everything else! (If you use a long-cooking whole grain pilaf, you will want to add these ingredients later in the rice-cooking cycle to avoid over cooking.) I guess you could also mix the meat and veggies in after cooking them separately, if you prefer. This is enough to serve three adults (unless they are really, really hungry.)

You can find recipes at the Near East website for other ideas.
233651233651B0032G8MNGA3E3LSUEJLYDZCBrunella Rosser0051349308800Seeds that Sprout!The germination ratio of the seeds was great-- about 85 - 95%.
I was also pleased with the packaging and timely shipping.
I really liked every part of my experience with the seeds.
233652233652B004I69KASA3B203YVH5TV6R. Sterba2341330992000Really salty, but good.The beef jerky was pretty good, I really like the texture and the dryness of it. I prefer a dry jerky that can be broken apart pretty easily and this was what I got from this jerky. I had really hoped for more flavor from the meat, being grass fed and high quality, however, all I could taste was salt, and lots of it. The jerky was extremely salty and that's pretty much all you could taste.
I think that perhaps next time I will order one of their other flavors and see if it fares better.

Overall good jerky, just a little too salty for my taste.
233653233653B004I69KASA3HXIIRWL92LIDUSCGmama4Yahushua "USCGmama4Yahushua"33851329004800Based on beef being grass fed however . . .the other ingredients are not so healthy and unfortunately I'm unable to review the flavor as I forgot I can't have beef anymore (due to health issues).

Ingredients: beef, flavoring supplement (salt, dextrose, corn syrup solids, maltodextrin, spices, spice extractives, soybean oil), vinegar, brown sugar, liquid smoke, salt, black pepper, garlic powder, spices

Here is some info found on the internet:

Maltodextrin ~ maltodextrin from corn or soy can be very unsafe/poison for anyone. As all GMO products like corn and soy are genetically engineered from the monsanto company. they insert a bacteria in all GMO products, and this changes the natural organic developing of corn or soy. do not buy anything that contains maltodextrin or titanium for your own health.

Maltodextrin made in the US is made from corn.
Corn in the US is a GMO food so Maltodextrin as derived from a Gmo is extremely unsafe.

Soy ~ this particular info from:


. . .fermented soy products such as natto, tempeh, miso and soy sauce, and enjoying the health benefits. Fermented soy does not wreak havoc on your body like unfermented soy products do.

Here is just a sampling of the health effects that have been linked to unfermented soy consumption:

*Breast cancer
*Brain damage
*Infant abnormalities
*Thyroid disorders
*Kidney stones
*Immune system impairment
*Severe, potentially fatal food allergies
*Impaired fertility
*Danger during pregnancy and nursing

and for all ~

Jesus Christ (Yahushua HaMashiach) is coming back. Don't leave this world without Him...

Gift of God

With all the bad going on in the world, God wants us to tell everyone about His good news.

It's so fascinating always watching everything unfold just like the Bible predicts. I am often sent emails saying to forward it to everyone on my list if I am not ashamed of Yahweh (God) and His Messiah Yahushua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ). I do not forward those emails cuz I don't trust them (I'm not computer literate either), so I am sending this to everyone on my list (along with everyone else), as God does command us (no matter what the consequence to us) to share His good news with every one of His Messiah providing us with the only good way out of this world.

Yep, just like it says it's going to happen in the Holy Bible (no matter which version is chosen to be believed or not believed), it's gonna get beyond tragically ugly here. If we think that there's been bad stuff already happening, we ain't seen nothin yet. Pretty much (if I remember correctly, but it's in the Bible), God unleashes 7 plagues the likes of which the world has never seen nor will see again (remember Sodom and Gomorrah, Noah's Ark and the great flood, etc., etc.); God abhors sin of which we are all guilty; no matter how big or how small (even the little white lie); sin is sin to God, and the penalty for sin is eternal death and separation from God.

The Bible also tells of the Mark of the Beast that the coming world leader (the anti-Christ) will force everyone to take (either on their right hand or forehead). If you don't take the mark you will die. The thing about that is that we are all going to die. If you take the mark though, you will be damned eternally to hell and without God.

The good news is that God loves us so much that He provided a way for us to be with Him eternally in heaven instead of eternally dead in our sins. For those who choose to believe, repent (turn back to God), receive and follow His command (not request) to accept His only holy blood covering for our sins, Yahushua Ha Mashiach (Jesus the Christ), we will be allowed to join Him in the new heaven and new earth that God says He will replace after all that is destroyed during this tribulation period of utter horrible death and destruction.

Whether we believe in God or not, heaven and hell or not, we all believe that we are all going to die, just like we all believe that we need air to breath even if we can't see the air, along with if we jump off a tall building, we will fall cuz of gravity, which we also can't see, etc., etc.

