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234001234001B000LA8ZE2A1TE5EKKLLZRPBHenry Smith7821199059200Products great - price is not.I was excited when I received this kit because I love sushi and have been looking for a way to make it at home. However, I must say that I was disappointed by and large with what I actually got considering the price that I paid. The products themselves are great but I don't notice a big difference at all from the items available at my local asian grocery store. I purchased the same grade of items as well as all the ingredients necessary to make sushi that were not included (such as rice, vegetables, seafood, etc) for less money than it cost for just this kit. I would not recomment purchasing it - instead, do your homework and find a local asian grocery store - the quality is the same but the price is much more palatable!
234002234002B003TI2EGSA2T0V99GLGXWCMGhost(Ghost(M))6651314403200Toothsome and healthful (label reads like B complex)Real quick: it's a dark paste, thick, kind of like chocolate mousse in colour (but much thicker). The taste is mostly salty, with a noticeable after-taste of bitter, with a very slight hint of dry smoked-fish (if that tells you anything).

Why it's not easily available I can't begin to guess, since this is a kind of condiment that, if you get a drop of it in your mouth, you'll continue to "nibble" till the jar's empty: it's really addictive. Goes very well with pretty much everything, from a slice of bread with butter, to veggies, to, believe it or not, almond butter. As long as it's not too sweet, it goes well with Vegemite, I think: like take butter, Irish butter (unsalted, creamy but neutral in taste) will do great; French (like President) probably not -- too flavourful itself, sweet.

One thing though: it's mindlessly promoted by all kinds of cretins (including the manufacturer) as a spread: god forbid you spread it all over that piece of bread, you're gonna throw up, it's too bitter that way. Add a SMALL amount to something else, like spread some creamy butter first and then add a quarter teaspoon of Vegemite: that'll work great. I don't even spread it, just scoop it with a teaspoon and eat: take a bite out of your sandwich, then a quarter tsp of Vegemite, this sort of thing. Don't use a ladle when dealing with it; a small amount does it.

A few things in closing:

- I've no clue why it's so freaken pricey. It's a byproduct of beer making! It's a kind of thing that if not used for Vegemite would be dumped into the ocean to pollute it even further, how much should this nonsense cost?! A buck a pound perhaps.
- It's available at something widespread but not well-known called Wegemann's (I think?) for six bucks a pop. Not a steal by any means, but about a half of this thing here. Don't overpay, it's too expensive as it is.
- As usual, vague BS aside, there's no information on this page, so here goes, directly from the jar:

Serving 5 g, servings per package: 30

- Energy : 40 kJ [energy? wth]
- Protein: 1.3 g
- Fat: < 1g
- Carbs: < 1g
- Sodium: 173 mg
- Niacin (B3): 2500 ug
- Thiamine (B1): 550 ug
- Riboflavine (B2): 430 ug
- Folate (B9): 100 ug

(Riboflavine is the thing that makes your pea glow in the dark; very beautiful! Worth trying just for that!)

- Yeast extract (from yest grown on barley)
- Salt
- Mineral salt (508) [what is this?]
- Malt extract (from barley)
- Colour (150 c) [so much for "no colour added"... perhaps it's not "artificial", OK, but why add any colours? It's food, who cares what colour it is.)
- Flavours [aha, "no flavours added", yeah]
- Niacin
- Thiamine
- Riboflavin
- Folate.

Allergen Information : contains barley.

Suitable for vegetarians.
Bottomline: nothing but praise (except for price too high), very highly recommended. Should be easily available along with staples like catchup, soy sauce, and salsa. Same for Marmite, btw., (which is somewhat similar to this thing here, except I can't find it anywhere: anyone know a source?). Btw, reports that Vegemite is "banned in the US due to the folate content being too high" is an urban legend: first, it _is_ sold, though not widely; and second, there's no such thing as too-high folate content: folate isn't known to be toxic in any realistic quantities, and anyway, there's 100 ug of it here, whereas the RDA is 400 (some nutritionists recommend twice that amount to keep your homocystein in check). You can eat as much folate as you want, till you turn green and sprout yourself, nothing bad will happen to you.
234003234003B003TI2EGSA1Z4K9FVUZS6XGPeter Pawinski2251304121600This American loves itYes, it's a bit of an acquired taste, but once you acquire it, nothing will do. I came to Vegemite after a long history of enjoying its British cousin, Marmite. Marmite lovers will find Vegemite to be a bit less sweet and more, I don't know, "unadulterated" than Marmite. Vegemite is pretty much pure yeasty goodness and tastes like a big salt and umami bomb. For those who want to get a general idea of the flavor, think a beef bouillon cube or soy sauce in spreadable form. That'll get you in the ballpark of flavors.

