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234781234781B000KV7ZGQA2JQXPT8QVS6CJJenn M0051284768000Our dog loves it!We have a 30 lb Doberman Pinscher mix puppy that is about 5 months old who absolutely loves this toy! Because we knew he was going to be a bigger dog, we opted for the medium/large size, which for his current size, is a little big for him now. But he manages fine with it, plus I like that he can't throw the toy in the air like he does with so many of his other toys.

We've had this toy for about a month now and use it at least 4-5 times a week. Initially, our dog was a little slow in understanding the concept and wasn't very interested in it. But after a few days, he got the idea and now gets excited whenever he sees us filling it up. We usually fill the container with a mix of his kibble and some cut up treats for a total of about a 1/4 of a cup and it keeps him occupied for about 30-45 minutes at a time. We haven't tried adding balls to the jug yet to increase the difficulty, but we may do so soon.

This toy has been a savior to help occupy him while we are busy trying to do things around the house, such as cook dinner or do laundry. I also give it to him to prevent boredom as well as help get rid of some excess energy that he still may have at night since he will push, drag, and carry it all over the place as he is trying to get out the contents. After a month of use, the only thing that has some signs of wear and tear is the rope. Our puppy hasn't done any damage to the actual jug yet.

On a side note, I have seen the smaller ones in the store that have rubber/plastic ropes, which do not seem to be very durable, but ours was an actual rope, as in the picture and has held up great with our dog. We have been so pleased with this product, that we bought the smaller one for a family member's new puppy.
234782234782B000KV7ZGQA3SGW46WDTLCR8peachykorey0031283904000maybe for another dogIt seems like a nice durable toy but my dog could care less. A few sniffs, nose up, and that was that. Doesn't matter what treats are in it or even if we dispense them. I thought it would be nice for a bored dog, but this is a dog that, apparently, prefers boredom to gastric pleasure. I gave it 3 stars because it does seem to be well constructed, but not five stars since it was utterly pointless purchase, at least for me.
234783234783B000KV7ZGQAFN2DFCI8ZTHZsnapplecapjenny0021283040000Great concept, but my dogs find little interest in itIt's a sturdy jug and easy to fill with treats. My dogs, however, do not find it interesting and have spent little to no time playing with it.
234784234784B000KV7ZGQA12RIBH3FE09MHTemple Naff "harleyridingirl"0051282608000great dog toyI got this toy for my two pomeranians and the boy just loves it. He has a high food drive anyway but just put some good smelling treats in this and he will play with it until they all come out. It's easy to load with just a few but if you put their whole day's food in it you have to hold you hand over the rubber ball so they won't spill out.
234785234785B000KV7ZGQATICQIH8TUR53margiemorgan0031282262400Difficult for my dogHave a border collie that I was hoping would love this toy. It is sturdy enough and well made but I can't find any kibble that fits. Anything I have put in the jar is too large for the dog to successfully get out. Right now she just walks around with the rope in her mouth and the jar dangling. Just be aware that it takes a very small treat to go in the jar.
234786234786B000KV7ZGQA2W2F9QZJXTFYMcocacola0051282176000Great Thinking ToyMy Lab Mix loves this toy. When he was a pup he had a hard time figuring it out and would get frustrated and just bark at it. But as he got older he tossed it around enough to get some food out. What really helped was sitting down with him and shaking some out, getting him to pull on the rope etc. What you can also do is take out the rope if that makes it easier and then if they'd got the hang of it add the rope again. Using smaller food helps too. It was fun to see him finally figure out a strategy for getting the food out.
234787234787B000KV7ZGQA1JOCFRO3UC0QERaven0031281830400It's a good toy but not as fun to play with as other toys.I gave this to my dogs to see how they'd take to it. They both seem confused by it. At first it just sat on the floor, untouched for a couple of days. I figured I'd try to lure them into playing with it by putting some really really yummy people food in it for them to sniff out. That definitely worked. But they lose interest in the toy itself once the treats are gone. Unlike another toy I purchased that they play with whether or not it has treats in it.
You have to show your dog how the treats slide out when you tug on the rope. I don't think my dogs are stupid but they just didn't get it until I went over it a couple of dozen times with them.
234788234788B000KV7ZGQA3FILXI12RWHS4Jean M. Geoghegan0041281398400good toy just dont put food in itthe dog got bored when i put food in it, but its great for playing fetch or chewing on
234808234808B000KV7ZGQACNK603VEUIBKI <3 Jesus "Sugar Dew"0041268092800No More Big After Dinner Belches! :)My doggie always ate his food in one gulp and then let out a HUGE burp after eating because he gulped too fast! Now he is eating MUCH slower because he has to work for it. Product is new, so we have to help him still, but this turns it into an interactive play toy rather than a feeder. He never gets frustrated with it because it is fun for him to drag it around by the rope. Durable, fun for him, easy to fill, but I did think it is a little pricey.
Now if only I can get him to drink his water slower...
234809234809B000KV7ZGQA3I6HYTU037QBAObiburner0041267920000One of the few toys that gives me some down time.I have a German Shepard Dog, who is trained as a service dog. While out in public, he receives lots of stimulation, and if I'm asked first, he receives a lot of attention too.

