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234811234811B000KV7ZGQA1BZK5ZAPBIYUEK. Reilly5541223251200A mixed reviewI've had two of these products. The large one was great, my dog Rocco had fun figuring out how to get the food out and became quite a pro at it. It is a good time killer for the dogs as they don't have much to do anyway. Then I forget to take it one time after he was done and he chewed through the rope. Well I liked to so much I go to get another and it's the smaller size. This one had a rubber rope instead of cloth. It didn't move smoothly and Rocco couldn't get ANY treats out of it. That rubber rope just doesn't glide as well as the cloth it sticks. Get the large one, even a small dog should be able to handle it.
234812234812B000KV7ZGQAN8IX2V1UH3CQB. Blate "Bud Blate"5551218844800Great toy for food driven LabsLabs like to work for their food. This makes him work in spades. Keeps him occupied for longer than any other food dispensing toy we have used and it doesn't require special food. Just use kibble.

Easy to fill, easy to clean, durable and fun. What more could you ask?
234813234813B000KV7ZGQA3IETZUMKWDJFFJennifer W. Gorman "Dayeseye"4451343174400great toy even after 3 yearsWe have had this toy for about 3 years, one for each of our Great Dane/Doberman mixes, a chocolate lab, and now one for our big terrier mix. It is sturdy, and even to this day they are super excited when the see it getting filled.

The one thing I will say is the rope is awesome as long as it lasts, in this house that meant about 3 weeks. I don't think that is a problem with the toy--my guys have always destroyed rope toys ASAP.

We replaced the rope with a small tennis ball inside the container that just blocks the hole, but bounces around with the food still making it challenge to get the prize. similar to Chuckit! Tennis Ball Small 2-inch, 2 pack

There are scratches from lots of teeth, but no cracks and only one of our dogs has gotten the end off (he was a freak and could unscrew any container, open screen and regular doors gently with his mouth! *dane mix)
234814234814B000KV7ZGQA2ZAXYKS804AV0Marley "marley226"445129962880040 lbs boxer mix loves it and hasn't been able to chew it up!!!!I got this for my 40 lbs boxer mix. He loves most toys but usually tears them up. At first, he didn't know what to make of it as he thought it was a "pull" toy. Pulling on the rope actually puts a stopper on the bottle and the food doesn't come out. My 5 year old tried to "show" him and after a couple hours of on and off play he figured it out. He actually LOVES it and sometimes just carries it around empty or chews on the rope. You have to use small, hard food so it comes out easy. I tried crunching up small treats but it just stopped up the bottle. HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO KEEP DOGS ENTERTAINED AND BUSY.
UPDATE: This morning (one day after I wrote the above), I put his food in his bowl for breakfast. Usually he gulps it down quickly...this morning he looked at it, walked away and brought THIS TOY to me, dropping it down in front of the food. I put the food from his bowl into the toy and he immediately tipped it over to get the food out and was clearly having fun. IF THIS DOESN'T TELL YOU HOW MUCH HE LOVES IT, I DON'T KNOW WHAT DOES.:)
234815234815B000KV7ZGQA19R1KK2UPLV1OJack's Mom4441251158400If the rope breaks, it can be salvaged!I purchased this product hoping that the "bullet proof like material" would last longer than the other toys I'd purchased for my 8 month old lab. He's a chewer, and within an hour had the rubber-rope gnawed in two. But someone posted a photo of the modification they made post-rope that saved the day: inserting a tennis ball into the bottle. AMAZING IDEA! Whom ever came up with that should write the company and suggest the modification. He can't get through the bottle, and the ball blocks the hole enough to where he really has to try to get the treat out. It is loud, but this is the first toy to survive my lab. If it's lab proof, I'm sure it can survive anything!
234816234816B000KV7ZGQA3A8NB11HSAXWPESH4451197676800Keeps them entertained.I bought this a few months ago, and my two puppies are still playing with it. My pups are now about 13-15 pounds, and while they play rough with each other, they aren't too rough on this toy. I know a lot of people mentioned their dogs chew right through the rope, but this was not the case in our house, which I was glad to see. They seem to focus on scratching at the purple spiked piece and don't do much flailing around by the rope, so that could be why.

