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233971233971B003E1H87UAFGDF9SLY4GN8Wendy0051325980800Excellent treat for limited ingredient dietI left a review for this product elsewhere as well. I purchase these regularly for my yorkie who must have a limited ingredients diet. They vary in size (thickness), but they're all usually a pretty good size. My dog absolutely loves them! He doesn't put it down until it is gone. I highly recommend them for anyone who must have their dog on a limited ingredients diet (novel protein) or just wants a different type of treat for them.
233972233972B003ZXCCZUA2GQ62QBIQA1Cdumbell0051344384000cinnabon cerealproduct was sent quickly - enjoy this cereal and local stores had been out of stock for awhile - glad you had it
233973233973B003ZXCCZUAOWF9BJDCSRFIDali Mama0031320969600What Was I Thinking?I guess I expected this to kind of take the place of a Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll, but it I just found it to be round, overly sweet, gritty and crunchy puffs of air. On the plus side, it makes UHT milk delicious! Nice try, but I don't think I'll buy again :-(
233974233974B000H25WP4A24Q9C6OFT6UPBA. R. Price "A. Price"5551227052800Delicious SoupI love a good cream of wild rice soup. I first tried Bear Creek's version because the grocer was out of my favorite canned version. I haven't tasted any better than Bear Creek's even at restaurants. Now I always keep this soup mix on hand for a quick meal, and sometimes add whatever meat and vegetables are on hand for a hearty dinner for the family.
233975233975B000H25WP4AKSEF1DI0KP8TK. Cozonac "specialk7383"3351262736000I'll fight your for this soup!There has never been a better soup in all the world. I had this once at a friend's house and I'm scouring the planet to find more of it. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Mouth-watering yum-ness. You'll be ruined for other soup forever - but it's so worth it!
233976233976B000H25WP4A3RSP96F0GHY8BKathi H3351250208000Just like the BBQ chain's soupI eat often at a national chain known for it's BBQ, and always order their chicken and wild rice soup. I found this and figured for the price (about the same as a bowl of their soup) I would give it a try. It's GREAT!!! I just add a can or prepared package of chicken and have a whole GALLON of soup that is just as good as what they serve at the BBQ place.

That said, I do cook it longer than the package directs (this makes the soup creamier since it cooks down a bit more), and stir it quite frequently. At the end of the hour I add the chicken - since you stir it so often the chicken is in shreds rather than chunks if you add it at the beginning.

So instead of having soup for one for the money, I have soup for the whole family plus leftovers. YUM!!!
233977233977B000H25WP4A1T8F23VBPBURJkylaamethyst1141305331200Delicious but saltyThe whole family really enjoyed the soup, but it's very salty! I think next time I make it, I'll add about 1 1/2 - 2 cups of skim milk w/ 1 Tbsp of cornstarch in order to tame down the saltiness & add another handful of rice to even it out. For the price (it fed my family of 4, with second servings for those that wanted it!), I'll definitely be making again!
233978233978B000H25WP4A46U025WV64BSslapshot871151292716800Better Than ExpectedIf you like wild rice soup, give this a try. You'd never even know that it's a dry mix - it's that good! It's great "as is"...but even better if you add a little chicken or turkey to it. I had some canned white meat chicken and simply used that - you really can't get any easier. I've only had a couple of the Bear Creek soup mixes at this point, but the Wild Rice is my favorite so far.
233995233995B00263VKL2A1437K3ZCL0A68DwightT. "GardenChef"1151280361600Lil Dutch Maid Almond Windmill Cookies Case Pack 12These bring back memories of my grandmother's cookie jar. I love these simple spice cookies.
233979233979B000H25WP4A36YY6UTUGYDQFJaydenzmommi1151289865600Bear creek soupThis soup is really good! My whole family loves it. The creamy wild rice is our favorite, creamy potato is also good. Its worth the money because it makes a lot of soup.
233996233996B00263VKL2A37HI5EBTWEARQStephaniSuperSaver0021301875200Too Much Money For TheseThese cookies are pretty good and my kids love them, but you can buy them at the 99 cent store. Don't buy them here. WAY too much money!
233980233980B0029K3DH6APSC269DBJMQ5S. Cohan1151313020800Better Than Mike & IkesGood & Fruity has been around forever but it's getting harder and harder to find in stores. You have to look long and hard for Good & Fruity. It may be going the way of some other classic candies that have disappeared in recent years. Hopefully not, but now is the time to get yours. This candy arrived quickly and it was very fresh. A little more pricey than you might find when you can find it in a retail location, but just the availability is worth a few extra cents for each box.
233997233997B00263VKL2A1HE253KAP3KPHShoeLover0021299024000Where are the almonds?These cookies are good if you like them WITHOUT almonds. I ordered the Little Dutch Maid Almond Windmill Cookies and cannot see or taste even the tiniest hint of an almond in any of them. very disappointing.
233981233981B0029K3DH6A2C9XE9I8RSKNXJ. Johnson0011332460800YUCK.These are NOT the "Good and Fruity" of years gone by.... these are Mike and Ike made with soap. Never again. I was hoping for the product I knew. These are FAR from that.
233998233998B006JG88J4A1PKYHQX9SD3CBJohn Miller "tungstenCoil"1141336867200Tasty - UnusualI bought these because I had another kind of bar that they offered, and thought these sounded interesting. They are - I think they're great, and so do the Indian guys I work with. They're not terribly sweet, and the cumin adds a peppery spicy element.

