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234961234961B000KV7ZGQA3GFYT7MA757B9Shannon L McGarraugh0111291075200Less than 12 hours to chew up the rope making it uselessMy 11 month old Welsh Corgi figured this out the first time she took it from my hand. However within a matter of hours she had the rope soaking wet and chewed mostly in half. The rope is now soft and not a useable tool to get the treat out. The knot was also too big and frayed to let any of the snacks out of the bottle. You should also know that the snacks this company makes are too big for the extra small bottle.
234962234962B000KV7ZGQA1G78GAMWL1AOLKM "kminfinity"0121289520000Great--for two daysMy puppy is under 40 pounds, and loved this toy. He chewed the rope apart in one day. Well, I unscrewed the bottom and inserted a golf ball. It did the job of the rope and made it tough to shake out the treats. Kept the pup occupied for two hours. Then he figured out that tossing the bottle would shake loose the treats. the plastic bottle cracked in minutes.

This would be an excellent toy if the plastic was tougher. the design is great, especially with the ball addition.
234963234963B000KV7ZGQA1AEN70WA9Q37J. Rasmussen0111283385600Not a good treat dispenserMy Akita mix pup then, and even now as an adult does not like this toy. There are much better treat dispensers on the market, like "Bob a lot."
The purple dispenser is a large neoprene container similar to a water bottle for hiking. My dog was afraid of the toy until I helped him get some of the treats out with the rubber attachment that slides in and out of the bottle. He had no interest in trying to get them out on his own and still doesn't.
I have a 4 month old lab pup and she has no interest either.
I think it's a poor design.
234964234964B000KV7ZGQA3FV8UWW0KVI82W. Sprague0111281657600Dog doesn't use it at allI thought this would be fantastic to keep my puppy busy but she just chewed the knob off the rope insert (ours was rubber) and that was that. She won't play with it at all. She is highly food motivated but this just doesn't do it for her. Give her a Bully Stick and that's really something though!
234965234965B000KV7ZGQAW00V3UVBP7YJJunoesque0131276473600Really for bigger dogsI didn't realize this was so big until I got it. I ended giving it to my Fiance's mom for her GSD.
234966234966B000KV7ZGQA5HICKICO5RLTWayschool "AHHHHH"0111269043200My dog loves everything, but hates this.I wasted my money. I tried putting different cereal, dog foods, etc. in this, and my dog ignores it completely.
234967234967B000KV7ZGQA1O5224EHD38HCE. Dinsmore "Adler"0131264118400Keeps Dog Entertained, But Too LoudMy one year old pit mix is incredibly food motivated and can clean out any kong, no matter how tightly stuffed, in 10 minutes. I got this toy to keep her busy, and while it does take her a long time to clean it out, the toy is simply too loud. Roxy likes to kick this toy across the floor, sending it flying into the wall or the table. The hard plastic of the toy scrapes across the hard wood floor and then makes a loud "bang" as it slams into things. Not only is the noise really annoying, but I am also worried she might break something because the bottle is very hard.
234968234968B000KV7ZGQA1SLIK12FO8420Jessica0121264032000not for a chewerMy 10 month old Lab needed some brain toys, and this seemed like an ideal option. There is a problem to solve, and the reward is food - what could be better for a Lab? The problem is that she is a chewer, and though she did figure out pretty readily how to get the food out, she was way more interested in chewing on the rope. When I removed the rope - which also made it way easier to get the food out - she then thought it would be more gratifying to chew her way to the food, rather than rise to the intellectual challenge of tipping the bottle and dispensing a treat.