If you don't like it as a spread (it goes awesome on a cheese sandwich, by the way, though I normally just have it with butter on toast), it can be used to good effect in soups, stews, and gravies, in the same way you might use a bouillon cube to amp up the flavor (as yeast extract is often used commercially to enhance flavor.)
234004234004B003TI2EGSAE2UJTG459MFEJ. David Staller "WanblyGaleshka"31211301011200Aussies love this stuff?Ok, I probably should have known better. I heard on tv that most Americans that try this stuff hate it. So I had to get a small jar to find out. Well, guess what SURPRISE, I hated it. I like real limburger cheese, I mean the really stinky stuff but couldn't stand this. One bite and I thought I was eating old gym socks wrapped in spoiled meat that had been left in the sun in plastic for weeks. Don't get me wrong for ppl that like this stuff. More power to you. But if you're an American or even European my guess is you'll hate this stuff too.
234005234005B004LEJ9YYA1BM4V93JDRC12go1908cubs1231337990400delicious but smallI buy these almonds everytime I go to France and know how expensive they are so it's not surprising they're super expensive when imported to the US. I thought perhaps I was getting a pretty good deal buying a 2.2 lbs but the box was about half the size I was expecting it to be- maybe as tall as my hand. I've actually found bigger boxes of the Avola brand at LeClerc in France for about 10 euros. These are way over priced, just know that going in, but I don't know where to buy them in the US for a good price.
234006234006B005FG5OPKAKNT3ZH2FB7T4LW0011350432000be very surePlease be aware that Cash & Carry has a huge selection of flavored syrups, for about $4.50/bottle. If you are purchasing from Specialty Restaurant Equipment, be very certain of your order. I bought 2 bottles and after about $11/bottle, plus $13.50 in shipping, I requested to return it, due to a duplicate order. Their response was that after the re-stocking fee and shipping reimbursement, I would have only received a $3 refund. So yes, we will be keeping the syrup and I'm sure it will stay in our pantry for at least 5 years. Our stupid mistake, but I think the vendor needs to reconsider about restocking fees unless they sell to actual businesses.
234007234007B004770OLMA1BT9KYMI6RMN4J. Sechrest3331339632000Love it but.......I really like this tea! It has great flavor and is really easy to make. I like it with just a tiny bit of sweetener and a wedge of lemon. That being said, to get the amount and strength I like for my tea I have to use 2 k-cups for one cup of tea. I usually do two 6 oz brews and it is just right. I can go up to an 8 oz brew and still have good flavor but I want more than 8oz at a time. For me it is just too expensive to use 2 k-cups at a time. I have compromised with myself and still keep the k-cups around to use if I am in a hurry (or just extra lazy) but I mostly just use the tea bags of the same flavor. I find it really isn't much more difficult or time consuming to use my keurig machine for hot water to steep a tea bag in. The tea bags are just much more economical for me.
234008234008B004770OLMA3BISKM8CCYXT4C. A. Ragone2241298246400Lemony ...Very good lemony flavor. Amazing how good this tea is without having to be seeped for several minutes. I recommend.
234009234009B004770OLMATVAXMCSYVATXM. Ellis "Superchop728"2251293926400Great price for great teaYou have to really search for good deals on tea and this tea is great fro the price. Some tea on Amazon is almost a $1/cup! this is the same price as the K-cup coffee and some of the herbal varieties have low or no caffine which is a good option for my pregant wife that used to have the after dinner coffe with me.
234010234010B004770OLMAKO26UFYZIKSVAmy Parker1151294704000Super flavor!!!I'm a new Keurig user and this is by far my favorite flavor of tea. I've tried 8 flavors of tea and the Mandarin Orange Spice is the most flavorful. In addition to drinking it on its own, I pour a "small" cup of the Mandarin Orance Spice mixed with a "small" cup of the Lemon Zinger. I like mixing flavors, but still my favorite is the Mandarin Orange Spice on its own.
234011234011B004770OLMA2D9MO9XYHD306Jane Arthur0041350777600TeaGood brand and very good tea. Like this blend alot and will purchase again. Also makes good iced tea. Very refreshing
234012234012B004770OLMAVZS7TIKY2SYYCrystal0051349740800GREAT!!I absolutely love this tea!! I fell in love with it at my son's dentist appt and tracked it down when we bought our keurig!!
234013234013B004770OLMA2DLHQ90T3N7UTCHARLENE A. CASEY0031348963200Good for the price...but.....Tea smells fantastic, but there was not a great deal of taste. No complaints at the price I paid, but if it had been full price, I would have been dissapointed.
234014234014B004770OLMAAHXOL19ZCUCVmatt6150051348963200most flavor k-cup teaThis is my favorite. It is the k-cup hot tea with the most flavor. Highly recommend. I sweeten with splenda.
