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235051235051B0034EDMCWA3I5KZ1XZ8PJ63K. Johl0051346371200Almond Joyous!Yummy and portable good for you food. I use it as a meal replacement or a hearty snack. Cocnut and almonds both healthy sources of fat and protein. Delicious.
235052235052B0034EDMCWA1DB2KAGYSO774mommy of 20051346284800YUMThey are very tasty.If you like coconut, you can actually taste them. Almonds are a nice size too. Can't wait to try the other favors.
235053235053B0034EDMCWA3VD6KREW99X02Eric Alan0051345852800Love this Apricot Almond barKIND makes some great tasting fruit and nut bars. This flavor is my favorite because the apricot mixed with the coconut flavor is hard to beat. That's what I taste when I eat this, apricot, coconut, and some almond. It's not a dry bar, it's got some chewy gooey to it, which I also enjoy. Overall probably my fav fruit and nut bar.
235054235054B0034EDMCWA2ZY4FJBKAI0CEmydonda0041345852800really goodMy husband takes a Kind bar with him to work everyday. He eats it for his afternoon snack. That way he's not hungry until dinner.
235055235055B0034EDMCWA9X00RIJFFTGBAnnette0051345680000Perfect Snack!I think these bars are so much better than other granola bars. They are so full of nuts and good fruit! They are a very generous size....sometimes too big for in between meals! Love, love, love them!!
235056235056B0034EDMCWA2K45TTIVJ0013Kelly0051345507200Perfect Gluten Free SnackI grab one of these bars in the morning as I'm running out the door. It's perfect for breakfast, lunch, or just snacking.
235057235057B0034EDMCWA29MVNX6762P1Gngruttemeyer0051345334400I LOVE KIND BARS!I love the kind bars, they are great for any time of the day. Perfect with a cup of coffee, or an "on the go snack". I've been ordering them for well over a year. Highly recommend.
235058235058B0034EDMCWA32FLT6GN85XXENVanPutt0051344902400KINDOur whole foods diet makes eating tricky sometimes, so when I saw KIND bars in the supermarket I was really excited. Our tastebuds are used to nearly no sugar, no salt and absolutely no preservatives or additives so these bars hit the spot. The coconut and almond bars were chewy and crunchy with just a hint of sweetness and they were filling. One bar and I was ready to go for the morning! Mr. MVP had one KIND bar and a yogurt and a piece of fruit and he was on his way. Our supermarket had them for $1.50 per bar so $1.20 per bar is a decent price!
235059235059B0034EDMCWA39A67D4KFZ398Chef Soda "chefsoda"0051344470400WonderfulI was given one of these bars by a friend and began ordering them by the box the next day! I have an extremely sensitive stomach, and they are a great source of energy for me. Eating one at the first pangs of hunger buys me a hour before I need a real meal, which is a life saver. I have taken them on road trips and camping, and they are great there as well. I love the fact they aren't covered in chocolate, as I'm not a fan of using candy for food. The fact that they are gluten free means I can bring a box for celiac friends without concern, also a big plus. I only wish I could buy them locally, but the Amazon subscription is almost as good.
235060235060B0034EDMCWA3FXXUE3EQDFD9Boomaladdy "slickchick"0051343606400Very Tasty!!!!!!Bought one of these at Whole Foods. Was hooked after the 1st bite. Taste like an almond joy without the chocolate. Sent my daughter a box. The fact they are good for you is a bonus.
235061235061B0034EDMCWAAYQ70O2J6BGUbiscuitous0051343347200YummyVery tasty. No sugar or junk that I don't want. Just real food. Makes a great snack. I love them.
235062235062B0034EDMCWA1OPTRYPHBD0UQWendy G. Morris0041343174400Kind BarsWe absolutely love this brand of bars and have enjoyed this particular item. My daughter wont hardly eat breakfast and she swims. I make her eat something and she was willing to try the Kind bars. Hands down one of the best bars out there.
235063235063B0034EDMCWA2MG5CFOL7QK2UNorma J. Mingoia0051343174400nut barsthis item was very good. I find these protein bars delicious and low in carbs but high in protein. Excellent
235064235064B0034EDMCWA3NUDSXY4NL9JXS. Harrill "Amazon Rocks"0051343001600Better than CandyI have replaced candy bars with the Kind Bars, and they are better. My favorite are Nut Delight. The ones with chocolate are my least favorite.
235065235065B0034EDMCWA2YR1LCZXJL9FQS. Din "books4U"0051342915200Best Bar Ever!!This nut bar is made to perfection. It has the right amount of sweetness and the textures are unbelievably amazing. The ingredients make this one of the most delicious snacks and it's just enough to keep you going because it fills you up. You cannot go wrong with these bars, they are my ultimate favorite snack to keep on hand. I could live on these!
