Amazon Fine Food Reviews

235381235381B0034EDMCWA23MIXO8V3FLESSuebelle0051346716800Healthy and happy from AmazonThese bars have a good combination of nuts, are low glycemic and a satisfying snack for in-between meals or when meals are delayed. Wonderful for gluten/dairy intolerance. They travel well too.
235382235382B004VMKCUGA2VK4M8L2ZRVK8EmRay2311337644800THIS LISTING IS FOR A SINGLE CONTAINER!!!Buyer beware! This item is a SINGLE 1.63 oz container. The original price of $28.58 is incredibly misleading. That is normally the price of a lot of six containers, however this item is a single container. You can purchase this at many locations for a quarter the price!!!!!
235383235383B004VMKCUGA7HYB1MJ8XCPMtreevnp0051346803200Love them!My son loves them and I love knowing they are healthy ! It's a great finger food for snack time , perfect for learning how to eat on thier own
235384235384B0028MO8EWA1K9GIGYA0XJ25shane0021342569600Taste like cardboardThey taste like cardboard and vanilla air freshener. Not worth the price. I think that they were old when I received them.
235385235385B0028MO8EWA1J10GDW1T7E57AmazonMan0051309737600Very GoodFound these on Amazon and gave them a try. Before they were half done, we placed another order. Very good taste and ingredients.
235386235386B001463GD2A1B26P7ROK4G3NJohn L. Ratcliffe151521314835200Not freshNot much to tell here, the pieces were discolored in the bag, appeared to have been in bag for longer than normal, I buy these whenever I see them in stores, never seen the pieces dicolored before. Also, a bit hard, not as "fresh" as usual. Wouldn't buy them sight unseen again
235387235387B001463GD2AML7YO26R7GJNTrophy Wife In Charge "Diplomat"182011295568000Gustaf's Allsort LicoriceI love licorice these were dry and the flavor was nasty! I think they were many years old no date on the bag. Had to throw them away! Don't waste your money sorry I did.
235388235388B001463GD2ANZRFNY6G5ZTKEleanor Solo TTEE0031350345600StaleWhat can I say............ but that the candy was stale. This was a real disappointment - as I bought the same product (larger package) in September and it was fresh and perfectly wonderful.
235394235394B003VN99D2A17YAJNMKW1K78J. Foley0041320710400Mellow ginger taste, crunchy cookie.I like these a lot. They are made from whole grain wheat flour with 3 grams protein per serving- so they have a thick crunch to them. The ginger is more mellow, you don't get that hot sharp ginger taste like you do from Trader Joe's Brand Triple Gingersnaps. If you like a real sharp ginger taste go for the Trader Joe's. TJ's I think has quite a bit of molasses too which might be why they are so dark. These cookies are very light in color. Again the ginger taste is mellow and I noticed you get a little boost of ginger taste at the end if you chew slowly.
Trader Joe's Brand Triple Gingersnaps are thinner, much more in your face ginger taste and if I were rating on a comparison between the two ONLY based on the ginger taste then I would probably rate these one star. But these would appeal to a wider audience. I can imagine a lot of people being repulsed by the Trader Joe's Brand Triple Gingersnaps because they are so strong. Plus these are cookies not snaps. TJ's are gingersnaps and they have that type of crunch to them a 'snap' type crunch. I only mentioned TJ's because a couple of negative reviews mentioned them and I have tried them.
235395235395B003VN99D2A2CXPULSSEHRGLDebs "stargazer7"0021317859200Disappointing - very blandThis is one Back to Nature product that I did not like .. and I have subscribe and save subscriptions to quite a few.
The ginger taste is very bland. Trader Joe's Triple Ginger cookies taste much better.
235396235396B003VN99D2A1U6M8VJHK2ECAIsabelle Jolly0051309651200Back to Nature Triple Ginger CookiesThese are wonderful ginger snap type cookies! A little spicier than most ginger cookies and are wonderful with tea or lemonade. I'm not a coffee drinker, so I can't judge that combo. Also good just for a bite when you want something sweet.

