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234151234151B0029JVD0QA340T3DDR0ZTZ6T. Littleton "Corndotz1"3511326067200Contains lardI rarely buy packaged food, but I wanted to make Paula Deen's corn casserole for Christmas. After making the bread, I tasted it. It was horrible. I'm from Alabama, so I'm not used to sugar in my corn muffins or cornbread. I looked at the ingredients and found that the mix contains 3 forms of lard. I don't eat meat, so I chucked the bread and made my own cornbread.
234152234152B0029JVD0QA2FTGWMYLP4M8UBR "BR"1221314921600What happened to Jiffy Conrbread?/It used to be good and it used to make more? Have they shorted the contents and applied the grocery shrink ray somewhere along the way? And, like another reviewer mentioned, it is very gritty now. Something has changed with how they make this mix.
234153234153B0029JVD0QA3VD6KREW99X02Eric Alan0141345766400Pretty darn good corn breadMy search for the best corn bread mix continues...This time it's Jiffy! That small box at the grocery store for .89 i always overlooked. Well, good things do come in small packages :) This is some pretty good corn bread. As with most corn breads Jiffy had a gritty yet delicate texture. The corn flavor is on the mild side. Not amazing like my GM corn bread, but still good. I like my cornbread sweet (cause i like sweet corn) so i added maybe a tablespoon or more of honey to the batter. Came out very good. I haven't tried all the cornbread mix's but this one right now is the best.
234154234154B0029JVD0QA3KJFAHSF48KH3Discursive Boojum0331308528000An old family favoriteIf you're old enough, you remember when this stuff went on sale 4 boxes for 1.00 and it wound up being a side dish with a lot of meals. Nostalgia and consistency is the best reason to buy this cornbread mix.
The flavor is a bit sweet, and it's not vegan friendly.

Because of how inexpensive it is, it's the corn bread a lot of my generation grew up on. I prefer the flavor and ease of MARIE CALLENDER'S Original Cornbread Mix now and add a bit of sugar to that for a more true to my memories flavor.

The Marie Callender's is a just add water mix, the Jiffy needs an egg and milk. Powdered is fine if you're taking it camping, and the boxes are small enough to pack easily. It cooks up in a griddle over a fire very nicely and goes well with a lot of camp and fishing type meals.

If you haven't tried Jiffy corn muffin mix before, I'd suggest buying a box at your local grocery store and trying it before committing to a pack of 24 boxes.
234155234155B0029JVD0QA13UDAIB4TYB0CDean Robinson1711304553600The worst?Jiffy cornbread is quite possibly the worst cornbread mix on the planet. I've been using Marie Collander's for years but Jiffy had a big sale so I decided to give it a try.

It was AWFUL! The texture is sandy and it does not rise. I baked it at the recommended temperature and time but it ends up very thin in the pan. And the taste is horrible.

The fact that I just finished dinner and had to get on here immediately and write this negative review should be enough to scare you away from this product.

I cannot overstate how awful this is.
234156234156B0012MC4W2A2JB1RXJFPMPL5Online Shopper3351299801600Fabulous FixThis is a wonderful easy meal. Sautee some chicken or beef slices, some mushrooms (my husband loves mushrooms) and add to sauce....serve over flat noodles or Spaetzle. If your of German background you would have a nice Gurkensalat with it.
234157234157B0012MC4W2ALI5RPMWEBPB9Dr. Ronald K. Wright3351296691200Rahm-Champignons GreatThis is, I believe, one of the best Knorr mixes I have ever had. Add 300 grams of sliced mushrooms, saute in butter or margarine (butter is better) add the mix and 250 ml of water and cook for 5 minutes and voilla, a great mushroom and sauce.

