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234352234352B000F4H5GIA3G7HH7DU27DKNmlm3351260230400A pleasant and potent tea...When I discovered I liked Twinings English Breakfast tea, I decided I would try Irish Breakfast tea. While it is not the strongest tea I have ever had it is certainly robust! I love the taste of coffee but gave it up a few years ago because it had too much caffeine, but there are times when you need something to help wake you up or keep you awake. This tea does the job.

The first few times I tried Irish Breakfast tea I had to add milk, but I am used to it now and drink it black. I cannot drink this tea within a few hours of bedtime or I will not sleep, but it is a wonderful full-bodied tea that isn't bitter if you don't steep it too long. If you are searching for an alternative to coffee (or simply want a stronger tea) Twinings Irish Breakfast tea is a good place to start.
234353234353B000F4H5GIA1A7F9E3IFSM9GJohn J. Mcdonald3341203811200tea reviewThis is a very satisfying and plesant tea. After 45 years of drinking and enjoying coffee it began to disagree with me. I tried many teas looking for a coffee replacement before I found this blend. It's as strong as it needs to be and yet stomach friendly too. Very enjoyable as a morning drink, afternoon break drink or evening relaxing drink. The price from Amazon has been less than local sale prices and the delivery and service has exceeded expectations. Highly recommended!!
234354234354B000F4H5GIA2FIE8XAG5IJ4LPandora5651154217600great in the mornings!This tea is the perfect wake-up beverage when I stumble out of bed. It really does give you that much-needed "oomph" to start out with. I recently weaned myself from coffee and a friend suggested Twinings. I bought the sampler package and settled on two favorites; Irish Breakfast in the mornings and Lady Grey in the afternoon. It is rather strong though, depending on how long you let it steep. I would suggest the minimum the first time just to get an idea of the flavor; at first I used a little half-and-half and a dallop of honey, but now I prefer it straight-up, just because I don't have that kind of time.
234355234355B000F4H5GIA1H7O0UED9MA2EAnoni2251323129600New Favorite Black...This tea is very bold (think Lipton if you dare), but it's a very smooth almost creamy taste. I mainly just wanted to write this review to warn everyone that it's really caffeinated... I'm not sure if I've ever had a more highly caffeinated tea. This definitely is my new favorite full-flavored black tea though.
234356234356B000F4H5GIAUR1T6PXMBLD1Margaret L. Corkery2251322179200Twinings Irish BreakfastTwinings Irish Breakfast is a fabulous tea - all Twinings teas are high quality and very satisfying - I highly recommend Twinings Irish Breakfast!
234357234357B000F4H5GIA5CR6GP49HVEEStephanie2251301011200If coffee were a tea...If coffee were a tea it would be Irish Breakfast Tea. This is a strong and robust tea that is an excellent substitute for coffee. As a matter of fact, I would call it the tea lovers coffee. It's strong and robust and it is best taken in the morning. It will wake you right up! I drank this tea straight for awhile--no sugar, no milk, just tea--but then I discovered that adding a dash of milk or creamer makes it really quite delectable. I especially like adding the creamer/milk with the tea bag and then I pour the boiling water over. That way it mixes itself very nicely. This is a great tea and I will most definitely be purchasing more!
234358234358B000F4H5GIA2TMZXPWEQI347pumpkinspice2251288137600This is the best tea!This is my all-time favorite tea. The flavor is so strong, robust, and delicious; a perfect tea to have when you're groggy, feeling lazy, or are wanting something warm and comforting. Never mind the other brands of tea. Twinings is the way to go when you want a great cup of tea!
234359234359B000F4H5GIA1UXEPN9MH999FJ. R. Trommer2251249084800Great for kicking the coffee habitIf you're looking to stop drinking coffee but still need the morning wake-up, this tea is for you! Other reviews have stated that it's very strong and needs to be watered down with milk but I disagree. This tea is perfect straight or with sugar and lemon added. I don't find it to be strong but after drinking plain black coffee for years I'm sure anything would taste weaker. I very much recommend this as a great morning tea.
234360234360B000F4H5GIA3O5H3HATO4VCLMax Bender4551234483200Drink it RAW!I've been a strong black coffee drinker for 20 plus years, but had to quit drinking it due to problems with kidney stones. And I love my coffee! I looked for a substitute tea and couldn't find a really good one until I tried Irish Breakfast Tea by Twinings. I have to say, this is a blend with a hearty "kick-you-in-the-teeth" welcome that truly does live up to its namesake. Exactly what I wanted in the morning for that "Off you go!" attitude to start my day.

My grocer quit stocking it, so I looked on-line and found it here, and for much less than what I was paying. One thing to note, if you do run low before the replacement stock arrives is to save the used tea bag and let it hang until completely dry. Amazingly it will make a second cup, naturally not as strong however, still pretty good in a pinch.

