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233701233701B00012WE10A3E6N903A6WGXAlovescotties "wintergirl47"1151297123200AT LAST...............I've adored Valley Lahvosh's heart and star crackers for decades, but they are hard to find here in North Texas, so I was quite pleased to find that they sell on Amazon. The first item I got, I think the two bags, arrived pretty broken up (Amazon made it right, tho!), but these shipped beautifully. Nice variety, and THE BEST lahvosh you can buy commercially. Light, delicate, and yet tasty, we make super spreads using cream cheese (green olives, black olives and chives, or red caviar and minced onion) just for these wonderful crackers. Don't hesitate for a minute. These are fabulous!!
233702233702B0007SNZSOA2AAGZ701AIXASJada Petersen "Professional Abecedarian"2251238457600Ridiculously tasty!I can't speak for the quality of the specific items as shipped through Amazon, but I purchased the Andes Toffee Crunch locally at Christmastime and can say that they are incredibly tasty. After I tried one, I went back to the store the next day to get more and they were sold out of ALL the Andes candy -- probably close to 100 boxes gone, within 18 hours! Apparently I'm not the only one who found them irresistible! As with all the Andes candies, they're individually wrapped, which helps keep the entire box from being eaten in a flash. They're perfect for a bite sized indulgence!
233703233703B0007SNZSOA3KS98XI1SVCDEbshrove1111324080000old, old, olddo not buy this item, I should have know because I could not find it in the local stores, this is so old that they crumble in your mouth and taste like chaulk DO NOT ORDER
233704233704B0007SNZSOA2WS6FMF750EI9Amy Steele "quirky mama"0051322438400Begone Toffee Hammer- I Have Andes!I am so pathetic- I just discovered these bites of perfection. Creamy, dreamy European-like, milkish chocolate is enhanced with a toffee crunch that will not harm sensitive teeth. Even my picky kids love them. And Andes cares- produced in a facility that does not use peanuts, tree nuts, eggs or gluten. Fattening? Of course, but hey, chubby chicks are in. Indulge!
233705233705B0007SNZSOA3CBJDSRTP2ABKCurt L. Austin0211233792000Stale CandyThe candy received was stale and the light chocolate actually turned white. It was non-edible
233706233706B000JQALAEAIS3BCD40MD9QTerryl L. Pugh2251202428800GreeniesMy dog loves these treats. Our vet recommended them for improved dental health, but no one carries the small size locally. My dog is only 9 pounds, so these are great!
233708233708B000JQALAEA2ALZM1TT7SX6FPlanet MoMo1151272758400My puppy loves her greenies!My 8 pound puppy gets a greenie every day. She's a pretty picky eater, and usually takes forever to finish a meal (there are lots of breaks in between bites). But her greenie is the only thing she will eat without stopping. She loves the taste. They also seem to be easy to eat - soft and chewy - so if your dog has sensitive teeth, this might be a good treat to consider.

