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234764234764B000KV7ZGQAL8WV8BE0ISZQRott Lover0021294531200Can be dangerousI have purchased many Premier brand products and liked them, especially the Busy Buddy dog toys. However, the Tug-a-jug is not one of them. The treats do not dispense as easily as some of their other products so some dogs may get discouraged. My dog stopped playing with it due to that. The tug-a-jug can be a dangerous toy being made out of very hard plastic almost as hard as glass. If one dog is swinging it, it can injure another animal standing by. It also can do damage to furniture, walls, etc. I purchased the large size. Today my dog found it after not using it for a very long time and was playing with it and cracked and broke the whole end off leaving sharp plastic edges. Luckily I noticed it right away or my dog could have ingested that! I did buy it in 2009 but my dog hardly ever played with it so I am not sure how long they would last if a dog played with it frequently. Premier has so many other wonderful dog toys to chose from.
234765234765B000KV7ZGQA3M4N81KOG4JN5Jackie E. Stevens0051294531200Great busy toyTook us a couple days for my dog to figure it out, but now that he has, it helps keep him busy on these very cold Montana days.
234766234766B000KV7ZGQA1L7AQQWVYOWCTMatt Wilson0041294358400Decent toy and kept the dog interested and BUSY!If the container wasn't so loud and we could find the correct size/shaped treats to put in it this product would get 5 stars. It keeps our Pit/Lab mix busy and gets her thinking which let me tell you is amazing since she's quite "thick" in the head... I've found a few smaller sized treats at Petco and put a handful in at a time. Make sure to put different sized treats in it too or else the dog will dump them all out and then fill up way too fast. The plastic has held up fine on our tile floor except for the teeth marks but I'm not too worried about it breaking like other people have posted.
234767234767B000KV7ZGQA1HXIYQM2FJSSNHeather0051293667200Love's it!!!We bought this toy for our Malteese and she loves it. We stuck honey nut cheerios inside it and she plays with it for hours trying to get them out. Once she got a few out she couldn't stop playing with it. It is made very well.
234768234768B000KV7ZGQA32VMX9Q3BMORDRosie0041293667200Great, but potentially dangerous.This is one of my dog's favorite toys. It has entertained her for many hours. Prior to her getting the rope out of it, she would swing it around like a mace or weapon and bang people on the knees if they weren't paying attention. Now that the rope has been shredded, I strategically put a larger treat in to prevent the kibble from just falling out. Good idea, but the design could be modified for safer play.
234769234769B000KV7ZGQARCMU0E7A8HNPEnglish Girl0021293408000Did not last long.The container itself is very strong, but our 40 lb springer spaniel chewed the rope apart in less than 15 minutes so she could get all of the treats.
234770234770B000KV7ZGQA3A4QIL2C5TWP7lita06220011293321600Not for Big DogsGranted I didn't take into account that my dog would chew through the rope, but my Pit had this destroyed in less than 10 mins. The sides of the bottle are too deep to really dispense without having to tip the bottle, so she got a little frustrated trying to get the treats out. She ended up bringing the toy to people to get the treat out for her. Well, she got tired of that and just decided to eat the rope off. I was really excited to get this toy too, she needs mind games to keep her busy. This one just doesn't hold up. Totally not worth the $20 I wasted. I'm sticking to Kong and West Paw toys from now on. They are the ONLY brands I have found to hold up and cost less than the new poser brands coming out.
234771234771B000KV7ZGQA25NH2LIK68RMCCsajtr0051292716800Love it but...My wife bought this for our Cane Corso when he was 8 weeks old. He wakes up in the morning, does his job and gets that bottle and starts banging it around. We all love it because it definately keeps him occupied and us laughing, where as he gets bored with the other toys. Unfortunately, he's banged it around so much that he has actually broken the bottle in two. He's 4 1/2 months old now and even though it broke, it did take a lot of beating and banging before it broke so we will definately be getting another one.
234772234772B000KV7ZGQA310P6L0OK691DKim0031292716800For light chewers onlyMy parents have a Carolina Dog who is not a big chewer. She loves this toy, and it keeps her occupied for a while. Seeing how much she loved it, I decided to get one for my 1 year old beagle. Within an hour or so, he had the rope completely chewed up which takes away the real intention of the toy. He still plays with the bottle itself, but there's no point in putting treats in it because they just fall out. This toy is not for hardcore chewers.
234751234751B000KV7ZGQA3HCVAHGJUHLNRCDamon0011302739200too bigI ordered the medium, which is actually a medium/large and it is too big for my Scottie. I found after receiving this from Amazon that Petco suggests the small size for dogs the size of beagles, cockers, and shelties. I think Scotties would fit in that category. He doesn't show much interest in the toy even with treats in it. I'll get the small and see if that makes a difference.
234773234773B000KV7ZGQA1KP19N1YQJ4ELL. Curtis "rebecca clarke dot org"0051292457600My dachshund plays with this every day.I see the small size has the rubber version of the "rope" as opposed to the rope that is really a rope. Maybe the real rope would last longer, but even with our "rubber rope" chewed in half, this toy works great, I just leave the big end of the "rope" inside the jug, where it slows down the treats from pouring out the end. I just put a handful of dry food in through the small end of the jug (easy to do, now that the rope isn't there, much easier than unscrewing the big end). Since there is only a handful of treats in it, my dachsie has to stand it up vertically to get them out. It keep him busy for 20-30 minutes. I always give it to him when I'm going out of the house, and his tail never stops wagging as he works the food out. My downstairs neighbors haven't complained yet about the odd clunking sounds ...
234774234774B000KV7ZGQA3BAI32S7NS6VMM. Beally "cactusjack882"0031292371200Good, but not as great as the product line's treat ball!My dog will tug at the rope and push the bottle around until every last bit of kibble is out of there, but she doesn't like playing with it nearly as much as the Premier Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Dog Toy. Both of my dogs will play with that ball (and chew on it) for hours. Keeps them both busy and away from my shoes!
234752234752B000KV7ZGQA3FPJDEDIX7HITDavid0021301356800Clever idea, but...The rope is made of rubber, and after about 30 minutes my little 20 lb. terrier had chewed up the rope, thereby eliminating the "tug" part of the toy. I wouldn't be surprised if she ingested some of it. For $10, this toy needs a more durable rope.
234775234775B000KV7ZGQA1PY4Y72MEDCCGLauren C0041289520000Keeps my pup busyIt took my 4 month old Westie a week to figure out how this toy worked, but now he can get most of the kibble out in about 10 mins. It is a great toy and it definitely keeps his attention. The one I have has an actual rope and not a rubber rope, so it has lasted. He has managed to chew off a few of the spikes on the rubber ball. Some end up on the floor and some in his tummy. I think the toy might be better if it didn't even have the spikes on it, so I wouldn't have to worry about him eating them. Overall it is a great toy and the jug seems very durable.
234753234753B000KV7ZGQAXRLQGRRJVAO3Amy0051301011200AmazedI have a 6 month lab/ husky mix that no joke-- INHALED his food in ten seconds.. Today when I put his food in the tug a jug... it took him a whole 30 minutes to get a cup and a half of food out! Mornings are usually rough for us-- dog wants to eat, is bored, full of energy. Then we are trying to get ourselves/ kids fed, cleaned up etc. The fact it gave him something to do.. kept us from getting frustrated trying to manage all our morning responsibilities. I am sure over time he will better figure it out... but they have ways to make it more tricky.. ex: bigger treats.. etc.

