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234361234361B000F4H5GIA1YFK84CDPJJOKenzworld1141342483200Tastes good, too expensiveExcellent tea and I would recommend it to anyone that has not tried it but that loves tea. I drink it with just a teaspoon of sugar, no milk, and it gets my day started the right way.

The big problem with this product is that the price is like a yo-yo bouncing all over the place. I finally stopped my subscription because of the price jumps and due to the fact that the product is currently much cheaper at Walmart and Target. The current Amazon price is $2.83 while I can buy it at the above mentioned places for $2.39 a box. Sure it is only 44 cents but when you drink as much as I do, this price difference is like buying 5 and getting one free at the local shops.
234362234362B000F4H5GIA1E1LEVQ9VQNKJ. Chambers1151341532800One of the most robust teas that I've hadI'm purely a tea drinker, I don't like coffee at all. Twinings teas make up about half of the teas that I drink. I love to get my "wake up" jolt in the morning with a big cup of Irish Breakfast Tea. It's one of the most robust and flavorful teas that I've drunk. Twinings rates it as four tea leaves on their 1-5 scale, but in my opinion, it could be a 5. I usually drink it straight with a few drops of lemon juice, but occasionally, when I add a little milk and honey, the flavor still comes through.

I've tried other brands of Irish Breakfast Tea, with mixed results, but I always come back to Twinings' version.
234363234363B000F4H5GIA2LCKW4TU13805IXLR84NRG "Brian"1151325030400Absolutely the best bagged tea!This is the best coffee replacement offered in a bag. It is a great wake up cup of tea. Full bodied, great flavor. Perfect with some cream and sugar. We don't have coffee in our house and every guest that has this shortly switches from coffee to tea.
234364234364B000F4H5GIAVTY5M74VA1BJtarotqueen1151317945600taste greatthis tea taste great, I like to use the loose kind for tea leaf readings. Getting up and makeing some is like drinking heaven. One of my favorites.
234365234365B000F4H5GIA2930WW05Y8ZHOPatricio J. Flynn1141275264000real teaThe Irish breakfast blend is the best Twinings product. I drink at least four mugs a day.
234366234366B000F4H5GIA2AOSE7M7GVP2Tdebdog42 "debdog42"1151232150400Best Tea In The World!I have tried many brands of breakfast tea and Twinings is the best of the best! I drink 2 cups of this in the morning and one cup of this in the decaf version at night. I love mine with Coffee Mate and sugar and this brews strong so it still tastes great with those added. Amazon has the best price I've ever seen and with the auto ship the price is even better.
234367234367B000F4H5GIA2LHVTKZDTUCPUJ. Lohse1151168473600Wonderful Tea to Start the DayTwinings Irish Breakfast tea is delicious. It's a strong brew that tastes wonderful and helps get the day off to a good start. Recommended for anyone who appreciates good tea.
234368234368B000F4H5GIA34GZPHWYPSY2TE. Hernandez0051341792000Not only in the Emerald Isle ....TWININGS IRISH BREAKFAST TEA is the epitomy of strong black tea. It is the strongest, most robust that Twinings sells, and believe me, it will make you sing during and after breakfast.

Not only then - I drink this almost all the time but one thing I decry is Twinings' secretiveness about the blend. It may be Assam and Lord knows what; all the box says is "expertly blended black teas".

There's a marvelous experience I've had with this particular tea, and just as I never tire of telling it, those around me never tire of rolling their eyes and pointing imaginary guns at my head when I tell it.

But it's true.

Once upon a time I had moved, and left behind an almost full box of Irish breakfast at the house. Upon moving back in, I'd been gone over 6 years - and the first thing I chanced upon as I went through the place was my long-forgotten tea. Not believing my eyes, I naturally brewed up some. There's always time and need for tea!

It tasted better than anything I have ever tasted. While I have never tried to duplicate this trick - if a 'trick' it was - it is testimony to the powerful, unmatched quality Twinings brings to your tea caddy and your tea time. As for expanding my palette, I wouldn't change from Twinings for all the tea in China.

This wonderful absolute favorite of mine is also available in decaf: Twinings Irish Breakfast Decaf Tea, Tea Bags, 20-Count Boxes (Pack of 6).

In the event it interests you, Twinings tea bags are designed like Lipton's clever invention, the 'double' tea bag (what they originally named "FLOW-THROUGH") that you can puff apart a bit if you like before steeping it. Twinings does not have any staples anywhere on their teabags, unlike other companies with a staple here and a staple there. You might as well buy staple-flavored tea.