On top of that, greenies are supposed to help with your dog's dental health, which is great for me, because brushing my dog's teeth is really difficult.
233707233707B000JQALAEA3HY9EMJSJUY4QSally1151333324800Doggy loves 'emWe buy the teenies for our dog. She only weighs 8 pounds and absolutely adores these edible bones. These bones are her absolute favorite treats.
233709233709B000JQALAEA2Q12MG8A1OCMZvegasmommie0041348963200good productMy 2 yorkies loved these. They would steal them from each other and it was quite entertaining to watch them. I would buy again.
233710233710B000JQALAEA1R6XA0SVLOIVCSuns Lover0051343520000Great way to try out Greenies!This is the best way to buy Greenies for the first time! This way you can have your dog try them without spending alot of $.My dog is a very picky eater,so I ordered this mini-treat pak first.If your dog loves the Greenies,just hold onto the zip-lock pouch these come in and order a larger size the next time.Then just refill the pouch as needed! It's convenient and great to have when traveling with your dog!
233711233711B000JQALAEA1DVEVSO6KBT4Ceagalien0051340582400Great TreatGreat treat for dogs. They love the taste, and they clean the teeth. Came quickly and in good condition. Be sure to get the right size for your dog.
233712233712B000JQALAEA2VKGUC5FN5QCYMelissa M. Quest "Melissa"0041340150400My chihuahua loves them!My chihuahua Rocco loves Greenies. He is a little over 5 lbs but can scarf one down in no time. I was sceptical about it helping his teeth, especially since the recommendation is one daily. I use them less frequently, however, I still have noticed a marked improvement in his teeth when I do use them consistently, a few times per week versus daily. I consider them a special treat and my dog really enjoys them. They cost $8.99 or more in the pet store, so $6.73 is a deal!
233713233713B000JQALAEAZ8PIZ2SFQRJTD&R0011323129600Dogs cannot digest this, vet told me to stopOur vet asked us to not give our dogs these because they cannot digest them. Whatever they are made of does not break down once eaten, made my dog sick and when I cleaned his potty I saw entire chunks on the treat. They claim the new formula is digestable, but it wasn't for our dog at least...
233714233714B000JQALAEA172LBW3NAQUFIRandom Theatre Kid "Bells"0041319587200I'm impressedI admit it, I've been a bad momma and my 3 year old Yorkie's dental health could be better. After a recommendation from a friend, I went out and got a few of the individually packaged ones just to make sure because my pup is a bit of a snot about what she eats. Much to my surprise, she ran off with her Greenie and hid under the chair so the other dogs couldn't steal it from her! It wasn't until weeks later that I observed the ingredients list. Shock of all shocks, my little carnivore is totally into these and there isn't a HINT of any sort of meat in them. Other treats have been snubbed, biscuits go uneaten and the money we spent on treats is invariably NOT worth it. Greenies changed that completely!

The only complaint I have is the steep price. I'm grateful to have such a little dog because I get more bang for my buck, but they're worth it. And it's probably much wiser to buy them here in bulk for a dog who's getting them daily. The vet also says these are pretty high in calories, but as our dog is 3 pounds and doesn't eat much anyway, I think these suit her well.
233715233715B000JQALAEA2SHX7Z7L6GJ3TPJ0041315785600greeniesI didn't realize that there were only 6 in a package and for that much money, it's not very cost effective. I've been cutting them in thirds for her. She DOES like them so I think I'll get a smaller size next time. They do work, her breath is much better and her teeth are cleaning up nicely.
233716233716B000JQALAEAOHA0TZCB7UX0Pit Bull Mama0051293408000Greenies are great for dogs oral health!Greenies are great for dogs oral health. I give them to my 2 Pit Bulls as often as I can afford to. They are good for the teeth and gums and they digest safely (unlike rawhide). I highly reccomend them!
233717233717B000JQALAEA15L15ZTFD34WBJason Sherman0051287014400My Dog's Favorite Treats!This is my first review ever.....i had to write one......why? because GREENIES are THE best!!

I have a 4 year old Shih Tzu, and like any other dog, he loves dog treats. The problem is a lot of treats are bad for dogs, and they make him have diahrrea or he throws up. Well Greenies don't do that to him! I've given him at least 10 in the past 2 weeks, i give him basically one every other day as a special treat for being a good boy. He's a good boy a lot! haha

Anyway, when i pull out the bag of Greenies, he hears it, he sees it, and goes BONKERS when i open the bag because his keen nose can pick up the scent of what is about to be a delicious treat!

If you aren't sure about what treat to buy your dog, look no further, this is THE treat to buy!
233718233718B000BMI5WCA2ZHN70SF0UVFEDennis Ott1141168905600Nice setThese candies are a treat for toffee lovers. You'll find some not quite wrapped in the individual tins, but they still taste very good. They are a public candy dish award winner!
233719233719B000BMI5WCAM1UN4RQPWRVKDeborah K. Vermeulen1151168560000Loved thisMy husband surprised me for Christmas. This is my favorite candy and is not available in our town. It was beautifully packaged and arrived damage free.
233720233720B000FBM54SA3EFSLEMHNPP6ASenor Zoidbergo202151173052800Delicious!These butter waffles are very tasty- very light, yet rich and buttery. They're hard to resist, couldn't help but eat a whole box.

