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234391234391B000F4H5GIA29N0FCS15LDGYLankyJon1241307404800A good, strong tea.Tea: I like it, I drink it a lot. But, I don't know all the much about it. I'm not a tea connoisseur: I don't make test the water temperature, I don't brew for a certain number of minutes, and I tend to let the tea bags sit around in the pot. Still, I imagine most people are like me, so that's alright.

As it is, this tea is great. It was recommended to me by my girlfriend, and it was definitely a good recommendation. It is by far what I have been drinking the most for the past while. Obviously, I prefer not to drink it black. Cream and sugar for sure. But, it's good, and my favourite for the moment. I definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good black tea. The only reason I don't give it five stars is because I don't feel like I know enough about tea.
234392234392B000F4H5GIA5U7KT50AAGCUGRITN "B"0151171843200Really nice, not as dark as "English" - great flavor.really nice tea. I like this one.
234393234393B000F4H5GIA47ZTYZTX783JSheri L. Pritchard0251171152000Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea, Tea Bags, 20-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)OUR FAVORITE! EXCELLENT ITEM!!
234394234394B000F4H5GIAVFA1JB08RG8GWile E. Coyote "^. .^"11531284336000Simply TeaI'm forced to swim against the tide on this particular review. I found this Irish breakfast tea by Twinings to be exceptionally ordinary...nothing unique enough for me to try again. Quite frankly, you'll be doing just as well with a five cents-per-bag cup of Salada, Tetley, or Red Rose. Invest your spare bounty in some Maine [USA] wild blueberries, for that perfect plate of scones, tarts, or muffins...yum!
234395234395B000KD3YLYA2UI81648JG17LEdward T. Morgan "Tim Morgan"1141200096000Banana nut snackin' cakeThe taste and consistency of the cake was very good. I would have preferred a little more sweetener, which could be accomplished by just adding some Splenda to the mix. Unlike some of the Dixie mixes, I didn't have to add a lot of stuff that didn't come in the package.
234396234396B000KD3YLYACSHG9GOUTFDCJames P. Theis0131220918400not sweet enough?I am purchasing this item for the 1st time. After reading the 2 reviews, I would suggest instead of adding stevia to add 1 or two very ripened, mashed bananas. Adventerous baker(s), add sour cream/coconut milk: if not allergic or on an avoidance of milk-based/coconut product. Also, a tablespoon or two of a liquere like baileys irish cream, kahlua, rum, or even grand marnier/cointreau added to the ripened bananas/coconut milk/sour cream may also be tasty.
234397234397B0000ZRGV6A2T3POVS8FKP2PAntoine2251231545600nice to have it availableI went to at least eight different grocery and specialty stores and couldn't find tarragon vinegar. Finally found it here. Shipping was reasonably priced and arrived very timely and it's very good vinegar. It contributed greatly to the mustard recipe I needed it for.
234398234398B0000ZRGV6A3NTD14ECYFYUCBarbara M. Sturgeon "like to cook"1151219795200Vilux-TarragonVinegarLast Year a friend got me a bottle of this vinegar, I use it for my green beans. I was unable to find tarragon vinegar in any supermarket in my area. I was almost out and could not find the phone number of my friend that gave it to me. So I went on line and found the exact one and ordered it. It has to be the best Tarragon Vinegar I have ever had. I have not used it on any other vegetables other then green beans but I know it would be good on all of them. Thank You for having a good product. Barbara
234399234399B0000ZRGV6A3DCUIPM9VW818Mrs. Patti H. Minardi "PMShadow"1151219536000Excellent Product!Received product on time as promised in excellent condition. Product is a delight to use in my gourmet dishes
234400234400B003DQ6A2UAQSZ1Q97K8KK4brunette2blondie20054511334966400False advertisingDon't even waste your money on this. It is illegal to export real kobe beef out of Japan, this is false advertising to say the least.
234401234401B003DQ6A2UA1OYUUSN3BM1LBLiquid Silver "Lo"0011347580800Any claims of the beef being true Kobe are falseAs one reviewer said, it is illegal to sell Kobe beef in the United States, or anywhere outside of Japan for that matter. It is strictly regulated, and any claims of Kobe beef being sold in the US are false. As for "Wagyu" beef, that is a certain breed of cow. Kobe is a particular cut of that breed. It may be true that meat from Wagyu cows in cuts other than Kobe are available for sale here in the US, but this product specifically states that it is KOBE BEEF. I would hope that an honest and responsible business would take a little bit of time to do their research before promoting these products.
234402234402B003DQ6A2UA3F3KOSJ1Y5IUEK. Schoenfeldt "ILuvAmazonShopping"0051347321600Wagyu is legal to sell in USAPlease look up Wagyu on Wikipedia before leaving bad reviews, it is legal to sell in USA. And btw, this is a good deal.
234403234403B002F8FNDYA20EEWWSFMZ1PNbernie "webviator"0051259107200A popular product from a major movieAlthough these delicious delicacies can stand on their own merit, they have a know reputation. Everyone remembers the red stapler from "Offices Space" (1999). But only a connoisseur would associate gummy bears with "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" (1986). While Ed Rooney (Jeffrey Jones) was making his principal getaway on a school bus, a young lady offered him a gummy bear. It was warm and chewy as she kept them in her pocket.