As a service dog, he's with me 24 seven. Everywhere, everyday, all the time. He's a high energy dog, loves playing fetch with balls, but doesn't much like my tv, computer, or napping time. I love him dearly but everyone needs a little away time.

I've purchased a number of Busy Buddy toys for him. The number of Squirrels at two different sizes, and cut the bottom fingers different lengths so some drop out treats easier, some harder. He enjoys them, they bounce funny, but he can empty them pretty quickly. Which leads to them being dropped on my lap repeatedly, and not always in the best place.

I found the tug a Jug which I didn't expect to last a long time because of the hard plastic jug. I also figured he'd pull the rubber tug out by now time. Much to my surprise, he's been playing with it for almost a year with none of the problems I'd expected, other than having it dropped on my foot or lap.

I've been able to use his normal brand of Kirkland Chicken & Rice kibbles dog food, mixed in with some Beniful for a change of pace. By using his normal kibble, it keeps the cost down, and allows me to adjust his meal portion size accordingly.

It's also about the only toy he doesn't bring out to the back yard to hide and then can't find it again. Which sends me a clear message he is very focused on this toy.

Even though he's a large size dog, I didn't buy him the large size, in part because I prefer the rubber tug, in part it keeps the amount of treats down.

I highly recommend this toy (and toy line) for their design and not making it impossible to use normal kibble instead of expense treat products designed only for their toys.

I'd have given this 5 stars if they'd made the outside of the bottle with a rubber coating, or rubber bumpers so it isn't so noisy on non carpeted flooring.
234810234810B000KV7ZGQA3E019771HXCSMKB5511295049600Plastic Lid Breaks EasilyMy 7 month old Rottweiler broke the bottom lid off within a few minutes. The plastic is hard and when he tossed the product around by the rope it hit the ground and broke. Now he just plays with the rope.
234789234789B000KV7ZGQAMN591L8LS9BL3DogMum "3DM"0051281139200Great toy for food-oriented dogsMy brother turned me onto these toys, and I'll be forever grateful. I have a Chihuahua-shaped vacuum cleaner of a dog who is utterly obsessive about food, and a neurotic Shep/Lab mix who will turn her nose up at food in a bowl, yet gobble up "found" food. These toys are the ideal solution for both dogs. The Chih works harder to get the food out (we have the med/large size jugs, so they're pretty big for him to manipulate), which means he's burning off calories. He tends to be a bit of a chub, so this is a good thing. The Shep/Lab mix has an easier time of it, but the toy keeps her occupied and she seems to enjoy it. I've just adopted another dog from the shelter, and gave her her own Tug-a-Jug. It's great for her b/c she has to stay crated a lot right now (healing from her spay surgery, plus the vet put her on very restricted activity while she recovers from an upper respiratory infection). I make sure to put the jugs away when I leave the house (don't want anyone fighting over food), but they're wonderful for when I'm working from home and need to keep the dogs busy while I'm on the phone with clients. (Murphy's Law of Dog Ownership #1: Your dog will bark like a freaking maniac - but for no discernible reason - the moment you get on the phone with the client you've been trying to reach for a week.)