The directions are in Deutsch, but even if you are not a German speaker you should have no problems, there are pictures on the package.
234158234158B0012MC4W2AEAMP4T2BBI10ladyj2251323216000german productsI loved this product it is better than cream of mushroom soup for making anything. It was a little pricy compared to buying it in Germany but I will buy it again just not as much as I would like to.
234159234159B0012MC4W2A1JN63QBBNGB78Elle S1151333411200One of Knorr's best!You simply can't go wrong with Knorr! This particular sauce mix is absolutely the greatest for pork dishes. Having previously lived in Germany for nearly 30 years, I know that both this brand, as well as sauce mixes made by Maggi, are used in many gaste houses (restaurants) throughout Europe to create those delicious cream sauces found on e.g., pork medallions. The unique blend of spices helps to create a taste not found in plain mushroom soup. Of course real cream, rather than water, is usually used which further enhances the flavor of the sauce. I usually use about half water and half, half and half for the required liquid content. And, I never use oleo or margarine to sautee' the mushrooms. Use real butter. Recommend you serve this sauce over pork along with real German egg noodles (called spaetzle) and German rote-Kohl (red cabbage) for a truly scrumptious traditional German meal. Both spaetzle and rote-kohl can be found in many of the larger supermarkets European food section. Try to buy the rote-kohl "mit appfel" (with apple). Or if you can't find it with apple, cut up about a half cup of most any RED apple (I use a Gala apple) and add it in. Do not use any water as a liquid add in. Instead, use about a half to one cup of RED wine. I like to use Lambrusco. Don't worry, the wine won't made you tipsey. It simply enhances the flavor of the rote-kohl whereas water doesn't. If you can't find these items locally, a wonderful web site for all kinds of German and other European specialties is[...] I buy from them a lot especially around Christmas time when traditional German cookies and candies are available. Their prices (for both their products and shipping) are a LOT LESS than those charged by the sellers listed here. And, they have many German receipes IN ENGLISH and/or English translations for mixes requiring add in ingredients such as this sauce mix. Their shipping is incredible. If you love German or other European cuisine, give them a try. You'll be glad you did!
234160234160B0012MC4W2A3VDO5M0017V3ST. H. Stauffer1141326672000Great Product, English translation would helpThis is a very tasty product, and represents a quick easy meal to prepare. The directions are written in German (which I happen to read). It would be helpful if this was disclosed in the Amazon product description for the benefit of non-German speakers. Another alternative would be to post an English translation of the instructions to a web site, and to enclose said web address to the Amazon listing. Just a thought.....
234161234161B002R72084A3B4OWCALYGZY0Lacy K. Loar "Exercise Girl"1151271635200Mmmmmm!!Very easy to make and delicious! I am keeping a steady stream of this dough around for our pizza night, as requested by my Sweetie, a gourmet foodie! You can even add your own herbs depending on the toppings, like Herbes de Provence for a French goat cheese pizza. Will be trying the sauces, too!
234162234162B004H4P65OA2MUGFV2TDQ47KLynrie "Oh HELL no"0051324684800Nectar is 45 % Juice!Nectar is about half way between juice drink/flavored water and 100% juice. This beverage is imported from Mexico and is so refreshing when served cold. It can be found at Hispanic stores in the buck to buck-fifty price range per liter box. It's good but not so good to pay an arm and a leg plus shipping though. It's neither too sweet nor too acidic, kids love it and will drink it like WATER!
234163234163B00113HADAA2X3L31KCXBHCLWorking Mom "Working Mom"4451247270400Great FlavorThis is one of my favorite Jasmine Green teas. The jasmine is not too weak and the tea is very aromatic. I also like that if I leave the bag in the hot water too long, the tea does not become bitter.
234164234164B00113HADAAINMG64N0CBEGOz3351242691200one and only green tea that i drinkI have tried different types of green teas however this is the only one which I can drink without limitation (somedays I may drink up to 5 cups per day if the weather is cold). It is very smooth and easy to drink.
234165234165B00113HADAAITK3RDZXU46YMichele Meyer "HowToLiveInHawaii"1121336176000"Organic Flavor"?I saw all the positive reviews so I thought I'd give this a try since it's a bit cheaper than my other favorite brands. Unfortunately, I'll have to disagree with the other reviewers, for the following reasons:

1) To me, this doesn't taste like jasmine blossoms. Instead, it tastes and smells like artificial banana flavoring -- like what you'd find in banana-flavored chewing gum or Jelly Bellies. I don't even care for real bananas all that much, so this is definitely not a good thing.

2) Speaking of flavoring -- the list of ingredients says "Organic Jasmine Green Tea and Organic Flavor." What the heck is "Organic Flavor"? Oh, they must mean "organic artificial-banana flavoring." ;)

3) The strings of the tea bags are attached to the bag with a mini-staple. First off, I'm not too keen on the idea of brewing metal staples along with my tea. Second, one of the strings detached from its bag because the staple didn't hold it in place well enough -- and this happened the very first time I tried this tea. The detached string was a minor annoyance, but what if the staple itself detached from the bag and into the tea? It's small enough that it could be inadvertently swallowed.

