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234421234421B001BDI0QQA3RO8EWFXJSMLBBelle Gayer1151326067200Inexpensive But Still HealthfulI have 4 cats, so I can't afford to splurge on their food. And sometimes they don't all like one product, and that doesn't work for me. This kibble is liked by all 4 cats and seems more healthful than some of the less expensive brands. Good luck pleasing your cats!
234422234422B001BDI0QQA8336BWRB3MACE. Simon1151322524800Great deal compared to retail storesI was paying 6x this price at Petsmart for the exact same thing. My cat is healthy and I'm happy!
234423234423B001BDI0QQA2JR2XJIV3Y2E2LB "LB"1151318118400Great product, fast shippingGreat product as always, fast shipping and great packaging...will order again. Sensitive systems cat food from Purina One has helped one of our cats who has digestive issues and we mix this with the hairball variety to help with both of our cats.
234424234424B001BDI0QQA8NAERR5LGFI3iluv2befit1151314921600Life saver foodMy little guy suffered two urinary blockages. For anyone who has gone through this knows how scary it is and EXPENSIVE it is to treat. My vet told me I could keep him on his regular food as he mainly eats wet food but I started feeding him Halo's cat food- the wet chicken formula since it's not as high in protein which caused part of his problem. This dry food is excellent for urinary health issues. My cat has not suffered another blockage since I have had him on this food regularly and he hasn't had anymore UTI's either which I am happy about and hope it continues. And the best part is he loves the food so I didn't have to worry about that either. They use real chicken in this food and there is no by product or fake crap. If you have a cat who suffers from FLUTD or UTI- give this food a try- it works geat!
234425234425B001BDI0QQA2ZVIZRVMBXAN0C. Gibson "Frequent Amazon Customer"1111314576000Wrong Item sent....can't figure out where to deal with this issue.Ordered six "hairball formula" bags of cat food. Received "Adult Formula."
Sorting through the multitude of areas is mind boggling. There must be a simpler way to notify that you've received the wrong item.
Usually Amazon is much more responsive.

Also...the packaging is awkward. I ordered small packages to make them easier to handle and store but they come packed together and are awkward to handle until the wrapping is removed.
234426234426B001BDI0QQAALYRPNVJ4XF8Enlightenedstar "Enlightenedstar"1151267315200My two kitties love Purina One.I have two cats. They have eaten Purina One for six years now. Their coats are shiny and they both look healthy and have lots of energy. They are both eleven years old. I started feeding them Purina One because the first ingredient on the label was chicken. There are also no artificial colors or flavors and unlike some pet foods it is manufactured in the United States. Those are enough reasons for me to choose this particular food. I think that even though Purina One is not the best of the best of cat foods, it is a good value for the price, and the cats love it. My male kitty will not eat anything else. A tip for anyone just introducing a new food to your kitty: Introduce the food slowly by mixing just a little of the new food with the old food. Increase the amount each time you feed the kitty eventually eliminating the quantity of the previous food. This will help to alleviate any stomach upset that your kitty may experience from a new food.
234427234427B001BDI0QQA2KUUWP4ZZMOBPJolly Green Giant "You can try Birchbox too! ...1151263254400My cat's favorite dry foodI have a very picky older cat. She is probably extra picky because she's old and has trouble digesting some cat foods. This one though is her favorite dry food. She begs for it and waits by her bowl one hour before dinner. My other cat also gets very excited about this food. I've found with other foods that they get occasional hairballs, but with this one it's a very rare occasion for either of them to have a hairball- maybe once a year. Previously when I fed them the cute cat foods (like Meow Mix) half of the food would stay in the bowl and the older cat was particularly adept at separating out the shapes she didn't like.

Although the price on Amazon is very competitive to buying single bags at the grocery store, I found that the 16 pound bag at Pet Smart goes on sale for $18.99 and the last bag I bought included a $5 Pet Smart gift card. If I only had one cat though I would definitely buy from Amazon for the convenience factor and the price is competitive with Tar get and other grocers.

Both of my cats got shinier coats as well since making the switch to Purina One a few years ago. There are several formulas (in addition to this one) to meet your particular cats needs:

