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234599234599B000KV7ZGQA31YN0Z0RE0E9PCarl S101041183075200Fun Little ToyMy Boston Terrier really loved this toy. With treats inside, it honestly kept him busy for about an hour as he tried to figure out how to get them. Unfortunately, the rope, which was his favorite part of the Tug-a-Jug, was pretty much shredded after only a few days of play, and without it he's mostly lost interest in the toy. But, if your dog isn't an intense chewer, this toy should be able to last quite a while, and keep them intrigued.
234600234600B000KV7ZGQAGZGILY6OK3ZMTracy F.1151262736000Boomer's New ToyI have a 13 week old Goldendoodle who is fiesty and playful. We have several interactive toys and this is one of Boomer's favorite! We use it all the time but lately my husband who takes care of him in the early morning has been away so I've been on duty 24/7, after his 5 a.m. potty I fill it up with his kibble and put him back in his crate and it keeps him busy for a while and then he falls back to sleep. It's worth it's weight in gold for us.

The bottom unscrews so you can put the treats in from there and the ventilation holes allows for the dogs to get a good whiff of the treats. It's more challenging than the amaze a ball and keeps our puppy busy.
234571234571B000KV7ZGQAPKSNKBKUQLHXK. Mader "KMAdEs"1131292284800Maybe my dog isn't the brightest....This product is good in theory, however just couldnt get our dog to pay attention to it after training him that food comes out when you tug. He still just tried to lick in the open hole....he is too used to his Kong.
But it is really put together well. I like it, but unfortunatley my dog does not,therefore I had to put it at 3 stars.
234572234572B000KV7ZGQAZ4IFJ01WKBTBK B1151291680000we use it dailyto save my time and yours - i've included a multi-item review
we love the idea of draining a dog's energy, stimulating their mind, giving them a fun challenge, and feeding them all in one. we have bought a lot of the products that do just that.
the Buster Food Cube Large Size (Colors May Vary) was one of the first products we bought. it does what it says. the only downside is loading it takes time and is kind of a pain.
we have since moved on to theKong Wobbler Dog Toy, OurPets DT-10504 Smarter Toys IQ Treat Ball, 5 Inches, and Premier Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug, Medium/Large. all of which are easier to load and accomplish the same goal. we use one of these daily to feed our buddy or fill it with treats to occupy him for a little while. all three get pushed around until all the treats are gone - we have carpet so it's not as noisy as others have mentioned.
the kong wobbler is bigger than you would expect and it is a little heavy too - but out of the three our dog likes it the best. the whole is big so, as other reviewers have mentioned, you may need to devise a way to make it smaller.
the iq treat ball is awesome. easy to load and you can adjust the difficulty. just rolls and rolls until the treats are gone.
the tug-a-jug is more challenging than the other two - but once your dog figures it out they get the treats no problem. small treats do come out easily so we add larger chunks to add to the challenge.

