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234725234725B000KV7ZGQA2KO2ITLCTKJSUMarilou F Quan0031312761600Not for chewersI Initially liked it but when left alone with my dog, her chewed thru the rope and plunger rendereing it useless. Lasted less then a week with my destroyer of a dog.
234726234726B000KV7ZGQAYX86RC7QV2UTKevin McGuire0041312675200Challenging but not frustratingA friend of mine had just bought this for her dog who seemed to find it challenging and recommended it to me. My Rottie Sarah figured this out pretty quickly; within two minutes she figured out if she pawed at the rubber throat side, it will upend and kibble will come out. Second round she graduated to that plus nosing it up the rest of the way. Third she figured out putting one paw on the rope helped her paw it upend with the other. She's also lifted it up in her mouth, open end down. In defense of the toy, she previously learned to do this with kibble in Kongs so she may already understand "things that if tipped upside down dispense treats".

She's a pretty smart dog but of course everyone thinks their kid is the smartest in the class :)

I've read suggestions on adding balls to it to make it more difficult, which would slow her down, but I was hoping to be able to increase the mental challenge not just reduce the randomness, so this now is as "difficult" mentally as it'll get.

She's completely ignored the rope except as a way to upend it.

On the positive side, it does provide her mental challenge, slows down her otherwise rapid eating, and isn't so difficult that she gives up or gets frustrated. She also has the Kong wobbler which she's figured out (gets her nose under the fat end and just keeps rolling it to get the kibble out), which is a pretty good product, but the Busy Buddy is a bit more challenging.
234727234727B000KV7ZGQA3U2HZP8QE69G5tryin2survive "-Me"0031312502400Okay, but...This toy is great for keeping a dog entertained, but not very sturdy. Granted I have 2 huskies who can destroy anything anyways, but...I have tried the KONG brand and never had a problem. Other toys as well. This one didn't last 30 minutes in their presence though.

It is a good idea for smaller dogs.
234728234728B000KV7ZGQA2Z7S5K254ADCTJonnie Von Hellens "Jonnie"0051312329600A Thinking DogThis is my second Tug-a-jug, I purchased my first in December of 2008. When my it went to a new home with a foster dog, still in great shape, I knew I needed to purchase another for my Service Dog Toby, as he loves it too. This Tug-a-jug is larger than our last; it is the Medium/Large size. Toby enjoys trying to get whatever I put into it and puts a lot of thought into it. He even prefers having his regular food out of it, even though he could simply go to his bowl to eat. The bottom easily screws off, I fill it with his food, a few treats of varying value and one extremely high value treat (EHVT) that really doesn't come out, but he has hope that some day it will. When I wash it, he gets the contents and thus the EHVT. He knows that I unscrew the bottom, but of course without opposable thumbs, alas he can not. Even so, he tries to figure out how to do that. Dogs can use a lot of energy thinking, chewing and exercising, so I like to give him a variety of each to keep him content. Our last Tug-a-jug being smaller, he would pick it up from the bottom to try to get the food out, this one being bigger, he can no longer do that, so he's had to change his tactics and I've enjoyed watching how his mind works.
234729234729B000KV7ZGQAV9ZRRS27I2P0Yvette Koedyker "ilovelee"0031312156800Big tug-a-war toyI was quit suprised how big this tug-a-war toy was when I opened it. My two pit bulls love it. Unfortunetly, I read the precautions that stated not good if dogs shake and throw it around, after already purchasing it. That's what one of my dog loves to I try to give it to her while in her dog crate.
234730234730B000KV7ZGQA20ESB32YOLHYIsabel Garza0051312070400Our Dog Continues To Play with his JugPets at first normally play with their new toys but then they abandon them, but this one is one his plays with quite often!
234731234731B000KV7ZGQA2HC5L2GQ31VLPE. Donaldson0051310688000AmazingI just got this toy for my 1.5 yo German Shepherd. He's a big chewer, and true to the breed's intelligence, and I have been looking for something to keep him occupied when I have to leave the house. This is it, I put a hand full of training treats in it, and it keeps him occupied for over an hour. I am slightly worried about the durability, but so far it's stood up to full grown GSD which is the true test for any toy in my mind. Well worth the money for any smart/curious dog.
234732234732B000KV7ZGQAQHQSBSC8J6PEMother goose0051310688000Busy Buddy keeps my bichon "Shiloh" busyMy Bichon "Shiloh" really loves his Busy Buddy treat dispensing toy, he has had this toy for over a year now and still gets excited when I offer it to him. He's the kind of dog who when bored and/or anxious tends to chew on his tail and paws, so this is a welcome distraction. I offer it about once a week. I used to leave his toys laying around in his dog bed or crate, but found that he loses interest so I tend to rotate offering 2 or 3 toys every few days. Any small treat works well, as long as it's not his usual dog food. I thought it was a little expensive, but it's durable, easy to instill the treats, and challenging enough to keep him busy for at least a half an hour, but not so hard that he loses interest. I'll try to attach a 45 second video of him playing with it.
234733234733B000KV7ZGQA3III07Y9VJI8Qleslie0041310688000Good for tiny treats or kibbleThis is a nice change of pace for my dog from the kongs. Lately, everyone has been making their treats smaller and easier to get out of the kongs, so I'll definitely be using this more. I have a 55 lb border x who is a chewer with separation anxiety. This is a nice addition to the collection.
234734234734B000KV7ZGQAXJNAWQNYTJSXTracy L. Murray0051310342400Perfect for my dogs!I have had this toy for three months. My big dog loves plastic bottles and will assume every water bottle is meant for her so I was curious about how this toy would go over. It was a definite hit! She loves it and ever after the beagle has tried to destroy it you can hardly see a mark on it! At least as far as dogs are concerned I think this might be indestructible.
234735234735B000KV7ZGQAURID7J89LEPVJEM0041310169600Dogs love it, but...Our dogs (30lb and 40lb Corgi/border collie mixes) love it, it's about the right level of difficulty.

