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235111235111B0034EDMCWA1ZY6MJXY2X668I. Parsons "uva rara"0051326067200KINDness never tasted so goodmy husband and i are fans of the kind bars as a quick snack or the like. we know they can be a little more than other bars and maybe not as uber healthy as some would prefer BUT... these bars are wonderful! they are nutritious and delicious and filling. they don't taste like anything else out there either and i mean that in the best way. when i want a sweet treat i am more than satisfied with the apple cinnamon pecan (my new fave) or the dark chocolate sesame. better than reaching for an average, preservative & sugar loaded candy bar. way more satisfying in every way. i just ordered 2 more boxes of 2 different flavors. we can't wait to try them!
235112235112B0034EDMCWA1OVOEWAB1SZO7R. Taylor "RJT"0041325635200Great if your hungry and on the go!Love these! Like nuts just sort of stuck together. Only problem is when they get old the size of the bar does shrink. So eat them prior to 2-3 months are up.
235113235113B0034EDMCWA1I4PIEEZ5Y131J. Manley "tellitlikeitis"0051325462400Doesn't taste like cardboard for a changeFinally, a nutritious snack that actually tastes good! I normally don't like apricots but this bar is not overpowered by the fruit. It's the right combination of almond and apricot flavors so that it's not overly sweet or nutty. I do wish it were a bit bigger in portion. It doesn't feel like a meal replacement but definitely a good snack. Even if you're not a big apricot fan, I highly recommend giving this one a try. The monthly delivery service also provides a nice little discount!
235114235114B0034EDMCWAV7O4AX4RC2GFSuzy0041325289600Yummy!So good!! They come in the cute box in the picture, each bar is the same size as your everyday granola bar but filled with yummy fruit and goodies! They are also glutten free so i dont get sick if i eat a ton of them :)
235115235115B0034EDMCWA2MP5ALLQKSQSArmily0051325030400Delicious and nutritiousOne of my co-workers recommended the KIND bars after seeing them on QVC. There are so many flavors to choose from but these are great. I love the combination of simple ingredients.
235116235116B0034EDMCWAREAXR8KNKG0WTarabella990051324944000great valueI live in NYC and you can buy these bars anywhere, however they can range up to $3 per bar. this is a great value if you enjoy these bars. By far the best bar I have ever eaten. Great flavor and consistency!
235117235117B0034EDMCWA2MB9D9FUFVPZYjcscherr0051324944000Delicious!!I am allergic to wheat and hypoglycemic, so finding a wheat free, low glycemic snack bar sounded too good to be true. Happily, it wasn't! Every Kind bar I have tried has been delicious, and it makes a good "on the go" snack to keep in my purse. It's also great to pack when I travel, since it is really hard to avoid wheat when I am eating out, and due to the hypoglycemia I have to eat meals on a regular schedule. I love the fact that Kind bars are made from real ingredients - the list of ingredient is short and I can pronounce everything on the label because it's the type of stuff I have in my pantry. I ordered one box to try them out, then a few more to keep on hand, and now I have just subscribed for monthly delivery. I highly recommend these bars!!
235118235118B0034EDMCWA1VCLP9WTLZGHKblessed10051323820800YummyMy daughter and I eat one of these everyday! They are delicious and fresh! I looked on Amazon to save a little money, since they can be a little pricey. I got great pricing and the bars were in date and excellent quality!
235119235119B0034EDMCWA15LZLLYPCXXU0Jan Mix "*Happy*!"0051323648000I will order more!While visiting with my sister I was given the opportunity to try a Kind Bar. I hesitated because let's admit, anything that comes in bar form and is good for you has GOT to taste terrible! Well, now I know differently. These are delicious! My brother-in-law is diabetic and can eat these bars. I find eating one between meals curbs my appetite. They are crunchy, fruity and just plain delicious. Haven't been able to find these in our area stores so I order Kind bars through Amazon and I'm pleased with how quickly and safely they arrive. I recommend these to anyone who wants to find an enjoyable way to have a snack between meals and that's good for them, too.
235120235120B0034EDMCWA2JXXYNFZ985I0C. Dinkins "Chocoreeses"0051323302400LOVE THEM!!!One of these bars were sent to as a free sample.
I searched online for awhile to try to find the bars at a good price. I finally found them on Amazon.
I LOVE THEM and love Amazon even more for continuing to sell items at excellent prices that I can not find anywhere else.

