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234901234901B000KV7ZGQAVZE2A3LHT4Z0Alexandra Grammer "Alex"1231255392000Not for people with hardwood floorsOur dog does enjoy this toy, but the constant slamming on our wood floors is annoying. The rubber part actually lasted a month, which is a record for our chewer.
234902234902B000KV7ZGQA2Z5E7AHHKFCDSPamela S. Shapiro1211255305600lameMy dogs who will generally "play" or destroy any toy had no interest. I tried placing everything short of hotdogs into the jug with no avail.
234903234903B000KV7ZGQA1VHQSQMEO58F3Twinkieslug "K9 Kaos"1211247529600My dog broke it quicklyI bought this toy and put one of my dogs in her crate with it. I just filled it with a handful of kibble. 1/2 hour later the Tug a Jug was broken. My dog had chewed the end off where it screws on. Her chewing destroyed the threads so the toy is useless. She's a 55 pound food motivated dog, medium chewer. My original worry about the Tug a Jug was that it would be noisy on hard floors. It never made it that far. I had better luck with the Busy Bone toy, although she can get the Gnawhide rings off pretty quick. At least that one is still usable.
234904234904B000KV7ZGQA24OAXVIRIGL5IE. Ault1211243036800Dog managed to open it & destroy in a few minutes!Loved the idea, but it only took my lab puppy less that 10 minutes to open this and destroy it!! The only thing left is the purple "rope" from the middle, which is now a great chew toy. Too bad--the whole thing should be made out of indestructible material!
234905234905B000KV7ZGQA2HYHQZ208D4HHSand_Trapp1231236556800just ok - my 2 dogs are not the least bit interested in itWell, this was purchased to keep our two canine "monkeys" busy while we're out. Even after filling the toy with the YUMMIEST treats (dried chicken jerky) and showing both dogs what to do they gave up after only a few minutes... no go
234906234906B000KV7ZGQA3SKIW3YE18RBTR. Hermann1221234828800Too smelly? Dog won't touch it.Despite several washings, I can not get rid of the industrial plastic smell on the soft rubber parts of this toy, and our dog (lab mix) has absolutley no interest in it, despite favorite treats inside. I can only assume she finds the smell offensive/repellant.

