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234688234688B000KV7ZGQA3CN2OVKRVSFSFJust a WAHM "Just a WAHM"0031330905600Morkie cannot get any treats out when used as intended.I bought 3 doggy products at the same time (all treat dispensing chew toys). This is my recommendation of the best product of the 3.

I bought the Premier Twist and Treat Dog Toy along with a KONG classic and Premier Tug a Jug for my 3 month old, 4lb Morkie. My dog doesn't play with the latter 2, but LOVES the twist and treat! It's easy to twist the top off and insert the treats and to twist it down to the size you want to get it to dispense. Smoothie quickly learned how to dispense the treats, so we have it on its tightest setting (puppy chow is pretty small, so easy to get out). He chases and bats this all over the living room.

He played with the classic Kong once, but because it dispenses the treats so quickly, he soon lost interest and went back to the twist and treat.

He tries to play with the Tug a Jug, but he can never get anything out and quickly tires of it and goes back to the twist and treat.

Of the 3, the twist and treat gets the most use, its the easiest to clean, is hardy, has the best movement for him to chase around, & is the perfect size for a toy dog.

So, if you're looking to keep your dog entertained, don't waste money buying a bunch of products, just get the twist and treat. Both you and your pup will be pleased with it.

21 March 2012 Update

I have since removed the back end of the jug and my dog will now play with it, in fact he expects for me to put all his food in it so he can chase it around and dig them out with his paws and nose. That said, this is the only way for him to use the jug, so still not fulfilling its intended purpose or use. Cleaning if course is a pain.
234689234689B000KV7ZGQAUPSAEJT4DEXOWanli Ma "Justin"0031329868800Rope does not last longI have a 10 month old golden retriever and this product, while I liked the bottom opening for easy loading of food/treats (some toys dont even have that), the rope is not very long lasting for a heavy chewer. It only lasted < 24 hours before the strands got unraveled and i had to cut it off. Now i'm just using the bottle itself as a food/treat dispenser, which is just like a Kong Wobbler. My dog, after just 2 days with it, has already figured out how to get the food out as quickly as possible - by grabbing the bottom of the bottom with his mouth and lifting it upside down. Putting large treats or pingpong balls inside will help make it more challenging.
234690234690B000KV7ZGQA15335YAEBN8L8mswsue0011329696000Not for a chewer!While my English Setter likes the busy buddy tug-a-jug, it didn't last a day. He chewed the rope off and emptied the treats quite swiftly. I think it would be great for a dog that doesn't chew thru things.
234661234661B000KV7ZGQA1PDYQZUEM9L9GS. Johnson3421227484800Not As DescribedI think this toy has potential, but it didn't come as pictured. The rope is not actually a rope, it's a plastic mimic of a rope and my dog can't seem to figure out that he can tug at it like he can his tug rope. He quickly figured out all the other busy buddy toys and the buster cube, so I assume the rope just seems too foreign. I am going to buy an actual tug tope that will fit and try that instead. Will update review once I do this.
234662234662B000KV7ZGQA19XNWQ5IQY16KSoph3411324080000Don't Waste your MoneyI bought a xsmall for my 12 lb dog. My dog is unable to get the treats out and when I tried to pull on the rope I coudln't get them out either. I also tried to pull the rope when the bottle is upside down and still no treats. I tried several sizes of treats/food to see if perhaps that would help and still no treats. The rope in the bottle is so thick that nothing seems to fall through the bottle neck. Don't bother purchasing.
234663234663B000KV7ZGQA1DEOFY9WNUEB4Tara "Tara"3421273017600Bad for extreme chewers and smart dogsI purchased this for my Westie because I work and she's home alone in her crate most of the day. I wanted to give her something to stimulate her mind, so she didn't get too bored while I was away. I received many recommendations on this toy, and read many great reviews. Here are my issues with it.

1) My dog may only be 16 lbs., but she's an extreme chewer. The product says it's durable, but it's not. She almost had it chewed through by day one.

2) Apparently, my dog is a genius. She figured out how to dispense the treats, just not the way they're supposed to be dispensed. She unraveled the rope. Pulled it out and dumped the treats out. Now, the toy is useless.

