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234631234631B000KV7ZGQA1DJSSWIJ5UKYSDavid C. Watson1131240790400Pretty goodThe product itself is good I suppose. Maybe it's just my dog. I have a 7 month old lab, and he can't figure out how to get the food out very well. It's kinda hard for me too--I have to hold the rope part with one hand and shake the bottle with the other hand. So I can see why it's hard for dogs. But anyway--the product is very durable, and maybe Samson will learn the trick one day.
234632234632B000KV7ZGQA1KQ91N1C03S1BRebecca Chapman1151240617600So much fun!My little dog enjoys this toy quite a lot. He hasn't quite figured out how the treats come out yet, but he's always happy when they do! LOL!
234633234633B000KV7ZGQA2V8NPLWR4E93TM. Ocampo "Dog lover"1151239753600Great challenge for your dog!This toy is great! My dog loves it! I feed my dog his food in it so he doesn't eat too fast. At the beginning it took sometime for him to learn how to get the treats out but now he eats a whole cup in 15 minutes or so.
234634234634B000KV7ZGQA1U12J6C8VI78ZJ. Quinn1141239321600Not bad!I bought this for my dog that doesn't play, but loves to eat. So I was hoping this would entertain him, but even this wouldn't do the trick.

HOWEVER, I broke it back out after I adopted a new dog for Christmas. She eats her food much too fast, and in return has horrible gas. So, I started filling this with her kibble, and it slows her down, and keeps her busy for a good ten minutes. My older dog still won't play with it, but he will indeed follow her around and pick up any kibble left behind! lol
234635234635B000KV7ZGQA1ME3RLZCCOXN4Shawn L. Siefker "shawn"1151239148800tug jug dog toyPremier Busy Buddy Tug-a-Jug, Medium/LargeThis is the best 10.00 i've spent in a while. I fill it with my 85# puppy's noon kibble and he has to work to get it out. He grabs the rope and smashes it very hard on the concrete. He will play with this thing for hours. I cannot believe he hasn't broke it. I would recommend this for all dog owners.
234636234636B000KV7ZGQAHXPB1GP9DXRSDella Goldsworth "D. Gold"1131235433600bottle may be bullet proof, but plastic rope is easily brokenMy dog LOVES to chew her toys, and I thought that with the advertising that the bottle was "bullet-proof" that meant they had made the rest of it as indestructible as they could. I would have been happy to get a week's play out of this. No go.

My dog loved the treat aspect of this toy. She spent a long time working the treats out one by one, and I was really happy with how busy it kept her.

Until I went to pick it up to bring it inside with us at night. I found several little pieces of the rope part that she had torn off. I realize it's difficult to make a toy unchewable, but this wasn't even close to as durable as it could be.

For a dog that doesn't try to destroy toys, this would be a wonderful toy!
234637234637B000KV7ZGQA39B6RD3DTUP3YKristin Anderson1151233705600This is a wonderful dog toy!My golden retriever absolutely loves his tug a jug! It gives him a fun challenge while trying to get his food out of there and it keeps him occupied for a while. It is a great design! I want to get another one for him.
234638234638B000KV7ZGQA1156S1H0TS2N8Gwenyth Gorlin1131233014400a nice concept but a bit awkwardi bought this thinking that it was a really good idea to keep the pup busy, but upon introducing it to my boston terrier, he was a bit hesitant about approaching the toy. i think it's the spikey round opening of the container. plus, he's not a "puller" so he hasn't quite figured out how to get the treats out. it's been more frustrating than fun for him thus far. all in all, a nice idea but not an intuitive toy for dogs.
234641234641B000KV7ZGQAAW1F34LB5KY6m391151231200000Fritzi Luv's It!The Tug A Jug is a great dog toy,our mini doxie Fritzi needs a 12 step program cause he is on the Jug all the time. It has become his favorite toy and spend hours trying to get every last bit of treat out of it. He is exhasted as its quite the work out and needs a nap after wards. The only problem was the Tug part of it,it lasted about five minutes as he chewed right through that,but really you dont need it as you can put in larger treats mixed in with little ones and it works just fine.
234642234642B000KV7ZGQAMH4BGZBJ5WKLDebi "3dogmom"1151224806400Doggy treat puzzlerMy dogs loved this when they first got them. Now, my 11 yr old, Bonkers,is the only one of the 3 who has figured it out. Tons of fun and none of the 3 has broken one yet!!!
234639234639B000KV7ZGQA2URZQL5JDFC9HKaren I. Lawrence1151231718400Dog ToyIt took a whiile for my pup to get the hang of it, but it definitely keeps her busy for hours. Gets a little noisy, but it's ok.
234643234643B000KV7ZGQA2NPC4HX996ZHJAngela "Silivrenwolf"1131223942400Great toyI at 1st thought I ordered the wrong size but I guess the small size is pretty big. My dog Dingo, who is from a rescue in Taiwan, took to this pretty well. He really doesn't know what toys are but knows how to get food out. This toy is a bit trickier then the others but I heard (won't let me watch) him playing with this and I believe he has been able to get a few kibble bits out.