Our experiences with these toys have been great, so I heartily recommend them. My Chih has been determinedly trying to manipulate his jug into spitting out more food for the past 30 minutes, and his tail has been wagging the whole time.
234790234790B000KV7ZGQA35WAE3S8KAV9Ephotogirl0031281052800good idea in theoryEven though I used small puppy kibble, my puppy could not get the kibble out of the bottle. For the treats to come out, the dog needs to pull on the rope and whip the bottle around. Because of the shape of the bottle, the kibble will not spill out on its own while lying on its side. I would think that holding onto the rope and whipping it around would be quite dangerous for the dog as well as anyone standing nearby - the bottle is made from hard plastic and would definitely hurt if it hit you.

I decided to remove the rope completely and tried putting in a little ball to slow down the flow of the kibble. That didn't work either - the ball completely blocked the opening (maybe I'll try again with a smaller ball). In the end, I just ended up putting a larger treat (a small milkbone biscuit) in with the kibble and that seemed to work a little better. My puppy is able to get the treats to spill out by tipping the bottle upright. I think I need to experiment more with different sized balls or milkbone biscuits so the kibble spills out easily, but not too easily.

On the plus side, the large opening on the bottom of the bottle is great. It makes it very easy to fill the bottle with kibble or treats.

I gave this product a 3 because it does what I wanted - it slows down my puppy's eating and keeps him busy for a little while, but for us, it didn't work the way it was intended to work and has the possibility of injuring the dog.
234791234791B000KV7ZGQA3F8SP8YJ6VOJ5Katherine Storm0011280880000My dog is having nothing to do with it.I consider my Sheltie to be an intelligent dog, but the noise of the toy makes him back away. And I can't tell you how many times I've "demonstrated" how to get the kibble out. He just waits until I do it. He could care less about the thing, and he's very food motivated.
234792234792B000KV7ZGQA4KHFSEQ0FG95Franziska Rauch0031279929600too scary for my dogI was all excited to find a toy that my smart, chew happy dog could play with. What I did not keep in mind, is that she is scared of anything that relates to people, even if it has food in it (she is a shelter rescue). She likes me getting food out for her, but never got into bouncing it around to figure out how to get food out herself. Two weeks later it is lying in a corner, ignored, full of yummy treats. I still think this toy has great potential, but I don't recommend it for a timid dog, that gets spooked easily. My dog loves her Kong chew toys. I was hoping to find something that will take longer to get the treats out.
234793234793B000KV7ZGQA60BP6AAMW2U7Number50051279843200great feeding optionI received the first jug as a gift for my golden retriever (80 lb.), then bought a second one when I picked up a Wheaten terrier (30 lb). Both dogs enjoy working their breakfast kibble out of the jug. The Wheaten will eat until full and the retriever, true to his nature, can't stop eating and playing. They are able to almost completely empty the jugs. Their size difference changes their strategies a bit but doesn't affect their ability to play.

When first introducing the toy to the dogs, I "primed" the jug by spilling out a couple high-value treats mixed with kibble (later moving to only kibble). The rope knot inside the jug can also block the entrance, so I was careful to make sure that the knot was well inside the jug. And I made sure to fill the jug about 3/4 full because the jug can clog if it's totally full and I didn't want them to be discouraged if it was too unrewarding. Now the dogs are more experienced, so I don't prime the jugs anymore. I am increasing the challenge by sitting the jugs upright and will soon be moving to asking them to find the jug.

The container is easy to fill but the cloth rope makes cleaning a little more difficult. My Wheaten uses the rope to retrieve the jug from under the coffee table but I'm still considering removing the rope because of hygiene and because it blocks the jug opening.