Purina One Cat Food Sensitive System, 3.5-Pound Bags (Pack of 6)
Purina One Cat Food Vibrant Maturity 7+ Senior Formula, 3.5-Pound Bags (Pack of 6)
Purina One Cat Food Advanced Nutrition Hairball Formula, 3.5-Pound Bags (Pack of 6)
Purina One Cat Food Salmon & Tuna Formula, 3.5-Pound Bags (Pack of 6)
Purina One Cat Healthy Weight Management, 3.5-Pound Bags (Pack of 6)
Purina One Healthy Kitten Formula, 3.5-Pound Bags (Pack of 6)
Purina One Cat Food Chicken & Rice Formula, 3.5-Pound Bags (Pack of 6)
Purina One Cat Food Urinary Tract Health Formula, 3.5-Pound Bags (Pack of 6)
234428234428B001BDI0QQA25OYOSQ1UYIEPE. Elfman8125126731520021 lbs for $50 ?are you serious ? that is insane i buy 18 lb bags at petsmart for about $19

edit : acutally its a 16 lb bag for $18.99 but its still a better deal than this
234429234429B001BDI0QQAWF3P59QWXUIFTaffypaffy0051347494400Love the packaging.I was buying the big 16 lb. bag, but it ended up getting ants in it before I could finish it (even with four cats!). These individual bags are also wrapped in plastic, so the ants really couldn't find a way in - yay!
234430234430B001BDI0QQA3AY3DK1XOXN4DL. Strong0051344729600Food for finicky stomach.Purina One is the only food we feed our cat who has a picky (stinky) stomach issue. She doesn't seem to tire of it and has been eating it for a year.
234431234431B001BDI0QQA26VUYGF8P6VN8Wesley M. Moore0051344384000Great ProductThe vet made me get the expensive food his office pushes on everyone and I'm sure gets paid to sell to his patients. I fed this to my cat and he went from a healthy 12 pounds up to 20 pounds. I went right out and got the Purina food and began feed it to my cat. That was 4 months ago and now he is back down to 15 pounds and I am NOT getting any more expensive vet food.
234432234432B001BDI0QQAFNCXMCX7VZWHJared Jongeling0031341446400AdvicePlease make sure you buy this food in small quantities at first if you are unsure that your cat will like it. Our Russian Blue treats it like medicine because he hates the taste of it. He only eats it because we have been strict with his diet and refuse to give him much else besides the urinary formulated foods. We intend to stop buying this product completely.

Our most effective food for him has been the Royal Canin Urinary Formula (you can only get it from the vet), as he loves it and it keeps his pH in check - however, it's $50 for a 7 lb bag. Not too pretty.

We also tried the more expensive "Pro Plan" equivalent - and it is the same product in a different bag, which made it even worse. Both products do work (this one and the Pro Plan) but good luck trying to feed it!

We now feed wet Friskies "Special Diet : Urinary pH" and our cats love it! It comes in beef, chicken, or (the best one) ocean whitefish. It's very affordable as well. Check it out.

If you still decide to try this out, please please please buy a small bag first so you know your cat will not hate it!
234433234433B001BDI0QQA3RKKUXW9EBODCMatthew Maguire0051337644800Cat loves itOur cat loves this formula. I'm happy that the primary ingredients are actual meat, rather than grains. Cats are carnivores, after all. Our cat has had many less problems with hairballs and weight gain as well.
234434234434B001BDI0QQA1JK9LH9S7G7G9M. Soule "Beradon"0051335312000Saved my carpets and possibly my catFor years my cat has had digestive issues no matter what food I've given her. I've spoken to the vet about this a few times and more than one vet simply told me "Some cats throw up more than others".

I tried a few other sensitive stomach-type cat foods, including Eukanuba, which is considered one of the best on the market. Not only did the Eukanuba not work, but because the fiber content in it was so high, I had to change my litter boxes twice as often as I had to previously.

This cat food has been a life saver for both of the cats I have with digestive issues. It has reduced the number of times my cat throws up significantly, from a few times a week, to once or less (outside of normal hairballs). The other cat with some litterbox issues have cleared up almost entirely.

Well worth the money (which is far less on Amazon than any local pet store I've found).

If you have a cat with a sensitive stomach, this is the answer.
234435234435B001BDI0QQA2A6NOZ47MMF3FPumpkin60051331856000ExcellentExcellent product with speedy delivery! Cats love it and it's healthy for them. Would recommend this to anyone with indoor cats who have a problem with hairballs.
234436234436B001BDI0QQAN5T6MAD6FC5ILegal&Sane0051331769600Kitties love it and a lot less expensive than the vet'sOne of the kitties has a very sensitive tummy, and I had been spending quite a bit of money, not to mention the inconvenience of running to the vet's every couple of weeks to buy their "special" brand. One day I noticed that Purina made the vet's brand, and started to wonder if they made a version sold in the grocer. Sure enough, Sensitive Systems from the Purina One line was in the store. I slowly transitioned the kitties to it without any ill effects. Purchasing this on the regularly scheduled delivery not only lowered my costs, it is so convenient to come home and find it waiting on my doorstep! I am really pleased with the Purina One brand. The cats are healthy, and can't wait for me to get up in the morning to bring it to them.



234438234438B001BDI0QQAY8AFLULNN746Heather M Thomas0011302393600Beware! Not the product shown in picture!Amazon, please update your picture for accurate product info.

