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234949234949B000KV7ZGQA34GJ3Z9HPKXL2Lani0121299715200The lid cover broke within 5 minutesI thought this dog toy would perfectly fit my 11 month Samoyed and provide the durable playful time. Unfortunately, my Samoyed was not just rolling the bottle, her chewing on the knots caused the bottle to fly around and when it hits my fragile ceramic floor, it broke (both the lid cover and my newly set floor).. *sigh*
Maybe this product should be used in a carpeted environment only.
234950234950B000KV7ZGQA27F8IL8F7F3BDShelly Dee "Shelly"0121299715200Not for a smaller dogThis gizmo is HUGE! If it weren't so much trouble I'd send it back. Looks like a great product for a St. Bernard, but for my 13-pound Shih Tzu it's overkill. There may be a smaller version, but I can only imagine what the hard plastic would sound like on my tile floors!
234951234951B000KV7ZGQA33ONOZAT1DP8PKaren0121299283200didn't last longMy pup and I really enjoyed this in the beginning. She very quickly learned how to hold the rope with one paw and tip the bottle with the other to get food out. We were starting to learn some other things (adding balls inside to change how the food fell out, etc). Screwing the cap on was always difficult, with it needing to be lined up exactly right. Soon, however, the threads broke off the bottle so that we could no longer screw the "cap" on. Now it is useless.
234952234952B000KV7ZGQA19Q1JZQQO8E75Melissa0131299283200not good for chewersI got this for my 60lb boxer mix as a replacement for smaller one he had managed to break by dropping it. It was great for a couple days, but after that he seemed to get frustrated & in a mere 24 hours, he had chewed through the much thicker rope on the new one, which he had never thought of doing on the old one. Another new toy, doomed to failure. <sigh> oh well, at least I tried.
234953234953B000KV7ZGQA1EJU4ESDFE221Jeffrey Waite0121298764800Break easilyMy dogs are not rough at all, one is 4 years old and still has toys from when she was a puppy. Within one week, she broke the cap into 3 pieces anf got all the kibble, Superglued it back together which lasted another week.

I would not purchase again. I went for the hard plastic Kong that dispense hard kibble. They have barely scratched it although they can get the food out more quickly. I throw larger treats in to slow dispensing action.
234954234954B000KV7ZGQA3JV9ZSRZF6MMDCAM0121298073600Not recommended for tough chewersIf your dog isn't a chewer/destroyer-of-toys like mine, this might be fine. But my lab destroyed the rope and ate the plastic stopper very quickly. Also, keep in mind if you live above someone and don't have carpets, the dog will repeatedly drop the bottle on the floor to get the treats out. So had my dog not eaten this toy, I still couldn't have used it very often because it's very loud.
234955234955B000KV7ZGQA2ABVC0UAKHR89L. Oliver0121296691200Awesome food toy, but not durable at all!This toy is phenomenal. It keeps both of our dogs (1 silky terrier, 1 boston terrier) busy, and actually keeps my boston's farting problem at bay (I'm serious). The only downside is the plastic top that you have to screw off/on to put food into it is NOT durable. I called customer service and they sent me a new one, but they sounded surprised because the tug-a-jug is apparently made of ballistic plastic (I don't even know what that means). The 5 jugs I've gone through say otherwise...