I think it's worth paying a little more for these (both of which I've tried and like):

Choice Organic Whole Leaf Organics Jasmine Green Tea Pyramids, 15-Count, 1.05-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 3)

Rishi Tea Organic Jasmine Pearl Loose Leaf Tea, 2.99-Ounce Tin (Pack of 2)
234166234166B00113HADAA12IRGQLFE4EBAChristine "If at first you don't succeed, try...1141302307200Smells Wonderful and It's OrganicThe Good Earth Organic Jasmine Blossom Green Tea is quite nice for what I like to call "supermarket tea" standards. It smells wonderful and the taste is good compared to many other green teas sold on supermarket shelves. I have tasted better, though (Two Leaves and a Bud Organic Jasmine is excellent!).

Still, for the price this is a nice tea and I would buy it again.
234167234167B00113HADAA1ENGMT2IUCFAHdm1141276041600best of the organic bags at amazonThis has the most jasmine flavor of the 3 different organic bags I've tried from amazon (choice and some other one I never heard of). But not as good as loose pearls. I've mostly switched to the loose pearls. BTW, Whole Foods has a good price on their own organic 365 green tea, but none with jasmine.
234168234168B00113HADAA16H21IMBNBL3VJ. Ives0051344643200My Favorite Jasmine Green TeaThis is by far my favorite Jasmine Green Tea, and probably my favorite of all the green teas I have tried (and I am an avid drinker, including loose leaf). Great balance of Green Tea and Jasmine. Amazingly flavorful and a divine aroma. Also it perks very well and I have never had a cup get bitter if I left the bag in too long. I definitely recommend this wonderful tea!
234169234169B00113HADAA2O18D0KSXTGDOMike_i0051333584000Very good teaGreat for the first time or long time tea drinker. Nice jasmine aroma with the benefit of green tea.
Highly recommend.
234170234170B00113HADAA3B4JOLDFSTE41kaylanjoe0051309478400Highest QualityThis tea is never bitter ( cheap bad teas are ) > Clear clean taste....beautiful balance of delicate jasmine overtones....not too flowery. Just a real high quality product. Great ICED! This brand is the best and I am a 35 year veteran of teas.
234171234171B00113HADAAH3ZKQ4M2ORA3TracyG "TracyG"0051302134400I love this tea!I received a sachet of this tea when I ordered hot tea in a restaurant. It was so yummy that I put the empty packet in my wallet so I could look for it in a store. In every store I went into that sold tea, I'd pull out that packet and compare. I couldn't find it anywhere. They have it, of course, at the Good Earth web store but with shipping the cost was more than I wanted to pay. (Thank goodness for Amazon Prime!)

I bought a case (6 boxes). So far, I've shared two boxes - one, a birthday gift for my best friend and one with my daughter in a college care-package.

Hot or cold, black or green, this is my favorite jasmine tea.
234172234172B00113HADAAZH9X9KDUPJ7HHildegard "Smart shopper"0051299110400Best Ever Jasmine Green Tea!This is a wonderfully flavorful Organic Jasmine Green tea - the best I've every tasted! I buy it in bulk to share with others who also get hooked on it!
234173234173B001EO7F5YA2TY1LWWR054SDWSSiegelaar "Wim's EX! Finally!!!"111151252972800INcredible cake!I'm giving this 5 stars but only if you're experienced in handling a really slack, soft dough and because it's so complete, authentic and VERY good tasting. It really should only give it 4 stars because the yeast was dead - so proof it before you rely on it! I put it in my bread machine on the 'dough' cycle and when it got all done and ready to form, it was flat as a flitter. It was late at night so I just got out a teaspoon of my own SAF yeast and started it over - other brands would need 2 teaspoons. I let it run long enough to get really mixed in, stopped the machine, dumped the really sticky dough from the pan into a quart sized (un-oiled) zip top bag and tossed it in the fridge until the following evening. I would recommend that everyone give it an overnight rest in the fridge. The dough wasn't nearly as sticky and was a 'piece of cake' to handle, albeit, I don't recommend making it in a hot kitchen. The dough is easier to work with in a cool environment. Keep just a light dusting of flour on your surface being careful not to work in too much extra flour...when you're rolling it out and it keeps shrinking back, just let it rest there on your dough board for 10 minutes and roll it out some more, rest again, until you get it rolled out. I didn't get it to measurements - I stopped at about 12"X18" and it still ended up being a lot longer as I rolled it up.

