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233876233876B001J8YRSSA1GVXO2ZZCGTMFChris R. Hatton0131306281600My dogs liked the treatsMy dogs liked the treats and they are very hard to please. I love the fact that there are now several online dog treat companies. I have purchased organic dog treats from several sites and the top two are with Amazon! My other favorite company is and they cost less, however I still get some treats from these guys because they offer different flavors.
233877233877B001J8YRSSAIG0Q2ENOPEJAColleen A. Geraghty0231331164800Farmed Salmon or Wild ?3 Starred it because I'm just asking a question.

Anyone know if these are made from Farmed Salmon or Wild? I don't want my dogs eating Farmed Salmon which I suspect these are made from. Wild would be too costly.
233878233878B004AH6YK4A2WKZTY8BSS7WJEmily B.131351208563200excellent and easyI love Indian food. I own two Indian food cookbooks, but find the list of spices so daunting that I've never tried any of their recipes. I heard from a coworker that prepared Indian curry pastes were available at specialty stores, so I looked for them here at Amazon and was delighted to find Patak's curry pastes. The spice level is nice, for those of us who like our food hot and spicy, and you can always add more paste if you want more kick.

Here are the ingredients: Vegetable oil, cilantro, salt, tamarind, water, cumin, turmeric, chile pepper, ground ginger, garlic powder, maize flour, spices, acetic acid, citric acid, lactic acid.

And here is a basic recipe from the label:

Shrimp Vindaloo, serves 2

1 medium onion, diced
2 tbsp vegetable oil
8 oz. fresh shrimp, peeled (or any other meat)
3/4 cup water
4 tbsp Patak's hot vindaloo curry paste
1/2 cup diced canned tomatoes
hot, cooked rice

Saute onion in oil. Add shrimp and saute until pink. Stir in curry paste and cook about 1 minute. Add tomatoes and water. Simmer, uncovered until the shrimp is cooked, about 5 minutes. Serve over hot, cooked rice.

I tried it with beef (which you'd never be able to order at an Indian restaurant) and simmered for 25 minutes, and it turned out pretty well. Not exactly restaurant quality, but very good for a prepared paste. I now keep Patak's paste and some tomatoes on hand, in case I want to whip up a quick, spicy dish using leftover roast chicken or beef. I look forward to trying the other Patak's pastes.
233879233879B004AH6YK4A7C77J4MH94B6Cowboy Bill "cowboybill"6651214179200I love this stuffWhen I began cooking for myself about 6 years ago, I tried five or six different recipes for chicken vindaloo, from Madhur Jaffrey's classic recipe to actor Anthony Hopkins' "healthful" one (which I found on some entertainment Web site).

Most were good, with Jaffrey's being the best of the bunch, Hopkins' the worst (Hannibal's take on vindaloo was surprisingly bland). None of the recipes were nearly as good, however, as the spiced-just-right vindaloo I used to order at least once a week from Baluchi's when I lived in New York City.

During my recipe experimentation, I visited a local Asian grocery store and asked the clerk for some advice. He recommended trying Patak's paste. I was dubious, but I did. It was absolutely great. And the bonus: The Patak's recipe is much easier to fix than the various recipes I had been collecting.

I've cooked with this paste so often now, I've learned to make a few alterations to the recipe. I basically follow the directions on the jar (substituting chicken for shrimp), but add a 1/4 cup of yogurt and about a tablespoon of fresh minced cilantro at the end of the cooking process. If I have some lemon juice around, I put in a couple of squirts just before serving. (I usually cook the dish with two to two-and-a-half pounds of chicken and freeze the leftovers. It reheats well.)

If you're using chicken breasts rather than dark meat, make sure not to overcook and dry out the chicken. That's about the only thing you'll need to guard against. (A friend told me to marinate the chicken bits in yogurt and then cook them under a broiler, separate from the sauce but adding them to the sauce once they're cooked through. He says this locks in the moistness and adds a little flavor to the meat via the slight charring/carmelization that results. I haven't tried it, but it sounds good.)

By the way, I'm not sure how healthy this paste is; don't overuse the paste or the dish can get a bit greasy, for example. (There must be a fair amount of oil in the paste.) Just use the amount recommended on the jar and you should be fine.

Patak's doesn't beat Baluchi's chicken vindaloo, but for a home cook looking to make fast and tasty vindaloos, this paste can't be beat.