I have spent so much money on this dog.. on toys.. treats etc.. everything to try to make our lives eaiser. This is my fave so far!
234776234776B000KV7ZGQA2U7P9A6VX2111Susan W. Hixson "Reading Teacher Retired"0041286409600Great toyMy dog and i love the Busy Buddy bottle. I fill it with dog food and some treats and he spends lots of time bouncing it on the floor to get the treats out. He did eat the rope in the top right away, but I put it into the bottle and it helps to block the top so things are harder to get out. Great toy for my cocker spaniel.
234754234754B000KV7ZGQA1YUQ7G3U6FRFZArmin0031298073600Can be noisyOur dog likes this toy which we had gotten hastily at a drugstore when we realized we left her toys at home while on vacation. We fill this with Zukes or with crushed Nuturo choice snacks and leave it for her when we go to work. This can be a really long toy for your dog due to the small opening near the rope and it's good to check that what you put in will actually come out. Our dog gets her treats out be picking this up by the rope and then flinging it across the room (much to the chargin of the tenants below our apartment). She also just chews on the rope when she is bored and also tries to tug the rope back and forth in order to dislodge some of the treats. The best method for her however is to throw it and although it's durable, your wood floors may not like it and it can be somewhat noisy. But for this price, your dog will get a relatively long lasting treat dispenser that you can manipulate in order to increase or decrease the difficulty of earning their treat.
234777234777B000KV7ZGQA1231ZWZ66NDHFML0031285718400both dogs and my cat love thisits a free for all in my house when i fill up the busy buddy -- and both the dogs and the cat get involved (the cat loves dog kibble lol) i do have to use the largest kibble i can find to make it more difficult. However, the dogs have discovered that they can pick it up and swing it around like a mace... which gives them a weapon against my furniture, tv etc --- so i had to put it way - is its way to dangerous... i bought the busy buddy tumbler instead - which is a great alternative.
234778234778B000KV7ZGQA7DX7BMWACQPSNanabird "nanabird4"0021285372800frustratingThis toy is very frustrating, for a dog and for the owner. It makes my dog rather hyper and makes her bark too much. There's nothing wrong with the manufacture of the toy; I just don't think it works well as a device to keep a dog happily busy.
234755234755B000KV7ZGQA3JXP6XN8DMWONS. Kosner "Red Hatted Frug Lover"0041297987200My Puppy Loves This!!!I bought this toy for my puppy (She's a frug, 3/4 French Bull and 1/4 Pug) It took her a while to learn how to get the treats out. When she's a little hungry and she's in a hurry to get to the treats, she brings the jar to me so I can shake out some treats. For treats we use Rachel Ray's Nutrish dog food. The pieces are just the right size for the Busy Buddy. The only problem we've encountered is that our puppy chewed up the cord. We've tried a few different cord replacements and haven't found one that works very well. We don't recommend letting your dog take it to bed (especially if he/see sleeps with you) because you'll wake up with pieces of treats ... well you just won't like it! Other than that, it will keep your puppy well occupied.
234756234756B000KV7ZGQA2M18TY5BOC3OCDemiurgess0031296432000Too easyI have a dachshund/terrier mix who is 2 years old. I bought him the Busy Buddy for the same reason everyone else probably does: he needed more mental stimulation. I brought the toy home, loaded it up, and offered it to my dog. He quickly figured out the rope was restricting the flow of treats. He promptly chewed through the rope, leaving a knot in the bottom of the bottle and the rest of the rope and other knot on the floor. Without this restriction he figured out (within a matter of minutes) that if he threw the bottle into the air, the bottle would bounce, sending a treat or two flying out of the mouth and onto the floor. It should also be noted that this toy IS breakable. However, your pup would have to have pretty strong jaws like my dog's.

