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234451234451B000CESJN4A1I6FUN7J4RZ5SBreanna Hunt7741252195200Good, but not on its ownI was disappointed at first with this syrup. I tried mixing an Italian soda with seltzer water. I was expecting a flavor like grenadine or red popsicles-- this is not the case. The black cherry flavor is pretty reminscient of the real thing; but on its own, there is a bitter note that is unpleasant. The Italian soda almost tasted creamy, again, not in a good way. However, the syrup is delicious when added to other things, like lemonade or orange soda. We made a tasty cocktail with vodka, sweetened lime juice, and black cherry Torani. In the end, the black cherry flavor is delicious and not like any old generic cherry flavor, but it really needs a tangy flavor to balance it out. I will be trying other flavors of the sugar-free Toranis.
234452234452B000CESJN4AMAQ3KQ3KENZSM. Head3331324857600Great start but bitter after-noteWe have a SodaStream soda/seltzer maker, and I bought the Torani Sugar-Free Black Cherry syrup with the hope that it would be a nice complement to SodaStream's flavor lineup, which is missing flavors we really like, like Diet Cherry Zero, or Diet Cherry Dr. Pete (Dr. Pepper). The cherry flavor is there with this syrup, but we find the syrup is not rounded out to be quite sweet enough. And no matter what sweetness, we always experience a bitter aftertaste. What we find is that using a little Equal to offset the aftertaste and enhance the sweetness will help, but of course, that is no good for phenylketonurics. We'll keep looking.
234453234453B000CESJN4AQ0X68WGQ70FSHurstgoldengirl3351262563200Great taste for sugar-free!Awsome syrup for sugar-free, highly recommend for diabetics! We add it to water, yogurt, milk, etc.
234454234454B000CESJN4A4H9ZSSN8AMGQBeverly A. Lynn "loves amazon"1151322438400I bought these syrups for Protein shakes.. I like the taste, there's not a nasty aftertaste.. not as sweet as I thought it wouldI bought these syrups for Protein shakes.. I like the taste, there's not a nasty aftertaste.. not as sweet as I thought it would be, but i like it.. all for no calories.
234455234455B000CESJN4A1EWOXCQERNGQUJoan Y. Blanchfield "Joan Y Blanchfield"1151237680000Torani FlavorThe best sugar free flavor that I have found.Great use with protein drinks for added flavor.
234456234456B000CESJN4A11UHSGMRVKB8ISharon Haertling "Raven Feather Quilting"2351284940800Great stuffI use this on yogurt and mixed into diet sodas, cocktails, or even water. Since I'm a bariatric surgery patient, I'm always looking for extra flavor on foods that doesn't add calories. Sugar free syrups, especially those made with Splenda fit the bill.

This item is NO LONGER MADE by Starbucks for Tassimo Machines. This item is now PRICED AT OVER $7.00 PER T-DISK!!!!

This is a VERY SAD SITUATION, as this STARBUCKS T-Disk was my 89 Year Old Mother's favorite item for her Tassimo Coffee Maker. She tried the Nobu brand, and found it very weak and not as robust and flavorable.

234458234458B002WD922UA2JBTDCWAR5HBSJeffrey Tidwell "tidwell100"5541277510400One word: yummyI recently purchased my Bosch Tassimo coffee maker and received a free package of this coffee from when I registered my product. I initially shied away from purchasing this coffee with my own money because I thought it was over-priced. Instead I bought another, well-known brand of coffee because it was cheaper, but that turned out to be a mistake. This coffee is now my favorite -- it's rich and isn't bitter like the other brand I tried first. In addition, the price on Amazon for two packages is very reasonable. I will be purchasing this coffee exclusively in the future.
234459234459B002WD922UA174LPW2J61TSXsava1111313625600OverpricedThe sole reason I purchased the Tassimo machine was because I love Starbucks coffee. I think it is disgraceful the prices that are being charged for the T-discs for Starbucks coffee since Starbucks discontinued their relationship with Tassimo. On average, it is close to $8 a t-disc. Something is very wrong with this picture.
234460234460B002WD922UAGPQ9SZC7GSW7SoldierMan1111310083200Mad worldI love to see people selling two! packs for ~170.00. It is a mad, mad world... or it will be for sure.
234461234461B002WD922UA3OULIGG7V3VPLJeff in IL1151294358400Have you had Starbucks Columbian at the store?If so, you'll be amazed to find your Tassimo makes the same product at home. At a bit of a discount. ;)