I will update once I'm actually able to watch him. Until then I give this 3 stars.
234640234640B000KV7ZGQA1YXK5KQ17DQM8S. Bria1151231459200Paws Up for this Toy!While one of my goldens has no time for this toy (she is a princess who doesn't like to work for her food), my male LOVES his tug-a-jug! He will work at it for an hour until all the kibble is dispensed. You can actually see the wheels turning as he figures it out, and he is pooped when he's done. Great for body and brain. Only caveat: use this toy on carpet-- it is really noisy on a bare floor!
234644234644B000KV7ZGQA1JUO3LV5UK4N0firefly1151221609600I love this toy...I bought this toy for my dog to keep him busy while I run out the door to work. He used to get upset when I left, but now he knows he will get this to play with. He figured out really quickly how to use it and it keeps him entertained for at least 10-15 minutes while I escape. It is very easy to clean. One thing I wanted to point out is that the small is rather large. My collie is huge and he uses the small. I think the large would be too big for him. I just put about a quarter of a cup in it although the small holds about 2 cups. I guess if you wanted to feed a very large dog an huge meal you might need a large, but then it might be too heavey for the dog to play with.
234645234645B000KV7ZGQA3L3NAKAF4B6PTGary B. Freire "Min Pin /Rat Terrier Man"1131220572800Too Big for small dogsThis is too big for dogs under 15 pounds and has not proven effective for us
234646234646B000KV7ZGQA2KXQHVDGURPRYAKHumble "Harvard Preacher Momma"1151214092800This thing is amazing!For the first couple of days, our dog Moby was only slightly interested in the tug-a-jug. We kept it out, though, and when he finally figured out his own system of getting dog food out of the jug, he was hooked! Then we started putting all his meals in the jug instead of in his bowl. Since starting his meals in the jug, Moby has an outlet for his curious energy and he spends less time in the trash can and in distructive activities like toilet paper shredding because he has to work physically and mentally for his meals like animals do in the wild. It also occupies him while we aren't at home. It lasts so much longer than a kong, because you can put a whole meal in it. This is also great because you don't have to feel guilty about giving your dog too many unhealthy treats -- dog food in the jug works great because the kibble is the perfect size.

I was watching the video of the woman who put in a negative review, and as an amateur dog trainer, I think I know why. If you help your dog get food out of the jug, they quickly learn that the way to get food out of the jug is to bring it to the owner, so don't help your dog -- that ruins the fun of the toy! Also, it's harder to get treats out of the toy if it isn't somewhat full, so just fill it up with dog food and a few treats in the beginning so it's not so difficult that the dog looses interest. It also helps to put a few treats in the jug so they randomly hit a jackpot when playing with it. As someone who's studied animal behavior, I know random rewards are the most powerful way to get an animal addicted to a behavior!

In short, I can't say enough about this toy!
234647234647B000KV7ZGQA3EJRBPUFFECQPJen Y.1131212883200Cute and entertainingThis bottle is big! You can put lots of food in here which comes out a little too easy. When I put treats in it's very difficult to get out and my husband thinks that's mean. The dogs only like this toy when there are treats inside. Otherwise I think they don't get the rope and the bottle is big and akward.
234648234648B000KV7ZGQA3EWMJZTFJZGPNMark P.1151208390400Best Dog Toy"Sam" loves this toy the best. He is a heavy chewer and this item really lasts. However, you should note that the rope probably won't last for heavy chewers. I purchased small rubber balls at Pets Mart (2 or 3) and put them in the jug. (opens at the bottom). These actually work better than the rope for heavy chewers. Thanks for a great product!
234649234649B000KV7ZGQA2Z0OD1IF2PP3JE. Campbell "bethanne67"1151207699200TOUGH ENOUGH FOR MY DOGSI have a 14-month-old chocolate lab who can chew through a large rawhide in 20 minutes, and a pit bull mix who is right behind his big sister. I love the Tug-a-Jug because not only is it virtually indestructable, but it also keeps both of them challenged during their days home alone.

I would agree with recommendations to fill the bottle high with small kibble to start with, until they get the hang of how to work it. Once they do, it is really fascinating to see how they learn and get better. The good thing is, even when they are getting treats, they are getting them sparingly so they continue to try for that one more.