I think it would be a great toy for a dog that doesn't like to chew and can't figure out a work around to dispensing the treats. For extreme chewers, and smart dogs, it's not durable or stimulating enough for them.
234664234664B000KV7ZGQA3CY8OJOSU8727Jean Wagner3411250726400Not for powerful chewers!I bought two of these for my 16 month black lab and my 3 year old Golden Retriever. At first they nosed it and tossed it, but within 5 minutes my black lab had ripped the rubber stopper in half and dumped out the kibble! Maybe he is smarter than I thought!
The toy is completely unusable now and we are sedning it back.
I think this would be a great toy for a smaller or less voracious chewer. If your dog is a strong chewer, I would get something else to entertain them.
234665234665B000KV7ZGQA23K1SOLRMB2I3Miguel3411233964800Lasted 5 minutes, item not as picturedMy dog chewed up the "rope" that stops up the bottle into dangerously large pieces in a manner of minutes. Note that in the "Medium/Large" photos for this item the stopper appears to be an actual purple and white rope, but the item I received had the solid purple soft rubber "rope" that appears in the "Small" photos. This design is completely unsuited for even moderately powerful chewers. I never would have bought this item had the photographs been accurate.
234666234666B000KV7ZGQA18H5GNMPS8W0RJ. K. Shoemaker "Realtor"3411218499200BrokeThis did not last 15 seconds with our dog. Chewed the piece that inserts into the bottle.

234667234667B000KV7ZGQAJFNW7DDRMZPDDebbie Lincoln3411216598400Dogs are not impressedWhen looking at the product, I thought that it would be a good way to entertain my dogs. Unfortunately, after a few minutes of looking and pulling they gave up and never went back to the toy again. I think that the Kong is a superior toy to hide food and keep dogs occupied.
234668234668B000KV7ZGQA1RN6MQPVQWOH5Mrs. Kathi A. Rubin2311296432000Not Very DurableSorry, folks, but my pit bull mix destroyed this toy in less than two hours. He even ripped off the top and chipped the indestructible plastic... if you have a "busy" dog, this is probably not for you.
234669234669B000KV7ZGQA12XGRJQ5BYYBXMarye3092311291420800probably the most dangerous toy I ever purchasedMy dogs play constabtly with plastic and rubber type treat toys. I have never has one break before. This bottle on a rope smashed in two places the first day I gave it to my dogs leaving jagged edges at the neck of the bottle and the bottom screw on lid. It was not made to withstand shaking and banging the toy on the ground which dogs generally do with toys on ropes.
234670234670B000KV7ZGQAK68SCHF3779JJ Paige2311275177600Terrible Dog ToyI was so excited to get this toy for my 7 month old yellow lab. When it arrived I filled it with kibble and soon discovered that this is the worst toy ever. It is loud and dangerous. The jug is a hard plastic that when swung around can easily bruise you and your dog and break everything in the house. In addition, because I have hard wood floors, the loud bang of the hard plastic against the floor was unbearable. Lastly, in the two days I allowed her to play with it, the rope became frayed and I kept finding pieces of string in her mouth. I definitely do not recommend this item.
234671234671B000KV7ZGQA3KAQW2K4OXPCXLydia Wolfe2311268438400Treat smell is stronger at wrong end!This seemed like a great toy, until my dogs had in for 10 seconds.
The end the treats come out of has rubber parts (which smell strongly of, well, rubber) and the opposite end (that no treats ever come out of) has little holes drilled in it.
This makes the smell of the treats MUCH stronger from the WRONG END of the toy.
Both of my dogs were scratching and licking at the end that they could actually SMELL the treats through, and actually backed away from the strong smell of the rubber.
The other treat-dispensing toys have been too easy for my dogs, but this one does not seem to be made for an animal that relies so heavily on it's sense of smell.
234672234672B000KV7ZGQA3O43MWZB3T2YVSuzy's Mom2311247270400not for chewing puppies!Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble has been a great toy for my dog, but Tug-a-Jug was not. Within 10 minutes, she had gnawed the "challenge" rope into 6 pieces. Maybe it's good for an older dog but definitely not for my vigorously chewing 8-month-old puppy!
234673234673B000KV7ZGQA28WD4FHXY3P92JollyMolly7 "JollyMolly7"2311232236800Don't Waste Your MoneyI worked with my dogs on this toy for several days. Using it as an interactive toy we played tug, and the rubber stopper became wedged tightly so that it sealed the hole, trapping the kibble inside. The goodies inside would only fall out when the rubber stopper and straw was in a very specific position, AND the straw-like piece had grabbed the treat and pulled it through the hole, AND the bottle had to be upside down. This was something that my dogs could not possibly do with their mouth, tongue, and feet. They would pick it up by the rubbery end, sniffing and chewing at the rubbery purple parts, making it impossible to use gravity to allow the tiny treats to fall out, let alone accomplish the amazing "straw grabber" feat described above. Of course with no reward the motivation waned. Even my highly intelligent dog got frustrated and then became indifferent. After I had left the room for 10 minutes, my other dog had chewed up the purple rubber stopper and straw, and transformed the already useless toy into just a bottle with a small hole and no rubber stopper. Don't waste your money. I'm not impressed with the other two toys (by this maker) that I bought: busy bouncy bone, and busy bristle bone. (see my other reviews)
234674234674B000KV7ZGQA35CVR9DO6D2ARA. E. Karlsson "AEK"2321228348800Broke in less than an hour.I bought this product to occupy my 13-month-old mix. She is an aggressive chewer, but the product description led me to believe that this toy was quite tough. When I received it, I was a little disheartened when I saw that the tug was rubber, rather than rope (as it appears in the picture)- as she tends to get through rubber toys with very little effort.