J in P-town.
234462234462B002WD922UA3UPH1LWEYWY6IEJ0031302825600Great coffee, with guiltGreat cup of coffee. A bit too expensive per cup. Finding myself thinking about going back to a French press....not just because of cost (which is 33% too high) but why the cost probably exists....too much packaging and waste of plastic afterward. Not a very "green" cup.
234463234463B002WD922UA20J2VEDZ874KVPaula Augustyn0051302739200Love StarbucksThis is a great cup of coffee. Starbucks makes several good Tdisc coffees and this is one of them, sorry to have it discontinued.
234464234464B002WD922UA2MGX8QR4V2F22randolph damico0041301788800good cup of coffeea strong cup of coffee, added a little extra water and made a larger cup of coffee out of it. pretty strong
234465234465B002WD922UA17BXN9X0G4U3Qlove to cook0051296000000my favorite cup of coffeeTassimo is the only system that has starbucks coffee, there are more choices of coffee with other companies, but now after drinking starbucks from Tassimo I don't think I would be able to drink other coffees on a regular basis.. Starbucks medium (house blend and colombia) are strong enough for great taste and stimulation for more than half the day, if I drink it at 4 pm or after I have trouble sleeping and I am a coffee addict.. I prefer colombia though, breakfast blend is light (for me) and bold ones (verona and others) are too strong and bitter.. it is expensive but coffee is one of my luxuries, and it makes my mood better, so I'll live with that.. once you drink starbucks from tassimo you won't even enjoy the one from the starbuck cafe.. I also recommend Seattle blends and somewhat Maxwell for a lighter coffee, I do interrupt the cycle to make it stronger though, but it is cheaper..
234466234466B002WD922UA3E7QJIFQD8M3XShari Goss0051293667200Good Strong CoffeeMy hubby received this as a Christmas gift, and usually orders bold coffee at Starbucks, but we tried this out, and found it is quite bold even though it is rated at medium.

I like the house-blend as it is is medium, but for a rough morning, this Colombia would really help as it is good and strong.
234467234467B002WD922UA1RZW5L4P5VXS6David V. Gallegos "dvg"0051293408000Excellent cup of joeFull flavor, smooth taste, pleasantly surprised. I received the coffee maker and the coffee for Christmas, but wasn't sure how well a "single cup of coffee" could be made. Wow!!! One of my best gifts ever.
234468234468B002WD922UA3I2ZZ5BGCMZ9JMrWizardTheElder1251271203200The perfect second cup of the dayThis is a very good medium coffee with excellent aroma and no bitterness. I usually have one cup of Verona to start the day, but this is my favorite for a second cup, and visitors who don't want a strong coffee usually like it as well.
234469234469B002WD922UA27IJB9MMAEHCCL. Clemens "street"1241265760000Great coffeeThis coffee is very good but very strong. I use one disc to fill a travel mug which is more like 2 cups of coffee. It is still strong enough when I add cream to my coffee!
234470234470B001LNUQA4AR7PTLYH899H8Chuck0051326067200If you are a cheese loverThis is a GREAT !!! cheese to be eaten just by it self just because you love the taste of a good cheddar by it self.
Thanks Chuck.
234471234471B007HD5VZWASCTR96J2MUNSAnne Fernandes0051335657600Tinkyada Spirals Brown Rice Pasta from AmazonI have celiac disease, therefore gluten-free is my life. In my opinion, Tinkyada produces the best gluten-free texture, best taste. Further, the vendor had the products on my doorstep in a timely manner. I'm a happy woman.
234472234472B002IEGUUKA20MMCAHGALRAXShari Blake1151297036800Good quality, great price and taste's amazing!I'm a fan of Source Naturals vitamins so when I started looking around for some himalayan rock salt upon my doctors recommendation and saw this brand I got really excited and decided to try it. It totally lives up to my expectations. The salt has a nice flavor to it and even though it says fine ground the crystals are larger than regular table salt - which I like. The salt seems to be of a very good quality. Plus you get a decent amount for the price.
234473234473B000N17T4GA2EHAZX12B3FWUP. Wong4451201478400Perfect for tomato sauce....I've tried dozens of different tomato brands and this one is my favorite. They are not overly acidic like some brands can be, the tomatoes taste fresh and it makes a nice evenly balanced sauce. San Marzano tomatoes are known to be the best - but this company really managed to capture that flavor in a can! BRAVO!!
234474234474B000N17T4GA1P7J7J1FINUUEOregon Washington Model Railroader2251222992000Amazing tomatoesSan Marzano Tomatoes have a a very interesting flavor. Real, Italian San Marzanos are grown in an area near Sorrento in southern central Italy where the ground has a lot of volcanic ash which imparts a special flavor.