p.s. we also tried the Premier Pet Busy Buddy Twist 'N Treat Dog Toy, Small but it was a pain to load as well - twisting and un-twisting the hard plastic was not as easy as it should be. and in less than a year the plastic stem tore and broke leaving it useless.
234573234573B000KV7ZGQA1RCGQGONWQXXKJean1151290816000Georgia and Diego love Tug-A-JugGeorgia, our wirehair fox terrier learned how to work the Tug-A-Jug the first day we got it. We fill it with dry dog food, not treats, and she likes it better than her food dish. My daughter-in-law has a chihuahua and a boxer, so I bought another toy for them, but the chihuahua takes the toy into his cage, and will not let the boxer near it. I have now ordered another one for my son's two dobermans.
234574234574B000KV7ZGQA1644W4GQB0FL9Christopher Enis1151290729600Golden Retriever Loves itI bought this toy a year ago for my Golden girl who would wolf down her food and forget that she had eaten. I saw this in a store and was hesitant that she would 'get it', but after a few tries and showing her where the food came out she mastered it. When she's hungry she'll bring it to me and place it at my feet. It takes her a lot longer to eat and she's content and happy while doing it now. I've since bought her the round version of this because she's mastered Tug A Jug.
234575234575B000KV7ZGQABUJHUWOL1OCYem44181151290470400Great Product!My dog is a destroyer of every toy I buy her, so I was looking for something that could keep her attention and something she couldn't easily destroy. Thankfully, I found this! My dog loves it and it keeps her entertained for hours! I use Cheerio's instead of dog treats, I think its a healthier snack and its certainlly cheaper! I would definatly recommend this toy for any dog.
234576234576B000KV7ZGQA21XJ41S13ARMSMG1141288483200Good entertainmentMy puppy is a big time chewer. We give him his dinner in this a few times a week and it keeps him (and us) entertained. We do take it away from him as soon as he's done with all the food though, because I can tell the rubber end wont stand up if we let him go to town on it. Still other toys don't last a day and we're getting good use out of this.
234577234577B000KV7ZGQAVBOL8KOU4UJSmnlooney221131285372800Was good for a whileI liked this toy when I first got it and it kept my 1 1/2 year old corgi busy for a while. I put his food in it and a few other "interactive toys" to keep him busy, this toy is actually too easy for him and lately he will only get about half the kibble out and then loose interest. The other thing I don't like is that I can't wash it without getting the rope all wet. It would be better if you could twist off the rope portion and throw it in the dishwasher.
234578234578B000KV7ZGQA1OOZRZ91TTUT0Clistie Clark "CompuNinny"1151284336000I love this toyI don't have time to write reviews, because I have a new baby Boxer,but.....this is the best toy I have EVER purchased. My Boston Terrier cannot figure out why she can't kill this toy. She plays with it for hours and hours until she is panting, and I take it away. My Boston kills every toy she gets, but not this one. I'm online right now to buy one for my Boxer. Boston's don't share well, she takes all the toys and puts them on the bed where the Boxer can't get to YET! Wish me luck, and get one of these toys.
234579234579B000KV7ZGQA7GL7Y0RKPZ1TPearl Pallister1151281916800Tug-a-Jug is WONDERFUL!!The tug-a-jug keeps my boarder collie busy for hours! I just put her normal food in the jug and she thinks it's a game to get the food! It is wonderful. I don't sugest using it in any rooms with glass doors (like on an entertainment center) though, they break from the hard plastic jug.
234580234580B000KV7ZGQA2BNLSOQ8YI1ZKRedhead1141281657600Great fun, has to be on a rug and needs thin treatsMy dogs love this and each figured out different techniques to get food out - took a while for them to get good at it. The Pit Bull holds her paws around the rubber ring and turns it over to pour some out. The Heinz 57 bats it around until something falls out, just beginning to hold the rope with 1 paw and hit the jug with the other. They are tied for time to get all the treats out!

This cannot be played with on tile or wood floors - too noisy for people and jug slides too much for dogs. It would work in a crate, but I won't leave my dogs alone with ANY toy of this sort.

It is hard to find dog goodies that will come out most are too thick to pass through. Charlee Bear Treats(any flavor) Charlee Bear Dog Treats 16Oz Zip Pack Cheese/Egg work perfectly as do larger sized cat treats. I love watching the dogs as they figure out a new way to make it work. No one has eaten off the rubber ring (the toy would still work if they did) and no one has chewed off the rope. (You could replace the rope or put in some sort of ball as someone else did.)

I'd have given this 5 stars except for the noise on hard floors.
234581234581B000KV7ZGQA1TB29GN113T77Melissa "with a cocker spaniel"1151279670400My dog's favorite way to eat!As other people have noticed this isn't something that you should leave your dog alone with all day. Given that caveat I think this is an amazing product! I actually have 2 (one for each dog) and it is their favorite way to get a meal. It keeps them occupied for about 10-15 minutes but you can tell they are thinking and having a blast and they are generally ready to settle down and relax for a bit afterwards. I have one with a real rope and one with a rubber rope. Each has benefits and downsides. I would recommend getting the large even for little dogs, my sister had a 4lb yorkie and he has no problem operating the medium/large size toy. My dogs are a 25lb cocker and a 35lb mix so I cannot comment on the appropriateness of this toy for large dogs. If the toy is too difficult you can take the rope out until they get the hang of it. Also my cocker will sometimes unscrew the back instead of working each piece out through the top but that actually takes him longer so I don't mind.
234582234582B000KV7ZGQA25DS7DZXMGXDWSharlene H Sonnier1151278028800Great ToyMy new puppy caught onto this right away. Keeps her busy for a while. I would definitely recommend.
234583234583B000KV7ZGQA3UFFMF68OQ4JQBetsy1141274227200Tough Jug!This product is so sturdy and great. The rope only lasted a day, but I still use the jug constantly. My Lab loves it and it has held up to her power chewing. Once she figured it out I've had to use larger treats to keep her busier longer. Great product.
234584234584B000KV7ZGQA1BB2IFNBWBOQFmanywingedboat1131271376000eat-a-ropeMy 10-month pitbull loves this, but she chewed through the rope on this toy within her third day of having it. That's a pretty short life for $14 so for those of you who have had the same thing happened here's what I did: forget the rope and put a tennis ball or two inside with kibble. It's not exactly a tug jug anymore, but it does take a little work to get the food out.
234585234585B000KV7ZGQA2M0B0XMFR2Y2HCaroline Theiss "Cara"1141268179200Great interactive toy but my boy still to smart for Length:: 0:37 Mins