Quite good.
233982233982B0029K3DH6A208B9JQOJSJX0sc0011327881600Not Nearly As Good As It Used to BeFrankly, this candy was a huge disappointment. While it did arrive fresh, it doesn't taste nearly as good as it used to do.

In fact, it's quite revolting; hideously sweet or inanely sour, while there certainly is a lot of flavor, "tastes like poo wrapped in licorice and dunked in a candy-coated shell" is, in principal, a flavor.

Worst of all--but no surprise to anyone, I'm sure--Hershey has replaced the Sugar with High Fructose Corn Syrup... disgusting, disgusting, bad for you, and disgusting.

The word that comes quickly to mind is "foisted."

Has the state of America become so uniformly wretched that we can't even manufacture candy anymore--and a candy which we invented in the first place? Tragic.
233983233983B0029K3DH6A1CU4LQWQ6B84IDewman0051320105600Way Better Than Mike & IkesI love these, & always have. I remember when they were licorice inside... but beggars cant be choosers! These are 10 times sweeter than Mike & Ikes, & WAY WAY BETTER! I dont understand why they never made it to stores in my area... surely there is shelf space for something this good!
Shipping was free, got here in a week... ordered 2 more today!
233984233984B001HBRDVUA1RFMNYNIFW3ZVA. Kenny "mari777"3351299628800The Jar of MagicI first heard about this product from my sister (never even tried it) so I got onto Amazon and ordered it, well my family loved it and it only lasted one week (that was the medium jar), there are so many ways to use it and enjoy it! I ended up ordering 2 more medium bottles as we don't want to be without it. It stand alone with just bread, but I've put it into the cusinart and used it on egg omlets. We've used it on sandwiches and pizzas WOW. What a punch of delicious flavor. My sister used it with Feta cheese and made a dip over bread toasts. Always a wonderful item at a party. The possibilities are endless. I would recommend it to anyone!
233985233985B001HBRDVUA18EXY8ZRPLLA3Paul Bouvier "food dude"3351265414400Boscoli Olive Salad is AwesomeI was born & raised in southern Louisiana so I have cravings from time to time for New Orleans food. SInce I can't go down to the Central Grocery in New Orleans for a Muffaletta sandwich I have to make my own at home in Florida and an Olive Salad is a must. I've tried a number of different brands in my quest for the perfect Muffaletta and Boscoli is the winner, a perfect blend of olives, olive oil, and secret spices. Its a good price for the size jar it is, I've seen it for twice this at specialty stores. My friends and family are hooked now too and put it on all manner of sandwiches, crakers, etc. Love it.
233986233986B001HBRDVUA16MIXLP2WWAK6L. Lindeman1151329177600OUTSTANDING !!To make a long story short, I had purchased a 'muffaletta' salad mix from Costco. It was delicious. When I went to purchase it again, they no longer carried search began. There were several to choose and the ingredients were a bit different, but close. This salad is a combination of 'guardinara' salad and 'olive mix'.....a little pungent on the vinegar but ooohhh so good. What a delight !! I've used it from eating it right out of the jar for a snack, to an interesting touch in other recipes. I've yet to try it on the classic 'muffaletta sandwich'. For certain recipes it can be a bit oily, but straining it first works great. Mix it together with a soft cream cheese for a great bruchetta spread, add some to angle hair pasta for a side dish to an ordinary main dish, add it to regular salad for a kick and much much more. TRY IT !! You won't be disappointed.