Note: I will continue to buy these anyways.
234956234956B000KV7ZGQA2T70ZC2DYWVW1Karin Beil0111295740800Broke in less than a weekI was very disappointed when this toy broke in less than a week. It was advertised as being durable plastic, but it couldn't stand up to our beagle dropping it repeatedly to get the treats out. The plastic lid on the bottom cracked and broke off less than a week after our dog began playing with the toy. The broken plastic pieces are very sharp and would have been dangerous if our dog had not been supervised.
234957234957B000KV7ZGQA2SXLBGAR3FZGPPatricia A. Schmidt Powers0111295395200My lab broke it within 2 daysMy 8 month old yellow lab destroyed the rope almost immediately. She also watched me fill it with toys and chewed on the screw off part until she broke the cover. Then she chewed up the bottle. Not for the heavy chewers like Labs.
234958234958B000KV7ZGQA7M1CWM7A7S44Brittany Barrett "Southern Girl"0111291766400Not the toy for my dogI bought this for my lab thinking it would be a fun challenging toy for him, but he has never even touched it. I put treats in it and he wouldn't go near this toy! I tried to give it to my mom's labs and they didn't want anything to do with it either.
234959234959B000KV7ZGQA397PBM83MO7UDS. Speight0141291334400Great but noisy and treats fall fastThis is great thing to try to distract dogs with, but I do have two caveats. One, I would never use it in a house with hardwood floors, especially if you are noise sensitive! The bottle is quite hard and it does create a lot of noise if your dog becomes on who picks it up and slams it on the floor, as one of mine does. The other spins it around and as a result is a bit quieter. There is also no way of regulating how fast treats come out of the jug. Once the dogs learn the concept of the toy, most learn not to touch the tug, otherwise you restrict toys from coming out. In terms of safety, I have not had my dogs try to eat the rubber tug handle or the ball at the top of the bottle. The biggest problem I have with them is that of massive hair accumulation from the dogs dragging it all over the carpet.
234960234960B000KV7ZGQA2IFZOHSI08QLGGarbil Huler0121291248000Dog gets distracted by the treatsMy dog loves tug-a-war with ropes and etc so I thought this would be a great toy for her, since she is left alone during the day while I'm at work. The problem is that she tugs on the rope, then smells the treats inside, then won't mess with the rope at all and instead spends her time sniffing at the "scent holes" and from the neck of the bottle. She will try to stick her tongue into the neck of the bottle. I've demonstrated to her over and over that pulling on the rope dispenses a treat, but she just refuses to pull on the rope, even when I hold onto the bottle end and try to get her to play tug-a-war. She smells the treat and doesn't want to play, she wants the treat, and she doesn't understand it. I even took AKC liver treats and cut them into 1/4 and liberally filled the bottom of the jar with them, so that even a mild tug on the rope would result in a piece of treat being released. She just has no interest in pulling on the rope at all. She will mess with it for a few minutes and when she can't get the treats out, she leaves it alone. I was pretty disappointed with it. I think it would help if they made the outside knot smaller so you could pass the rope through the back of the bottle. That way you I could get my dog to just play with the rope without worrying about the treats and try putting it back in the bottle once she got used to it. As is, I've had it a month and she doesn't get, so I'm considering cutting the knot off the end so she can at least play with the bottle and dump the treats out, and play with whats left of the rope seperately.
234931234931B000KV7ZGQA85CDYD6F2FAQNick0111326067200Too smallThis product probably works fine at larger levels but at the small the bottle neck is too narrow to allow anything but crumbs to come through. With this sized rope and the storage available in the bottle the product would work perfectly if it had a larger opening to allow dog to pull out treats. Sadly this is not the case.

I'm hesitant to purchase a larger one as I worry the bottle neck-rope width issue will be just as present as it is in the small.
234932234932B000KV7ZGQA2QWTRW4220A5F1tiredmommy "1tiredmommy"0111326067200not durable for a chewerMy golden doodle chewed through the rope within 2 days. I thought it was going to be a great interactive toy for him but it was not. Clever boy chewed through the rope so that the treats poured out! lol
234933234933B000KV7ZGQA21PEB5NYNKHOQAvid Reader0141326067200My dog now prefers this to the food bowl.My dog absolutely loves this toy. It takes her about 40 minutes to get a cup of kibble from it. It is great for her mentally and physically. It has also been a tremendous help to her digestion, as she was a "competive eater" when we adopted her, always wolfing down her food in seconds, and as a result having "intestinal turbulence" with alarming frequency. The tug a jug forces her to eat slowly. It took her a while to get the hang of it, so it was a supplement, not a substitute, for her regular meals at first. But now that she knows how it works, I usually feed her one of her two meals in it each day. The other day, I actually split her dinner between the food bowl and the tug a jug, and she opted to play with the tug a jug for 25 minutes before going for the "easy meal" in her bowl. I can't think of a better endorsement than that! The one drawback is that it breaks down somewhat easily. We are on our third tug a jug. Each previous one has lasted about a month before our dog has bent the end the food goes in enough that it can't be closed anymore. So, we buy three at a time now. They're not that expensive, and I think they're totally worth it.
234934234934B000KV7ZGQAM64WR7Q70ZG4Pryky0111325808000Waste of money and timeWorst toy ever!
-cheap plastic, not strong
-rope too thick prevents treats to fall out

I have a super smart border collie and he got frustrated with that thing. Not because it's hard to understand how it works just because it's very hard to get the treats out even for me, even when he shakes it. The rope (too thick)prevents the treats from falling out.. and even when I removed the rope, the shape of the bottle makes it difficult as the kibbles roll inside but that's pretty much it, they barely ever get passed the neck. Which makes it a very expensive useless toy, I could have just use a small empty water bottle for no cost!!

Try the kibble nibble instead, I have one and it's way better even if sometimes the treats fall out of it too easily. Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Food and Treat Activity Ball
234935234935B000KV7ZGQA3QYH2BD88R9ZYBuddyDog0111325030400Clever Idea, BUT ....The "rope" idea doesn't really work ( well it works 1 time). It actually impedes the dispensing of the treats after your dog yanks it out - now the treats are stuck inside until the human pushes the rope back in.