I was impressed by the design of this toy. Definitely one of the better interactive toys within it's price range. The dog is supposed to pull the rope to get the treat out. Well, my boy bypassed all that and within 20 minutes figured out he just had to tip the bottle to get the treats out. I put bigger treats in to keep him busy for longer and some pieces I still don't know to this day how he got them out before I got home from work. My only gripe with this toy, which is something the instructions don't tell you, is that the rope starts to stink after a while. I cleaned it with dish soap a few time but that was only a temporary fix. Put the rope in the washer and it frayed and came loose. I'm now using and old medium width leash that I cut and knotted up on both ends (small enough to still let the treats out but not to have him spill all at once), which will also be easier to wash since I don't have to worry about fraying. He's not as crazy about the toy now, but that's probably because he has to work harder for his "goods".
234587234587B000KV7ZGQA1IHXDHTF6BKMIMegan T. Twomey1141265155200Great!This toy is one of the best I found. I put their food in it, and they went crazy trying to get it out. They are both pretty smart labs and figured out how to manipulate the toy to get the food pretty quickly, so I had to buy some treats that were bigger and harder to get out. The only problem I've encountered is that one of the ropes fell apart. I bought a new rope (rather than a whole new tug-a-jug), however the new rope is thicker and makes it near impossible to get anything out- neither dog gets anything from it regularly enough so they get fed up.
234588234588B000KV7ZGQA3R3BK0GM5S656Rita Goodrow1151264377600Awesome Toy!I fill this toy with cereal to keep my high maintenance Lab occupied for hours! He's become very proficient at extracting pieces from the toy, but it still is a challenge for him. Fabulous indestructible toy. Great investment for my money!
234589234589B000KV7ZGQA1QX27BPPGMUWVJennifer L. Piette "Dachshund Mama"1151264204800Hours of fun!My dachshund dog, Barney, ABSOLUTEY LOVES THIS TOY. He loves for us to put dog food kibble in it, and then he entertains himself for hours. He is very crafty in that he knows exactly how to get the cookies out of the jug. He rolls it until he can get it against a solid surface and then he flips it upside down and gets the cookies out. This toy is great, because I have two dogs, and they usually are always fighting to share toys, but the other dachshund, Cooper, doesn't like this toy, so Barney can have it all to himself. Strongly recommend this toy!
234590234590B000KV7ZGQA39A4SK0XWY618M. Smith "badsegue"13513551183680000Good alternative to a Buster CubeThis toy takes more effort to get food out than the Buster Cube, which I like because it occupies the dog longer. I find that the cube, even on its "hardest" setting only takes a few minutes to get out most of the food, and then the rest doesn't come out no matter how long the dogs work it. With the bottle the dogs can get nearly all the food out if they keep at it.

At first you should fill the bottle so that it is over half full. This way food can come out more easily when it is on its side. This will encourage the dog to play with it. Once the food level goes down food will only come out as they toss and pull the bottle. It took my dog a few days to get to this, but now she seems to have mastered it. She stands the bottle up and knocks it over, putting food into the neck, then she works the rope a bit and manages to get a piece of kibble out. When I first got the toy I thought she would never be able to figure it out, but she has. Even so, it takes a fair amount of work to get out just a few pieces of food, so it can keep them occupied all day.
234591234591B000KV7ZGQA2SYO0E2LDZ7YNPatricia Miller717151179532800Perfect for Power-Chewers!Our 16 month old yellow lab loves to play with empty 2 liter pop bottles. I bought him this toy because I worried he would cut his mouth and gums on the sharp plastic shards of those flimsy bottles. No worry about that with the Tug-a-Jug...this toy will most likely survive through the next millennium!

To fill with treats, just twist off the bottom; couldn't be easier. It's a lot of fun watching our dog figure out how to get at the goodies inside.