It was evident pretty quickly, though, that as soon as our bigger dog figured out how to sink his teeth into the plastic enough to pick it up from the bottom and bash it against things to shake the contents out that it was going to have a rough life, and so it's proven.

After a couple months of fairly regular use, the body of the jug has split all the way down from the mouth to the bottom cap on two sides. It still works, but the pieces are only held together by the bottom cap and the rubber ball at the mouth.
234736234736B000KV7ZGQA20WMMBG46C02MJ. spellman "jmc"0031310083200Engaging but broke easilyDog enjoyed playing with toy but the plastic bottle broke fairly quickly from being smacked around. Engaging but not durable.
234737234737B000KV7ZGQA3PWMZX1Y9OY2Jamie Moore0021309219200Brain vs. BrawnSo I am the proud owner of an almost 80-lb. 1-year-old lab mix whose sole mission in life is to seek and destroy. I have been looking for toys that would hold his interest longer than the 5 minutes it takes him to rip them to pieces, and saw this at my local pet store, but in the small size. I was thrilled to see the larger size on Amazon, and ordered it. This is a toy for smart dogs, and, of course, I like to think my dog is smart. However, he may be too smart. Gave it to my dog tonight. It was interesting to watch him try to figure out how to get the treats out, and he seemed occupied. I walked away to leave him to his work. 10 minutes later, he had chewed through the rope coming out of the top of the bottle. He cheated. This had potential to be an awesome, time-consuming toy to same some of my sanity. Unfortunately, if you have a strong chewer, or a dog who can figure out the short cuts, save your money.
234738234738B000KV7ZGQA3BTW9VP55VBARnina0051309219200to keep your dog busy it's wonderfulThis game keep my dog busy for long time and it's very tought,it's durable. try it you will like it
234739234739B000KV7ZGQA3QI0HE04BR0RWLaura0021309219200Plastic can crack from a strong chewerI have a three-year old lab/chessie mix. She's a fast eater and a strong chewer so I bought her the Tug-A-Jug to slow down her eating (and give her something to chew on).

It does slow her down. It can take her up to a half hour to eat a meal instead of two minutes.

I've given her food a couple of times without the bottle, but she prefers the bottle now.

Updated section!

