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235231235231B0034EDMCWA36GGVLILB7LEMSusan C. Lett0051289952000yummieI thought these were a little high priced until I tried them. These are definitely worth the cost. I recommend these to people who try to eat natural and more healthy snacks.
235232235232B0034EDMCWA34NM4QLI46S8Feboyoo70041289606400What we tought about kind bars recently purchased.We ordered the Almond Apricot, Almond Coconut, and the Mango Macadamia.
We actually liked them in the order listed.
I think we will only order Almond Apricot again.
They were good!
235233235233B0034EDMCWA34NM4QLI46S8Feboyoo70031289606400How did they taste?These were ok, I would say they are a harder on the teeth than the Almond Apricot. Maybe a bit over priced.
235234235234B0034EDMCWA385E4RHJS3T57Tara Santos0031289260800Good snackNot my favorite KIND bar, but these are pretty good although rather sweet. They make a nice snack but I would prefer a bit more protein than 2 grams in order to keep me satisfied longer.
235235235235B0034EDMCWA385E4RHJS3T57Tara Santos0051289260800Soooooo Good!My favorite KIND bar. Absolutely love these. If you haven't tried them, do! You won't be disappointed. My only problem is I love them so much I tend to eat too many. Have to control myself when these are in the house!
235236235236B0034EDMCWA29WOWF7GNCTBRJV "Chicago Shopper"0031288656000Not my favorite flavorIt's very sweet- and kind of gummy. I like the almond coconut one better - that one is my favorite.

Kind Fruit & Nut Bar Almond & Coconut 12 bars
235237235237B0034EDMCWA3MI80AD3RZOT0Deborah J Nicholson0031288483200Coconut bars?These are good but not as good as the other Kind bars I've had. I think it was because the coconut seems to overwhelm the other flavors. I love apricot, which is why I ordered these, but I can barely taste the apricot due to the strong coconut flavor.
235238235238B0034EDMCWA1ALBURN0I6H5KDavid P. Jones0051288051200Best Fruit Bar on the MarketThese Fruit and Nut bars are by far the best value and the best tasting
235250235250B0034EDMCWA4NDPXCYKRCY2Janet R. Miles0041286582400Kind Bar/ApricotThese snack bars are very tasty
235239235239B0034EDMCWA2P3JD5GG5IUGKGabi0051287532800Deliciously healthyGreat healthy snack - the different taste and options make this a fun different snack for anytime of the day.
235240235240B0034EDMCWA23YWYIETODAF6bearcrkrd0041287446400A Little HardIf you have old teeth these may be a little Hard. Loose fillings may crack. You can't pop half in your mouth and chow down. Need to go slow. They are expensive, too. Don't get me wrong, I just ordered two more boxes. They are tasty as can be!
235241235241B0034EDMCWA1MI3W9A0JXA44Happy Shopper "$$$"0051287273600Great Natural Tasting BarI purchased one of Cranberry Almond Bars while out bike riding one afternoon and really enjoyed it. Found these on Amazon and purchase a box of each. If you enjoy coconut you will really like these bars. All natural, great tasting and low in sugar, which is what I was looking for.
235242235242B0034EDMCWAEP0XAC6F8N2YApril Fear0051287014400Love itThis is the first time I have tried Kind bars. I'm really impressed! I love the whole almonds and big flake coconut in the honey coating. The only thing that would make this bar better would be if it was dipped in chocolate, then it would be the ultimate Almond Joy!Besides being gluten-free, nutritious and tasting really good, I find the bar to be filling. I've found that I can't eat it too close to lunch time, or I won't be hungry for my lunch! I haven't been able to say that about most other snacks.
235251235251B0034EDMCWA1DVXJAHYVD7EAC. Clark0051286323200I'm switchingI'm a big Larabar fan, but after having a Kind bar I'm switching. The nuts taste fresh and the fruit taste like fruit. The ingredient list is small and filled with great stuff. I would definitely recommend this delicious bar.
235243235243B0034EDMCWA2YVIPKZGIK6W8Nina_Houston0031287014400Nice taste, but too tough to chew for me.Nice taste, but too tough to chew for me. It has a good smell of coconut skin & not too sweet, but I prefer the Kind Bar Almond & Apricot (without yogurt) since the bar is softer. It's not too sweet. If you like sweeter, choose the one with yogurt.
235244235244B0034EDMCWA2S8YV63JSMREYSecret Rose "M. Creations"0051287014400Be kind to yourself! These bars are scrumptious.These are great to keep in your purse, car or desk at work. Quality ingredients that always taste good.
235252235252B0034EDMCWAOK7H4AFO3L51S. Stilwell "Mommy"0051286323200Great Snack for Mom and Toddlers!We are not gluten free, however in my quest to find snack bars that are healthy and substantial, we tried these. My picky three year old loves this flavor. He will have one for breakfast before preschool and I am glad he likes it and it doesn't have bad stuff in it. They are super yummy in my opinion too!
235245235245B0034EDMCWA1OVRJSTXRT4SNMister Bones0051286928000Almond and Coconut HeavenIf you love the taste of almond and coconut together, you will love these bars.

