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235691235691B0007ZPY18A22GUSJY1URK32nanccasares1111306281600DisappointedI was very disappointed with the quality of the coffee. I have purchased Blue Mountain coffee before from other places and it was always great. But this was totally unsatisfactory. It had a mildewed flavor to it like it had been stored for a long time in a warehouse that was damp or moldy. For the money I paid for it I was quite displeased and will NEVER buy from them again.
235692235692B0007ZPY18A3HHWS1VTP5VSDB. Ellis "phone totty"1111274832000jablum dont buy itMy son had this Jablum roasted and ground coffee brought back from Jamaica and paid a lot for it. I have drunk blue mountain for years when I can but this was shocking. It tasted stale when you opened the bag and even worse when you drank it. It was definitely off. He bought 5 bags and every one we tried was the same. I would never buy another. We had bought another brand in a tin from Jamaica which was fine. I think this is a con. You get all the rubbish about it being tested in Jamaica, well I dont know who tests it but definitely not someone who likes good coffee. I just dont understand how people say its any good. Maybe having paid so much for it its like the emperor's new clothes.
235693235693B0007ZPY18ACC3V47CSZC43Joy Schmitz "toddnjoy"1151231891200The best we has yetWe heard about this coffee before leaving for Jamaica so we pick up some and have fell in love with it. The best we have had yet smooth without that bitter after taste so many other coffee have.
235694235694B0007ZPY18A2SRT262WG2WH6Dave3431177027200Excellent coffee, not all that exotic, though...I love my coffee, and because of that, I have tried lots and lots of varieties although I began as a simple Folgers fantatic. Jamaican Mountain Blue Coffee has been touted to be the best of the best world coffees out there by such highly esteemed sources as the Food Network and the kitchens of the White House.

I found the low acidity of the coffee very refreshing, but the darkness of this roast has not allowed a lot of subtleness of the flavor to come out. To me, this tastes like Folgers at its best, but nothing more than that. Great for everyday drinking, because it is smooth and rich and leaves little acid "bite." But still, after having tried Kona coffee with its myriad of subtle flavors, I found Blue Mountain kinda boring.

I guess I disagree with experts, but hey, my coffee is important and taste is everything! If you like exotic flavors, this isn't it. But it you would like to have consistently smooth, rich, honest coffee, this is the one.
235695235695B0007ZPY18A3LNX5S52F2IG4Herta Glatz121831127865600Blue Mountain ExperienceI am a coffee lover of many years and as such am always interested in finding good coffees. This was my first time to try blue mountain, and purchasing it with a gift certificate allowed me to be a bit more extravagant than I otherwise would have been.

While the coffee is good, I don't find it to be superior to other coffees I have ordered which are considerably less expensive.
235696235696B0007ZPY18A38KK0SZYEH5UDBusy Executive0051301529600My favorite beansThese are some of my favorite beans. I've purchased this brand a number of times in various roasts, and I've never been disappointed. Whether you use them in your French press, your espresso maker or your conventional coffee pot, some of the best tasting coffee you can imaging comes out of this bag.

Definitely recommended.
235697235697B0007ZPY18A1ZKUYOQCYGZFFM. Duell0011281312000Love Blue Mountain Coffee, Hate JABLUMWhile in Jamaica, my wife and I drank Blue Mountain Coffer every day and loved it. We even went on a bike tour of the Blue Mountains, and purchased some coffee. It came in a plain clear plastic bag, and we could see the darkness of the roast. We enjoyed that coffee.