As she become a strong chewer, it's fairly easy for my dog to chew off the bottom part that's screwed on. This leads to the possibility of her swallowing a sharp piece of plastic.

It's a great toy, but only for dogs that aren't extremely strong chewers. My dog loved this, but it's too much of a safety hazard for her to have again.
234740234740B000KV7ZGQA2I102KTFGDPARChristine "Unfinished thinker"0051309132800I think that my dog was cursing at the end of this videoFirst of all, my dog should write this review instead of me! I feel hilarious and sad at the same time when watching him doing the job. Ha, please let me know if you feel the same way. At the end of this short video, do you see that my dog was cursing? or i think too much???? [...]
234741234741B000KV7ZGQAAJ9JIIX30EKZemrgm40031308614400Cool toy...but not for aggressive chewersI got this toy for my Border Collies and they had one really good play session with it before they tore it up. The bottle itself survived, but the rest of it was ruined, so you couldn't use it as a treat dispenser which was the point. I was hoping it would keep them busy/entertained. I think it would be okay for dogs that aren't as aggressive though. My dogs can tear up pretty much anything though! lol
234742234742B000KV7ZGQA1AKM7K4SZ2H1Eamd0051308614400Great product!Dogs can't get enough of this! Starting to chew the rope a little but they could play for hours if I put enough kibble in it. It's a great toy for dogs who get bored easily, I highly recommend this product for everyone who has energetic breeds.
234743234743B000KV7ZGQA3PCLOFFEODABJSenecaSister0051307750400not for your average dogDon't buy this "toy" unless your dog is a genius. I have two smart dogs but this toy doesn't interest them a bit unless I am making it dispense goodies. Waste of money in my estimation.
234744234744B000KV7ZGQA2WE3BMGEFP7V9S. King0021307404800If it's hard for ME to get the treats out, I don't think my dog's going to have much luck.I was really rooting for this toy to work out, because my Frenchie Tobias loves playing with plastic bottles and he loves treats. The Tug a jug should be the perfect combo, right? The one I purchased had the rope, not the rubber thing. In theory, when you tip the toy treats should fall out relatively easily, according to various instructions and videos I found through internet searches. But even with small kibble, it is extremely difficult to get any treats out of the toy. Poor Tobias was quite frustrated. I helped him out by holding onto the bottle so that he could tug on the rope. He pulled quite hard for a good five minutes, after which one piece of kibble fell out.

He's actually quite clever, and he's extremely food motivated. I don't know if something was wrong with this particular Tug a jug, that it was so difficult to get the treats out, but it's definitely not working out.

I only give two stars because he did not destroy it, although he was throwing it around and chomping on the bottle part. He did leave scratches all over it, but hasn't yet managed to crack it. However, I think it's only a matter of time.
234745234745B000KV7ZGQA3I86S8NQQ3V4Vamynicole902 "amynicole902"0031304380800Great fun, but not very durableThis is a great toy that my dog loved, but it didn't last very long. She likes to whip her toys around, and knocked this on something, and the container cracked. Also, the new style of toy has a nylon "flossy" style rope that is difficult to clean--man, that thing got smelly fast from kibble & doggy drool!