One of the dogs figured out how to use it right away, although it took her a couple of weeks to get a little more aggressive with it. It took the other one almost a month to not be afraid of it! It never fails, though, when they go for their toy box, this is the toy they pull out and play with for a good 20 minutes. I have no complaint about the quality of the product, and it keeps my dogs happy and entertained.
234817234817B000KV7ZGQALIL6GECW4VE1P. Wroble "Jazz Diva"6721191369600Good idea... my dogs are not interested.I don't know. Maybe I'm just not putting the right "yummy goodness" inside. This toy, though durable and a novel idea, doesn't hold either of my dogs' interest. Not even our beagle (who tells everyone she's STARVING and we NEVER feed her... EVER!) seems to be interested in this for any length of time.
234818234818B000KV7ZGQA3W37DL6P9WZHCSR3321223164800Nothing specialThis product seems to be torturous for my dog. She sees the treats inside, but being such a small dog, even the "small" sized bottle is too big for her to thrash around and get the treats out. I love how busy it keeps her, but in the end, I have to take a treat or two out for her because she can't do it on her own. Probably better for bigger dogs.
234819234819B000KV7ZGQA1DKPGE3QGPTGPTammy Farrington "tammy59"3311222041600welllI have greyhounds and when they grabbed the rope and the bottle "chased" them rattling (kibble inside) they decided they would never touch it again. I try it again with each new foster, and they all do the same thing...
234820234820B000KV7ZGQA2KEO97THIOBRZP. Dobbins "anmllvr"0041267833600very good treat dispenserThis is my dogs favorite toy. I got this last summer for my very anxious, smart 2 year old pit bull rescue to keep him occupied while working. He is very destructive to his toys but doesn't eat what he destroys. He spends an hour or more a day playing with it , not including while we aren't home. At first I fed him only from this toy, but now he's calmer so I feed him in his bowl too, but he generally prefers to feed out of the toy. I knew when buying he would chew the plastic rope off immediately, and he did. Some come with a nylon rope, which would take longer to chew off. Since I have the large, and the rope is gone, I put in one or more large treats (depending on how hard to dispense I want to make it) and regular size hard dog food and a few small treats that will fit through the neck. The rope definitely blocks well and can be replaced; for me it was easier to put a larger dog treat in to block. With the rope I needed to use small bite dog food because it came out very slowly, and he would lose interest. Interestingly he loves the enlarged end of the plastic rope to chew on (not good for swallowers). Very sturdy and easy to fill as long as you line up the spirals. He's never opened it. He knocks it around with his paws and nose and grabs the neck with his mouth and throws it around. So far no damage, but it is sturdy and could possibly break something when tossed. Worth the slight risk. After almost 8 months he began to chew off the plastic ring around the neck, which he loved doing, and does attract him to the neck where the treats come out. Recently he started chewing the neck off, which is why I'm buying another, but I plan on using this one until he gets down to where the neck is gone, as it still works and he still loves it.
234821234821B000KV7ZGQAGKNAD0B9M83photomom "anne"0031267747200Should be labled medium size dogsMy golden just picks up the bottle and dumps everything out. Larger dogs should use to big one that they can't get their mouth around.
234822234822B000KV7ZGQA3AE8HH0TUBAIZBrooklyn reader0051267142400Good toy, but best for a clever pupI bought the Tug-a-Jug after having bought the Twist n Treat. It's a good toy, but I would say it's ideal for a dog of above-average intelligence. The Twist n Treat only requires your dog to nose it over. This one has a more complex mechanism that requires more work. Our dog couldn't get much out of it the first few tries but she is very food motivated and now can empty one in about an hour or so. The advice to fill it more than half full on the first go is good. In all, I like this toy, because it's harder and requires more time and effort from a dog that the typical treat dispenser, which is good if you want to give you dog something to occupy her. If you are looking for a first food-dispensing toy, I would recommend getting the Twist n Treat first, however.
234823234823B000KV7ZGQAZ5KEKJ7BIX6PJ. Jarvis "veterinarian"0031266451200Well made, but only for the very food motivatedI bought the Tug Jug for my dog because she was jealous of the cat's Slim Kitty food dispenser and she likes to play with rope toys. I guess jealousy and rope are not enough motivation for her to play with it. They need to be very food motivated because it is very challenging to get the treats out, and unfortunately she isn't a big eater. It is a very sturdy and well made toy, and it is not as easy for them to get the food out as the other treat dispensing toys that roll around. She only shows interest in it if I play with it with her. I could see how it would be a great toy for the very food motivated dog who has a lot of dexterity. Also a funny side note, the package came to me opened by the post office already because apparently on x-ray in looks like something dangerous. Someone thought that a person would buy a molotov cocktail on Amazon, I guess.
234824234824B000KV7ZGQAN0HDZTZJXK09Vet Student "Weiner mommy"0031265414400Hard to interest my pooch.I have a 16lb Dachsund and we have a very hard time finding toys that she is interested in. We adopted her, and her home before us was as a breeder at a puppy mill where they kept her in a crate her whole life. So long story short, she has no idea what to do with toys and really, I'm out of ideas. She gets interested at first, but has a really hard time manuevering the bottle to get the treats out (she has had back surgery to repair paralysis in her hind end from ruptured discs so is not super agile). Also I think my little wiener has a little trouble figuring it out and I'm not sure how else to show her. I do like to toy and it has withstood her frustrations but I think I need more help with it. Some helpful hints or instructions would be greatly appreciated.
234825234825B000KV7ZGQA2PAXLQPVYIKRHKaren Gravatt "Wheaten Mom"0031264464000It lasted a couple of hoursI gave this item a three because it only lasted a couple of hours before my 2 year old Wheaten Terrier chewed the rubber cord apart. It's a good thing I was watching hime or he would have swallowed it. That being said my girlfriends 3 year old 90 pound chow mix loves it. He chews on other things but loves this toy!
234826234826B000KV7ZGQA3AGRXY3JYCIJ3Odd Bird "Eccentric Woman"0041263340800Dog Loves itMy 13 lb dachshund is extremely destructive with his toys and needs a lot of interaction with most toys constantly. I filled this toy with organic cheerio type cereal and he was delighted. It took him about 3 minutes to work out how to get the treats out.