My family really like them, too.
235397235397B003VN99D2AEASLXRBUFG0MMichele Friedman "Apple 22"0051300147200LOVE THEESE COOKIESI love theese cookies. They have just the right abmout of crunch and just the right amout of ginger spice. They taste great with a little warm green tea. They make a great snack when you just want a little something sweet.
235389235389B000EA3PFIAVVQQTKC6UQYTHeather R. Thompson1151234742400This is the stape of my dietI LOVE DRIED PAPAYA! Great price, great product, and best of all fast and free shipping. Not worth buying in the grocery store anymore, I pay half the price buying on Amazon!
235398235398B003VN99D2A2SZ1U822LXYE1Virtuous Kourtney0051296691200Ginger spice is so nice, they added it thriceThis is my abs-fave (absolute favorite) Ginger cookie. I am so impressed with Amazon grocery for carrying this product. When my local Wal-Mart stopped ordering it, or at least they didn't have it in stock the four different times I visited, I went to the internet.

This is such a good cookie. Great texture, handsomely spiced througout the cookie and the grand finale...delicious tidbits of crystallized ginger. Yum! Yum! Give me some...MORE!

These cookies are great all on their own, straight out of the box, paired with my favorite tea and also they make an exotic cheesecake crust.

Back to Nature Triple Ginger Cookies tops my list as one of my Favourite Things!
235399235399B003VN99D2A1REKTQI7VQM1YAnna0051291852800Ginger lovers this is for you!Not sure what happened to the cookies of the other person who reviewed these before me, but the cookies I am eating have chunks of ginger in them and for those, like me, who love ginger, they are heavenly!
235390235390B000EA3PFIA39SCU7KSK7330FOREVER student of Life:D "Always learning co...1151213315200Buying again and again...I can't always do fresh trying to be better with my diet. Some times it's too much for me to get fresh papaya, don't have a lot people around who want to what's left. Not really good to keep a fresh one in the fridge, cut and wrapped! It's very nice just to able to grab a stick or two!
Enjoy life, I'm trying to make it a little easier!
235391235391B0041H8ROOA1FBO740H26T7BS Meyer0321317168000For better price, go elsewhereiHerb has this same product, same size for half the price. Good product, just disgusted at the mark-up. Love purchasing through Amazon; just buyer beware on pricing.
235400235400B003VN99D2AYRK7W0W067VGW. Byrd1221285545600Do not recommend. bland ginger taste.I have recently had to pleasure of trying the Trader Joe's Brand Triple
Ginger Cookies. They are the best I have ever had. So, I was excited to find the Back to Nature Triple Ginger Cookie on Amazon. I thought the two would be similar. I was wrong. They are fresh, but do not taste much like ginger. The taste and texture reminds me of taking the peanuts and peanut butter out of a peanut butter cookie and adding crystalized ginger. I bought 6 boxes too. I am willing to try other flavors of the Back to Nature cookies, but I will have to find a source for the Trader Joe's for ginger cookies. I looked for comments on the Back to Nature website and this flavor isn't to be found. Now I know why.
235401235401B000IXRF8OA2NV4NW495WP8FJ. Fahringer4451234224000Yum-oIf you like Kit-Kat, you'll absolutely love these because they're so much better. The best Reese's yet. I'm having a hard time finding them in stores near me so I'm resorting them ordering them online. Try them!!!
235402235402B000IXRF8OA2F4D2WAM5LRGBjch "jch"4551255478400Amazon does it againHave been looking for over a year for reese sticks in my area. Amazon is great at stocking items which may be hard to find in certain areas but are appreciated by those of us looking
235403235403B000IXRF8OA2QHLEJ3OXM1QDmhs0011341532800Wrong Product SentFirst off, I am a HUGE fan of Reese's Sticks. In fact, they may be my favorite candy bar ever! I was extremely excited when I heard my box had arrived yesterday, and opened it up as soon as I got home from work. And, in an instant, my smile turned into a frown. In front of me was a 36-count box of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I quickly reviewed the order sheet (in the box) and it confirmed that I had ordered Reese's Sticks.