And oh yes, this thing is loud when it hits the floor or cabinets in the kitchen, etc. Pretty durable, considering all she wants to do is chew it and it's not intended as a chew toy - but she has only spent maybe two hours with it total.
234969234969B000KV7ZGQAGIH0ZDVWF5LWJulie0111263945600Great idea but too hard in practice!My dog is very smart, he got the idea of what he needed to do real quickly but it's just to hard for the treats to come out of the jar, even when we help him... the rope pretty much closes the jar hole and the treats wont come out. This toy made my puppy real nervous and unfortunately I'm returning it, even though I was super excited about it! :(
234970234970B000KV7ZGQAOBFYL4CA2QL4B. Gilles0131263513600good with some modificationI have a 5 month old Australian shepherd and she could not get the treats out--we couldn't either. What we finally ended up doing was boring a hole at the bottom; luckily my husband had the tools to make a smooth hole big enough for her kibbles. It now works very well as a treat dispenser, but my dog doesn't really play with it like a toy.
234971234971B000KV7ZGQA2HGUNLVHJYSCWK. J. T.0121261440000Only good if dog is food motivatedI bought this to keep my Japanese Spitz occupied, no good. I don't know if it's too difficult for her or if she's just not interested in working that hard for food. She's good for a few minutes then gives up even though she'll get food from it.
234972234972B000KV7ZGQA1WNXLFY92KYWXMajicsmom0131260403200My dog ignored itMy 14 month old Border Collie wanted nothing to do with this toy... so I gave it to my freinds 12 month old Lab ...and he also ignored it.. so now it just sits there... I cant even give it away :0(
234973234973B000KV7ZGQA3OZWWI4GY3K1S. Bowman0121252713600Not really interestedOur two dogs are not really interested in this toy, it has pretty much sat in their toy box since we bought it for them. Not sure why, they seem to like most toys. It is very durable from what I can tell though.
234974234974B000KV7ZGQA376XV60BV9OMRJ. Smith0111250899200Save your moneyThis toy lasted about ten minutes. First one i purchased had a rope tug, which my pup quickly chewed through, rendering the toy useless. I bought another one after i saw that they had changed the rope portion to a rubberized "rope" and it seemed like a better solution. Wrong! The rubber rope took my dog (who is not much of a chewer) about two minutes to completely chew into small pieces, again leaving her with nothing but a purple plastic jug. Product is a great idea if they can figure out what will work better as the "tug" mechanism, but as is (both versions) are just poorly made and a waste of $$$$.
234975234975B000KV7ZGQA2W64S7RBQ3PHIT. Daley0121250294400Good concept, poor executionDog: 10 month old Lab/ GSD mix who's an aggressive chewer


-LOUD toy, keep in mind your dog has to drop this thing to get the treats to pop out and it is made of hard plastic
-NOT durable. Tug insert (plastic) broke off after about a week (should have used a rope here). I may do this myself but I'm still debating if I want to hear this thing get dropped over & over & over & over again...
234976234976B000KV7ZGQA2BJW69NMHS9YGBeachLuv "BeachLuv"0121246406400TUG PULL IS THIN CHEAP RUBBER, NOT A ROPE LIKE PICTURE SHOWS.My puppy chewed through the rubber tug pull within a few mins.
Not worth the money.
234977234977B000KV7ZGQA2Y0GPV0E1IOYNfilmeo0121240790400I thought it was strongerMy 3 month old Jack Russell Terrier totally love it... but it last for an hour or so. Look on the customer pictures to see what i mean.
234978234978B000KV7ZGQA1ZTIVA4MGA6TCRandal V0121230854400Lasted exactly 3 usesIf you have a smart or highly persistent dog that will chew bits off almost any toy except a Kong, skip this. I would have, but it was a gift.
The first time I left this toy in the crate with my smart, 6 month old blue heeler mix puppy, I came home to find she had somehow managed to unscrew it and eaten all the treats. The second time she played with it all over the house, and the noise drove me crazy. Bang, boom, bang. She kept rolling it down the stairs, off a ledge, and knocking things over when it rolled behind them. But she was thoroughly entertained, so I let it be. The third time she played with it while I was cooking. A few minutes later, I looked down to see she had unscrewed it again, and was chewing on the various pieces happily. I didn't stop her since the brochure said it was virtually indestructible material. When I picked it up a bit later, her chewing had apparently ruined the threading so I could no longer screw the lid back on. Went right into the trash.

Entertaining, but not durable at all.
234979234979B000KV7ZGQA2MLX7EH3TMS08BevE "puppy lover"0121230768000Not InterestedMy dogs love to chase pop bottles so I thought they would love these so much I ordered one for each of them. They don't even look at them. One figured out how to get the treats out but still isn't interested.
234980234980B000KV7ZGQAAOTD4Y7HN7T9M. Bowman0121210723200Not for every dogI have 2 Corgis, and also foster for Corgi Rescue. So far none of the four dogs I have had since buying this toy (my 2 plus 2 rescues) have played with it for more than a few minutes. They are all otherwise high energy, playful, food driven dogs.