I dropped a star because he is able to pull small chunks off the purple molding. I sort of expected that because he is like that with everything though. Luckily, he spits the rubber out after he pops it off, so I can let him play with it when I am home to supervise his play.
234827234827B000KV7ZGQA23GCEIL1834ZEC. Haiser0031263254400Nice enough, but...My dog just isn't a "tugger" by nature. She doesn't get this toy, and the same hard plastic that makes it super durable also makes it super LOUD when it hits the hardwood floor. Noise=scary. My dog developed a phobia of this toy long before she ever figured out how to get the food out of it. I had to pass it along to someone else. Hopefully it will find a home with a dog who really loves it.
234828234828B000KV7ZGQA34PFRVY54RID9stacysrm0031262217600Ouch!The toy got a lot of interest, but I eventually had to take it away because of the way my dogs chose to play with it. They would grab it by the rope and shake their heads to release this treats, subsequently beating walls (or worse, human legs) that were near them. It appeared to be sturdy, and probably would have been a good toy otherwise.
234829234829B000KV7ZGQA3MTDNQ3Z3UT3PRobin Collins0041262131200fun but not the way intendedI have a mini Dachshund, and she's just a puppy so she's very busy, she loves this thing but the treats have to be really small to get out I use Zukes minis, however she will grown and drag that thing all over the place flinging it around to try and get the stuff out and very rarely she does but she keeps trying
234830234830B000KV7ZGQAJPYZHQ62672WJ. Otto0031261958400Cute...but not Westie-proofGot this for my West Highland Terrier for Christmas and she loved it. It kept her busy as soon as we gave it to her. She was completely focused on getting those treats out of the bottle...however, she re-invented the toy and got all of the treats out by actually chewing through the thick rope that is attached to the toy. (She managed to do this in about 5 minutes in a roomful of people.) It's a cute toy and a great concept - and she did enjoy it - however, I think this toy would work best with a dog who is not quite as focused, or creative in problem-solving as our westie seems to be. The plastic bottle and rubbery ball are very sturdy and are continuing to hold up well.
234831234831B000KV7ZGQARODDPHPQQY3EChrisite Veronesi "Christie"0051261872000He loves it!This is a great toy. I put my dogs dinner in it every night and it keeps him busy for about 15 minutes. He loves a challenge and this way he has to earn his food.
234832234832B000KV7ZGQA93P0Y3UPG2CCGreatMoments20031260144000My dog never figured this outI followed all the instructions and great guidance from this site, but my dog - a rescue dog, formerly an outside dog and not used to 'toys' didn't figure this out. Perhaps if another dog showed him the way, he'd get it. The product otherwise was well-made and a creative idea!
234833234833B000KV7ZGQA2HT1DKZARTZPCJ. Stone0021259971200Cool, but my dog quickly destroyed itI wanted to use this as an alternative to a Kong, to fill with lunch for my dog on days when she would be alone all day while I was at work, and my husband was out of town. The product arrived with a rubber "rope" with a ball-like bulge on the outside, and a cone-shaped plug on the inside, rather than the actual rope pictured on the page. For the first 3 days, it was wonderful. She was very excited and interested in how it worked, and it seemed to keep her occupied. On the fourth day, when I got home, I saw her chewing on the little ball-like bulge, which she had handily chewed off of the rubber "rope". I worry that she would be able to chew off other pieces, and that she could choke on a lump of rubber that size, so I haven't used the product since then. Too bad, because it seemed neat. I would only recommend this product if your dog is a VERY weak chewer.
234834234834B000KV7ZGQA3P43C9U5FZVCIT. Morgan "My 2 Cents"0031251849600Okay, I Guess...While the concept is great - my dog LOVES empty pop bottles - he doesn't have any interest in this particular toy. I think it is pretty sturdy, though I may not be the best judge as he hasn't really played hard with it. He has a ton of toys and this is his least favorite. It really is a good idea though and I do like how well it was made.
234835234835B000KV7ZGQA2MXME0QLYZB67AZ0021248393600The "rope" is actually rubber. Chewed through it in seconds.The rope part of the toy that the dog is supposed to tug on to get the treats out is rubber and not rope as shown in the product pocture. My 45lb border collie mix chewed through that in almost record time.