If she does ever take an interest in it (I keep trying), I will keep a close eye on the rubber "rope"- seems like something she may chew through fairly quickly.
234907234907B000KV7ZGQARNGEQEP7G56UJennifer Tancredi1221228262400Don't understand the problemMy one year old boxer is a big goofy, playful dog. He adores chewing on water bottles, stuffed toys, milk bones, you name it. I really thought this toy would be a terrific idea for him but he is absolutely terrified of it. He growls and barks at it, won't even smell it. Sounds terrific to me but I guess if you're considering this toy you should probably bring your pup to a pet store to introduce him to it first.
234908234908B000KV7ZGQA1V3WE16V2LEA9Astro Bill1251215907200Very Versatile & Useful Toy!The Tug-A-Jug seems to have really gotten a hold of both my dogs from day one, and so far there's no sign of them letting up...even at night sometimes...alas. Seems to be solidly-built. They've taken it outside as well. I may order a second one so they will stop fighting over it.
234909234909B000KV7ZGQA24WL4AZ1SXTZFAM1221197158400Not all dogs love itI bought this because of all the great reviews, but unfortunately neither one of my two dogs were at all interested.
234910234910B000KV7ZGQA20RTZ6I5ADGRLRubyRedd2421187136000Expected more...I bought this for my Puggle (Pug/Beagle mix) because he loves to chew on empty soda bottles. The bottle part is very tough, but he had the rope part destroyed within an hour. I expected more from it than that. Without the rope, it's just not the same. I consider this to have been a waste of money.
234911234911B000KV7ZGQAGZ1J2KEFSFLAR. MENDOLIA2411256515200not goodmy dog wouldn't even touch it. However from what I've heard other people use it. It seems way too heavy and bulky for a dog to play with and I can see if causing a lot of damage to your furniture if your dog was to swing this around. Especially if you have a small child that could get whipped in the head with it.
234912234912B000KV7ZGQA2JGWDPGYD5X0NAnn Joy5911210118400Three Dogs...No want...I bought this tug toy because of the reviews...However, none of my three dogs had any interest in them, even when I put their favorite snacks in them. I dog is a big chewer, one is a medium chewer, and one is too old to chew! Not one would go near it...Also, it does not look like the picture. It is entirely in purple, and the tug is all purple and rubber... This is the only toy I ever bought that all three dogs disliked. It has been a week, and I keep giving them the toys, but no luck. I personally think it is too awkward and heavy..Fell on my bare foot, and it hurt somewhat. I think you could make this with a plastic soda bottle, for nothing...
Sorry for the bad review....The review is from the dogs, and not me! I paid quite a bit for 2 of them, and I
need to figure out what to do with them...paid too much to throw them away.. maybe make a bird feeder?
234913234913B000KV7ZGQA1YYIJO86KEOOWTartán0151349827200Good, but not for apartmentsI think this is a good toy, but its too hard for my Border Collie to get his food or treats. Food should be smaller to drop it more easily.
234914234914B000KV7ZGQA1N2UHFTS2KP33SAK "sak"0121341532800VERY DISAPPOINTEDMy 10 month old Golden Doodle had chewed through the rope within 30 minutes. The "bottle" part is hard plastic and very loud when bounced around. The knot on the rope (when we still had a rope) fit too tightly into the opening making getting treats out of the bottle close to impossible. I had hoped this would be one of those toys to occupy her a bit more. And for the price, think the rope would have been somewhat tougher to a chewer like mine.
If your dog is a chewer I can't recommend this. Not what I expected or hoped for.....
234915234915B000KV7ZGQA2ODGO26L21MO1Linda D. Hollowell "Linda Hollowell"0111341446400My inquisitive Blue Heeler was not interested in this at all.This one baffled me. My Blue Heeler loves "figure it out" kind of toys, but she was not interested in this at all, not even for 2 minutes. I put her favorite treats it, spent days trying to intrigue her, but to no avail. Maybe it'll work for somebody else. Pay my shipping and I'll send you mine for free!
234916234916B000KV7ZGQA219ZO3XYOFGAYArthur0131336694400My dog hasn't gotten the hang of it yetMy 70lbs. lab/hound mix likes this toy OK. He hasn't figured out how it works to get the food out but he does like to carry it around in his mouth by the rope. Not as entertaining for him as I hoped but we're still giving him time to figure it out. We've tried to show him but he's never gotten the food out on his own and he's a pretty smart dog. -B
234917234917B000KV7ZGQA242HDAB0EFGYNAshley0111336348800DestructibleI have a 10 pound Yorkie who admittedly destroys most toys we give him. I thought this toy would be an exception based upon other reviews. He has a ball that he rolls around that dispenses food and seems to enjoy it and it has lasted longer than most of the other toys. For this reason I thought he would love this toy. Less than 36 hours later he became so frustrated in not being able to get the treats that he tore the rope in two.
234918234918B000KV7ZGQA1BEMKOWN1TJK4Dalton0121334361600Good idea, dog enjoyed it, broke immediatelyOur dog enjoyed this for 10 minutes and the bottom broke. The part that screws in the bottom cracked. I'm very disappointed.
234919234919B000KV7ZGQA1OUYBEZU99FYDapotion0111327708800hated itMy dog loves puzzles and treat dispensing toys but this is the only one she dislikes. I don't really know what else to say except she's completely uninterested. Might only work for big dogs who like to rip things apart.
234920234920B000KV7ZGQA24Y8NVU78XQ66EChord "EChord"3341338249600I liked the design, but my pup's too smart for itI bought this for my 3 month old puppy, thinking it would keep her busy and entertained. It took her about 20 minutes to figure out that she could lay in her bed with the bottle tilted against the side, and the food would keep coming out if she just moved it periodically. I ended up giving the toy away because she was able to be too lazy with it. I gave the toy 4 stars, though, because I doubt this would happen with most dogs. Quite frankly it shocked the heck out of me when I saw what she was doing.
234921234921B000KV7ZGQA2ONJC4B4JJVKIMary "Living Life"3351304294400Best Toy Ever! Length:: 0:29 Mins