234015234015B004770OLMAGWEHZXD2GEOKManny Ramirez0051347148800Relax cup of teaPerfect for a stress free afternoon. The aroma from this tea makes the house smell great. Drink this with Grade-A honey and its bliss.
234016234016B004770OLMA2FNJ7IJIR87AYjohnny0051343088000THE bestAfter trying a sample with my new Keurig it was by far my favorite tea.I looked for it at a lot of stores and couldn't find it..... ta da !............ to the rescue !...........
234017234017B004770OLMAMPBDD1ERJMPAChristine Dipompeo0041341878400aromatherapyI'm usually a coffee drinker but I tried this tea and fell in love. The smell of the oranges can't be missed and is as enjoyable for me as the tea itself. It was a nice "comfort" beverage in the winter and I find it holds up just as well iced for the summer. And that it comes in K-cups makes it just about perfect.
234018234018B004770OLMA1VLILQVZDDLBGDarryl S. Cully0051341792000Tea for theeMy wife loves this tea ever since I got a Kurig coffee maker for her. I will order more when she runs out.
234019234019B004770OLMA2569HQNP3JZUZAmazon Frequent Flyer0051341619200Perfect herb teaIt's hard to find something you love when the Doctor tells you to do it; but Herb tea was recommended to keep my sinuses clear. This is the tea I will drink for ANY reason. It is just the right strength and rich with the orange flavor - not bitter like some. And being herbal, I can drink it at night. This is my new favorite bedtime treat! I love my tea and I love my Keurig.
234020234020B004770OLMAURYLLW0LHTE9A. M. Jobe "Mathmagician"0051341100800Mandarin Spice K CupsThis is my favorite tea. I like it because it is caffeine free and I like the taste. I do add a packet of Splenda. If you want to make iced tea, my advice is to first brew it in a mug, then add the Splenda, then pour it over ice. If you brew it directly over ice, then add Splenda, the Splenda doesn't mix as well.
I paid $16 for 24 k cups through Amazon. This is about what I used to pay when I ordered from Keurig, except that I also either had to pay shipping, or order several boxes in order to get free shipping. The Amazon Prime membership is a great deal. It is worth the yearly fee, especially at Christmastime.
234021234021B004770OLMAHP0NR2E1TA4JGloria J. H. Olvera "Nana G"0051339718400Truly a restful 'time out' for yourselfI can't describe fully the immense calmness this tea brings to you. It is as good as being immersed in a warm bubble bath listening to Kenny G. No? Ok, how about as good as lying in bed on a Spring morn feeling the sun warm you and at the same time a wonderful Spring breeze blow across you...
Seriously folks, this tea is fantastic and very soothing, a real treat of fruity tastes but not overwhelming. Love , love , love it! You won't be disapointed.
234022234022B004770OLMA2DKZMJ1J7CMVNJ. Keith0051337212800Good spicy teaThis tea is a must for people who like a flavored tea. It has enough spice to taste but not overpowering. It works quickly and easily in my Keurig K-Cup coffee maker. With a couple of ice cubes it makes a delicious ice tea as well. I have been buying this brand for several years, and now with the auto ship from Amazon, I have tea whenever I need it.
234023234023B004770OLMAXMT79K2YOA19Honestly Critical0011336176000Again, 1 for Amazon 5 for the tea!This keeps happening. I get multiple boxes of these delicious K-cup teas but Amazon sends out product that will expire in less than six months! I'm not pleased.
234024234024B004770OLMA2ZETMBV0HZ9UQkdietz0051333756800Favorite of allThis is the best tea. I'm on the monthly shipment and need to up it to two. I have a travel mug full each day on my way to work and it is a treat! Love this tea.
234025234025B004770OLMA3DITQW7Q12UMLindsay Anne Robinson "Lindsay"0051333324800Quick Shipping, great quality K cupsI received my Kcup celestial teacups very quickly, within 3 days I think. The tea cups taste great and this product was exactly as described. I highly recommend this seller.
234026234026B004770OLMA38TX8GLZ2PG64nadlenitia430041333238400This tea is delicious.I had never tried tea with the Keurig. I am very happy with the flavor. It's a good way to start the day, or to have a warm cup mid-afternoon.
234027234027B004770OLMA2H48KD37345NYD. Gisi0051332892800Love itThis is my favorite tea k-cup! It has a great flavor and I like the fact that I can drink it at anytime since it's caffeine free.
234028234028B004770OLMA4D2848CCTRK2Leigh0051332288000Yummy hot or cold!!Just like making it from the tea bag. Yummy hot or cold! Wish all the Zinger flavors were available as a K-cup.
234029234029B004770OLMAEI9Y1R8F00BNS. Goffstein0051332028800Lemon teaTeaThis is a very smooth tea with a real lemon taste. If you like tea and lemon, then you will like this one.
234030234030B004770OLMA1LPVROPZB225YDH "DH"0051331769600Excellent! Great Choice!Great product. Great taste. Great choice. The K-cups make it even better. So convenient. Great invention!
Will definitly buy this product again, and again.

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