Nevertheless, I decided to try it out, she learned quickly that she could get treats out of it and it occupied her very well for almost an hour. At that point I went to dig it out from under the bed and was dismayed to find that the rubber "pull" was already in pieces. While the bottle still works and seems to keep her interested, I feel like dog toys should have a more indestructible nature than this one does. Especially for eleven dollars!
234675234675B000KV7ZGQA281J4UAH70YBASophie0051351123200Fantastic for energetic big pupsMy 70 lb Shepard/boxer mix absolutely loves her tug-a-jug. It takes her about 20-30 mintues to finish a cup's worth of kibbles. She's had it for about 5 months, and has yet to get tired of it. Also it's really held up well.
234676234676B000KV7ZGQA1SXNLPIK9J2MDM. Simons "M Simons"0041350345600Now Just a Jug, But Still AwesomeMy 35 pound pit bull mix chewed the rope in half in less than 20 minutes (I knew it didn't stand a chance), but she still has a blast with it. I put two ping pong balls inside so it's not too easy to get the treats out. Often she would rather chew on the rubber around the bottle neck than try to get the contents, and it's stood up pretty well. It does have a couple bits and nubs missing.

Also, it your dog is playing with it on a hard surface, it is LOUD! For me, this is a small price to pay for knowing my girl is having fun with something other than my sneakers.
234677234677B000KV7ZGQA1W67NB503WVQ9Stacy0021349395200Not a great toy for chewersI think my dog was just too smart for this toy. I purchased one of the larger ones with the rubber rope. After 5 minutes of frustration in trying to get the treats out, my dog chewed through the rubber rope so that she could just empty the treats out the hole. It was a waste of money for my dog to try out. With the fabric-type rope, the toy might have lasted longer for her.
234678234678B000KV7ZGQA3T0ES6F38235MLilypop "Lilypop"0031348358400Great toy but got moldyit took our dog about a week to figure this out. once she got it, she loved it and it kept her busy for a long time. the only problem is that it got moldy and when i tried to clean it, the rope never dried and the mold got worse. had to throw it out.
234679234679B000KV7ZGQA2C7OORPBMEK6Ncga40011347840000Rope chewed in less than an hourWas excited about this tough toy, but gave it to our 96 lb puppy who tore the rope apart in less than an hour. He is usually really good with toys that dispense treats but this time since he couldn't figure out the pulling, because it wasn't really working, he just decided to chew the rope. Threw it away because it was also too noisy and scratching up the wood floors.
234680234680B000KV7ZGQA1HQ39YXCTGQLUdingo0011347753600Dog chewed through the jug itselfI used it with my dog a couple dozen times, and she thoroughly enjoyed it. One time she managed to unscrew the bottom, and with that experience, she fixated on the bottom as the "ultimate solution" for the last morsels that weren't coming out from tilting and dropping the toy. She cracked through the hard plastic, breaking both the lid and the jug. The toy is advertised for "heavy chewers" but the container obviously doesn't hold up. I hope the store will offer a refund.
234681234681B000KV7ZGQA3O7YP3NRGOHP2JG0051347148800Great little itemThis item is tough! It's exactly as described, though I would say perhaps a little more sturdy.