The bars themselves are delicious. Coconut & Almond are my favorite flavor.
235121235121B0034EDMCWA3M9HX84QTIFWVchula4250051322870400Fruit Nut Delite bars..I think they are wonderful and love them coming each month with a charge to my creadit card.........I use to get them from a company that does not carry them any more........I am very pleased with Amazon.........they come just like they said they would each month and they are wonderful bars...they come in great shape.

Linda Cotham
235122235122B0034EDMCWAC3KOY0SHNW2Dsdflagg0051322870400KIND snack barsThis product tastes great. You can purchase at a variety of stores, including Starbucks, but you will pay much more than if you buy a box at Amazon.
235123235123B0034EDMCWA3SQV1Q3LQH59ZDot0051322784000Yummy and good foryouI love the almond coconut Kind bars. They are sweet, naturally sweetened, and full of coconut and almonds. If you like coconut I recomend these. They are very hard and get harder if placed in the fridge so use caution when eating.
235124235124B0034EDMCWA1WAH8GK3T9W3OFernando0051322265600DeliciousThis is a great bar, we originally tried the coconut and almond but thought this one sounded good too. The best part about these bars is they taste delicious and they are healthy. They do not have corn syrup or a lot of other ingredients that most bars have, just natural good for you stuff. I highly recommend them, they are worth the money.
235125235125B0034EDMCWA11PMACA63EH72E. Allen "butter my toast and sugar my tea, h...0051321920000Helen of Troy in the Kind bar flavorsThese Almond and Apricot are akin to an Almond Joy, but without the chocolate. And, without the guilt. :) *swoon*

I recommend KIND bars to everybody because they are so delicious. Just wish they weren't so stinkin expensive!
235126235126B0034EDMCWA3NE1PLGI1P0ZTK. Wright0041320537600Excellent Snack.These are really tasty, that's a fact. Because they're made of fruit, nuts, and puffed rice, they're also reasonably healthy, making them a reliable snack. I only wish these babies had a bit less sugar, therein allowing me to eat them more often than I currently allow myself to. Of course, I'm sure that would mess up the flavor and make them an entirely different bar, so that's not really a possibility.)