In Ocho Rios, we bought some bags of JABLUM. You can't see the darkness of the roast, and all you can smell is the burlap bag. When we opened it up, it was a very light roast, not much fragrance, and once brewed, the coffee tasted a lot like dirt. We were very disappointed.
235698235698B0007ZPY18A2VTGXADJ74J3DKevin1231174867200Good coffee, but not greatI bought this coffee in Jamaica ($15 for 1 lb bag). While I liked and enjoyed it, I prefer several coffees from my local shops at about the same price. I think that it may have been worth the $15/lb, but no more. Certainly not at these prices.
235699235699B0007ZPY18A3R71YQ3WXBZTOW. Taylor2411230249600Only 2 of 3 16 oz. received in shipmentI recently ordered the 16 oz., 3 Pack. When my FedEx order arrived on December 26, 2008 there were only two 16 oz. bags contained in my order. I would like my missing 16 oz. bag to be sent to me or at least be refunded 1/3 of my $105 charged price.
235700235700B0007ZPY18A2E84QMV8QK4R4D. Hall1331238803200Don't believe the hype...Went to Jamaica last May and brought about 6 pounds of this and the Waldenford's Blue Mtn back with me. About half what you are paying here, but still not worth the money. It is good coffee. No question. But don't believe all the hype. I am a casual coffee drinker and someone that takes coffee more seriously might get more benefit from this coffee. To me, not the case. I order my Peet's Arabian Mocha Java online for about $14/lb and it is still my favorite coffee.
235701235701B0007ZPY18A331TXDQ3NFCHGDavid J. Sussman "Dark Sky"3711249948800P.U.I don't get all the hype over this coffee. Not much of a head on it. Doesn't taste that great. What's the big whoop?
235702235702B002EYESYOA1PNQZ8SH7A069Caroline Wagner2251306886400Gluten free, high protein, and deliciousI'm on a gluten-free, high-protein, low-sugar regimen, and The Simply Bars beat out all other competition in these categories. I've tried - and liked - several of The Simply Bars, but the taste of this one makes it my favorite.
235703235703B002EYESYOA1WN39FYBJQR50W.R.0021340323200I was warned by the reviews..As warned by other reviews, I received the WRONG product! Thank goodness i dont mind the coffee chocolate flavor too much, but i had tried the raspberry, preferred it, and ORDERED it! If this was a restaurant i'd get an apology from the waiter and my dish would very likely be complimentary considering i'd eat after my friends' food would be done (or COLD!).
235704235704B002EYESYOA1MR1VMK999I6OMotherLodeBeth "MotherLodeBeth"0051336521600French adult chocolate energy bar LOVE it!Finally a grown up energy bar that isn't like over sweet kid stuff.

Took the Cocoa Raspberry bar and broke off 1/4 of it and added it to the cup of homemade yogurt I had as part of breakfast. Was a nice change from the fresh fruit I usually add. Again a very grown up energy bar, sans the heavy sweetness, which I really appreciate. Now....because this isnt a Hershey chocolate sweet sweet sweet bar, some may not appreciate it as much as we did. It's what we call a French energy bar for adults.

Also love that the wrapper is clean and crisp in design and notes Protein,calories,sugar,fiber as well as natural, vegan,etc. Easy as I dislike having to search a wrapper for the basic information I am looking for. Have evolved into a veganish lifestyle and need and want foods that are healthy. As a rule I don't buy pre made foods, but The Simply Bar is an item that I am going to allow for weekly treats.
235705235705B002EYESYOA2XQUJ341AKSNADonna cho kiever0051336521600gluten-free high protien in a yummy bar!I love these bars but the raspberry are my favorite. Yummy , healthy and really good! I was turned on to these bars by my daughter and love them.
235706235706B002EYESYOA18AP2V6542DQ6Andrew Sim0051336435200I'm addictedRight flavor arrived and our whole family LOVED it, including kids. We prefer this one so much more than the lemon. I had to change my subscription to once/month instead of every three months. Both the chocolate and the tart raspberry flavors are present, but it is not sickeningly sweet like most bars. It's a great snack to throw in the lunch box or to take along in the car when you feel munchy.
235707235707B002EYESYOA13HVUNTJ4S03TPatricia Goodlin "jog"0011334016000Wrong flavorThese might be good, or maybe not... I don't know. They sent Cocoa Coffee flavor instead of the Raspberry I ordered. Typical service.
235708235708B002EYESYOATRV2UMG2QD25Jay Silver "Jay's Silver"0011331596800They sent the wrong flavorI ordered a box of raspberry flavored bars and they sent me the coffee flavor instead. This bar is truly amazing but I only like the raspberry and peanut butter flavor. The coffee flavor tastes like soap and I am very disappointed that for the price I paid, I did not get what I wanted.
235709235709B002EYESYOAYQG7RMSGHT5KSusanlb "susanlb"0011330041600The Simply Inedible Bar!I agree with the person who termed these "inedible". I was sent the wrong flavor and ended up with a box of cocoa-coffee instead of the cocoa raspberry I had ordered. The bar was bitter and terrible. I worked on the assumption that perhaps another flavor would be better. I tried the lemon bar, and although it wasn't bitter, it had basically no flavor and was a lot like what you'd imagine a bar made of birdseed would be. Do not waste your money on these.
235710235710B002EYESYOA19O191IANOTERLD0051329609600RecommendRecommend this product- I chose it because it is gluten free and dairy free. It is a good protein source and does not irritate my stomach. I keep them in my bag for a quick snack- it will satisfy my hunger until mealtime. I like that I can actually pronounce the ingredients as well.
235681235681B000E1HUFSA299SGFC4UBVIJmiga4eight "miga4eight"0051289347200I LOVE IT!!!!I don't use this marinade for steak as my family just likes salt and pepper. However, I mix this marinade with mayonnaise for a very good sauce for steak sandwiches. I have a very picky granddaughter who doesn't like to eat. Give her a sauce such as this and she will eat up! Can't ask for anything better than that!
235682235682B000E1HUFSA18L1CVUIQRE9LMary McKinney "PRINCESS MERI"0051184976000DELICIOUS MARINADE & TOPPINGThe whole family used this
marinade rating it an A+!