I recommend this if you have dogs cooped up indoors, if you have dogs that need to keep themselves occupied, and especially for large-chested breeds who gulp down their food (because the jug forces the dog to literally only eat a couple kibble at a time).
234794234794B000KV7ZGQA1Z7VYGEN8GC88LudaChris0031279843200Strong chewers whipped it in an hourMy dog just got mad they couldn't get the treats out and ripped the rope right out.
He's a pretty strong chewer but not extraordinary. He's only a 70 lb coonhound.
Just an FYI to ya'll. I thought it was a little difficult for them to get treats but maybe my dogs aren't the smartest.
Anyway, the search continues for the perfect dog toy.
234795234795B000KV7ZGQA186GTIBSBFNA8Victoria S. Reynolds "w0Lf SmiLe"0031279584000not for a rope chewerwithin five minutes my 11 month old 60 lb collie/saint Bernard mix had chewed the rope in half. I used suggestion given by another reviewer and put a racket ball in the bottle.
234796234796B000KV7ZGQA1Y98MLUYTC94Dihavewebfeet "Glass is the crack cocaine of t...0041277856000Husker Approved!Was surprised to read some folks lost this to their power chewers. Our Brittany, Husker, is a MegaChewer and has been loving this thing for months. It shows no signs of wear and tear, even after he carries it around several times a day. Our Golden Retriever, Gennie, will follow him around and help with "clean up", so she loves it, too!

Why not five stars? It's a bit difficult for those with grip problems to load the kibble/treats in the bottle and keep it from falling out. Would make more sense if the part that screwed off was at the end with the hole/rope/spikey-rubbery thingey.
234797234797B000KV7ZGQA23Q3AEQ6ER3L0M. Kavalam "mkava"0041277164800Great toy but won't last long for strong chewersThis toy was extremely great . . .My dog learned how to think and figure out ways to get the treats. I have 2 criticisms: 1) if your dog is a strong chewer, that rope won't last long. . . . but that's only if you leave the toy with your dog to play with; if you only use it as a way of dispensing food, then you should take it away after he has finished getting his food/treats out; that should hopefully allow the toy to last longer 2) i wish the bottle itself was made of rubber instead of hard plastic. I have (soft) wood floors so i cringe every time my dog plays with it on the floors . . .it can be loud and my dog's strength when he's playing with it causes me worry that i'm going to find dents in my soft wood floors. Other than that, it's a great toy and I would recommend it.
234798234798B000KV7ZGQA3QD0PL3REPWR8Gilbert G. Lamont "G Lamont"0051277078400Great for puppiesMy white Germany Shepherd puppy is 5 months old and this toy keeps her occupied for hours on end. I recommend starting out with tiny treat bits to get your dog hooked at this game as it is more rewarding. As your dog gets a hang of it you can increase its difficulty by increasing treat size.
234799234799B000KV7ZGQAWH159M2WXM6CJerros0041276732800Fun toy, unreliable for meal serving though.This toy is great fun, my dog enjoys playing with it. However toys like this are typically used to slow down how fast your dog is eating. Due to the design of this toy, your dog may get frustrated or lose intrest in eating his full meal by "playing" with the toy because they do have to work very hard to get a treat. Or be big enough to grab the toy in their mouth and dump the food/treats out.

If your looking for something to slow your dogs eating down then look at other toys like the Kong Wobbler. Or the Steggin Egg. You'll almost be gaurenteed your dog gets his full meal with those toys.
234800234800B000KV7ZGQA1YWP1ZSTDGINEAmazon Junkie "alpine"0031275868800Needs ImprovementGreat Idea! Great toy to keep dog occupied. BUT....