I suggest to definitely use the cream cheese and lightly toasted chopped pecans then dust with the praline sugar that's included in the package. It could use more than an 8oz. pkg. of cream cheese, I think. As you roll it up, sorta pull it toward you as you roll so you can roll it up fairly tight and get lots of swirls in it when you cut it. It's real easy to make it into a circle and put the two ends together...kinda push one end up into the other one and just stretch the other end dough over it and you can hardly find the seam!

I baked it on a parchment lined 13" pizza pan. Form it on your work surface and move it to the pan, get it as round and even as you can - brush with egg wash - 1 egg and whisk in a tablespoon of water. Put a cup of water in your microwave and let it boil. Quickly but carefully take the cup out of the oven and put your cake in there and close the door and you've got a perfect environment for it to raise - don't open the door until it's raised big and puffy. It gets a lot bigger than you'd think! It completely filled the 13" pan to the edges. Watch it as it bakes and if it gets brown on top, make a circle out of foil and just set it lightly over the top and it'll continue to brown the sides without overdoing the top.

It says to use 1 1/2 tablespoons of vanilla or water to make the glaze. Unless you have white vanilla, use water. Regular vanilla turned it yucky tan and I tossed it and made my own with just water. The cake is blooming with flavor so you don't really need the vanilla essence in the glaze.

I had never seen, eaten, made nor even heard of a King Cake before. I have dear friends that met in New Orleans and wanted to surprise them out here in Arizona in the middle of September with a king cake for their birthdays...and a surprise it was! He asked me if I was surprised that he knew that it was a king cake and I said no because you lived in New Orleans, were YOU surprised that I knew what one was! They were flabbergasted to say the least - and blown away when I told them there was a baby Jesus in it (under it), too! I will order more mixes and make them for the holidays and during Mardi Gras - and any other time I want to impress!

When you look at your huge, beautiful, unique cake, you'll definitely see that it's totally worth the $7-$8 you have in it! My brother in Georgia sends me pecans fresh off his tree so I don't have to buy pecans. He even takes them somewhere and gets them shelled and sorted! Lots of rain in the south this year so there should be an abundance of pecans!

So, try it, you'll be really glad that you have to buy 2 when you order from Amazon!
234174234174B001EO7F5YA3VV09ZWICIXLQshermommy5541316563200a royal cakeThe cake came out great. The baby, colored sugar, icing mix, praline sugar all includeed. You will need to add water, 1.5 sticks of butter, 3 whole eggs, 2 egg yolks, vanilla and (optional)8 oz cream cheese. You can make it in bread machine, which is what I did, or a mixer. It is a bread so it will need to rise - you can't make it 2 hours before your guests arrive. I let is rise overnight in the fridge (follow included directions) so I could get that step done early. I did the cream cheese filling and I wish I had spread 12 oz of cream cheese just because there were some pieces that were skimpy on the cream cheese. Very easy to follow the included directions. The kids loved it too...
234175234175B001EO7F5YA1OBU8DGKK8HDUE. 'R. Snow1151259280000Gourmet foodsGreat cake. Easier to prepare than from scratch. And tastes just as good if not better......
234176234176B001EO7F5YA1F1HTD4KOWDUZMarge A. Ross ""Mrs. Robinson""1141238976000It was pretty good - I think!I purchased this product to make for Fat Tuesday. I have never had King Cake but have always wanted to take part in this celebration. It was easier than I thought to make. The cake tasted pretty good but a little dry. It probably would have been better if I would have made the cream cheese filling recipe on the box.
234177234177B001EO7F5YA31FKGA6P7ILHQJoachim Hubert2351229212800great cakes aliveLove this Kings Cake! The store where I usually buy this quit carrying it and I didn't know what I was going to do...oh my. Then I found it here. It is basically the same price except that I have to buy 2 but, hey, I don't mind. It's worth it! Take me back to New Orleans.
234178234178B001EO7F5YA35K0VSS0D73HDlove2read0051342483200Yum! Yum!We had not had a King cake in several years since living in Lousiana. Love them. My granddaughters and I made it together and then hid the little baby inside. They were so excited to be the one who found the baby. The cake was moist and deliscious.
234179234179B001EO7F5YA2KQESH91IAK1HUNC_reader0051300838400Happy Mardi Gras!I ordered the King Cake mix so that I could bake my own cake for Mardi Gras. It came with everything, including the sprinkles and baby! I was very pleased with how it turned out. :)
234180234180B001DU2AK4ASKGF2DRHLYA3Chinkynoah "Jean"0051350518400Bar NoneThis is the best chili powder in the whole world and beyond. Been using this for 50 years and have never found any
kind better than this. And, believe me, in this length of time I have used many.

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