You do not need to keep these animals in your pocket to enjoy them. Just be aware that they may not blend well with temporary fillings. You can just suck on them in that case.
234404234404B0014TN2HYAMMO4SNGQI42DCristeven "steve"2251266624000Every Morning....Hands down the best coffee on the planet. But, I grew up on this stuff, so I might have a biased opinion. Dark stuff and not for the faint of heart.
234405234405B0014TN2HYA1CA69D0DN843RAl Izi1121327536000Don't like this coffeeInitially I was very excited by decaf coffee and chicory mix. but the result is below my expectations. First it doesn't smell like coffee. The taste isn't good as well.
234406234406B0014TN2HYA1FH4OEHEHY3G7Angela Rock1151313712000Three words sum up this coffee...BEST. Coffee. Ever.

I ordered this coffee directly from Cafe Du Monde and now I simply cannot imagine buying coffee anywhere else.
234407234407B0014TN2HYA2QG3JUX80AIWSDamarys Soto1151288396800Chicory coffeeWent to New Orleans and fell in love with the chicory coffee... LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that I can order it online and get it super quick and in good condition. Thank you for the coffee fix!
234408234408B0014TN2HYA3GI8XJIE0IQ4ZA. Laird0051348444800When coffee in NOLA isn't possible...I brew up Cafe Du Monde decaf and fondly remember my trips to the real deal. Dark, aromatic, and oh so tasty - each cup offers comfort and a bit of a trip down memory lane. I'm so glad I can get this on Amazon, as my local connection is no longer.
234409234409B001E52TJAARYOI3NHW3ZGGLora B. Summerwill "lolly6646"1111325462400Bumblebee Crab lost it's buzzUsed a can of Bumblebee Crab for a Christmas Appitizer. The crab had no taste, zero, nada..... Wrote a letter of complaint to the company and the "Customer Affairs Correspondent" sent me two replacement coupons, very nice gesture except the coupons had expired.
234410234410B001E52TJAA28I98PKHZZKVBN. Brabec "Dispensing Unappreciated Advice Daily"0041299456000For Us Landlubbers...Out here on the high plains we can find fresh lump crabmeat, but it costs an arm and a leg. Most cookbooks would lead you to believe that busting the budget for fresh meat is a requirement to making a quality crab-cake or cold crab salad.

It is just not so. Whether you are a food-snob or on a budget, you will find that you can turn out great dishes with canned crab. The key is the right canned crab.

For appetizer cakes or salads, lump crabmeat (large chunks picked from the body or backfin) is a must. If you do not get lump, you will be buying flake. Flake comes from all parts of the body and, as the description indicates, it separates into little flakes. Flake does not hold together as well, look as appealing, or taste as good as lump. Flakes only plus side is that it is cheaper. Much.

We are not familiar with all the brands of canned crabmeat on the market, but of the ones we have tried, this one, Bumble Bee, tastes the best. If fresh meat rates a full five starts, this comes in a close 2nd with four.