HOWEVER, in serious need of design improvement. I went through 2 toys and had same problem with both. Lid cracked where lid joins jug, making toy worthless. Needs rubberized bottom or screw at the top of jug.
234801234801B000KV7ZGQA2NE82UZXTFPFJE. Jones "Electra"0051275523200Isabella gives 4 paws up!My 4 month old Standard Schnauzer really loves this toy so far. It's quite large for her and I almost waited to introduce it to her until she got bigger, but she'll take the rope in her mouth and drag it all around! (Mine has the purple and white rope which seems better quality than the older style solid purple rope that breaks easily.) She knows the kibble is in there but can't seem to figure out how to make it fall out. But we play with it together and she's getting the hang of it. It's a fun toy for the both of us to play with now and once she gets older and can figure out how to get the kibble out on her own, she'll love to play with it as a distraction until I return home. High quality, very sturdy, I am very pleased!
234802234802B000KV7ZGQA2M77JEMWCU9R1Sarah Knotts0051272412800dog toyMy dog loves to eat a meal or two from the tugajug. She is very active and this product is just right for her.
234803234803B000KV7ZGQA39IVA3LNXAED8Valerie S. Crider "Loves Animals 1959"0041271203200Great purchase!Was reccommended by the Vet and ordered it right away. Dog loves it and keeps her busy for hours.
234804234804B000KV7ZGQA2K18LH5HC6K9BA. Nicole0051271116800Dog and I both love it! Definitely worth every pennyTook my dog all of three minutes to figure out there's food inside, and tricks for getting it out! It keeps her busy for hours, it's definitely not easy for her to get to all the food. Her favorite trick: She holds the rope down with one paw, and smarks the bottle with the other paw so that some kibble tumble out! So far, it's holding up well, and she's not exactly gentle with it! Had it for a week, and usually she destroys toys within a day or two...She's 25 pounds. I ordered the small, and it's still big enough that she can't get her whole mouth around the rubber stopper. It also has an actual purple/white rope, not a rubber rope like the picture shows. Love it! Will definitely get another one when this one does finally die. Best $10 investment I've made in a very long time.
234805234805B000KV7ZGQA34VEV19575JLJR. Roth0031270252800Good toy, but not for small dogsThis is a great toy, but the bottle is just too big for a small dog. The only way to get the treats out is to turn the bottle upside down and my dog's mouth is too small to grab the base of the bottle and he weighs 20 lbs. He can demolish a bully stick in less than five minutes, but cannot grab the base of this bottle to stand it on it's top. It's a clever toy for a medium to large dog!
234806234806B000KV7ZGQA14TL45CP14SUXI Audit "Me"0051269734400Corgi Owners BewareI purchased this toy for my four month old corgi; she absolutely loves it. The only problem is she figured out how to get the bottom off (where humans fill to bottle) before she figured out how to use it as designed. So, if you have a corgi or any extremely bright dog, you may want to consider gluing the bottom shut and taking a more difficult approach of filling with treats via the top.
234807234807B000KV7ZGQAOONMDCH9OKKGJulie Alexander "science teacher wannabe"0051269388800Aggressive ChewerI have a pitbull mix who is just a year old. She was a stray I found at our school. She chews everything (leather shoes, her bother's ears...) and she is inqusitive so I began a search for the perfect toy for her. We have tried toys that are for aggressive chewers, many only last a day! If she can't get it started one of her brothers help her out. She is smart and needs to think as she chews. We came across the Tug-a-Jug and decided to give it a try. She took to it right away. It has holes in the bottom so the smell of the treats continue to hold her interest. The screw-on lid has fine threads so she can not unscrew it. The rope cord is frayed on the inside to hold in the treats for longer play time. The unit is made from strong plastic and is too big around for her to use her powerful jaws to crack it. The rubber ball end is a good place for her to hold as she carries it around the house. Once I fill this toy with food I know she will be ingrossed for at least an hour while she works on getting all the treats. A couple of things to keep in mind, the treats add to the dogs calorie intake so you have to cut down on meal time, and it can be a weapon if your dog likes to throw it around (I know this from experience!). The first one I got for her, the cord was much more frayed on the inside so it took longer for her to get all the food. The reason why I had to purchase another Tug-a-Jug is she finally chewed through the rope.

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