I honestly don't think the rope pull is going to last very long; especially if you are buying this for an aggressive chewer. However, don't let that stop you from buying the tug-a-jug. Even without the rope, it's still a great and challenging toy.
234592234592B000KV7ZGQA15OKXTGDML5MJJennifer King15717031211932800Love the Idea But Not as Great in Practice for Us Length:: 1:01 Mins

Tucker was nervous about this toy at first (as you'll see in the video) but really warmed up to it quickly and has enjoyed gnawing on it. However, this has not worked very well for us as a treat dispenser. I consider Tucker to be quite a clever puppy, but after fiddling with the tug-a-jug for a couple days, he just began bringing the thing to me and dropping it at my feet for me to dispense the treats for him. (I suppose that may be evidence of just how clever he is!)
234593234593B000KV7ZGQA145WP4BLE31XMJ. White "Math Teacher"353511222560000Not for a medium chewer!I have a medium size dog - 38 pounds. He enjoys to chew on things but I have never thought of him as a heavy chewer. The night I received this he was so excited about it. It was so tempting to see, hear and smell the treats. Well, within 20 minutes the toy was in the garbage. He chewed off the rubber toy that blocks the treats from coming out. He then started to chew where the smell of the treats is able to escape. The plastic fell apart so easily! He then started to break off little pieces. I woudl not recommend this for a medium or large sized dog!
234594234594B000KV7ZGQA24N3NCVFBB97QT. Hall "mom2special1"191951187222400Great Toy for a dog that's tough on toysOur dog loves her Bad CUZ, but this toy she loves more than any other. She's a VERY tough chewer, and it's survived for quite some time with no damage. One thing - protect your toes with this toy - it's pretty heavy and does get swung around a bit. I wouldn't recommend this toy if you have low tables with knick-knacks, sensitive shins or teeny kids that may get bonked with it. Ours has gotten thrown (by the dog) repeatedly down the stairs onto a hard floor and hasn't broken yet.
As far as treats to go into it - remember that the rope is knotted inside the jug, so don't put anything into the jug that's soft or the rope will end up smelling REALLY nasty...
234595234595B000KV7ZGQAORJTIS3UJMX5Scarlet Girl242611224028800Tug-a-Jug lasts 5 minutes.I was very disappointed with the tug-a-jug. It came in the mail today. The dog had it for 5 minutes and she had the rubber rope chewed in half in that short amount of time. A waste of money for me. I have yet to find something that this black lab doesn't destroy in record time.
234596234596B000KV7ZGQA1DS2TCL7R1Z4Emedia junkie "mxjx"121241178323200Not bad but not Jasper proofThis toy is great for preventing my dog from inhaling all his food. Unfortunately it takes him less than an hour to empty it, so it's doesn't keep him as occupied as long as I'd like. So far minimal/suspected wear (bottle is scratched up and some of the nibs of the rubber chew part are gone) and I'm waiting to see if he manages to untie the knot of the rope (like he has on another toy).

Update 6/30/07: The screw on part has suffered some damage. It's almost as if Jasper bit it while it the toy was intact, nearly breaking a chunk out of it. Looks like I'm gonna have to buy another or find another toy. (So if I could I'd drop my rating to 3 stars.)

Update 12/30/07: Now the rope is "unraveling" near the top knot and it's getting stuck in the opening, making it hard for even me to get the rope out enough to dislodge the food. So it's definitely time for a new toy to dispense Jasper's food, which could very likely be this one simply for the ease of loading the food.
234597234597B000KV7ZGQA1VFU5ZRFT8HD6Andy B111141180396800My dog likes itMy Beagle, who is an avid chewer, really enjoys the tug-a-jug. It took her about a day to figure out the fastest way to get to the treats, but even so it still takes her some time to work everything out of it. It's better than other treat-dispensing toys I have which make the treats either too easy or too difficult to get out. The only reason I wouldn't give this toy 5 stars is that my dog was able to chew right through the attached rope within the first hour of playing with it, so that part of it was not too durable. Still, even without the rope it's a good product.
234598234598B000KV7ZGQA2OIHWEOO2TGPUtinab141511265500800Dog DangerI purchased two of these for our labs at Christmas. I filled them with their usual training treats, and the dogs loved them...they played with them for about 30 minutes trying to get to the treats. Then...the two dogs figured if they bit off the ball on the end of the rope, they could get the treats to fall out sooner. Yup...within 30 minutes the plastic ropes were destroyed. It could really be a danger to dogs if swallowed. (This is why I watch the dogs when they get new toys...and thank goodness I did.)

Anyhow, totally disappointed with the product, it's safety and the price. THESE TOYS ARE NOT LAB-TOUGH!

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