Amazon Fine Food Reviews

235081235081B0034EDMCWAAX3G7CDXHOKJCindy Zayas "Dominiricancutie"0051338163200Delicious!This Fruit and Nut bar is delicious. All of the ingredients you can pronounce and TASTE as well. The honey, coconut and almonds go so well together. I eat this whenever I get cravings for something sweet. Going to get more soon!
235082235082B0034EDMCWA1J6F85W0INK5Rceceunderwood0051338163200EXCELLENT!I love this product....extremely hard for me to find this flavor in the town where I live...Amazon has the best price for these bars...they are sooo good and gives me the carbs that I need to run in the afternoons. I would recommend to others who like a protein bar.
235083235083B0034EDMCWA2IYZIUWC57NJWMs. Tess L. Brantley "Tess Brantley cat lover"0051337817600great barsThese bars are great as is your company. I love to get these bars, they are good to have when you just want a little something sweet, not too many cals.
235084235084B0034EDMCWA102RYUBEQR4CMsjsatter0051337731200Great snackThese bars make a great snack to hold you over between meals. I never know when a meeting will last longer than expected so I always keep one in my computer case. Alittle bit of sweetness but not alot.
235085235085B0034EDMCWA3V9OU9EJJH2W6V. Takach0051337299200I can't get enough of these!They are so tasty it's hard to believe how healthy they are. Great product for breakfast, snack or dessert. I have tried the other flavors, which are good, but this one to me is by far the best.
235086235086B0034EDMCWARVA8H9WZ237Gbook maven "serious book reader"0051334102400Ya just gotta love these jewels!Yum! What's not to love? Crunchy nuts, chewy fruits, luscious yogurt! Get the subscription and they are even cheaper. Oh, they don't have ingredients that you can't pronounce either. That's always a plus!
235087235087B0034EDMCWA26P7EPGPP91W5DeeDee0041334102400Love Healthy snacks!So, this is my first time trying this kind bar. Actually, its pretty amazing. I love healthy snacks that actually taste good!! Fruit and nut is a good one. If you haven't tried yet.. it never hurts! :)
235088235088B0034EDMCWA10JWU28FPMMVRLori Fornicola0041333843200Daughter LovesI thought these were a little on the sweet side. My daughter loves them. The Kind bars are always a good gluten free product. These are soft.
235089235089B0034EDMCWA2CXHK4CYI9PFOGeorgie Mathews0051333584000Great healthy mid-afternoon and evening snackThe Strawberry and Peanut Butter bar is the perfect bar for those with the strawberry tooth for foods they like. The flavor profiles of the bar subtely blends the fruity flavors of strawberry with the nutty crunch of peanut butter and almonds. They contain 190 calories in total and 100 of them are from fat and also are a good snack for the 4 gms of protein that you get with each bar.

Overall a great healthy snack for your mid-afternoon after meal or late evening hunger pangs.
235090235090B0034EDMCWA1790XL1KFYERNJ. N. Lynch0051332806400Great Fruit & Nut BarThis is one of the best bars with apricots, almonds & yogart covering. Sometimes hard to find, that why I buy by the box on a regular schedule. Try it, I think you'll like it.
235091235091B0034EDMCWAVF82BC7S0IO7Kbrown0051332806400Very GoodI received this product early from the seller! They are a very tastey & a Great mid-day snack. I have shared them with my Glutten Free Friends & they will be ordering this product & more very soon.
235092235092B0034EDMCWA2CBXYI6N1RE5Qsuperspike0051331856000just the right mixKind fruit and nut bars are a great snack for between last break (1:30) and supper.I only eat half, it is high in calories.I eat it with some plain yogert for lunch to balance out the sweetness in the Kind bar. The price is better online then in stores, and alot better then a candy bar from the vending machine at work.
235093235093B0034EDMCWA8PK9Z7D8X9EDon0051331769600Kind GiftWe purchased Kind Fruit & Nut, Apple Cinnamon & Pecan, Gluten Free Bars as a gift. The gift was warmly received. I was not offered a bar, so I do not know how they taste, but I'm guessing by their reaction they are pretty good.
235094235094B0034EDMCWA24PL29RGHBIMDcatching a ride on a dandelion0051331596800Surprisingly goodSo, there must be some mommies out there like me who buy these bars for kids but won't eat them yourselves? You pop them in the lunch box together with the fruit in the bid to get them to stay off the junk food in school? Most of the time, these bars turn out to be a complete waste cos the kids will tell you that they are the worst thing ever. And you are wracked with guilt thinking you've scarred them for life. But then, you do it again anyway. And so, one day, I tried 1 of these bars and when I asked how it was - the answer surprised me. "They're delicious, Mom. Really yummy" I was stunned. A nut bar that passes the test. I'm so glad there's Amazon. I bought 2 packs - one fruit and nut and another variety pack. She loves all that she's tried so far.

Out of curiosity, I took a couple to the office. One day, in hunger, I finally opened one. And Oh. I. see. They're good. Really good. They're crunchy without being hard, a little sticky without being too sweet, a good mix of textures without them sticking to the space between your teeth. And at the end of the bar, you feel something in your tummy. Not full exactly but at least it does the job to stave off the hunger pangs.