Overall, great concept, but I wouldn't recommend if your dog is rough with their toys...
234746234746B000KV7ZGQA2GCYH30NX7MTGkitcats "kitcats"0031304294400okThe shipping was very fast. The product is super durable. It did not hold my dogs interest for to long. I am going to try a better treat and see if that works a little better. I say give it a try as long as its on sale.
234747234747B000KV7ZGQA2U11HXWCW49R1K. Galindo0031304035200Dog loved it, but it broke after only 1 week!I was initially surprised how big the toy was (small), but my dog (12 lb Terrier mix) ended up loving it anyways. I feed him his meals between various puzzle toys and it does wonders for his destructive tendencies. I was upset when it broke after only one week. I have mostly carpet with minimal tile floor, so not sure if he got rough with it on the hard surfaces. I tried taping the bottom shut after I fill it with food, but eventually the screw part totally fell apart and I had to throw it away. Not sure I will buy another one at this price. :(
234748234748B000KV7ZGQA7T3EGPBVMO6YNichole R. Bechel "MyEnchantedLife"0021303862400Not For A Strong ChewerWe bought the large one for our dog thinking it was a neat idea to keep him occupied (and it is a really good idea for a toy) but apparently our 20lb dog has jaws of steel because the plastic broke the first time he played with it. He's not not a monster dog by any means but this just couldn't hold up to my dog.
234749234749B000KV7ZGQAYEMMUBJB4OE3AJ0031303689600Not for use on hard floorsThis is definitely more challenging than a tricky treat ball or a twist n treat saucer, and our 55 lb pit mix really enjoys it. However, it should not be used on hard floors. After only 3 weeks the entire top is completely cracked, and it's only a matter of time until the entire thing is going to be broken. Upon discovery of the cracks we started letting our dog play with this on the carpet, but it was too late; the damage was done. We considered duct-taping the top to keep it in place and all in one piece, but it was too difficult to try to get the kibble in to the little space on the rope end. We will probably buy another one of these since it is so much for for our dog, but I wish that it was more durable so that he could play with it in the kitchen on the tile floor. Allowing him to play with it on carpet = lots of vacuuming of the kibble crumbs!
234750234750B000KV7ZGQA2L11XFJ1W0AV1dog dog0021303689600not worth itI have yet to figure out how to get the bottom off to place treats into the toy. So I put them into the top which was difficult and they are hard for the dogs to get out. There are better toys than this one.
234721234721B000KV7ZGQA2F63M3TISBXMUladyem120031317600000My dog is afraid of it!I have a one year old lab mix that we adopted from a shelter. Got him as a puppy. I got this toy because I work out of the house, and he is constantly wanting me to play with him. Thought this would be ideal. Have no idea whether this is a good toy or not because my dog is afraid of it. He does not like anything that makes noise!! So, in theory it is a great toy, in practice, in my house, it's a bust!
234722234722B000KV7ZGQA1A43D2CYLVM40D. Kuo0031317254400Tug a jugThis toy is not so good if the treats or kibble is too big..... even small kibbles have a hard time getting out of the jug. I think this toy needs to be re-designed----My dog kept trying to pick up the jug from it's base so he can tip it up side down but the jug was too big to be picked up and made of slippery plastic (he's a Newfoundland with a big mouth). He learned how to dump the food out with empty soda bottles that I would put kibble in. It took a long time for him to get his food out and then at the end when there was only a little left he didn't want to play anymore because they would not come out. I think I will either take the rope out or drill a small hole at the tid of the jug to make it more fun.
234723234723B000KV7ZGQA3QTNS815YRIA7Evette0021316563200Busy BuddyUghh ..l I tried getting a toy for my puppy to play with to dispense treats.. it worked for a day.. my puppy was slammimg this jug around .. and the treats would dispense out .. he whipped it around he loved it ..but it cracked on the bottom and that's that.. so out of commission .. but nosey if you do not have and carpets or rugs in your home.. i have hard wood floor .. it was loud and nosey ,which was ok for a few minutes but then, i had to take it away .. good idea but my pup is 3 months old pitbull/german shepard mix.. he is active so now i ihave to shop for another treat dispenser.. i will submit a video of what i am talking about .. i just purchased another toy I will tell you how it goes .. i ordered the squirrel that dispenses treats i heard it was strirdy !!
234724234724B000KV7ZGQA19XMFA2UK6KPLNorma F0031313712000Doesn't take a genius to figure it outWe bought this for our dog as a way to feed him his kibble and entertain him for about 20 minutes a day at the same time. Out of the box, it took him about 10 minutes to figure it out and empty it of the 1 1/2 cups of small kibble. If we fed larger kibble, it might take longer. But because I had read other reviews, I knew this to be the case and followed the advice of others on here. I added some small tennis balls to the jug and then threw the kibble in on top of it. That helped in 2 ways. First, the kibble didn't spill out of the neck while I was filling it from the bottom. Second, it slowed down the amount of time it took our dog to empty it (about half an hour).

Just a word of warning: you will have kibble all over your floor until the dog goes back to eat it up. Ours is pretty good about going back to clean up after himself but you have to have patience that he will do that.

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