235066235066B0034EDMCWA2QQW10TW7YB63TheGoodEgg0041342656000Super TastyI really enjoy eating these bars they have a very natural and clean taste to them. The only thing I would like to suggest is a less sweet version of these bars are offered, they are a little too sweet for my taste but that does not take away from my enjoyment of eating them.
235067235067B0034EDMCWA5LDROMS3EST7ep0051342483200Hm-hm, good stuffMy wife tried several different brands and types. Although I am not a big fan of snack bars, I liked this one. Pretty good, nutty, fruity, not too sweet, not too "healthy", nothing exaggerated. Just feels natural. I like them as a snack with a tea or cofee during a brake at the office.
235068235068B0034EDMCWA1TXQD7QDJOH1Zjulietta susana0051342137600sooo good and no guilt -- what could be better?I love these bars and even eat them once in a while as a substitute breakfast with yogurt. They are so good, and not fattening and make a great on-the-go snack in the car or on the plane. I have tried many other bars, but none even come close. Every time I give one to a friend, they are hooked. My 3-year old grandson loves them too, and I feel good that he asks for them as they have no artificial anything and aren't that high in carbs. The deal on Amazon is the best with automatic shipping. In most places they cost $2.00 or more each. In bulk on Amazon they are $1.50 with no shipping charge. This one is my favorite flavor, but I like most of the others almost as much. So, happiness in a bar. . .
235069235069B0034EDMCWA18T9TNWFAHPUAPamela M. Kowal "bookladylil"0051342051200Really deserve more stars!O-M-G...what can I say? These are the absolute best bars I've ever had! They are LOADED with coconut and nuts but, most of all, FLAVOR!!! Gluten free to boot (though that doesn't matter to me), but someone that it does make a difference to...I encourage you to treat yourself to these...chewy, chewy, chewy and so flavorful...did I mention, chewy?!?! The more you chew the more flavor you taste...just the right amount of honey, NOT the bland old sawdust granola bar you may think of...get them!!!
235070235070B0034EDMCWA3U1Z7TFLWQXR1Veronica R. Zedd0051342051200Delicious!Great bars, delicious, easy to order and would def. order again. Light bar and better nutrition than others, low fat.
235071235071B0034EDMCWA2GKLLQSSMWUDMszw030021341878400Good flavor, but tooooo sweetThe Walnut & Date has a good flavor, but it's way too sweet. My husband has a sweet tooth and he also thinks it's too sweet. I ate one bar last night and it made my stomach uncomfortable.
235072235072B0034EDMCWACSGOJCV2169GDarlene Klischer0051341360000Extra energyI am so happy I found the KIND bars at
This Macadamia&apricot is my very favorite.
They arrived very fresh and packaged well.
Thanks for the auto delivery.
I sent a box to my daughter and her family.They loved them,too
235073235073B0034EDMCWA2AOD7254MCKSHtravel-weary0051341360000Great gluten free sweet treatMost of these bars are really glorified candy bars. But this makes a nice gluten free indulgence for my husband who loves them. I have a hard time finding anything he really likes.
235074235074B0034EDMCWA2HOOFYY5X4AQ8Christine0051341273600YUM!OMG I cannot even begin to descibe how delicious these bars are! It is like an almond joy without the chocolate! YUM!!!
235075235075B0034EDMCWA1WPTKTQ5LYFT6loelli0051340582400Tastes like Samoa girl scout cookies!!I'm so glad I tried these. I just started following a strict gluten-free diet and figuring out what to stock up on is hard! After trying the variety pack I knew these would become my go-to snack bars!
235076235076B0034EDMCWA10JT13PZPIR1OTina0051340323200The BEST vegan snack everThis is the hands down best product for a snack ever. Satisfying, tasty, just wonderful. Everyone needs to try these bars :)
235077235077B0034EDMCWA14EXCCBCS6F6UDaniel J Bressler, M.D.0051339200000the most consistently delicious nut bar availableFresh, just sweet enough, appetite fulfilling and overall good for you. I use it between meals and before sports. Highly recommended.
235078235078B0034EDMCWARI8N9F7K3UMKTinNJ0051338768000deliciousYum, the apple cinnamon and pecan bars are my new favorite. Moist, delicious and easy to carry in my purse for a healthy natural snack.
235079235079B0034EDMCWA1ZPXUUQL3160SM. Matel0051338508800Love, love, love these!These are great! Pretty high in protein, so they are filling, and the chocolate/sesame/peanut combination is really tasty. I have already been informed that I will be required to supply my child with these at college. The auto-order feature is particularly helpful.
235080235080B0034EDMCWA2SBDJS61LGYXCK. Frey0051338508800Fills the granola bar void in gluten free dietI am still actively working out my new diet since going gluten free, and these bars are a great addition. They're chewy, flavorful and full of natural ingredients like almonds and dried fruit. The almond & apricot and almond & coconut are the best flavors

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