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235771235771B001F10XUUA196E3GDYIH20FTony B0011346889600Stale Taste + Brownish Color = DISAPOINTMENTIt came vacume packed and I assumed after reading the reviews it was going to be at the very least an "average" macha. NOT was stale and dull like it was VERY OLD and as if it was left out. I have purchased less expesive machas from Taiwan and have been happy with the product. Appearntly healthway buys this in bulk and they do not have any quality control. You can tell by the smell of the dried powder that the tea is obviously not acceptable to consume. I WILL BE DEMANDING A REFUND!!!!!!!!!! FYI want the best bang for your buck Id buy - Vita Life Matcha.
235772235772B001F10XUUA1SHHVI4JVXL9ZKristina Lynn0041346716800only icedI tried this tea hot, but the flavor was very bitter and harsh, even with honey, stevia, and milk added. When I poured it over ice, however, it mellowed the flavor completely. I plan to add it to my morning smoothies and keep a little jar of it in the fridge to drink. I am drinking this for the health benefits, really, and not so much the flavor. I actually expected it to be much more bitter and hard to stomach - I'm thankful it tastes pretty good cold.

As for the claims about it lowering appetite and creating lots of energy, I can say that any tea I drink seems to lessen my appetite a bit and this one does the same. If it's more than the others, I can't really tell. I do feel very alert after drinking a full glass.
235773235773B001F10XUUAES6VEI9TBCD5Domino0041344124800Not exactly real "matcha" but still goodThis isn't real matcha, but that shouldn't discourage you from trying it out. For one thing, it makes a great flavoring ingredient in food and allows you to make your own matcha late at home. It's also incredibly energizing and is a great alternative to coffee. Ultimately, the price is right with this product. I recommend checking your local asian mart first because I got this for 11 dollars there, but if you are really craving some matcha drinks, it's still a much better price for this at 2-something an oz than somewhere that's 10 dollars an oz.

I have written a full review here: [...]
235774235774B001F10XUUADV28K5F07998Shama Bole0041341100800very good green tea powderGreen tea powder is expensive but this was a good value. It mixes well and tastes very good. You only need a teaspoon or so per cup. I will be buying this product again
235775235775B001F10XUUA2X5XIL3SF7IZWMs.E.H.0051339891200The best tea ever that i've bought,will buy more.There is no way to show you yet what running around does to a person.Whom job requires to do one section a night of 14 floor of Vacuuming,7 elevators,and 7 stairways within two week time. So i need a lot of stamina/speed/agility/and critical thinking skills. This tea has helped change my body.I lost 35 pounds down to a 30 in waist.May even lose more weight the way i drink this Matcha Green Tea.Thank to Dr.Oz. I found it on at a very reasonable price and will buy as much as i can for the future use. I only use brown sugar to sweeten it. Matcha Green Tea has been known about for centuries by foreigners. We are finding about it now before it is too late and we miss out on it's natural way to regulate our bodies back to a normal cycle. I also use the Matcha Green Tea in all my BBQ cooking raw meats. Plus in the BBQ sauces/Marinades. I hope this will help you try it ice cold or hot it doesn't matter you'll still be ahead of the rest whom aren't wise to this healthy all natural Matcha Green Tea. Thank you kindly, see half of you when you finish trying this tea.
235776235776B001F10XUUA341JBBF0K5CBLsuziep11230051334016000GreatThis Matcha is awesome and you can't beat the price! I drink it iced and I also mix it in my vanilla protein shakes. Buy it!
235777235777B001F10XUUA3IXMY150KR550Laenri0051331769600WonderfulIt is very good! I just wish I had a green tea whisk so it would come out foamy ahaha. Instead, I blend it in my blender to incorporate the bubbles. Not as good as with a whisk, but still really great! Thank you.
235778235778B001F10XUUA93FPSFCMDX8JCarrie Lou0051331683200I was wary, but it's delicious!I am trying to get healthy having a myriad of health problems, so I thought some green tea might be of use to me. While I can't vouch for any miracle healing, I CAN say it tastes good based on what I did. I used a spoonful of powder with the spoon that came with it and put it in my water bottle. I added 2 packets of Truvia sweetener, and filled the bottle 3/4 of the way with lukewarm water and shook until the powder dissolved. I added ice to it, and it was really tasty.

I will return in a month, hopefully with good health news.
235779235779B001F10XUUAMFIB5EPRLD95Devon Edwards0041329782400Great valueThis stuff is very fine. It is a little bitter if only mixed with water but great with vanilla almond milk. Takes quite a bit to get it mixed without clumping.
Great sustained energy. Great price. Pretty similar to the stuff I drank at Joyful in Japan.
235780235780B001F10XUUA1MNZGD611IFOHQueenie0051327622400I love this stuff.This make delicious green tea. It tastes fresh and delicious. It's way better than the green tea at my local sushi restaurant. I can't wait until the weather warms up so I can make some green tea ice cream with this product.