233987233987B001HBRDVUA4OZDY36AFFF6Lady Madonna "Lady"1151264809600Italian Olive Salad.....YUM YUM!!!This is the best salad EVER....I first purchased it at the Global Gourmet in Lake Geneva and I can't live without it. When I wanted to purchase another jar, they didn't have it in stock and I was promised it would arrive soon.....well, when soon turned into over 7 months, I searched Amazon & was thrilled to see it there....and EVEN was almost half of the price I paid at Global Gourmet. My friends all love it too and I purchase it as a surprise to give to them.
233988233988B001HBRDVUAIOLR4VTVB8YTT. Knapton "Palace Princess"1151247097600Yummy!This product is great. I first tried it when I was in New Orleans and I was hooked. I use is for muffalettas, salads and even to jazz up pasta sauce.
233989233989B001HBRDVUA149KI2H566OGBKatherine Boushie1151237420800great product and serviceI was looking for olive salad to try to reproduce muffalettas that I had in New Orleans. This product is great!! Shipping from LA was quick, too!
233990233990B001HBRDVUA1J9SEDR6E3M0Ujan0051349654400great productI was very happy to receive this olive salad in good condition and on the delivery date. Having used this olive salad many times when living in New Orleans and not being able to find it here in Wa State was definitely a pleasure. Thanks so much!
233991233991B001HBRDVUA6XLJQ8KAONQGMark A. Paul0051345507200great product beyond comparisonIf you have ever been to New Orleans and had a sandwich called a muffaletta, this is the stuff you need to make one at home. I have ordered this olive salad three times (4 x 16 oz jar's each time) and plan to continue to do so for a long time. I would not be without it. Highly recommended product.
233992233992B001HBRDVUA2NW3LMSKG92LOCrawdad110051330646400The Taste of HomeI am a native New Orleanean, far from home. Italian Olive Salad, New Orleans style, is an essential ingredient in many recipes, from muffaletta to pasta. There is a very specific seasoning and flavor that good New Orleans olive salads share.Boscoli's has it. For that reason it is a big seller in New Orleans and it is a great relief to be able to find it on Amazon.
233993233993B001HBRDVUA2PZW3H7L0QCCGN. Osborn0051320364800Not To Be WithoutI get ansy without this product in my cupboard. A delicious product that I used be able to get in the grocery store, and now only via the Internet. Fantastic stuff. It goes well with salads and sandwiches. I also like it mixed into beans and vegetables, and just plain on bread (even for breakfast once in awhile believe it or not). I love all of the Boscolli products.
233994233994B001HBRDVUA2BRHS3MFOIG5OJay0051311897600Soooo Good!This olive salad is without a doubt one of the best we have tasted. Lived in New Orleans for about 30 years and we do so miss the wonderful food.
233999233999B003WUYD1WA1B7CJ1WHVD9PTMonte's mom0111326067200PLEASE DO NOT FEED YOUR DOG THESE TREATS!!!These treats are made in China. These treats have made many dogs very sick and some have died from them. Do not buy these treats!! Our dog ate these and became very ill and almost died, but we were able to get him treatment in time. The vet said any treats from China should not be fed to your dog, and they have seen many cases of them making many dogs sick. If you love your dog and do not want a huge vet bill, just don't buy them. Why stores including are still selling them are beyond me!!
234000234000B000LA8ZE2A22SC4ZT7AHLZJanette Adams Miller "JAM"151711198454400Extremely Pricey for What is IncludedThis sushi-making kit is a joke! For less than $10 you can get the exact same items from asianfoodgrocer online:
Sushi Mix: $2.68
10 Nori Sheets $1.28/ea
Wasabi Paste (1.41 oz) $1.28
Sushi Mat $1.00/ea
10-pack Chopsticks $1.00
Complete rip-off!

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