If you are looking for this product made with yogurt, this is NOT it despite what the picture shows. Purina has changed the recipe, and its hard to find the old formula that was made with yogurt. My cat has a sensitive stomach and has thrown up all foods we have tried besides the type made with yogurt. Now that the recipe has changed, he is throwing up daily again. I was so excited to see I could buy the yogurt version on AMAZON in bulk... till it arrived. This is not the product I wanted, the picture is very misleading considering their disclaimer says that all ingredients may not be listed on the site. Its on the picture so I thought I would get what I saw.
234439234439B001BDI0QQA23Q4ZUJUDY9C5K. Pena0051301443200Hairball free!I began using this food as soon as my cats were off kitten food, mostly to *prevent* hairballs, and it worked! My cats are coming up on their 4th birthday (2 of them), and have not once ever had a hairball. I mix this food 2:1 with the sensitive systems food because one of my cats has digestive issues. I can't vouch for the taste myself, but the cats eat it!
234440234440B001BDI0QQA2GYSKRZ8VJVR3Jaysplaypen0041296432000Great for difficult catWe have a difficult Indoor Cat, with a sensitive stomach and this has been the only food he can eat and not throw up constantly. I would not say it gets rid of hair balls but I think it has really cut down on the number of hairballs we have to live through. Weight wise, I dont see his indoor life causeing weight gain so it must be helping there as well. I wish the price was not so high, but on subscribe and save, I save money, and never run out.....
234441234441B001BDI0QQA2P5ZCMXDNMZKLoldhorseartist0051296259200Excellent dry cat foodWe buy this cat food for our three cats, two who live out doors and one inside. I think it helps with the hairball issues, and I trust Purina. But mostly our cats really like it and they have to like it to make it worthwhile, right? One of our cats is 10 years old, one is 17 and one is who knows what age ... all are adopted/rescued. They are all fat and pretty.
234442234442B001BDI0QQA2TG7WPYIWL30VMrs. D0041295395200Hairball controlThis comes 6 small bags to a box, This cat food keeps my cats from getting hairballs,it does have by products in it which I don't like but I have yet to find a quality cat food that they will eat. This stuff they love sometimes to much, it sayes weight formula but my cat is almost 20 pounds and not getting any smaller.
234443234443B001BDI0QQA25PBBN6C9J2J5david0041282953600questionthis is the catfood i regularly purchase -- and on the bag turkey is listed as the first ingredient. is the description on this sale mistaken or has it changed? thank you.
234444234444B001BDI0QQA3PFI1B6M35CINR. Perloff0051271894400Love your catExcellent item, loved by both my fussy cats and, with subscription, at a better price than in the store.
234445234445B001BDI0QQA2IXRBTCHNAV04A. R. West "Outstanding Grammy"0051269043200Healthy petOf course I don't think it's as yummy as Rudy does but it seems as if he's enjoying it....and it's good for him! ARWest
234446234446B001BDI0QQA1I1N6LMFA9CU7M. Roberts0151309219200Fabulous Price, Delivered to Your DoorI've been buying the Purina One Urinary Tract Formula in large numbers of bags when it's on sale at my local market. Then I read online that someone was buying their pet food from Amazon. Hey!!! I'm all about saving $ and getting a front-door delivery. This is a great deal, better than anywhere else, locally or online.
234447234447B001BDI0QQA1AYYNGKI0U4M0E. Hetherington0141259020800My cats have been happy with this for years.My cats have been eating and enjoying this stuff for years and it seems to have helped the one with urinary tract problems. I suspect that the cats who got sick, got sick for some other reason. It is a bit hard to find. Not all pet or grocery stores carry it.
234448234448B001BDI0QQATZAD00EIVTF4V. Antonjuk2511327881600Awful food, just read the ingredientsCats are obligate carnivores meaning they need meat to survive, this food is nothing by grain and byproducts, very low quality and you may end up paying a lot more with your pets health once they get older and their organs begin to shut down after years of eating this garbage.
234449234449B001BDI0QQALEZFTK756J45Daisy Concepcion2521275696000REAL MEAT SHOULD BE FIRST INGREDIENTCats need REAL protein to be healthy. Purina One lists meat as its THIRD ingredient. INSTEAD, try PURINA PRO PLAN. Purina Pro Plan's first ingredient is ALWAYS real meat, not corn, not brewer's yeast or meat BY PRODUCTS. It is the ONLY pet food on the market whose first and primary ingredient is MEAT.
234450234450B001BDI0QQA2QBXVSMT3Z3PImrs_reader0211280102400Buy Something ElseI bought this food for my already sick cat and he hated it so much he lost 2 more pounds and refused to eat it. This is coming from a cat who'll eat almost anything including spaghetti, yogurt, oatmeal and lettuce. Stay away from this; it really was a bad choice for my cat.

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