I usually enjoy green tea in the afternoon for a kinder gentler caffeine buzz, but I might start drinking this in place of my morning coffee, too!

I was on the fence about ordering this product. I'm glad I finally did.
235781235781B001F10XUUA1G93A87A0VQD3Mom in CT0051310256000exactly what I was looking forLooking for green tea powder to imitate your favorite smoothie or tea latte drink? This is it!! It was perfect match (had to do some trial and error with recipes first). Excellent choice and worth every penny.
235782235782B001F10XUUA3CICUC21MKNA9C. M. Hall "faerielfire"0051306540800Excellent especially for the priceVery green and mixes very easily, no chasen needed. Definitely has a good taste. It is packed well and includes a coffee-like bag with the powder inside of a very nice cardboard box. Included is a plastic spoon conveniently sized for portioning. I use this for green tea lattes and will use it for baking because its so affordable. For $3/oz its hard to beat the price.

I previously purchased Maeda-En's Shiki Matcha (...) which is around $12/oz and it required a chasen due to difficulty in mixing and was slightly more bitter than I was used to. I've been to several tea ceremonies in Japan and the Maeda-En product tasted about right.

However, this product by Vita Life seems to serve my purposes well (tastes very good and mixes very easily) but with my wallet in mind. I'm a very happy customer!
235783235783B001F10XUUA1BNATER6RJ5EBMariya Feldman "Milk Juice Gamer"0051295049600I love it!I still have it since the day I bought it !!! Its still fresh and healthy and great on anything!
235784235784B001F10XUUA2672JS16PJRBFRonjini Mukhopadhyay1251314748800Just like Starbucks with less sugar! Better at homeThis is a great powder. It's my first time buying online and attempting to make Green Tea Latte's at home, so I wasn't sure. I didn't want to go with anything too cheap or too expensive. This powder will make a Green Tea Latte JUST like Starbucks. It is not sweetened, so I recommend adding Agave syrup or just getting the Torino Vanilla syrup if you want it sweetened. The great thing is that I don't have to make it as sweet as Sbux makes it and I can make it at home with Almond Milk.

SOOO good. I will definitely buy again when I'm out. Great size and you don't have to put too much Matcha in there. It should last me at least a couple of months. Excited for tomorrow's latte.

Store in refrigerator to keep it fresh.
235785235785B001F10XUUAQBBF0QHCL4QMmomsbusy "momsbusy"1251314748800Matcha PowderI was nervous about spending so much money on this product, but the amount is actually very generous and it included a handy scoop. The packaging is very attractive.
235786235786B001F10XUUA184SXVXAHFNDLVidstr11251312934400Great productI'm in love with Starbuck's green tea lattes but the cost starts to add up so I tried looking for matcha powder to do it myself and this stuff tastes the same except it doesn't have added sugar which I love anyway because I can sweeten to my liking. I just use a couple scoops and dissolve it in water with sugar or honey, then I add organic vanilla sweetened soymilk on ice. Yay!
235787235787B001F10XUUA1RNT0P8HWQ6FJJohn H. Pollitz1251302134400Great Matcha TeaThe tea was just what I was looking for. Service was great and delivery quick. I will be a return customer.
235788235788B001F10XUUA2VAPMBILEB80OPAK1251288656000Matcha Green Tea PowderI have ordered this particular product many times. It is an excellent quality, good color and flavor. I will reorder again.
235789235789B001F10XUUA2W9I628I6SE1UKort "Art, Music, Book & Movie Enthusiast"1241281398400Value Matcha that DeliversI am new to matcha tea (this was my first) but I am very happy with Malden's powdered green tea. I bought it based on the other positive reviews and a little research, and was very pleased. Sixteen bucks for 1/2 a pound puts it in a league of its own. Most of the other matcha powders are much more expensive. I've been drinking it daily for over two weeks (even sharing it with others) and still have well over half of it left.

Now if the matcha quality wasn't good then it wouldn't be worth it. After the sensory overload of my very first cup, I learned to prepare it properly and have grown to really enjoy the taste and extended "lift" it provides. It might not be "ceremonial" grade, but it blends well, has a lovely green color and has a bright, fresh flavor. Some people have said it has a fishy smell but I don't detect that. It is really more akin to freshly mowed grass. The added bonus is the health benefits associated with consuming the whole tea leaf -- win win!