Only downside is that it uses vanillin, rather than real vanilla. However, it goes great with ice cream and fruits!
233721233721B000FBM54SA3UKWQS8SRW6IOTropicalMinnesota7751152489600ExcellentIf you love ginger or any of the other Destrooper cookies, you will like these. They are light and crispy, not at all like a chewy ginger snap. Not too strongly spiced and with small bits of delicious candied ginger. Very good.
233722233722B000FBM54SA271SSY8DH2WEISherree101251170892800A New Staple In My Pantry!These cookies were a seasonal offering at a local store. I purchased one box. After trying them at home, I returned to the store and purchased the remaining inventory! A simple scoop of vanilla ice cream is transformed by the inclusion of a butter crisp. I also love them with tea...or straight out of the box. Don't be daunted by purchasing a pack of 12 boxes. The cost is a little over half of what I paid in the store. Lastly, unless you hide them in a dark corner of your pantry, you'll never have to worry about the shelf life, because they will be consumed quickly by family, friends, and yourself!
233723233723B000FBM54SA1AODJW4F78M0FJeanne M. E. "Jeanne (cookie monster)"4451236038400Don't eat these unless you want a new addictionI have been buying out the stock of these cookies at every Stop & Shop and King Kullen in my area for quite some time!! They put out 12 boxes-I buy 12 boxes-until they raised the price so much in 2 years that I sought out other methods of satisfying my addiction.
Amazon to the rescue!!! The subscription service is a wonderful thing-brings the price down to $2.11/box-when they are now $3.69 in my local supermarket-(if you can find them). And FREE SHIPPING!! Finding this service was my refuge to keep these cookies in my life without going into "cookie bankruptcy"-with my food budget. LOVE THEM!!
233724233724B000FBM54SA16RAMVO3AJ8FRElaine4451197417600Delicious CookiesThese cookies are wonderful.They are thin, delicate, and have a buttery, slightly cinnamom taste. There was a Potato Chip Commercial out years ago, which simpy stated " I bet you can not eat just one... " This reference may also be made to these cookies. They are so good!

We purchased 2 cases, to give for a nice little Holiday Gifts. My Mother is 82, she has always baked cookies for our family, she praised them highly as well.

For those into making Gift Baskets, these would be a nice addition.

The price on Amazon was less than in the local Grocery Store. The Free Shipping, was also great.
233725233725B000FBM54SA14MYK27B8PPISElizabeth Daffin3341178928000cookiesThese are special butter crisps and taste as close to home-made as boxed cookies can taste
233726233726B000FBM54SA2PNOU7NXB1JE4Peggy "pab920"3351177372800Yes, I ate one whole box as one serving (8 cookies)over the course of one day while at my work desk. As other reviewers noted, they are light, buttery and delicious! I'm using the second box for homemade (sorta') ice crem sandwiches. They are so tasty they really are fine plain. Now I wished I had ordered several cases when they were on sale for $12, but maybe then I'd eat too many.
233727233727B000FBM54SA1XRUPKEH91NJQCarlene Doerr "CD"3351156377600Absolutely DeliciousThese cookies do not taste like they ever saw the inside of a box. They taste like real butter and fresh ingredients - And they just about melt in your mouth. I'll be buying these again!
233728233728B000FBM54SA3UKWQS8SRW6IOTropicalMinnesota3351151452800DeliciousWonderful, light cookie. Very buttery; they taste like browned butter and almonds. I am thrilled to find these at Amazon. They cost a lot more locally and are very fragile, so bringing them from France always leaves me with a box of very delicious crumbs. These came well-packed and (mostly) whole, so they are suitable for company. 12 boxes may seem like a lot, but they go very fast. Highly recommended.
233729233729B000FBM54SAQLL2R1PPR46Xgrumpyrainbow5651194220800greatWow very good. Light and crispy with a great cinnamon and ginger taste. I'm not a fan of ginger snaps actually, but these have a much lighter and not nearly as spicy taste. Remind me a bit of a graham cracker. You can also eat a bunch as one serving, which is always a plus. I also wondered when I opened the box how I would ever eat that amount of cookies, but now I'm pretty sure it's not going to be enough. They did arrive broken somewhat even though Amazon put in extra packaging air bags. Doesn't change the taste, so I don't care.
233730233730B000FBM54SA2BSLZK1166NMBdia6042241218153600For all butter lovers.This is a intensed crisp butter snap. Loads of butter flavour. My top picks from J.D. Almond Crisp, Virtuosos and Waffles. Cookie time!

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