Overall, an excellent portable snack, with plenty of healthy fats and deliciousness.
235127235127B0034EDMCWAG9I03WHRY4NZLynn Buehring "kindergarten teach"0051319846400Great Snack from !I love the Kind bars. They are GLUTEN FREE and an awesome snack that can be carried in a purse, pocket, and/or in the glove box of the vehicle.
235128235128B0034EDMCWA6LNUH941JRCFS. Pennington0051319587200love the Kind Bars!so glad I can order Kind Fruit and Kind bars at Amazon. They are so very good and I love how quickly they make it to my door!KIND Fruit & Nut, Fruit & Nut Delight, All Natural, Gluten Free Bars (Pack of 12)
235129235129B0034EDMCWAYG79EUXWTRFXJill Doyle0041319500800Good deal on a good productWe buy these because they are lower in carb than other bars so make a good snack when you can't get a meal. They taste good.
235130235130B0034EDMCWA2M9G989NVH7YGTeacher La La0051319414400Apricot Almond with tastyThe Apricot and Almond with Yogurt covering is so delicious. I only wish the stores around me would carry this item. I have it sent to me about every two months. I love these so much that I hoard them for myself. There will be no sharing of these bars around here!
235131235131B0034EDMCWA2OPLE6NHE4F9GJessica Mercer Zerr0051319155200Satisfying & DeliciousThese bars had a generous amount of nuts and the right balance of fruit without the overly sweet filling I dislike in other brands. The result is a bar with enough protein to satisfy and just enough sweetness to give a little pep--a great bar for the grab-and-go breakfast with my coffee or for the 3 PM slump at work. The bars come in at 180 calories, which is just about right for a snack that also delivers protein, but maybe on the high end of snack portions for those watching calories. However, this is a nice sized bar; it doesn't feel like a tiny portion. This will become a regular addition to my pantry.
235132235132B0034EDMCWA2E3KZ73M5JF6YKaren0051319068800love this bar!These bars are delicious and satisfying. They only have 10 grams of sugar, so they don't raise your blood sugar much. Sweet enough to satisfy THAT tooth! yet not loaded with sugar. Chewy and yummy - my favorite!
235133235133B0034EDMCWA2552G2MTZSLXCMatt Matt0051317859200NiceGreat taste.Plenty of almonds and coconut.Not overly sweet like many others.Will definitely purchase again.A little hard but still great.Kind makes tastey bars.
235134235134B0034EDMCWA7OLST5USCDGUKahanalei0051317859200Likely the best nut bar I've ever tastedI had purchased these when they were about $15.50 for a box of 12 and although that is a bit pricey compared to a box of bars you can get from any other brand, it's much cheaper compared to the $3.29 that I had paid for just one bar at the airport and much better tasting than the rest of the nut bars produced by other companies out there! Right before I was going on a transpacific flight, I wanted to get some snacks to hold me over so this was one of the items I bought at SFO. As soon as I took the first bite, I remember thinking how good these were and knew that I had to buy these, once I got back to the states. I ordered the Almond & Coconut ones and they are awesome! One look at the ingredients and that tells you how there's nothing but all natural stuff in here and the taste is truly delicious! Personally, I don't think there is a better tasting bar out there than this - it is so far THE best I've tried!
235135235135B0034EDMCWA1TLZNPP21AKTMChristy Dianne Phillips0051317340800DeliciousI am now officially addicted to these bars!! Excellent texture and taste! Will be buying them again and again. Wonderful for gluten free needs.
235136235136B0034EDMCWA1ZSOS3TA1787FBella0051317168000Best nut bar out thereLove the bar. Very "nutty" and not too sweet. I eat them either before or after my workout. It's a bit pricy but it is totally worth it.
235137235137B0034EDMCWA2D1LPEUCTNT8XAli Julia0051317081600Yummy! A perfect snackI purchased Almond/Apricot and Almond/Coconut and they are both delicious!

These bars are made mostly out of almonds and other nuts, held together by sweet syrup (not too sweet).
Both have a hint of coconut flavor (Almond/Coconut has a slightly stronger coconut flavor). The apricot adds a bit of tang to the flavor, which I really enjoyed. I liked Almond/Apricot slightly better for this burst of tartness.

Each bar is individually wrapped, long and slim, and easy to slip into a purse and bring along when you need a bit of pick-me-up on the go.

I highly recommend these bars!

I am attaching a photo with the wrapper off with one bite taken, so you can see the texture of the bar inside the wrapper.

Ali Julia review
235138235138B0034EDMCWA2OG6ZASLZ88VWmeg sanders0041316995200great gluten free snackIt's a great gluten free snack to have with you when you don't know what's available for you in the "gluten free" zone. Some restaurants have gluten free food, some don't. At least you won't go hungry. It's a delicious power bar snack. Easy to have with you and much more affordable to buy online than in the store.
235139235139B0034EDMCWA2EDWI5EGP4V9Nsharkychick0051316908800Macadamia & Apricot - WOW!I agree with the previous reviewer - these are very addictive! I ordered the Macadamia & Apricot bars and they are simply wonderful. The flavor is absolutely delightful. The apricot flavor comes out first. The macadamia nuts are evenly distributed so that you always get the nutty flavor along with the apricot flavor. The third thing I got was the coconut (mmm, love coconut!). When I ordered them I didn't realize they had coconut in them so I was very happy. The coconut is not overdone either. It's just enough to taste it along with everything else. I am amazed at how they put these flavors together so wonderfully so that they all shine.

I don't even like honey (can't stand it!) and even the honey flavor went superbly with the other flavors in this bar and was not at all overwhelming. I caught the sweet undertones but most of the sweetness I tasted was from the apricots.

I went on subscribe and save, then I went in and revised it to get MORE of them even more often! BTW, the box I received had a 'use by' date of Oct 2013 on it, so they are very fresh.
235140235140B0034EDMCWA1CQATFTUFR0AInkyApron0051316822400I am so addicted to theseI buy these on subscribe and save. I eat them for breakfast every morning, and I am losing weight without feeling hungry because these bars satisfy. I wish I could get them locally at this price for when I run out and want more!
Great taste.

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