He really likes the toy. He just picks it up now by the knobby top and drops it to get the treats out. I will probably try to put an actual rope and stopper in to fix it. I am just disappointed that it wasn't as shown.
234836234836B000KV7ZGQAS8V12QAP5YYLlrene "lrene"0031248134400My Dog Chewed This UpMy beagle really enjoyed working to get his treats out of this ball for the first couple days then he chewed through the rubber piece for tugging so now if we put treats in they just fall out.
234837234837B000KV7ZGQA1KXH22V241M17RED0031248048000not as good as the previous modelWe had an earlier model of this jug, with a rope instead of the rubber "rope." My dog was able to get the food out a little easier, which I preferred. This rubber thing in the middle quite effectively blocks the food and my dog gives up. She used to eat her whole meal everyday in the old jug. So I am disappointed they changed it.
234838234838B000KV7ZGQA3S96B2GBP04N2Rena0031246492800Great for a food driven dogMy youngest Miniature Schnauzer is very food driven. I'm not sure why but he has always had a bad habit of "wolf"ing down his food. I have resorted to locking him in a seperate room, away from my other two Miniature Schnauzers, placing a tennis ball in the middle of his bowl and feeding him large kibble sized chunks of food to get him to slow down during feeding time.

Toys like the "Premier Busy Buddy Tug-a-Jug" is great to keep him busy and entertained because if there is food in there, he's going to work at it until he can get to it.

It took him a little while to 'get' that the food comes out of the front of the jug and previously he was trying to pry off the bottom, chew the front , purple hard rubber ring around the neck of the bottle and then he finally figured out how to get the food out and is content trying to do so until all the food it gone.

My other two are just not that determined.

I agree with everyone here, if you have an aggressive chewer this may not be the best toy but if your dog isn't an aggressive chewer but a food driven dog this toy will keep him busy.
234839234839B000KV7ZGQA32L0PTBX96Q9FL. Mullin "jbird8282"0031240963200Pretty good, but doesn't hold my dog's interestMy Westie liked this at first, but it didn't really hold his interest. Plus, you have to fill the bottle about half full. He gets bored after removing a few items, and then you either have to waste the food by replacing it with smellier food, or just leave it sitting around. I think I just need to try with food he enjoys more, but I wanted the point to be that he would eat his regular food from this toy.
234840234840B000KV7ZGQA1EQBWOC2QYBLKElaine Monkey0051240444800Very engagingThis is the first morning my dog is using this toy. So far, it seems great. She is a 7-month old german shepherd/husky mix with a lot of energy who loves to play and figure things out. Sadly, she has a soft-tissue injury so is not allowed any walks, running or playing in the park for 3 whole weeks! We needed to find alternative outlets for her energy so she wouldn't turn into a raving beast from the frustration. The Tug-a-Jug has kept her full and undivided attention for 45 minutes so far. We also purchased the Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone, which she also loves. I'm very happy with this product. She's a powerful chewer, so I know she's going to chew right through the rope and spikey ball on the top. But I will take the advice of another reviewer and just put a tennis ball inside and I am sure it will still work just as well.

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