Synopses: Great toy if your dog isn't smart enough to chew through the rope or try to break the koosh ball.
234779234779B000KV7ZGQA12ZS9CVZTRN5Flovemypups0031285372800Big, tough, dogs don't like itI got the medium/large toy and it is really big. I have two large dogs and only one of them can carry this around. It is definitely a tough toy, but my dogs only play with it when there are treats inside. Then they get the treats out and don't touch it again until I put more treats in it. I thought they would chew on it even when no treats were inside because they always want plastic bottles which I don't like them to have. Overall, this toy is durable and a good toy if your dog will play with it.
234780234780B000KV7ZGQA2TIK8ILJL9Z2SLynette Friedrichs0051285200000Keeps her BusyMy dog really likes this interactive food dispenser. I put her regular dog food in it, when I use it. She learned within 5 min. how to grip onto the rope and shove it in & out to get her food to come out(hers did not come with a flexible rope,her rope is a fake straight stiff rubber rope). Sometimes she gives a playful growl to it while she is trying to get the food out. This toy keeps her busy for a short period of time and if your dog gulps down food, this would definitely keep them from doing that.
234757234757B000KV7ZGQA1RFDHX5W6HB74W. Kepner0031296259200OK toy if you remove the rope for safety..Purchased our Tug a Jug after my 12yr old beagle shredded an Atomic Treat Ball. I went with the TAJ because of the sturdy hard plastic and rubber neck and the ease of cleaning it out after each 'session'. These were both issues with the ATB. I did remove the rope IMMEDIATELY after buying it because 1) its not able to be thoroughly cleaned and 2) it is a MAJOR igastro-intestinal blockage risk should your dog injest all or some of it(I've seen this first hand, I work at a vet). Its an expensive, invasive surgery that can be easily prevented with the TAJ if you remove the rope!

My dislikes for the TAJ are:

*The rope. I'm still surprised that dog toy manufacturers still use rope in their products despite the documented risks to and actual deaths of beloved pets! Toys should not be a death trap. Shame on you Busy Buddy.....

*You can't adjust the kibble opening or dispensing rate of the kibbles. My dog figured out the first day that if he picks up the base LOTS of kibbles come out. I do understand this is due in part to my removing the rope, but its still an issue. Its annoying since he's not really 'working' for the food and he's done after just a few minutes, bored again. I've had better success plugging Kong toys with peanut butter or cream cheese and freezing them.

*My dog will only play with it on the carpet because of the noisy, yet more sturdy hard plastic. It is very noisy on our kitchen linoleum and I can't begin to imagine it on tile! Blue prefers the carpet for more silent snacking, but this means dog food on my carpet and carpet fuzzies on the TAJ :( We've sort of solved this with making him snack on a small mat/rug that can be cleaned.