Get Twinings, and live like royalty.
234369234369B000F4H5GIA2CYR6ZU8VOW8BCody Boy Brewery0051332115200My absolute favorite!I've tried several different types of tea from Twining's and this is my favorite. It's a great breakfast tea,(better than the English Breakfast Tea-not as strong), but it can be enjoyed all day long. It's also great with a little milk.
234370234370B000F4H5GIA571T4LGCDJJZcadi740051330992000Favorite teaFor those with sensitive systems, like me, this tea is a wonderful substitute for coffee. My husband, who dislikes coffee, enjoys this in the morning as well. The taste is smooth and it perks me up without making me feel jittery or leaving me with bad breath. I like to add a tsp. of sugar and a bit of milk, but my DH prefers it dark. It has become a staple in our home.
234371234371B000F4H5GIA4O9W0EPV3LHJMelaniecooks0051309219200Wonderful, full flavor tea!Excellent tea! Hot or Iced, the full and smooth flavor of Black Tea is wonderful. It's a permanent ingredient in my home.
234372234372B000F4H5GIA3P0RQ3GPX7KV5Diana Yates "campmate"0051300924800like it better than earl greyi am not an earl grey fan--I like this one better. I like it better than the english breakfast tea.
234373234373B000F4H5GIA1U3NZGVL3VFC2Dawn0051298073600rich, mellow flavorThis is one of my favorite black teas already in a bag. It has a deep, dark color, and a rich, strong flavor; yet still mellow. This tea can handle steeping for a while without getting bitter like some bag teas.

My sense of taste is very strong, so usually I only steep the tea for a minute or two before it starts to taste bitter to me. This one can steep for longer without having to worry about bitterness so much. Don't get me wrong, if left to sit for too long, or too high a temperature, it will get bitter on you, but so will most any off the shelf tea.

To me, this tea embodies what a black tea should be. Strong, dark, aromatic, and robust. A very pleasant drinking experience. I usually put cream in my tea, and a bit of raw sugar or molasses. Both compliment this tea very well.
234374234374B000F4H5GIA3QU4LHCO3BFB0Xander0041278115200The Power Punch of TeaBy far the strongest of the Twinings Tea. And even with a name like Irish Breakfast Tea, its good any time of the day to drive off that sluggish/draining laze. If you crave that jumping coffee caffeine hit , but cant stand the life sucking crash an hour later, then you will enjoy this tastey tea.
234375234375B000F4H5GIA2NTVAXDNOTEWDNot Quite New "Not Quite New"0051257292800Best black tea EVER!!!!This is the tea I give to everyone who visits and only wants "Tetley" or "Lipton". These friends are dedicated tea drinkers, like myself, who don't really enjoy spicey or fruity teas. We just want a full-bodied tea without the bitterness that comes from over-soaking a less expensive brand. Excellent - never bitter.
234376234376B000F4H5GIA3MSDZ7KLMRGRRJ. C. Rose0051254787200Excellent, rich teaTwinings is always a good bet for teas. Irish Breakfast is rich and wakes you up. It's also a great tea if you like to add cream.
234377234377B000F4H5GIAO7P80U6AHHE6D. V. Dominguez0051234224000Twinings Irish Breakfast TeaMy favorite Twinings Tea variety - strong enough for a good wake-up in the morning, but has some wonderful aromatic qualities. I've been drinking Twinings for years and years.
234378234378B000F4H5GIATNQNZEHWMR9UKokopelli0051233014400Excellent, classic teaTwinings Irish Breakfast Tea is THE classic breakfast tea, with a full-bodied, hearty flavor, and it's delicious for breakfast or any time. I prefer it with milk and sugar, but it's also good with lemon and sugar (for Americans, at least). It's very handy to buy it in the six-pack version from Amazon, and just a note for you Tassimo owners: it's quite easy to use a tea bag with the blank disc. I usually press the button twice to get a full cup of tea and let it brew however long I like. Highly recommended.
234379234379B000F4H5GIA212MDP6K4VJS5W. R. Stockstill Jr. ""Bill""0041232236800One of my favoritesI live outside Atlanta and tend to drink hot tea only in the winter. This delightfully strong tea was once my favorite. I drink my tea instead of coffee in the winter with only half and half. However, now its my third favorite. I had to buy Twinings English Breakfast Tea, Tea Bags, 50-Count Boxes (Pack of 6) once because my grocer was out of this tea. I found I preferred the English tea, its strong too but a little smoother. The Irish tea, to me, has a slight metallic taste. But I still enjoy it. Then my wife picked up Bigelow Vanilla Chai Tea, 20-Count Boxes (Pack of 6) and WOW, that is now my favorite. But, try this tea, its strong and has a great flavor. But don't be afraid to try other teas by quality tea companies like Bigelow and Twinings.
234380234380B000F4H5GIA32AKKZRP848H8Greg Bulmash0051227398400Coffee, tea, or... I'll take the tea.My wife and I have a new baby and have been shift-sleeping, so a cup of something caffeinated has become even more urgent when I get up at 3:30 in the morning to take over baby supervision.

I used to pretty much solely get my caffeine from Diet Pepsi, but my older son is starting to notice Daddy drinking soda at breakfast, and in general, I thought it better for me to stop drinking 2+ liters of soda a day.