Two things will help you enjoy your dishes made from Bumble Bee crab as much as you would from fresh. First, as with any crabmeat, fresh or canned, pick over the pieces to remove all bits of shell or cartilage.

Second, put your freshly picked over canned crabmeat into a bowl of ice water (just to cover) for about 5 minutes. Drain it well, lightly patting it dry with a paper towel to make sure the water gets removed. Not only does this "fluff" up the crab a bit, it freshens it by eliminating any taste picked up from the can.
234411234411B0025UC1Y6A171IO2XCJRJGZMarguerite Dossie Roebuck0051318204800GreatThis item is a great value and great tasting.The perfect size for my grandson's snack time at school.And low in calories.
234412234412B001BDI0QQA3C3WRYIO8NK3Angela Smith8851257984000The Perfect Cat FoodThis is the best cat food ever a great price too.
My cat was a little overweight (a couple of pounds) and was having problems with hair balls. She has lost some weight and I do not have to clean up hair balls any more YEAH.
My cat`s coat is shiny and soft as silk. I highly recommend this product because it cheaper than buying one bag of weight formula and one bag of hair ball formula.
I buy 6 pack of food every 6 months so it equals to about $7 a month on cat food.
For this high quality cat food Amazon has the best price. I give 5 stars to Amazon and the Purina One Cat Food Hairball & Healthy Weight Formula.
234413234413B001BDI0QQA2RCWJHOJ85CYUIgnatius "Ignatius_J_Riley"6711303948800Cat that NEVER vomited has been vomiting daily since formula changeThis used to be one of the relatively few "urinary tract" formulas out there that my cat could stomach AND was readily available at most super markets but since the recent formula change, he has been throwing up nearly every day and has started turning his nose to it. It's pretty awful and kind of scary to see him lose half of his "nourishment" every day of late. This was something he had been eating every year for the last decade (half mixed with a high-end catfood that is only meat and poultry and none of the grains and corn crap that is so bad for humans and completely counter to what cats naturally eat!). So now I am at a loss. I wish there was a grocer's catfood out there on the store shelves that is all meat and poultry, no sugars, no grains and no corn and has the urinary tract ingredients for these little creatures that have this problem. I wonder if just feeding him the food he would be eating in the wild would change things around--even for the urinary tract complications...anyway, the Purina Urinary Tract Formula is no longer any good.
234414234414B001BDI0QQAQL3D70CKNTL8Charles Capko3341296950400Hard to FindWe could not find this product in our local stores, (We tried six different stores including 2 super market chains, 3 walmarts, and 2 pet stores.) so we had to order it here. This is the only dry food product that our aging cats will eat without puking it up. (They still puke some of it up, but they can keep most of it down.)
234415234415B001BDI0QQA2N9HTFRVEPUTCAnonymous2211330473600Caution: Made my cat very sick!!I've been feeding my cat this food for years without a problem. Recently she began vomiting uncontrollably after eating the food. Around her feeding time, she was at her bowl crying an begging for food like she usually does, but when we fed her she refused to touch the stuff. We thought maybe she just didn't have an appetite because she wasn't feeling well, but she scarfed down the treats and tuna we gave her. That was when we started to suspect that something was wrong with the food. We went out and bought her some canned food, and she ate that too. The only thing she wouldn't touch was the Purina food that she had eaten for years. She also stopped throwing up after we switched her food. After that, I turned to google to see if there were any recalls. I didn't find any, but I did find numerous complaints on the consumeraffairs dot com about cats (and dogs...apparently the problem isn't limited to cat food) who have recently gotten sick from Purina food. I would NOT buy this food. I have already stopped feeding it to my own cats, and I would suggest that everyone else do the same.