The question is, will we die only once with and for God if we repented, received and followed the sin covering that God provided for us through the perfect shed blood sacrifice of His Messiah Yahushua, who beat death and hell when He rose again and thus through His shed blood covering our sins, we will be able to enter into heaven with God forever?

Is our choice instead to reject God's Messiah and take the easy way out while we still have to live in this world along with accepting the mark of the Beast from the antiChrist that's coming (or already here) that will lead this war against Israel? God says that we cannot serve two masters; that we have to choose to live and die once for Him or live and die forever without Him. It's just sad that people would rather have the temporary comfort leading to the eternal torment of satan than the temporary trouble leading to the eternal freedom and blessings of God.

God's Word, whether we choose to believe is real (like Him) or not (and which has been proven true and continues to do so); I believe is as true as it was yesterday, is today and will be forever (just like Him with His swift terrible justice and His immeasurable love for us all because He provided our eTicket to heaven, the sacrificed and risen Yahushua the Messiah). Will you die with God or without Him? Will you die for Him or against Him? Will you accept the bail (Yahushua HaMashiach) that He paid on your behalf to get out of satan's hell so that you can enter into His heaven?

My prayer is that all will ask Jesus Christ (Yeshua or Yahushua the Messiah) into their heart and follow Him so that all may know God's plan for our eternal salvation (rescue from our sins and eternal separation from God in hell) through His perfect sinless sacrificial substitute for our sins, Yahushua, and know His boundless, unconditional love, light, ultimate peace, power, strength, comfort, mercy, grace, beauty, healing, hope, joy and blessings, for you are so very precious in His sight!

It's God's way (that He says in His Holy Word is only through His Holy Son Yahushua) or the highway (straight to hell). May God have mercy on us all on our way to finding (or rejecting) and then serving Him!

Jesus is my hope in life and my life in death.

Please take very good care, shalom and may you find healing and eternal life in the holy name of Jesus Christ!

Yahushua loves you!
233654233654B002GP5IZYA20DTTMJ4LBCIYAruna Sooknarine0051338163200Great treat for small dogsMy dogs love them! All the flavors are great and they all contain all natural ingredients.
It's perfect for training and I would def recommend them.
233655233655B002GP5IZYA3QW36RLUEGDS8Kira Gilbert0031318464000A little DisappointedI originally thought that the treats were going to be a little bit bigger than what they had appeared to be. They're the same size as tylenol.
233657233657B001M0A6B0A3MJJ8TZ4G48M8manou0011336953600awful company to bough this chocolat fromThis is SWISS delicatessie not the one I pay for.....
This chocolat was awful melted / moldy / Do not buy Swiss chocolat from this company
233658233658B001M0A6B0A235VUJT9GWMYZerana0011333065600Very Poor QualityThe product arrived without any indication of expiration date. The chocolate was not fresh - not in its looks or taste
233659233659B000LKTJ10A261CZ0JSDPHNMKim Jung2211309392000DON'T BUY - Amazon rapes you with their prices!I purchased this pack of 20 for $63.60. The next day I checked the price and it had INCREASED to $89.96 - a difference of $26.36. What gives?!?! Thanks a lot Amazon - at that price, I won't be purchasing from you again.
233660233660B000LKTJ10A2YLD81DDAYPVMP. Newcomb2251239235200Gluten Free and Addictive!I love these. They're very light and crunchy without being greasy. Great lightly seasoned flavor to them. Gluten Free and uses Rice Bran Oil instead of safflower or sunflower. Terrific taste, but you'll have a hard time stopping at one or two or twelve.
233661233661B000LKTJ10A2FI4538QAUL9NSusan Skoczypiec "Nature's Brilliance"2251208649600Fantastic Rice ChipsI been snacking on these for years. They are fantastic. A snack that is actually healthy for you. Just one chip and you're hooked.
233662233662B0016BU8FOA2X3L31KCXBHCLWorking Mom "Working Mom"2241233964800Spoil yourself with a luxurious brownieThese brownies are soft, moist and delicious. They are so much better than other brands I've tried. Mmmmm!! If the ingredient list used whole wheat flour and something that wasn't "partially hydrogenated", I would've given them 5 stars. (Hodgson Mill brownies are also awesome)