My dog received this as a gift a few years back. It is THE BEST toy ever and keeps her busy for a long time! She has mastered it so well, and enjoys it so much, that she will bring the empty jug to me when she wants it filled up! LOL!
234922234922B000KV7ZGQALXV5YNZ3RTX7I love Kumo "Susan"3341288310400Good toy Length:: 1:55 Mins

I have a 43 pound border collie mix. He needs to be mentally stimulated so I bought this toy for him. He gets his dinner through this jug sometimes.

I was nervous about purchasing it because of the reviews stating how the rubber "rope" was easily chopped, but I figured I might be able to replace it with a real rope if it breaks. To my surprise, the purple rope hasn't broke and I had this toy for several months now. My dog has been chewing it with his molars, but not very often. Also he may not be as a strong chewer as the dogs from other reviews.

When my dog first recieved this toy, he kept pawing at it and pushing it with his nose panting with exsaustion. It took about an hour until he almost got the one cup of kibble that was in it. Later he got used to it and now he has a strategy. He pushes the back of the bottle straight up. He can empty the bottle in about 10 minutes now.

A major problem I have with this toy is that the rubber spikes and the rope gets pretty nasty. It picks up hair from the carpet and dry food crumbs from the kibble inside the bottle and builds up to a disgusting slimy gunk. It is extremely hard to get all the crap out between the spikes and the inner edges of the rope.

Over all it is a good toy for my medium sized mutt. It just gets dirty and hard to clean.
234923234923B000KV7ZGQA1P9JUPGNBOFB6Traci "Traci"3311286496000Neat idea, but not good for strong chewers.My dog had this for 30 minutes before he chewed through the knot. He then went on to chewing the rubber off the nozzle. My dog was 9mo old and weighed 26lbs. Loved the idea of it. Disappointed that I spent $12 on a toy that lasted less then an hour.
234924234924B000KV7ZGQAUE7E97F248OKSandy3351272931200Keeps her busy for a long time!I always use some kind of toy or device to feed my dog, both to make her eat slower and to keep her from getting bored. This is the best toy I've found yet to keep my overly smart dog challenged.

I've used Kongs filled with loose kibble, then kibble mixed with yogurt, kibble mixed with cream cheese or peanut butter, then kibble mixed with one of those and frozen. After 2 months of increasingly challenging Kongs, my dog finally graduated to the point that Kongs don't keep her busy or engaged for long. I also had been filling the Premier Waggle with her kibble, and she takes care of those pretty quickly too and seems to have gotten bored of the one repetitive move she used to get food out.

So I got the tug-a-jug. My dog figured out how to get food out right away, which was disappointing -- then I realized I could put big chunks of treats in there to make it smell enticing and harder for the smaller food kibbles to come out. It works!

I love that you can customize how hard it is for your dog to get food out by putting in objects that are too big to come out. I filled about half the jug with freeze-dried liver. Then, I put about half a cup of kibble per meal. It takes my dog a good half hour to get out all her kibble, and she really seems to love shoving, nosing, and flinging the jug around. She used a greater variety of movements than with the waggle, which is probably more fun for her.