I highly recommend getting a bamboo whisk and proper matcha bowl, but for quick office preparation, some hot water in a mug and a small spoonful works fine. Just be sure to stir it up a lot, and re-stir if you let it sit for a minute or two. It isn't bad with a little vanilla creamer and honey/sugar in the raw either. Matcha may not be to everyone's taste, but for those that enjoy it, Malden's bulk Matcha Powder is hard to beat.
235790235790B001F10XUUA2BDY7AW37NXH7D. Cox1251271635200Matcha TeaGreat product for the price. Love it. Quick shipping. Great seller! Many thanks!
235791235791B001F10XUUADLV525SO68M0Jill Love "Jill Love"1251268524800Authentic Matcha TeaMy husband drinks Matcha Tea and especially likes the Green Tea Powder. The tea is excellent (if you like green tea) and the service quick and efficient. We have been ordering this product for quite a while.
235792235792B001F10XUUA1Q3PM190RLMRUNummy Muffin4751314921600Green Tea Shakes Yum!This is a really good alternative to the expensive matcha that I have tried before. I used to work in a gym/smoothie bar. I wanted to make a shake that was similar to the one I would make at the gym so I bought this powder and I was very successful in doing so. This powder gives me energy all day and it is delicious. I do tell people that it does have a slightly bitter after taste but with milk added it is hardly noticeable.

Here is a blender recipe I came up with

1 Teaspoon of the green tea powder (First dissolve the green tea in 3 tbs hot water make sure clumps are out)
1 Small banana
1 Cup vanilla rice milk
2-4 drops Vanilla extract
2 Packets of Splenda
6-8 Ice cubes

For a meal replacement I like to add 1 scoop of vanilla whey protein
235793235793B001F10XUUA3UPHOX8JC1BQNDaniel E. Hofford "equsnarnd"2431264896000Good but not Starbucks qualityThough it lacks the intense green of Starbucks matcha powder, thankfully it isn't full of sugar like Starbuck's powder.
235794235794B001F10XUUAF05SW9TW5UVK50unitedstates50 "50unitedstates50"71221253664000Tastes like FishThis stuff is barely acceptable. I have some Starbucks Tazo Matcha powder and thought this might be a close match in flavor. But, it's really funky tasting. I'd describe the taste like a cross between grass clippings from a lawn mower and a really strong fishy taste. I know the Starbucks Matcha has sugar mixed in there but even still, with a pound of sugar and cream you can still easily taste that fishy flavor. I pretty sure I would not buy again. BUT, the seller shipped it VERY fast and there were no problems otherwise.
235795235795B001F10XUUACLDOXK9DZE06Evelyn Smith1351269561600Best tea I have ever had!Best tea I have ever had. I actually feel better (health-wise) when I drink it.
235796235796B001F10XUUA30PIXIAIFB20Bsg "home fitness addict"1451275436800wonderfulI agree with the other reviewers that this matcha is a good value. I don't need the tea-ceremony-quality b/c I use this primarily in smoothies. I would buy it again. My only concern is that it is from China (I recall one reviewer suggest that Taiwan wasn't in China -it isn't on the mainland but it is part of China). I hate to say that but I am concerned about China's poor record of quality control ( not Chinese equivalent of our FDA).
235797235797B001F10XUUA3ELIL0X96RLBVKatherine Newell Bierman122311292025600not matchaMatcha is wonderful, but Pier Mall did not send matcha. Instead of .65 lb of matcha powder, I recd .5 lb of Chinese medicinal tea. The label was mostly Chinese and said 'matcha' nowhere. Prepackaged Chinese medicinal tea can be dangerous--it is completely unregulated, and people get sick all the time from bad ingrediants and unforseen reactions. I am asking for my money back and notifying Amazon.
235798235798B004VLVLSOA3LG2YQLNC9TPGA. Anderson1151334275200Love itI love this sweet brown rice. I had never tried it before, but it's the greatest sticky rice. Tastes good, sticks together for stir-frys. Makes a great breakfast. I mix it with Quinoa and oat groats, add some agave, fruit, and a little raw milk -- delicious and nutritious.
235799235799B004VLVLSOAEK026X4KYVZFDona E. Russell "donarussell"1151329177600Good riceMy daughter loves this sticky sweet rice. I use it in my own mixes to sweeten up regular brown rice. Good product, good flavor, good price.
235800235800B000IEHRLSA2TPM6XC32QPW9M.E.'s Family111141186876800Very SweetI bought these because the only ingredient listed was organic cranberries. They are however very very sweet and I question the accuracy of the product label. These are just as sweet (if not sweeter) than Newman's or conventional Ocean Spray dried cranberries. The taste is fine, but I did not want to buy sugared cranberries. Perhaps they really are naturally sweet, but I've never had fresh cranberries that were even slightly close to being this sweet. Klein's website did not open for me and they do not offer a phone number so I cannot call to verify if sugar has been added or not. I suppose I could write them! They are labeled as USDA Organic. A one ounce serving has 90 calories and 18 grams of sugars. The other odd thing is that most dried cranberries have a little oil added. There is a slight oily residue inside the container, but again, oil is not listed as an ingredient. Does anyone know the facts on the ingredients for this product?

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