Now if I could just learn to make a quick-and-easy naan, I'd really be in business...
233880233880B004AH6YK4A1JOEJLEL2KJE2Amy_C2251291680000my alltime favorite addition to riceVindaloo Curry paste is so great! The flavor is amazing, I add coconut milk to mine when I make it because my fiance can't handle the heat like I can. It's the perfect sauce to cook your meat in, and just put a scoop of the meat/sauce over rice, I usually have corn on the side. And of course a tall glass of milk, as it has a slight zing to it, depending on your heat-tollerance of course. :)
233851233851B001J8YRSSA1YOMJEEU7GEORnic1151192320000nice jerky treatsI picked these up since I was out of lakse kronch treats. honestly I think my dogs preffer these to the Lakse Kronch treats; they seem to like jerky treats better than the crunchy kind. since I can pick these up locally and not have to order them from amazon I will probably stick w/ these. they also make a couple of different kinds (duck, chicken, kangaroo) and I can't wait to try them.
233852233852B001J8YRSSA2OWCRT7FZEC6QTiffany G. Lewis0051349481600Favorite TreatMy Boston Terrier LOVES these. He can be asleep in the upstairs bedroom and come running if he even hears me even touch the bag! They are smelly, but totally worth it because he loves them so much. He is normally picky about treats because he is so spoiled, and I make him so many homemade ones (milkbones? he won't put the things in his mouth), but he cannot get enough of these. It is a plus that they are made in America and healthier for him than other treats. My boyfriends family also has two Dachshunds and they go insane over these as well. Also, my roommate's Shihpoo goes crazy when he smells them.
233853233853B001J8YRSSA35OBXTRXZRER0AKA "Contented Carnivore"0051348704000The dogs love them!If your dogs have allergies as mine do, feed them duck and fish. They will love these salon treats! A little bit stinky, but that's all the better for dogs!
233854233854B001J8YRSSA2YAN1G8T9U6IWBharrys30051344384000Buy made in U.S.A.I got this product in the mail read everything about looks and sounds great I open the bag and it looked burned then gave it to my two dogs and they loved it. My dogs love salmon and they love this product too.
233855233855B001J8YRSSA2YWJXFWT9I7M5SammyT0051335657600Man do these things stink!Even though these things smell terrible my dogs LOVE them! So I will probably order more when I run out.
233856233856B001J8YRSSA1YEAT01F7M7A6doglover0051334361600my buddy loves this treatI have bought different treats for my dog buddy. He loves this particular one very much. It is absolutely his favorite. I also bought the duck and chicken ones on the same order. But he is not interested in them at all. So I am going to stick to this treat and I would definitely recommend to others.
233857233857B001J8YRSSATYY74AGWM8K0Glenn A. Marin0051330473600Excellent dog treat productExcellent dog treat product... can be easily broken in half if a smaller treat is desired. Strong fish smell.. and dogs almost stand on their heads for this smell!
233858233858B001J8YRSSAS8F5TTKC6MK0Nicole F. Crome "bookshelf nicci"0051330128000A dogs best treat!This has been the only thing to rival chicken treats. Both my dogs smell the salmon when the bag is open & are at there best behavior. Prompt delivery! Excellent service. Saved my figurative bacon!
233859233859B001J8YRSSA30Z5ITVSAUZGAD. Parks0051328832000Smelly and WonderfulThese are the smelliest, most coveted, most wonderful dog treats I have ever tried for my 4 dogs.
They are a crunchy small rectangular shaped biscuit that cannot be broken in half easily. My dogs absolutely go into some kind of frenzy when I bring out this bag. They are usually very content to take turns getting their treats but these set them off in a tizzy with everybody whining and jumping and pawing to be the first one to get this stinky cracker! They absolutely LOVE them!!!!
233860233860B001J8YRSSA2F4HTQKSD1LQ4Andrea Leilani0051325030400SMELLS BAD but my dogs LOVE themThese are by far the worst smelling dog treats EVER. They have a strong fishy smell (hence the use of real Salmon), however, my dogs LOVE them. They were actually recommended to me since I have a Husky and he has skin problems, as most Huskies do. They don't seem to cure the problem areas of his skin, however, they do help a little. These are probably my dogs' favorite treats!
233861233861B001J8YRSSA2VQIBCCSNWTSYcgrrl0051323820800good stuffHaven't found a dog yet who doesn't like these. But I was hesitant to give it to one terrier we were babysitting who likes to snort her food for fear she might just swallow the thing whole since they pieces are small enough for her to not chew and possibly choke on. That said, my dog loves 'em.
233862233862B001J8YRSSAII5HES5777SOsteve0051316736000thank-you!Have yet to meet a dog who does not love this treat. Of course, dogs will eat anything, but still . . . this is healthy, and the price is right. Same product as the over-priced pet stores, less cost, more happy dogs. Thanks!
233863233863B001J8YRSSA31SHD3X25IUQLArlene Epp "Ameltd"0051313884800Excellent product!This is an excellent treat for my Lab, who has so many allergies.She dances when she sees the bag, and I like the fact that I'm giving her a quality treat.
233864233864B001J8YRSSA22Z3RZ040GL35Lynn ODell0041313107200Great TreatMy dog loves these treats.

My only complaint is that they should make some larger size ones.