We have tried numerous brands of San Marzano tomatoes and found this one to be the best flavor. We use it in preparation of a tomaoto sauce base from Mario Batali's recipes. We also use it with garlic and fresh basil and fresh mozzarella to make an incredible pasta dish we call penne sorrentino.

Highly recommend this brand.
234475234475B000N17T4GA10EM30P8O0VO8A. SPEZIALE "al"1141200960000San Marzano Flavor!!!the tomatoes are superior to anything you will find in the supermarket. I would recommend them to anyone who appreciates good tomato sauce.
234476234476B000N17T4GA28Q61BQMV7ZKXidearz0051343260800Certifiably deliciousThink you're eating real San marzano tomatoes? Think again. The can should have a certificate number and these do. These are the real McCoy. And they cook up deliicious. What I like to do is to sauté some onion and garlic, a little red pepper flake, add my tomatoes that I've pureed with a hand blender (or use a food mill, if you prefer), then let simmer for about 20 minutes until thick and creamy. Nothing's better for homemade ravioli or freshly made pizza, or my personal favorite, pasta bolognese. If shipping seems out of whack, just order more cans...that should offset the cost immeasurably. Enjoy!!!
234477234477B000N17T4GA2FVX03129M9L4funkle0 "funkle0"0051317945600Some of the best for pasta sauce.The thing that makes these great for pasta sauce (aside from the taste) is how they break down when cooked to produce a nice thick sauce. We've tested a lot of tomatoes and we found that one of the key things is that they be from Italy, and these are some of he best.
234478234478B000N17T4GAC39EZPJJD3KCF. Bayait "fjb"3531231200000good butGood tomatoes but the shipping costs make them too expensive I found San Marzano in the local Shop Rite Supermarket at half the price
234479234479B000N17T4GA89U02HSDZNVLsob88645931221436800TomatoesA couple of cooking forums I belong to highly recommend these tomatoes. Since I couldn't find them locally (no surprise), I ordered them here. After S&H, they were pretty expensive, so we did a 'blind taste test' between these & Progresso brand. Progresso won! The San Marzano were good, but not worth the price IMHO.
234480234480B002GPJVZCA1U2VI8HX5ZXC1Sky Dragon1111287532800Delicious but other products taste better and are healthier.I used this product for many years. I favored Imagine for high quality ingredients, excellent flavor, reasonable price, and wide availability. I find milk and soy products cause digestive distress, rice beverages have no such effect, no cholesterol, very little fat, and taste great. I prefer the vanilla flavor for everyday drinking, chocolate for treats, and original for cooking. Buying 12 at a time saves on shipping costs.

However, Imagine now uses the cheaper canola oil in their rice milk products. Canola oil contains erucic acid, a toxic chemical. The FDA has limited canola oil to no more than 2% erucic acid to protect our health, and do not allow it in infant formula. In addition, studies show the erucic acid it contains is toxic (see below). I have not been able to find any long term longitudinal controlled studies on humans to prove its safety as far as all the adversely affected organs.

Good Karma Whole Grains Ricemilk is organic and also canola and sugar free. It has a thicker, richer and creamier body and flavor, less watered down. The vanilla flavor is a delicious drink, it tastes more like fresh whole milk straight out of the cow (if you have had that) than what is sold in cartons in the US. Westsoy Rice Beverage has similar consistency to Rice Dream, but is canola free. I find it to be less sweet, less chalky, and more milk-like in flavor.

The same canola issue (as well as sugar) also applies to the Imagine frozen desert products.

Because there have been Internet rumors about Canola that are based on misinformation, I provide some citations of scientific papers and government publications. Studies on erucic acid in rats and piglets show heart lesions, decreased red blood cell count, and other tissue and organ damage. Erucic acid crosses the blood-brain barrier and is known to affect nerve cells. It's not safe for infants. Check out this small sample of government and peer-reviewed medical journal articles documenting my statements, available online. The claim that canola is not safe is controversial, and it is a multi-billion dollar industry. No controlled long-term longitudinal studies of human safety with respect to all these medical issues have been performed to my knowledge. If you have confidence in the US FDA safety standards after reading these references, it is a delicious drink!

United States Legislation on Low Erucic Acid Rapeseed Oil, Federal Department of Agriculture, 1985, article 184.1555, sections 3 and 4.
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Uptake and metabolism of plasma-derived erucic acid by rat brain, Mikhail Y. Golovko and Eric J. Murphy, The Journal of Lipid Research, 47, 1289-1297, June 2006.

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