Don't know about mixing stuff in it to tame the wild beast flavor. But, if you love your coffee black and thick, try this tea "raw"...this is the "MAD MAX" of teas.
234331234331B001H802WAAFZX59YOP5EQ0John Smith "f1shb0n3"0031335312000Mediocre gluten-free junkfoodWhat I didn't like:
- Too tough consistency
- Too neutral and too starchy taste
- Pretty expensive for the small quantity

What I like:
- Gluten-free cracker that's not completely terrible like "Nut Thins"
- For all the reasons I did not like it we wouldn't be consuming this too much, thus we won't be overeating such junk foods
234332234332B001H802WAAAEGIBOD9UGOLChristine Schnarr0051329609600Yummy dense crunchMy 7 y/o daughter and I LOVE these crackers -- they are denser than the Carr's-type water crackers -- so they hold up to cheeses and soups even better. Some might find them... pasty? They are not for you if you are looking for a flaky Ritz-type cracker. The cheese flavor is also delish, but we do not care for the multigrain which have a very strong herb flavor.
234333234333B006CAT5AIA36J3H8L314Y5Vjenny spam0051328659200Very niceVery dry and tasty.. Great value... So many heling property of's nice to have seller offer it at bulk price
234334234334B000EFBMCQA15BJDPHQ478W3stillhungry2211308873600scraps-not shellsPurchased two packages of the 10-count Stand 'N Stuff shells. Out of twenty shells only five were intact. Very poor packaging on this product.
234335234335B000EFBMCQAS8YMHZDOE2PASusanmarie "susanmarie"0051340668800Persoanlly, I love these Stand n' Stuff Shells!I no longer use anything else! They break only as easily as any other taco shell. If you fill the bottom with wet stuff like sauce, tomatoes, and cheese they are good to go!
234336234336B001A00ZDQA1I87LWCN2SLH7mark Jordan2251287187200price per cup FYIThis is a great product and resembles what most Americans know of as Russian Tea, (Tang, Tea, Cinn., etc...) *I am rating the product here w/5 stars and not the price.
This is a very nice flavor but the price here is a little expensive compared to most that I have found. Here it comes out to $0.726 or 73 cents. I usually play the game with Bed Bath and Beyond with there 20% coupons and I can come out to 51 cents per cup on most all ($9.99 + 8% tax - 20% coupon for 18 pack)teas and coffees. For this product seller to be competitive with them this 2 pack needs to be sold and delivered as $24.48. Even if you don't use a coupon at BB&B you pay 60 cents tax incl per cup. Which would make the competitive price $28.77 delivered. It is my favorite tea but it is priced between 7 to 11 dollars to high. I drink 4 to 6 per day and if I just figured 4 per day for 1 month I would be spending at about 90 dollars per month just in tea. So my average is about 61 dollars per month now with BB&B and would be 85 dollars buying it here and in 1 year that would be 288 dollars extra.
234337234337B001A00ZDQA34M6IM8Y6RVVXFrancesca0051342656000Love itI frequently use tea bags in my Keurig (tea brews very nicely without a holder or anything - simply place a tea bag or two where the k-cup would go, of course leaving the tag hanging out), but I can't resist ordering this k-cup regularly. It's one of my top 3 herb teas, and is very refreshing. Orange spice describes it perfectly. Lovely hot or iced. The k-cup makes a perfect brew. Wonderful late at night because it's caffeine free.
234338234338B001A00ZDQA1L8SPW7Y3IQROP. N. Anderson0051304380800Good Hot TeaThis tea is prepared in a Keurig Brewer and is a very tasteful easily prepared tea with a very reasonable cost per cup.
234339234339B001A00ZDQA3G497H5G4PIIFKevin M. Fitzgerald0051273363200Very good orange teaI bought a sample pack from Keurig and this was included with it. It has very good orange flavor. I like it a lot with a touch of lemon and honey.
234340234340B000VSFMCWALCP1Z34K96N6Shari Allen4451318636800THE BEST NOODLES!!!We used to get these noodles when we lived overseas...and there is NO RAMEN NOODLE in the US that even comes CLOSE to the amazing flavor of Indomie! I was THRILLED to find it was available here on Amazon! I keep ordering it again and again...never to buy regular ramen noodles again!! Once you try these, you'll never want any other kind of noodles! :)
234341234341B000VSFMCWA131LUACH7MW2JHasan T. Albar3351337212800Just like the original one in Saudi Arabia.''''' '''' '' '''''''' ..
Just like the original one in Saudi Arabia.
Very recommended for Saudis who live in The United States.
234342234342B000VSFMCWA1D2JDT4114OC7cda4real0031343347200Too ExpensiveI give it a 3 star just because of the price!!! (trust me its best noodles ever but way too expensive!!!) Awesome product no doubt but this will be the last time i will purchase it from this site. Thank goodness i just discovered a place to get it for HALF the Price... smh @ veryasia
234343234343B000VSFMCWA3BQO7WEQRXA3TRIGS0051337299200BEST NoodlesUse to Love these noodles when i was a kid and just remembered them and had to buy some. They taste just like i remember if not better, Best package noodles ever.
234344234344B004GOXWYCA2VKWJGAG090DYV. Stevens3351320278400Takes 40 min to cookWas trying to find a less-expensive germinated rice, was tired of the high cost of truRoots Organic Germinated Brown Rice, 14-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 6), but truRoots rice takes 25-30min to cook, where this takes 40min, which makes me think it is not as fully germinated as I would like it to be. That extra 15 minutes of cooking time is rough for my busy life!