However, it is not healthy
with the contained sugars.

Luckily, I found that I
could add a little
to the top of my steak
after grilling & get
a much stronger flavor.

A plus for those of us watching
our sugar intake. In addition,
it contains healthy spices!

It is just too delicious to
completely omit from our
healthy eating menu!
235683235683B000E1HUFSA3VJU6OOT2XWRVDiane Ciesler "disappointed"0611162771200A-1 NEW YORK MARINADE (6 PACK)Well I ordered this product and the box was mis marked so I recieved the wrong item. I called and explained to customer service, they resent the product, again they resent the wrong item. A total of 18 wrong marinades I have recieved. I just gave up. the product is fantastic if you can ever get it. I usually buy it at the grocery store, its safer there. Too bad Amazon's Quality Department can not correct this error.

235684235684B004H4P5UKA33X3H43FJDYDJMarjorie1151344211200best pasta everThis is the best pasta husband didn't know I switched from regular wheat pasta to Tinkyada rice looks and tastes the same.....but after dinner, after having two big servings of the pasta, he commented he didn't feel that usual heavy feeling. This pasta simply rests lighter on the stomach....I have completely stopped using wheat pasta and now buy only Tinkyada rice pasta.
235685235685B000KD3YL4A397VEE4KC1WGIAll-access Customer0051213401600YummyThese are a bit of a pain to make, but worth it in the end. It's hard to eat just one, though. Don't refrigerate or the topping breaks down and makes the rolls soggy.
235686235686B000KD3YL4A15DF0V80C6M8TM. Hauck2611198454400Don't waste your money! HorrendousI don't usually write negative reviews ... I just don't write anything at all ... but this product is SO BAD that it deserves a really bad review. FIRST PROBLEM: it is supposedly low in carb but it takes a stick of butter and a mountain of heavy cream to make it. Huh? Low carb but heart attack fat? YUK. SECOND PROBLEM: it is very difficult to make - it has three different bags, needs three bowls, lots of measuring, lots of utensils, lots of work. It would have been less work to create from scratch. THIRD PROBLEM: it did not create a "jelly roll" type item - it created a big gloppy sticky mess that was difficult to work with. FOURTH PROBLEM: It did not come out like a roll; it came out like a biscuit or a scone. Just a baked glob. FIFTH PROBLEM: it tasted LOUSY. Just plain lousy. Not even the pecan topping tasted good.

Don't waste your money on this mess. This is the second one of the Dixie Low Carb items I've made and each one is worse than the next. Don't bother.
235687235687B008ADQP0SA2DKVL26ZX0WGSSil0041349740800Bold Berries!Another hit for me from Red Leaf! Red Leaf is a great vendor that supplies a premium product at reasonable prices. This is a delicious matcha that goes incredibly well in my morning smoothies! This is a great sweet matcha that is enjoyable both cold and hot! If you're looking for a matcha that will add some fruity kick to your day - this is it :)
235688235688B006TU9EQ6A2DSZX802GOJ4FDenise1151343606400Luv the Salt Water TaffyI ordered this for my daughters beach wedding and was worried about the taste and the condition of the candy. It arrived ahead of schedule and it tastes great. I can't wait for our guest to receive their wedding favors!
235689235689B0007ZPY18A1UR1B8MLEX5LFTina Goeckel182051128211200Jablum coffee beansThis coffee is smooth and is not bitter at all. It is wonderfully aromatic and a rich flavor. I personally bought the beans in Jamaica but it was only $12 for 12 ounces, I have seen such inflated prices on the internet for this product and truly it is not worth it.
235690235690B0007ZPY18A1IFOESRHYQ4AHA. Bradley-Verett "Amanda Verett"5551168214400The best coffee everThere is a reason they serve this coffee at the White House. Its the smoothest, best coffee ever produced. Low acid, smooth in the mouth, and it has the most intoxicating aroma. Worth the price.

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