I'm now looking at other flavours to buy because this is going to be the Snack Of Choice 2012 for this household at least!
235095235095B0034EDMCWA1J2DUK0GM2Z5TJ. Myers0051331337600Delish!We love these bars- the date and walnut ones are sweet- sweet enough to satisfy a craving! =) But our favorite part is that they aren't full of chemicals and preservatives. And they are far less expensive to buy here, than in the store!
235096235096B0034EDMCWA11SXJ2H7IC8J7lucysnow "lucysnow1851"0051330732800Yum! And okay for my blood sugarOut of all the energy bars on the market, this is the one that really keeps my blood sugar from skyrocketing. The mix of fruit and nuts really satisfies my hunger. The fruit and nut bar has 180 cal, healthy fat from the nuts, low in salt and a good source of fiber. Best of all its delicious and lacks that protein powder taste some of the other bars have.
235097235097B0034EDMCWA28ZCDHTGDJCBYBarbara Greco "Goldpawz"0051330300800Delish!These bars are amazing ... and at a terrific price! For anyone who likes to carry a snack with them, I'd highly recommend KIND bars. All of the flavors are really great!
235098235098B0034EDMCWA3P9R0VIA1NDDCbshope0051330214400Wish They Were OrganicThese bars are amazingly tasty. Just the right combination of flavors. They are a great snack at any time of the day.

I wish they were organic though. That is really the only thing they could do to make these bars better.
235099235099B0034EDMCWA1A46D270HU3EVN. Quiring "Mooselady"0051330128000Delicious!Low glycemic, gluten free, all natural but the most important thing - they taste great!!! I would definitely order again and would recommend to others. Ordering thru Amazon is much cheaper than I have found these KIND bars in the health stores near me so it makes this a good deal.
235100235100B0034EDMCWA132R0TXGSXXKDWordworm0051330041600YummmmmThis is the perfect mid-afternoon snack. Slightly sweet, but mostly nuts and fruit. I'm getting coworkers hooked on KIND bars. Delicious!!
235101235101B0034EDMCWADSHWWYEYIAN8Beth D. Heide0051329436800Awesome taste! Great Snack!These bars are really fruity and chewy even with all the nuts in it. These are fantastic for snack at anytime, or even for a lunch on the go when you don't have time to eat a meal. I'm so hooked on them, that I'm trying all the flavors. I highly recommend keepings these around.
235102235102B0034EDMCWA1J93Z05AAYEILDenise Messang "D Messang-Eat Clean"0051328918400Love it!This is one of the few snacks that I feel comfortable giving my kids and they love them. I started buying them as a snack for my office, and they can't get enough.
235103235103B0034EDMCWA13RA7YBJI0TSFMiriam W. Newman0051328918400Kind Fruit and Nut BarsExcellent product. Extremely good and they also seem to stabilize my blood sugars (I'm a diabetic). That is always an indication that something is a high quality healthy food.
235104235104B0034EDMCWA21Z7DC89EMIS6officeperson0051328832000First found this product at a food store in Lake Tahoe! Thought they were great!Fruit Nuts....what more can one ask for! An excellent product. The product does not have all the additives that some bars do. I would recommend trying it. And to get your best deal money wise, at least in my state, it is better to buy it in the 12 pack. So far I have found Amazon has the best price for this product.
235105235105B0034EDMCWAPPLQSU5V4TUFgainesville amazoner0051328832000DeliciousI love these bars! Very healthy and filling!!! They are twice the price at coffee shops but worth it when you purchase in bulk!
235106235106B0034EDMCWA2JHSTJPN5QBV0lulu "lulina"0051328572800love love love these!I love these so so much. They are chewy and have two of my fav things, coconut and nuts! The only bad thing about these is that they used to be bigger. BRING BACK THE BIGGER SIZES!
235107235107B0034EDMCWA2ECZB3IFXNUZMSonja090021328486400Taste Great, but very stale.I have enjoyed these KIND bars before. I ordered this variety along with the Cherry dark chocolate Cashew. The Cherry bars were very fresh, however, the Peanut Dark chocolate were extremely stale/hard. I haven't had time to send them back and probably won't bother. From now on, I will just buy them at my local Wegmans. This was very dissapointing.
235108235108B0034EDMCWA76O4C3MP4A3CAnhthu Lu0041328140800Nut about Kind Fruit and Nut DelightI received a box of Kind Fruit and Nut delight for Christmas. I tried it for the first time and it was so good, such a delightful and fulfilling taste that is both good and good for me. I like the fact that it is all natural, no funny taste and no yacky after taste. You can actually taste the fruits in each bar. I have a sweet tooth and Kind bar satisfies my craving. Try it and you will see what I mean. I recommend this to anyone trying to eat sensibly and indulgent at the same time.
235109235109B0034EDMCWA2C9XE9I8RSKNXJ. Johnson0041327017600Really tasty- a good substitute for higher calorie treatsI got these because I love pecan pie, but I'm a diabetic, so need to watch the carb counts on EVERYTHING. These work. They're not low carb- but they're not bad- 180 calories and 23 grams of carbs. The flavor is really good-and takes the edge off of the pecan pie cravings :) Good buy, and arrived very quickly.
235110235110B0034EDMCWA3AOK7HBYITQMZJanet Parrish0051326844800Yummy!These bars are the best

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