If you pet has already gotten sick from the food, call this number to complain. 1-866-787-4621
234416234416B001BDI0QQAP5FWGKTVGQ90L. Lambert2251305072000Purina One Urinary Tract Health Formula for CatsOur cat requires food that is formulated to go easy on the urinary tract. Purina One has served that purpose for years. Unfortunately, Purina One is difficult to find in stores now. However, Amazon still carries it and is competative on the price. Throw in the fact that Amazon delivers right to my door and I can't figure out why I was looking for this stuff in the retail stores in the first place.
234417234417B001BDI0QQA2ID5QQ1ZF9R2WMommy of Cuties M & Z "Mom of Twins"2251290384000~*~*~NO MORE URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS~*~*~My cat is 10 years old and he used to get UTI's ALL the time(like every few months) not only was his vet bills expensive, I hated that he was in pain. I used the very expensive food I bought from the vet for cats who get lots of UTI's but since I am not Donald Trump I decided to give the Purina One Urinary Tract food a try. For years my cat didn't have a single UTI so one day at the store when they were out of the Purina One, I decided to give a cheaper Urinary Tract cat food a try. Within a month my cat was whining in the litter box and I knew he had another UTI. I took him to the Vet and sure enough, he had another UTI.

I immediately went to the store and bought him Purina One Urinary Tract and that is what he has been on ever since. I will NEVER again try a different brand of cat food, that was over 4 years ago since I tried the cheaper cat food and he hasn't had a single UTI since. My cat LOVES his food, he is very picky but thankfully he loves his UTI formula.

If you have a cat who gets UTI's I totally recommend giving this food a try. It costs more than the cheaper food but what it saves me in vet bills and having a happy & healthy Kitty is well worth it : )
234418234418B001BDI0QQA1RABRPS96FKKGCatskin2241289001600A decent price and qualityIts been almost a month since I switched my two cats over from Meow Mix to Purina Sensitive System. Both of them love it, and the older of the two cats has significantly vomited less after eating this food.

I came to realize the poor quality of ingredients in Meow Mix, and hoped to find a better quality food for a good price, but its no surprise to me that even a good bag of dry cat food has some undesirable ingredients (corn gluten meal, chicken by-product, etc.) and its almost impossible to find anything of high quality without those ingredients and still be paying a decent price for it. The 3.5 lb bags I get at Target are about $6.00. Not too expensive, and the bag lasts my two cats a little over a month.

Although Purina Sensitive Systems isn't the best ever, its not the poorest either. It falls just in the middle, and I'd recommend it to those who can only afford an inexpensive dry cat food, but with better quality than the cheaper Meow Mix brands.
234419234419B001BDI0QQA3HW5ANYDPQVUYSherri T. "Sherri"2251285891200Much Healthier Cats Since SwitchingI have two cats with chronic problems. Marci had chronic diarrhea. I took her to the Texas A&M pet clinic. Several tests were run to identify the cause. None of the tests results identified any problems. After I switched to Purina One, her diarrhea cleared with no recurring problems.

My other cat, Beauty-Bells, suffered from recurring urinary tract infections. She has not one since eating Purina One. I have not had to buy the formula for urinary tract infections. The regular Purina One formulas have been sufficient.

Being on a tight budget with 8 cats, I had long hesitated to switch to food that is so much more expensive. My cats actually eat less. They are also much healthier with shiny, soft coats and more energy. I switched 3 kittens to Purina one and the differences in health were obvious much quicker than with the older cats. I keep threatening to put them on cheaper food because they are tearing up my house with all the energy they have! Of course, I them to much to do that!

The switch has been well worth it. Being so happy and amazed with results, I don't think I'll ever feed them anything else.
234420234420B001BDI0QQA2FP39JGVSUI1Ssrachel "srachel"2251284336000Purina One Sensitive - great for a cat with digestion troubleWe recently took in a cat that could not keep any food down. She would throw up multiple times a day, usually within an hour or so of eating. We thought she may be overeating, so we limited how much food we gave her, we tried to spread out the food to force her to breath and chew between pieces. We tried many different foods, including multiple foods recommended by the vet. After a lot of money spent on vet visits and tests, with the vet finding nothing wrong with her, I saw this food and figured trying a food for sensitive systems couldn't hurt.

We'd already tried other Purina One formulas without success, so we weren't particularly optimistic, but hopeful. Our cat has been eating this for about two or three weeks now and she has not thrown up at all. I love this food, it was hard to watch her throw up so much, and, frankly, it wasn't pleasant cleaning it up so frequently. I'm glad I found this and fully recommend it to anyone with a cat with similar problems keeping food down.

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