I have two Tug-a-Jugs and brought them outside a couple of times. They survived the frost and yard dragging very well. Inside the dogs do thump it against the floor pretty hard, so I would not use this on a nice wood floor, for example.
234650234650B000KV7ZGQA2TXHG9O3F3S0IJ. Malit "Jake's Mom"1151206576000Amazing feeding tool!This is a wonderful toy and feeding tool. This keeps my 33-lb/4-month-old puppy busy for a good 20 minutes and after he's eaten all the food, he can chew on the rope. It's easy to clean, which is a BIG plus! This is a wonderful alternative to the Buster Cube. I also have the small Twist and Treat and both are great toys to keep him occupied.
234651234651B000KV7ZGQA1JM88SQKGXAVGintexas1151203724800Great for a busy beagle!Well, I wasn't sure about this toy, what with the mixed reviews, but Wilson the Beagle was all out of toys so we had to get him something. He's terrible about destroying soft toys. He's very active (he's a beagle!) and we needed something to keep his attention for more than a few seconds. This is it! What a winner! Wilson loves the tug a jug! At first he was puzzled by it. Of course, since he's a hound, he was following his nose, and his nose was telling him there was food in that jug but how in the heck was he supposed to get to it? He tried a few ways and then walked away frustrated. I showed him how the kibble would actually come out the hole and he was hooked. He spent half a day figuring it out. Sometimes I give him his entire meal in the tug-a -jug and let him work it out of there. He's a very high energy dog. He loves a challenge. I'm so grateful for this toy slash dogsitter!
234652234652B000KV7ZGQA97SZOCQ8XEFLSarah Borkowski1141203638400Weezer likes it!It took a little bit of time (and a few demonstrations) for my dog to become interested, but now Weezer likes to play with this toy. He still hasn't learned exactly how the treats are dispensed, which is nice because I don't have to constantly refill the toy. Tug-a-jug does not keep Weezer occupied for long stretches of time, but it entertains him for 15-30 minutes here or there. It has held up fairly well, with just a few scratches on the plastic sides. I put Cheerios into the tug-a-jug as a treats.
234653234653B000KV7ZGQA86OQTOY28G4PMary Beth Foster1151202428800Excellent productThis product is super. My dog tends to wolf her food down and then wonder where it all went. Putting a cup of her food in this thing at dinner time makes her 'work' for it.
It is VERY tough, and with a dog as hard-mouthed and persistent as mine, it has to be to last. She hasn't broken any part of it -- which means it's indestructible.
I'm trying to train her to bring it to me when I say, "where's your bottle?" We'll see if she catches on.
234654234654B000KV7ZGQA3EWMJZTFJZGPNMark P.1151201478400Tug - a - Jug Excellent ProductThe Tug - a - Jug is another excellent product for a puppy that destroys most toys. While the rope was eventually destroyed, I put some little balls in the jug & my puppy still loves this product.
234655234655B000KV7ZGQA2OGFN0WMUQUZAjayne in McLean1121199923200Boisterous but not busyVery loud. We have a larg dog that likes to counter surf and is always hungry. Thought this would be good for prolonging his mealtime and making it challenging for him. Even though I put small dog food in, it was extremely difficult to get the food out. He gave up after about 5 minutes. Was disappointed in product.
234656234656B000KV7ZGQA1M2UI25LHR9AVJudy A. Johnson1151199750400A great pacifier for medium/large dogs!My daughter's dog just loves this toy. When you put treats in it she will carry it around and play with it until she gets all the treats out of it.
234657234657B000KV7ZGQAQEN6LBHD67N3Jill1151199664000I love it and my dog loves it!!!!Got this with a recommendation from a friend. Best buy ever! My dog tends to eat fast, well this slows him down to a much more easy pace. He loves carrying it around in his mouth he even brings it to me when it time to eat. He has tried beating it up, but so far it has withstood all that he's tried. Will buy again when the time comes for a new one
234658234658B000KV7ZGQA27ZFVCM1TG86IRuth1151196899200The Forever ToyMy dog is a mixed breed Corgi/Beagle/Terrier. We have spend hundreds of dollars on toys for him in his 11mths. of life. He even bit through his 3 Kong's. This is the only toy that has lasted. He ripped the rope off after a few days, but this toy is still perfect. He gets bored eating out of his bowl so now he plays with this and it's the only way he eats his food. We put his alloted kibble and some smelly treats and he can play with it all day. I was worried at first, because he was chewing the plastic bottle. Then I saw that it was made of bullet proof plastic and he's only scratched it. I wish they would make more indistructable toys because this is really his only one.
234659234659B000KV7ZGQA169MHFP2M8ZBDJR's WIFE "Pene"1141194739200great toy, but rope was in the way ;-)our dog has fun with it, but he got through the rope in two days - about 2 hours. We still feed him half of his food out of this bottle, and he is still very busy, getting it all out - even without the rope.
234660234660B000KV7ZGQA269ERDZ9XTN35K. Smith1151194393600Made our dog ENJOY meal time!Our dog was such a finicky eater before we got this toy. He would bore easily of eating out of his dish, and we found that he was eating below his recommended daily intake. He was just getting bored and distracted. We ordered the tug-a-jug and began giving him all his meals in it--it's made all the difference! He makes sure to get our attention while he's maneuvering it to get at the food, he seems very proud of his accomplishment whenever he gets the pieces to come out. He gets very creative with different tactics.

Five stars across the board, the tug-a-jug has become absolutely indespensable to us!

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