With the $13.80 shipping for a single bag, this ends up not being cheaper in the end, I've just resorted to buying truRoots by the case from the local store, the 10% case discount there ends up the better deal.

I was really impressed by this company though, they sent free samples of other grains, and the other organic and sprouted grains they have in their catalog are impressive. I just wish they didn't have such high shipping charges.
234345234345B000F4H5GIA1FDV3WPOHREY9C. Scanlon "least helpful reviewer"576151154649600A NECESSITY FOR CIVILIZED AND A TRANQUIL LIFEThe only tea.

The Irish tea.

To be taken only in the morning unless you have no reason to sleep that night.

A tea to heal the disturbed mind and soul. A tea for the Irish.

Take half and half with even skimmed milk and you will never see coffee again.

Wake up and smell the tea.

How kind of the Amazon to offer it on line. I shall never again suffer tea-separation anxiety when the local grocer is out.

A source of peace and of comfort far from home. More powerful and peaceful than any artificial pharmeceutical prescribed. Take two cups and call me in the morning.

Thank you, O mighty Amazon.
234346234346B000F4H5GIA6BEH5K3BMJETLinda E. Ulbrich121351167955200Makes the best brewed tea!In my opinion Twinings Irish breakfast tea is absolutely the best brewed tea around. It has a very robust flavor that is certain to wake you up. If you aren't a coffee drinker , this will become your "coffee" of choice. Excellent tea!! The price is also much less expensive than my local grocery store. If your looking for tea with a strong kick and excellent flavor, you gotta try this. Delicious!
234347234347B000F4H5GIA35J6HWXIX6LOJJanet L. Brennan8851167955200Twinnings saved the day.My husband converted to drinking tea about 6-7 years ago and has been quite particular in what he chooses to purchase. He used to buy the Lipton Black Tea with Honey and Lemon and it was no longer available. Finding a substitute that would be equally satisfying became quite problematic. He tried a box of Twinnings Irish Breakfast tea and added his own honey. He found it to be better than anything he could imagine. While it is not my first choice, I certainly put it in second place on my list, as I like English Breakfast tea. Nonetheless, this has a great flavor and warms the spot when looking for something special to drink. I highly recommend it!
234348234348B000F4H5GIA3UBDVOL5UDIIBLaura5551174003200My Favorite Tea!I was so glad to have discovered this tea when my mom was visiting last year. She buys tea from the Gevalia coffee company which is very good but is very expensive, especially with the shipping, so just for the heck of it we bought a couple of small boxes to try out to see if we could come up with a cheaper alternative for her. One of them was the Twinings Irish Breakfast and I was amazed at the flavor. We in my family were all brought up on Lipton but I abandoned hot tea years ago for coffee. BUT now this tea is giving my morning cup of coffee competition! Since then I have also tried the English Breakfast but don't think the flavor is as rich.
234349234349B000F4H5GIARHUVPN0BVXS8Laurin B. Morrison6751163030400Save CashLocal grocery stores in our area sell the 20-count boxes for $3.99 to $4.89 each. This is an incredible deal, and with no loss of quality. In fact, I think the quality may be a bit better because the individual boxes are not manhandled by store clerks shoving them onto limited shelf space.
234350234350B000F4H5GIA17LE9T2CWOA9NJ. Neumeier6751162166400A Tea not for the WeakI disklike coffee very much and found myself trying to find the perfect tea.

This is it.

It's strong enough to wake you up in the mornings and keep you up all night long to finish exams.

It has a full body taste and wonderful aroma.

It's best with a little sugar or honey and just a touch of milk. But I prefer just sugar normally.

If you like strong tea - this is the best. Let it seep from the bag for a few minutes it get it's full power.

Once you have this you will never go back to Lipton or ugh... Nestea...
234351234351B000F4H5GIA1UIE42TOC8KUXJoe S. "Joe Schmoe"3351318809600Tea that has only 1 ingredient: Black TeaI've been a Tea Drinker for over 40 years because I can't drink coffee. I drink it strong, with Milk and no sugar. I can't start a day without it. I always liked the Irish and (the more widely available) English Breakfast Teas from Twinings, but could never justify the price over the Lipton and Tetley (British Blend) mass produced teas. Recently I have become slightly allergic to most teas. I am particularly allergic to Lipton regular bags and Twinings English Breakfast Tea. I am not sure what those bags have that Irish breakfast Tea doesn't have, but perhaps they are different varieties, or processed differently? I've been truly enjoying Irish Breakfast tea from Twinings for the past 3 months with no issues. Thankfully, this is (and always has been) my favorite tasting tea. Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? This six box pack from Amazon, makes it easy for me to keep at least 1 box at home and 1 at work.

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