So, either one of two things happened:

1) The seller (GR8MART) decided to send out the wrong item to me, or
2) The seller ran out of Reese's Sticks and substituted the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups without asking me if I wanted them

As it's too much trouble (and not worth my time) to run to the post office and return them (and since my wife still loves the Peanut Butter Cups), I am keeping my order. That said, be aware if you are trying to order from this seller (GR8MART), at least contact them before ordering and confirm with them that they actually have the product. I, for one, am a disappointed customer who will never order from them again.
235404235404B000IXRF8OAYGXPGK6XLRQELen Cardoza0051333238400ReeseSticks a GREAT CANDY TREATWe have been unable to find ReeseSticks in our local markets, we ordered from Amazon received prompt delivery and have been enjoying the ReeseSticks since
we received them. Still have not located in local stores will have to reorder soon.
235405235405B000IXRF8OA1L9P4CP3BGBUWGlenda Sandor0051302307200ReeseSticks Crispy WafersI purchased these for my daughter in Canada, where they are not available. They are her favorites. I had never tried one until I had purchased these (I 'borrowed' one out of the box). They melt in your mouth. They are one of the best candy bars I've ever tried. I rarely eat candy, but these are outstanding! I highly recommend these!
235406235406B003GADBJSAO9T3DPIR29MLPurpleC "Camille"0051331596800Honest Tea with LemonThis tea is a staple in my house. Good quality black tea with just a hint of lemon and sugar. Like the plastic bottles when ordering this online for reduced shipping weight.
235407235407B0001LJAVSA1IOEQU92UR8SOJean P.0051316390400Shrimp DelightUsed Dynasty Hot Chili Oil in a Shrimp recipe. It completed the taste necessary making the meal outstanding. I was not familiar with this brand, but was totally satisfied, and would not hesitate using any other product from Dynasty.
235408235408B0001LJAVSA1ODOGXEYECQQ8Nuknuk0041299024000Good to spike up your soupI like to put a few drops of this to my soup, to spike it up a little bit just enough to tickle my appetite. It is made up of soybean oil, sesame oil, chili peppers, and some other ingredients. There are actually pieces of peppers and seeds 1/4 at the bottom of the bottle.

Nice dip for dimsums, chow meins, or other food that you want add some extra kick. I like the slightly different taste of this oil based chili sauce when I get tired of the taste of water based Tabasco or Sriracha. Same oil-based chili dip you see on the table of most Chinese restaurants.
235409235409B0035QGIR0A1DAG86OMYAKBNjamhi3351299542400CANDY!!!!West coast totally disappointed me this year with the world's most disgusting chalk flavored heart candies. They have succeeded at destroying valentines day for me until I found this company. Thank you for delivering me those oh so delicious original necco brand valentine hearts I grew up on. Valentines day saved.
235410235410B0035QGIR0AYGMECPYRBB8MSafe N' Sane "Big Hooker"2251328572800The ORIGINAL flavored Necco Conversation HeartsI have to admit that these are a little spendy but I couldn't resist. I miss the original flavors SO MUCH especially the yellow banana hearts!! I can't believe how terrible the new ones taste....why change something that was already so good?? I also miss the original boxes the candy hearts came in.....the red, white, and pink boxes. These conversation hearts are the originals and taste fresh and delicious!!
235392235392B003VN99D2A2WLQPEHMXYI04Elizabeth "Denver Mommy"1151305676800AWESOME GINGER TASTE! WE LOVE THEM!My husband is a big ginger fan. In fact, when he eats sushi, he orders a side of raw ginger. Our son and I like (but do not love) ginger. All three of us think these cookies are absolutely delicious and we highly recommend them. They definitely have the "wow" my husband was looking for in a ginger cookie. We keep them in the freezer and they are so refreshing when they're cold. Yum!
235393235393B003VN99D2A3CW94YYFXEBSIC. Jones "bascelflt"00513389408002 cookies per day is fine with me! Satisfying....I have been successful at losing weight but really miss cookies. Two of these triple ginger cookies per day has satisfied my crunch, sweet tooth and make me happy without a lot of calories. They are a perfect size. A box is good to keep on hand for those church socials or after orchestra rehearsals or to take to someone's house when invited as a guest.
My husband and I really like them.

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