I got a sampler of Twinings teas a while back and finally broke it open, brewing the teas for at least 5 minutes and then adding sugar and milk. Since my sister is currently living in Ireland, I tried the Irish Breakfast first, then the English Breakfast. Can't say which really has more caffeine, but the Irish Breakfast had a good solid flavor that was complemented by the sugar and milk, while the English Breakfast tasted more like sugar and milk with a hint of tea in it.

I was thinking of getting a coffee maker, but I've never been much of a coffee drinker and my wife isn't either. Plus she's breast feeding and loves decaf peppermint tea with a little milk and sugar. I figured I might get an electric kettle like I've seen when I was in England and visited a friend's house. Cheaper than a coffee maker, benefits the wife, and these tea bags are way cheaper than "coffee pods" or a bottle of Diet Pepsi.

Some friends have recommended "Morning Thunder" (half black tea, half Yerba Mate). It can be found on Amazon, but I don't ever see it in stores, even my local semi-gourmet market which has a large tea section. I'm not willing to buy a 6-pack just to try it, so I'll stick with the tried but true Irish Breakfast.
234381234381B000F4H5GIA2XTYWMOZAFY1TDanielle K. Duff "Game Lover"0051223510400Lover of good teasThis is my very favorite brand and variety of tea. I drink it every morning. Buy it in bulk from Amazon because it is cheaper than the grocery stores!
234382234382B000F4H5GIA1KSCG05T4FGO4Nancy Good0051222732800Nothing like a good, strong cup of teaThis is a very flavorful tea--a good substitute for that late afternoon cup of coffee at your desk when all you have nearby is boiled water and a cup. (A little milk in the tea rounds out the flavor, though.)
234383234383B000F4H5GIA1EQX10A6TJ6H3J. Roos0051218585600My favorite teaThis is a great, strong tea with a wonderful basic flavor. It's my all time favorite!
234384234384B000F4H5GIA2P3SFTE640AHCcarrolj0051208649600I love this tea!I rarely drink coffee anymore since it began upsetting my stomach sometime ago. I love iced tea and drink about 2 quarts unsweetened daily made with 2 Lipton gallon sized bags. (yes I like it a little stronger than some folks) Several months ago I was reading a novel where the hero was always raving about drinking Irish Breakfast Tea. After scanning a couple of local grocers I finally found a small cellophane container of 10 bags of Twinnings green label and took it home to try.

I think this is absolutely the best tasting hot tea anywhere. My last shopping trip I was only able to find Twinning English Breakfast Tea...and I'm drinking it...but can't say I'm enjoying it nearly as much. The Irish Breakfast Tea is the best. Can't wait to get some more!

Incidently, I do like about a teaspoon of sugar in each cup of this tea.
234385234385B000F4H5GIA2B81WJLGKRLVHHooty Hoot0051207440000A great tea!I have never been a coffee drinker or a hot tea drinker until this past January when I got a cold, I began drinking hot tea and sampling everything in sight.

I just finished my second box of this tea and must say that it is wonderful, as others have written this tea is robust in flavor and will open your eyes on cool mornings or keep you awake all night; if I add sugar I need nothing else in it.

234386234386B000F4H5GIA3VWPDOOZKSA6QPatrick D. First0051204761600Twinnings Irish TeaFull boddied bold and robust, a good shot of flavor in the morning or anytime.
234387234387B000F4H5GIA29L15GKGGA3UOThomas MacEntee "Genealogy Ninja and GeneaBlo...0051202428800Brings Me Back Hometo my great-grandmother's house in upstate New York. She was 1st generation Irish American and in her house she followed the Irish tradition she grew up with: coffee is only served at breakfast. Tea, and good strong tea, is served at lunch/dinner and supper.

This tea is very similar to what I remember drinking as a child. It holds up well to milk and sugar (which is how we always drank it).

The price here at Amazon is Amazamazing! I can't even get the price lower than this here in Chicago during a sale.
234388234388B000F4H5GIAL73XBUR7VFJ5Enid Y. Karr0051201392000Robust and tasty everyday teaMy family's favorite for all purpose, any time of the day drinking. It's great as a breakfast tea, but great as a pick me up any time of the day. Substituting it for Lipton's is a low cost luxury. Very flavorful, clean taste.
234389234389B000F4H5GIAER42R5HH9YINJ. Houseright "coureur de bois"0051197849600good stuff, MaynardThis is really great tea. I bought six boxes and soon Ill have to order more, Im going through it pretty fast. Its delicious!!
234390234390B000F4H5GIA2D0PY6HIGTYITAdrian in Phoenix "No Time for Fantasy"0041175558400Not the strongest, but quite goodI've had some Irish Breakfast tea that brewed stronger and woke me up faster, but this is a very good product. Each bag is in a good envelope that should keep it fresh a long time. Each envelope is in a box that becomes a convenient dispenser. If it matters to you, no metal is used to hold the teabag string.

I haven't used Amazon to buy tea before, but if you buy enough to get free shipping, it seems to be the best way to buy products not always available at the corner market.

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