Would NOT purchase again!
234936234936B000KV7ZGQA20KJABXJLXG9Ggodfreygirl143 "Shirley"0111323561600My puppy doesn't like this...too hard to get treats outMy small, 6 lb Mini Schnauzer-Shih Tzu mix found this a bit frustrating. As others have said in the reviews, she couldn't get the treats out...she knew they were in there, but they don't come out easily and I put in her smallest doggie food. Heck, I couldn't even get them out unless I pulled VERY hard on the rope. She likes the rope, but not for long...she'd like it better by itself. I got the smallest one and she's a very smart dog, but it's just not for her. Don't know what I'm going to do with this thing...just put it in her toy box I guess and hope she latches onto it once in a while. It's a total waste of money in my opinion. She likes the roller treat dispensers...I even made one myself with an empty plastic peanut jar, used an exacto knife to cut holes on two sides, and she can roll it around and get excited about her treats rolling out...even an empty butter tub can be used. Save you money on this one. Just MHO.
Update: My puppy is now 11 pounds, full grown and will be 1 year soon and STILL cannot get the treats out of this thing. I even have a hard time getting them out....I have to pull the rope HARD to get anything out. Then I noticed my pup chewing on it and she was chewing the bottom off and, by the time I noticed what she was doing, she had it off. She GOT the treats, but I threw the thing waste of money I think. Not MHO this time....experience!!
234937234937B000KV7ZGQA17YPMCHJ10PEZKerrie_T0121322870400Good while it lasted ... but it didn't last!I started feeding my chocolate lab his dinner in this toy and it worked well. I really enjoyed watching him figure out how to dump this kibble out and he seemed to enjoying the challenge of getting every last piece out. He took to picking up the empty jug and dropping it, as if to ask for more food ... and after 3 or 4 instances of this, the lid broke.

If the lid were better protected from this type of damage I would definitely buy another one. It's not dog proof enough for us.
234938234938B000KV7ZGQA4UWWXUT9H0UJheycdp0111319068800Doesnt work.I have 2 chihuahua's and they are not at all interested in this toy. I have tried different types of treats in it and they still care less. Maybe it is a good toy for big dogs in a yard or something?
234939234939B000KV7ZGQA1GVVDWW9MWRFGJ. Brooks0121318982400Nice toy but our Vizsla puppy is just not interestedAnother love it or hate it toy.... It's a bottle, it's a spiky ball, it's a rope, it's a treat dispenser! Apparently, the choices are too overwhelming for our Vizsla puppy because she passes this one up. In addition, the hard plastic bottle makes a racket on our hard kitchen floor, so maybe it's a blessing after all :)
234940234940B000KV7ZGQA18OTGQU8JM7S2ChewbaccaH0111316822400???My dog can't seem to figure this one out. No matter how much he tugs on it, the food doesn't come out. We prefer the Kong Wobbler. This was a waste of our money.
234941234941B000KV7ZGQA3RLO7U7WA53LBJCM0121316131200Plastic Is Not Durable Enough for a Dog ToyMy dog really likes this toy, and it occupies him for quite a while. The big problem is that the plastic cracks at the top where the lid screws on if it dropped on the floor. My dog is Jack Russell, so he's not dropping it from a very high height, yet it still breaks, so I can't imagine it with a larger dog. We have returned this toy twice, and already the third on is pretty much unusable.
234942234942B000KV7ZGQA2VRJ8R01CY7SSE. Warren0131315785600Looks like fun, but my dogs ignored it.I think the problem with this toy is that the rope fills up too much of the bottle neck which makes getting a treat out of the container nearly impossible. It is certainly a sturdy product though, but having Boxers I can just imagine one of them grabbing it by the rope and swinging it around, and breaking something in my house.
234943234943B000KV7ZGQA1OO934ZB172BGR. M. Vogelhut0121314316800Good concept, brittle plasticI bought this toy for my 9 month old lab and had to return this twice. My dog loved it, but he dropping it on our hardwood floors and the bottom twist off part broke with each one. Good concept but plastic too brittle. Company does stand behind it, just not good for my dog.
234944234944B000KV7ZGQA1RN9FGWEUHDPSJJames0121313107200Dogs not interestedMy dog are so uninterested in this that it might as well be invisible. I even put liver treats in it and tried to show them how to play with it. Neither dog would bother with it at all. (One is Female 4 yr old greyhound/lab/shephard mix, other is female 4 month old lab/border collie mix - both are very playful & love treats)
Very disappointed.
234945234945B000KV7ZGQA1786LAB5NI62ASally0111305331200Not good at allI have a yorkie (4 lbs) so I got the extra small one. Not a single doggie-bite-size treat could come out from where it supposed to, and that was me trying to get the treats out...
So, don't bother with this toy, your dog is only gonna drool all over from smelling that toy.
234946234946B000KV7ZGQA1HVA7XMX7MB9XPatrick W. Damiani0131305244800Duriable but Empties FastVery duriable item. 85-lb dog hasn't destroyed it yet. It drops food rather fast though. If you want more regular food coming out, get this toy.
234947234947B000KV7ZGQA2OL546DEHMANACustomer0121305072000Hard PlasticThis is made out of hard plastic. I bought this for my Shepherd that loves to chew. She's not interested in playing with it at all. It's made to be a educational for dogs, I guess she just got bored with it. On the plus side your human kiddos will like it.
234948234948B000KV7ZGQAAFKWZ7N80SH0b39480111302393600did not work outIt seemed like it would be a good idea, but my dog could not get the treats out. She is tiny and the extra small was way too big for her. I like the IQ ball way better.

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