Bottom Line: I would recommend this toy to pets that are not heavy chewers, as I don't think this would stand up to pits, rotties and other heavy chewing/large breed dogs. Its also a great toy for dogs that aren't such gifted problem solvers(like my beagle) since it IS such a simple design. Also a breeze to clean and fill with the screw-on base for the owner and it will hold a good amount of kibble.
234758234758B000KV7ZGQA71YMJ47BHGMMP. Purnama "life made easy"0041295568000Great toy!My 6 year old puppy LOVES this toy! She is a crazy Sheppard mix, 60 pounds and full of energy. I love finding toys that challenge her and keeps her busy for a while without my arm having the toss something every 30 seconds. At first she didn't know what to think of it and got a little frustrated that she couldn't get to her treats, but after a few times with patience and encouragement from mommy, she turned to a pro! She plays with it so much and understands to stop tipping it over when all the treats are eaten. She got a little too good and now I have to dilute her treats with dry dog food. Best treats for this toy: Zukes Mini Naturals Dog Treats. Pitfall: I hate the screw-on bottom; I can never seem to get it on right so I put all the treats in through the top. No a big deal for me, but might matter to some. Bottom line, I'm happy if there is a toy that keeps my crazy puppy entertained.
234759234759B000KV7ZGQA2QQIDHZEGNOPUannie18000031295568000Fun but not sturdyMy puppy loved this toy...but it lasted less than a month! The rope was easily chewed up in a matter of minutes when my back was turned - unlike most other rope toys we have that have lasted since we got her 6 months ago. Then, she was tossing it around with the remains of the rope, and the bottle hit the floor and the screw on end broke. So, now we can't put treats or toys in the bottle - which is the whole point of the toy! If your dog isn't a rough player, then this is a great toy...once they figure it out. I was very disappointed that this seemingly tough product broke so quickly.
234760234760B000KV7ZGQA2CZ9R1CAU7S9I2bella4u0021295308800No Match for a BoxerMy 3 yr old 75lb boxer is a heavy chewer and has a really long attention span to toys that give him a challenge. So at first this seemed like a promising toy. It lasted maybe one week before my boxer figured out that picking it up in his mouth then dropping, no slamming, it on my hardwood floor gets pieces of food out. The end cap, which screws on and is plastic, never stood a chance. it broke off and I was able to screw it on once more before bits of plastic shards were on my floor and victory was his.

It now sadly sits in the dogs toy box he doesnt like it anymore now that it doesnt dispense treats. lol. I wish I could get my money back or get a new plastic screw cap for it.
234761234761B000KV7ZGQAP2XB11SRN4B5Flora0011294963200Not a good toy for chewersI bought this item for my dog to play with. She was smart and can get out all the food in it. Initially I like it since it was entertaining for my dog. However, my dog quickly chewed open the rope - only the 3 time I used it.

I think there is a problem with the design - it will be great if the rope can be replaced with some better material so it does not get chewed immediately.

I asked some dog friends and they pointed out the same problemm. I would not recommend this item for dogs who chew. Well, most dogs chew, so...There are many other interactive toys that you can try.
234762234762B000KV7ZGQAWN3KOKDIDN0PHolly0021294790400Quickly spills out the treatsMy 12 month old lab puppy can grasp the bottle in her mouth and shake out all of the treats. It took her less than a minute to figure this out and eat all of the treats. I was very disappointed in this dog toy.
234763234763B000KV7ZGQA2NXZKOMNRZCJ4K. Raker0041294790400Not for use on tile floors, but otherwise, amazing!My four year old beagle loves the tug a jug! It was recommended by the shelter I adopted her from, and it keeps her busy. I give hre about a third of her meal in her bowl, and the rest in the tug a jug. It took her a few tries to get the hang of it, but now she rolls it around and has learned to put her paw on the bumpy part to tip the jug up and empty the food out. It works great with her kibble (eukaneuba adult maintenance small bites) but she goes crazy when I put her high-value treats in it like little pieces of string cheese.

There are two down sides - one, since the rope never comes out, the part inside the jug gets kind of gross with all the food. its a little hard to thoroughly wash, but it can be done. Two, I had her at my parent's house and they have tile floor. She banged it hard enough to break the plastic on the end piece (it unscrews on the bottom of the jug to let you put the treats in) - so I suggest not using it on tile floor and of course, quality supervision.

I leave it out after she is done with it and she often returns to it during the day just to check and see if she missed anything! Definitely recommend. However, I will saw that these products are significantly more expensive at Petsmart/Petco - I recommend Target, Amazon, or a local shelter's shop where the proceeds go back to animals in need.


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