I have a border collie/lab mix, about 75 pounds, and he just gulps these down.

We still give them to him, as they really do help his skin problems.

From our experience with other treats, if they were larger, he would chew them and enjoy them more.
233865233865B001J8YRSSA1IOYME2H60X38Michelle Larson0031312761600Looks like a good product, but I won't purchase again.The smell is very enticing to my two dogs, but quite objectionable to my husband. I gave half a treat to both dogs and my shepherd mix threw up within minutes of eating it. I'm not sure if it was the treat, but I'm a bit hesitant to try it again.
233866233866B001J8YRSSA3P1Z4TDIUOY48Shih Tzu Pal0031311984000OK, but not a favorite1" x 1.5" tough jerky pieces. I tear in half. My shih tzu likes salmon. She just woke up b/c she smelled these treats, but she's not hungry for one. Left it on the floor where I gave it to her. Glad the "best by" date is a year out - there are a lot of treats in a 16 oz. bag. Should have bought 8 oz. bag. Strong smell (expected with salmon), but odor does not transfer to your hands too badly.
233867233867B001J8YRSSA2FPMXT92FNDE3cassie0051311638400Salmon treatsI brought these salmon strips because of the omega 3 and 6 for a healthy treat for my dogs. I've got to tell you they smell like salmon and my dogs just love them. They are a nice size for any dog and I would recommend them.
233868233868B001J8YRSSA3LQ3LQ75K38MNPaul Ulrich "AMERICAN CITIZEN"0051310774400Best treats i found!My dog goes nuts for these things. The salmon strips smells like ass, seriously, awful! With that said, the only downfall, and i mean the only downfall is that you have to ration how much you give to your dog. Their breathe will smell like it when given a whole lot in one day. Other than that, there is NO flaws to this product! The price is a little steep, but amazon had a reduce price of $10 and i was already eligible for the free shipping.

This is Natural treat for any kind of dog, this is the real deal.

What you don't see on the back of the package is the real perks to know:

Salmon, brown rice, salt, zinc propionate, mixed tocopherols (a natural preservative), citric acid, rosemary extract, vitamin E supplement, L-ascorbyl-2phosephate (a source of vitamin C)

More info is at the link below to their website.
233869233869B001J8YRSSA3I284H572KJC6Ginger in L.A.0051310428800My dog LOVES theseMy dogs have severe allergies and can only consume duck, salmon, white fish and potatoes. Needless to say, finding treats they can eat is challenging. We bought these and the duck strips and I believe it is fair to say that they would jump through burning rings to get to these. My female leaps two feet off the floor when these are offered. I just re-ordered these treats. They are pure salmon with no filler, no corn product, no beef/chicken product...very healthy and they have nice shiny coats from the salmon oil.
233870233870B001J8YRSSATX94CM14WZXAHappy0051287792000great treatsMy dog loves these treats! Most important is that they are healthy for her. She gets the omega3 &6,antioxidants, and glucosamine. This is important for her since she has had surgery on both knees. She also has a beautiful coat.
233871233871B001J8YRSSAVNBSHY788F7KJoyce K0051283126400Great treatsThese salmon treats are one of the very few my
picky Standard Poodle likes. Reasonably priced
and apparently yummy!
233872233872B001J8YRSSA2G7B7FKP2O2PUD. Leschke0051275955200Dog and I are both happyI just received the Salmon, the Duck and the Chicken strips.
Our JRT is very fussy and horribly spoiled.
She turns up her nose and walks away from many treats I've tried.
Most of the "organic" or "healthy" treats I've tried haven't won her over.

She just had one each of the Salmon, Duck and Chicken and LOVED all of them!

I'm thrilled that they are made in the US and contain ingredients I approve of.
Thank you Plato and Amazon!
233873233873B001J8YRSSA2LF3SGAPAHWLVE. G. Renz "map girl"0041265932800My pup's favorite treatMy lil dog loves these treats. They are easy to break up into smaller chunks, so the bag lasts forever. Keep it zipped up, though, because these treats will dry out. The treats make my hands smell pretty fishy, but the dog loves 'em! Originally, we bought these treats at the local pet shop, but the amazon price was just enough to round my order out for super saver shipping.
233874233874B001J8YRSSA3GVZ4AEHBLBU4spirithing "eak"0051263600000Jewels reviewI bought these through the animal feed store. My dog LOVES them. I bought them because they are made in the USA...
233875233875B001J8YRSSA2NRH27AOL2GF5Karen0051260144000My dog LOVES these treats!I have a 5-pound toy poodle who has food allergies, so I have to be careful about treats and diet in general. A local health food store for pets recommended these treats for their omega-3 content and palatability. My dog cannot get enough of these -- he LOVES them! The strips are fairly large but easy to break up into pencil eraser-sized pieces for my little dog.

Treats that my dog loves *and* that are good for him? Can't beat that!

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