You can taste both flavors separately and together, and the chewy,nutty texture-- with a touch of honey -- is just right.

The other Kind bar flavors are okay, but Almond Coconut is a work of art and stands on its own as a culinary masterpiece.
235253235253B0034EDMCWA1V45XXP3JUHPLChrista Bradney0051285891200So delicious--and easy to carry!I love these KIND Fruit and Nut bars! Because they are based on nuts instead of granola, they are naturally gluten-free. Since I have to eat gluten-free for my health, they are a wonderful thing to carry around in my purse for "emergencies". One of these bars keeps me satisfied for a couple of hours, giving me time to figure out where I can get safe food.

I'm pretty sure that even if I found out I could eat gluten tomorrow (not likely) then I would still keep these around. Enjoy!
235246235246B0034EDMCWA124URARVE9S89S. Harding "Staceyque"0051286928000My favorite Kind barNot sure why others don't like this one, it's DELIC!! My favorite, and I've tried all of them that don't contain walnuts.
235254235254B0034EDMCWASIR5MR8RX5AYA. Matheny0051285804800Healthy snackI tried these before ordering them in bulk and cheaper from They are a great nut snack with very low sugar content and high protein content. While a bit dry, they have good flavor and are good for you. Much better than most so called energy bars. And reasonably priced if ordered in bulk through
235255235255B0034EDMCWA20M6PDSIP3TVMSheena0051285545600Sooo Goood!!!I had my first KIND bar at Starbucks... The first taste of the Mango Macadamia and I was in heaven. One day, a Barista at Starbucks recommended the Fruit and Nut Delight and I have been hooked since. My boyfriend, who is picky about things, LOVED this bar. I am thrilled to have found them on and will Subscribe and Save! They are nearly [...]in health food stores..Ordering them this way saves me money. Jillian Michaels also recommends them as a healthy snack bar for kids. She was the reason I decided to locate them in bulk. They are gluten free and anyone who can't eat gluten and have had these bars are rejoicing!
235256235256B0034EDMCWA19FENZMHC6AZEJ. Fry0051285545600Yummy Bars for SnacksI am a subscriber to these bars because they are so delicious and healthy! I love them for snacks when I need a quick pick me up!
235257235257B0034EDMCWA1YKWTJLYPHQUMRgb5250051285372800Kind Bar!These bars are delicious!!! I've always been a sucker for coconut and almond so I figured this flavor of Kind Bars would be right up my alley. I was right.

The bars are incredibly soft and moist; they bend by themselves if you hold them horizontally. The crunch of the almonds plus the sweetness of the coconut and honey is so tasty, it's hard to have just one bar. Amazon makes a good deal. Only about a dollar per bar when I ordered them. I will definitely order more :)
235258235258B0034EDMCWA29F3CBXOC3T4DLaurel E. Groff "Laurelg1"0051285372800100 Calorie SatisfactionI have eaten the full size bar many times - love the taste and the satiety it provided, but never really cared for the 180 calories... I was excite to hear they were coming out with a 100 calorie bar - Got em, and love em. Great snack, easy to pack and carry, great taste and just enough to hold off hunger.
235259235259B0034EDMCWA2V8CLEP5QNQWBSheopleHerder "The talk of the flock."0041285113600If you like Nuts...It's actually a tasty little treat provided you like nuts and Apricots. It's truly gluten free but it would be hard to guess if I didn't know that. All in all a treat worth the price.
235247235247B0034EDMCWA3O0MD4SUI34EFCheyenne Mom0051286841600I love these snack bars.KIND are my favorite snack bars -- just fruit and nuts and very little else. This is one of my favorite "flavors." I don't like the ones with yogurt or coconut (too sweet). I put a couple in my bag, and they're always available if I get hungry and tempted to eat some processed, nutrition-void food. Very satisfying.
235260235260B0034EDMCWA2LGH4BBSHL10HPeggy A. Gnehm3351281916800my favorite work snackI love Kind bars, especially the almond/apricot variety. They're whole foods-mostly just dried fruit and nuts- & taste great. Perfect for grabbing out of my pocket for a quick nibble at work.
235248235248B0034EDMCWA2W90NAI9BW0HUR. Rogers0031286841600Little too sweetThe bars weren't bad, but they were a little too sweet for my taste especially when you get about 1/2 way through. But the quality of the bars are good and there're big chunks of macadamia nuts which I thought were the best part.
235249235249B0034EDMCWAMLLSA8UUVFN1A. Jackson0051286668800AnneLove this product and the fact it is all natural and gluten free. I keep several in our cars. It keeps me out of trouble when I am hungry or craving something sweet.

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