I also love that the jug is SO easy to fill! Kongs and even the waggle are annoying because they have small holes you have to shove the treats into, but the entire bottom of the jug screws off so you can just scoop the food in. Fast and easy, and my dog is delighted. Totally worth the $.
234925234925B000KV7ZGQAWN8ZV815QHJFR. Ross3341264377600Better than the Buster Cube almost as good as a bully stick
234926234926B000KV7ZGQA3GK4K5VB4UT47Denise E. Seisler3351257724800Wonderful attention Keeper!This toy is perfect for my Min Pin. He works at getting his kibble out of it for a good 30 minutes.
234927234927B000KV7ZGQAY0BZZFHVC3X8Lady Grey "Lady Grey"3341256169600Keeps the pup busyThis Tug-a-Jug turned out to be the perfect thing for our black lab puppy. We put his evening kibble inside and let him roll it around to get his dinner. The jug keeps him occupied for anywhere between 25 minutes to an hour.

1. Good mental stimulation. Dinner isn't just available to wolf down. It requires some work and is totally worth the reward!
2. Sturdy construction. It's held up against the chewy habit of the pup. I do not let him chew on it outside of meal times in order to keep his focus mainly on the food and not the jug.
3. The rope seems to be very enjoyable to our pup. He likes to stop and chew on it for a minute before starting to roll and spin the jug again. I'm guessing that has something to do with teething. It's also replaceable (if you can find replacement rope).
4. Easy to clean. The bottom screws on/off and the inside can be wiped down.
5. Mouth of the jug has a nice texture which helps our pup hold on with his paws. His spin and push control (with his paws) has increased drastically since we started feeding him one meal a day from it!

1. Sturdy construction also means it breaks anything fragile in its path. The rope makes it easy to swing around. I would keep the dog and jug away from small pets and children.
2. Can't use it with raw food unless you want to make a horrible mess all over the place.
3. Loud if you keep it on a linoleum floor like we do. Our pup loves to bang the jug around, spin it with his paws and push it with his nose. It makes quite a racket. It's fairly quiet on the carpet.
4. If your dog is really smart, he might figure this one out quickly. I'd recommend pairing this with one of the other Busy Buddy feeding products and switching between them often to keep your dog on his toes.
234928234928B000KV7ZGQA129X4PIMBTQI3A. A. Black3331256169600Good idea, one major design flaw for usWe just bought this toy, and it is definetly something our dog loves and is interested in for a good period of time. It took her less than 20 minutes to figure out she just had to chew through the rope. If they could do a second version with a rope made of Kevlar or a metal chain with knots -that would be much better!
234929234929B000KV7ZGQA3MF0JCNZMOE3ASizzlin Spork5611271635200BULLET PROOF? Maybe for rubber bullets...I have a 15-lb. schnauzer-mix puppy. She's easily bored, extremely destructive & likes puzzles. This looked perfect. It takes a bit of work to get food out so I knew this would occupy her for a while. The screw-on lid at the bottom of the jug was virtually seamless and very tight. When I ran my fingers over the seam before giving it to her I could barely feel it.

I gave it to her at 8am before I went to work. I came home for lunch at 11:30 and she had COMPLETELY destroyed it! She located the seam and, somehow, wedged her teeth into it, worked her way around the circumference and pried the lid loose. She then chewed the lip off of the jug all the way around so the lid cannot be put back on it. She was lying there calmly and the food was all gone, so she had clearly long since finished all this in the 3.5 hours since I had given it to her.
234930234930B000KV7ZGQA877WMJ8EME9XJames R. Zook0121327449600Dog won't touch it!I have a 7 pound miniature poodle, and she is terrified of this toy. She tugged it a couple of times when we first gave it to her, but it made so much noise she has never messed with it again. I have tried to get her to play with it, but as soon as I get her to tug it, she gets scared. I think she feels like the bottle is following her. Also, we got this in the extra small size, and at the time we purchased it,(2009)it came with an actual rope. The treats are very hard to get out. Even for small treats, I have to push the rope in and tip it upside down and to the sides to get them out effectively. I know that some of the more recent reviews have talked about a rubber rope which might have fixed this problem, so maybe this is an outdated issue. Most of all I would just say this toy is probably not for dogs that have a more timid tendency or are scared of loud sounds.

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