These brownies are delicious, rich and chocolately. Enjoy them in moderation. :-)
233663233663B0016BU8FOA1UOTG037037XYCleo1141275091200256 grams of sugarI bought this one because it was the only one that didn't contain chocolate chips and the ingredients did NOT list partially hydrogenated oil unlike the other versions from this brand. The walnuts are barely noticeable.
233664233664B0016BU8FOA1POFVVXUZR3IQZ Hayes0051321747200Yummilicious!Ghirardelli has truly outdone itself. This mix turned out a great batch of brownies, earning high praise from my husband and daughter, and it was so easy! The brownies have walnut bits in them which add to the already rich chocolate flavor, and they are deliciously chewy and moist, even after I stored them in the refrigerator for a couple of days. I also tried out the Ghirardelli double chocolate mix and they were great too. I'm sticking to this brand to satisfy my family's brownie craving from now on!
233665233665B003VZCYHIA2FSXTIX269CXXGeo2351307577600Best Cereal Ever!I absolutely love this cereal! Always a favorite of mine and normally pretty darn expensive at the store (I usually buy it from Target, Safeway tried to get $3.50 a box out of me for them!) The boxes must have seen some pretty rough Shipping+Handling routes because they were pretty crushed, but the cereal inside was just fine.
233666233666B003VZCYHIA32X614MNM2S79paula2351304726400love chexMy husband goes through 2 boxes of this a week. It is expensive in the stores. We now have 8 boxes, delivered to our door, once a month, at a huge savings.
233667233667B003VZCYHIA308N86UCK7V8HJ. Robert0051350604800I Can't Stop Eating These!... Right Out Of The Box!!!Having gotten tired of the standard late-night snacks, (popcorn, chips, cookies, etc.) and wanting to watch the amount of fat & calories I take in late at night, I've discovered that cereals can be a very satisfying thing to munch on while sitting in front of the TV. (Also, due to a dairy allergy, I don't eat the traditional milk & cereal for breakfast anymore.) Every time there's a new cereal out that sounds yummy right out of the box, I have to give it a try and see how it holds up as a snack food. I've tried the whole new line of Chex cereals, and I gotta say this one is THE winner! (The Apple Cinnamon one is *way* too sweet- And, that's saying something for someone with a bottomless sweet-tooth. The Chocolate one is my back-up, although not terrific.) The Honey Nut Chex is definitely sweet but more subtle than many cereals. The classic crispy Chex texture is still there, making it a light-sweet-nutty-crunchy-yummy-in-your-mouth-sensation. Hmmm... Now I just have to watch getting that carb-buzz right before I go to bed. =P (I ate about a quarter of a box while typing this. I'm tellin' ya... They're like Lay's potato chips... "You can't eat just one!")
233668233668B003VZCYHIA17NZ59UL16EBBA. Santos "MagmaMagma"0011347148800Tastes great, goes down BAD: BEWAREI have not been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I have a Wheat allergy, which means my reaction starts immediately after wheat hits my stomach. But my diet is still a Celiac diet anyways. I am also allergic to eggs and lactose intolerant. This Chex Honey Nut claims to have NONE of the above, so I was really excited to check it out!
It tasted great! I couldn't believe I was eating something Gluten-free, egg-free, milk-free with GREAT texture and taste. Remarkable. Until I started eating more. I usually eat very little cereal as a defense mechanism I learned as a child (milk + wheat = bad combination for me). Since I liked this cereal, I started eating more, like an actual human being.
Alas, my happiness was not meant to last. I started getting stomach aches, really bad ones, the type I get if I stuff my face FULL of WHOLE WHEAT. I can eat pizza till I faint and I still won't feel this bad. And bad, bad, headaches. I don't understand it at all. I know if I eat a lot of oatmeal (serving size) I feel sick also, but this doesn't compare. I don't know if it's the artificial coloring, flavors, oatmeal and traces of wheat, BHT or WHAT. It's just a bad combo. I've read from other people that all the other Chex Gluten-Free can have similar effects on some people. I also read Chex Gluten-Free tests POSITIVE FOR GLUTEN on the EZ Gluten Test Strip. Pretty bad for a cereal that claims to be gluten free. :/
I give it a star because even though it tastes great, I don't like to be blindsided by wheat. I rather eat a pizza.
233669233669B003VZCYHIA1R5E1WQ8ETTQTKM0051343001600New "old" favorite!I'm a cereal addict and tend to get really bored with what's out there and love when companies come out with new stuff. I never remembered liking any of Chex cereals, but I decided to give this cereal standard a try, totally at random. I couldn't believe my taste buds! These taste great, they are the perfect amount of sweet and sugary, with the nice crunch of the chex themselves. The honey glaze on the chex leaves behind a perfect "cereal milk" after all the chex are gone. I like to keep some in the milk and some outside the milk cause they are delicious both ways. I couldn't care less about gluten, but either way, if you haven't had this oldie but goodie in a while, give it another try! My new favorite cereal!
233670233670B003VZCYHIA33MQ5EVDOLSWTKevin Bourrillion0031342483200Mix it 50-50 with Corn Chex!Once you do that, *then* you have a cereal I'd rate five stars!

Eating the Honey Nut Chex straight is just too sugary sweet.

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