They LOVE Tricky Treat, Buster Cube and MolecuBall so I thought this would be a nice change. Big expensive yawn. I gave it two stars only because it appears well made. I bought it almost a year ago, and kept it around in case one of the foster Corgis might like it, but so far nothing. It is currently in the donate to the animal shelter box.
234981234981B000KV7ZGQA1P952OK5VCCMKP. Scott1311231286400? dog toy??My dog has still not figured out what to do with this. He is a very smart dog with a vocab of about 50 words. I was surprised how hard the plastic is and am also worried. Once he does figure out how it works I am afraid he will knock himself out when he shakes it from side to side! Let alone what will happen if it flies out of his mouth!
234982234982B000KV7ZGQABYAPQW5MH5XOChristy1321198368000Doggie No LikeyI thought that this would be the perfect toy for my 100 lb lab who destroys Kongs in about 3 days. But, to my surprise, he was interested in it for all of about 5 min. He chewed the rope part for a little bit but has not touched it since.
234983234983B000KV7ZGQA1VFIBK330IT2Bmengster1311342656000waste of money!!!my dog loved it at first but an hour later the plastic bottle cracked!! maybe this toy should be kept "indoors" only :(
234984234984B000KV7ZGQA2GERLJV5N0SZVjbc30001321324425600Not as pictured...The picture shown does not match the item I received. I specifically ordered this product because it showed the jug to have a plastic rope and not an actual rope (my dog loves to tear apart ropes, and I'd had a tug-a-jug that had the plastic rope previously and that was a great product. I'm not sure if they're making it with the plastic rope anymore, but I assumed that since that was what was shown, that's what I'd receive.) I'm not really happy with this bait and switch because I have to closely monitor my dog with this toy to make sure she doesn't shred the rope and render it useless.
234985234985B000KV7ZGQA1HQ2D3KZ68RPPSo Mari1311297641600They shoud re-name this the "Tug-A-Huh?"I have two dogs: one is not very good at figuring out puzzle toys, even with scaffolding and attempts at teaching him, the other is like a dog genius. That, coupled with her highly food driven motivation, usually leads to her mastering these types of treat toys instantly. This is the only item I've ever purchased that she can't manipulate well. Unlike some of these other types of dog toys, I also find that it has to be fairly full to work well. She's a relatively small dog and even if I put all of her kibble in the smallest jar, it's even tough for me to get it all out with the little pull rope because it sinks to the bottom of bottle and has to go up the bottle neck to exit. Also, because I have two dogs, sometimes the other dog wants to come in and play, too. This works nicely with the ball dispensers, but for this jar, if they both pull on the rope, the motion required to actually get the treats or kibble out immediately becomes impossible. Regardless of the number of dogs in your household, this is one toy I'd pass on.

Update: My medium chewer has now completely chewed apart the rubber pull rope with this. If I could change my original 1 star rating to a zero, I would.
234986234986B000KV7ZGQAFWZZDLXKXQI4Azure Jade1311245456000Broken BottomThe first time i filled it, it droped on my hard floor and the bottom shattered. My doggie didn't even get a chance to try it out!
234987234987B000KV7ZGQA925MNZ5DJWVRMishelle Smith0211343692800Dog can't Get treats out!I thought this toy would be amazingly stimulating. If you look at the top of the bottle, it is nearly impossible for a dog to get the treat out. I wanted a toy that would engage and keep my Cojack busy.. She can't get the treats out. Please fix the design!!
234988234988B000KV7ZGQA33W5JAFGHYRQZghermine "ghermine"0221343606400Did not work for usWe ordered the medium/large tug jug. It smelled like plastic so strongly my dog would not go near it no matter what food we put in it. I tried it with a friends dog four times and the dog could not connect that kibble came out when he let go. All he wanted to do was tug. The rope was so stiff he couldn't really get a grip on it and the rope also smelled of chemicals. Between the BPA in the bottle and cap and the inflexible rope, we found it was unusable and sent it back.
234989234989B000KV7ZGQA2NYSVILSHKOMLdee630231342396800Busy Buddy Tug-A-JugPretty cool idea. Lab loved it for a while...then it broke when it got tossed onto the driveway - bye, bye, toy!
234990234990B000KV7ZGQA1I19D4K0X1C9IFrenchDogMom0221296172800Not worth'll need to spend more moneySo the version of the toy I got had a rope and not the rubber 'rope'. It's a bit misleading because there are pictures of both versions. I had seen the toys in the store and had only seen the rubber ropes so figured that was the current version...I figured wrong...and within 10 minutes my dog had untied and completely frayed the rope, thus ending the whole point of the toy. They have a 'helpful hint' of what to do when the dog has destroyed the rope of putting different sized balls in the toy to get a 'similar' effect...that's great, but it's not the toy I bought. AND now, I have to go out and buy the balls to put in it so I don't completely waste my money on what became a useless toy in 10 minutes. It's a good idea but I wouldn't recommend this toy...they need to work out some kinks first and/or up the quality of this product.

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