Have to watch my dog with it - he was getting frustrated. But as the week wore on, he enjoyed it more and more.

Definitely gives him something to do, and he loves tugging on the rope.
234682234682B000KV7ZGQA3RU5LSPGFU5H4rocks are rocks0021345161600Destroyed in a day and a halfI bought this for my very smart lab mix rescue when she was about 6 months old. At first she wasn't interested, but once I showed her how it worked, she got down to business. She worked at that toy all day long the first day, thougth she wasn't able to get all the food out. On the second day I gave her the toy, partially filled with kibble and went upstairs. In the 25 minutes she was unsupervised, she got the screw cap off, ate all the kibble, and destroyed the bottle.
234683234683B000KV7ZGQA31CW55FXGD8OWAmazonAddict0031342656000So So, There Are Better Out ThereI bought this for my 4 month old Frenchie and he just seems absolutely disinterested in it lol. The way the bottle is shaped along with the rope it's almost "by accident" that the treats come out. He plays with it for about 5 minutes but then goes back to his IQ TREAT BALL that I also bought on Amazon. I feel like you have to basically flip this bottle upside down and mess with the rope for it to come out and I don't see Jackson being able to do that. If the bottle is laying flat as in the picture, how does the treat come up the neck and out the hole? He does grab the rope and run around with the bottle but I can tell this is not his most favorite toy.
234684234684B000KV7ZGQA19V1D8WM653R2Marc Franzman "MFman"0021333756800Its not very strudyI bought this for my 16 pound whoodle, and within 4 days she was able to crack the bottle and ripped apart the rope that was attached to it. I wouldn't purchase it again, but the concept was good.
234685234685B000KV7ZGQARYGNP5U9A4ZRbrian@meadows.pair.com0031333065600The rope is a weak point.This toy has a failing if you have a dog who's too clever for it's own good. The rope is a weak point. I understand the theory that the dog is supposed to use the rope to chuck the bottle around and have the food come out, but after a couple of days our collie picked the toy up, took it across to her bed, and started determinedly chewing through the rope.

The manufacturer recommends you put the plastic practice golf balls in the jug instead of the rope, and this worked for a while, but then our dog started chewing the purple ball off the end of the bottle, and when she'd got sufficiently through that, managed to crack the neck of the bottle itself.

We got her a replacement (as it took some weeks for her to crack the first bottle) and this time the rope lasted less than two days. So, it's back to the plastic golf balls, and hopefully it will take her some while to get to the stage of cracking the bottle again, but I suspect it's only a question of time.

The manufacturers, IMO, need to implement two improvements.

1) The rope needs to be impregnated with something which tastes unpleasant.

2) The spikes on the rubber ball need to be made longer and firmer to try to protect the neck of the bottle.

Those reservations aside, our dog loves the toy, but then she has a very high food drive, probably due to her months as a stray.
234686234686B000KV7ZGQA2BQE4CN3SGYKZCashew0031331510400fun while it lastsThis is a great interactive toy. We used it for every feeding. A great way to slow down the doggie vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, the toy is made of hard plastic and while we didn't care about the noise, the plastic itself eventually cracked from the beating on the hard floors. We continued to use the toy cracked, until the lid finally cracked and was no longer able to be screwed on. All said, the toy lasted about two months. You decide if the price is worth it. For us, we'll be looking for an interactive feeding toy that is made of hardier material.
234687234687B000KV7ZGQA2KHQG1A7CII33Shayla0031331164800Rope is weakLab enjoys the toy--now. When the rope was attached to it, he couldn't get the treats out at all and we were using TINY treats. He destroyed the rope in a few minutes and now the treats fall out.

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