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235951235951B000KOUOGQA337P3ZSHF2DKEEvelynhod0151279670400Need spices sold separatelyYou have got to market your spices seperately. I use them for other things and they are great! Just give me the spices, I don't need all the rice with it, I will pay for them alone.
235952235952B000KOUOGQA2PQM94KF7VWWFKeeley Missler0211300665600Plain AwfulWhen i first saw this I was like "hey! perfect for a college student!" No, it wasn't. It tastes awful, smells awful and it's gummy and gross. Don't eat this. Seriously. I'm very much more willing to wait longer for much better flavor.
235953235953B00016XKXMA3BH49ZKESHDIDFred Camfield0031328659200An average energy barIt is unclear from the way this is listed exactly what they are selling. For 12 bars, the "list price" is outrageous, and the Amazon savings are suspect. For 12 bars the Amazon price is high, as supermarkets sell these for under $2 each (a recent sale has been at $1 each).

These are an average energy bar. They come in a variety of flavors. The flavors are OK, but not exceptional. The sugar content is somewhat high. The values given for protein and fiber content are lower than some other bars on the market, for example Clif Bar Energy Bar Chocolate Chip 12 Bars which are available from Amazon at a lower price. The bar actually left me somewhat hungry.

So, it is an OK bar, but you can shop around and find better bars at a lower price.
235954235954B001EQ4KI2A3MFNXC7NC2CULArmy Wife0051341187200Delicious!!!I love ALBANESE gummies. I happened to come across these gummies while browsing the candy section for a care package for my husband..and I found these! I am so glad I found them! They smell delicious, taste delicious and have a soft gummie texture, which is perfect. My husband and his fellow soldiers are now officially addicted to these in ALL flavors!
235955235955B001EQ4KI2A1TT7N48KJQV4JBetty0051336867200DeliciousLots of gummy bears for a good price and they came on time and everyone thought they were delicious! This is a great deal and if you need lots of green gummy bears for whatever reason, get these!
235956235956B001EQ4KI2A1IGFQG8FV4946Shelly Strayer0351279497600Great for potty training!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I started out with green M&M's everytime my son even sat on his potty chair.We worked up to these green gummy bears everytime his body put something in the potty chair.He was fully potty trained by 22 months old.This technique works as I have 4 children they were fully potty trained by the following ages: #1 18 mos. #2 18 mos.#3 20 mos. #4 22 mos. 1st 2 were girls last 2 boys.The gummy bears are as good as gummy bears get!
235957235957B000LQOJ32A3LWR8B5BASPW7pony1121319673600My favorite chocolates....except they are melted when I got itI love chocolate filled with liquor and the Mon Cheri itself does not disappoint. It is the seller and the problematic packaging that gives me the urge to rate it 2 stars. Yes it wasn't FULLY melted when I got them, but the whole thing looks like its been stored somewhere in the desert in Nevada for three days before shipped to me. Yes it came with an ice pack that was supposed to keep it cool, except that the ice pack itself is like a balloon filled with warm water.

So apparently, I will not buy from this seller again.
235958235958B000LQOJ32A18JZMNQXROWZ1Cristina Ionescu "Criss"1151299456000Heavenly cherry goodnessIf you like chocolate and refined liqueurs (together), you have to try these. For some reason Americans are not that into liquor chocolates, but I just love them. My husband will maybe have one every other month, while I devour a whole box. :P The thing that bugs me the most is the trouble you go through to find these kind of treats in the US. Thank goodness for Amazon. I just love these chocolates. It's the right kind of balance between sweet cherry liqueur and dark chocolate. And the cherry in the middle is absolutely divine. This is a guilty pleasure you shouldn't deny yourself.
235959235959B000LQOJ32A2B67BLPQRGXZTVincent A. Rizzuto III0051303689600Absolutely amazing!I tried these when I was in Italy. I loved them so much I purchased all of them that I could find from the airport. Which was only like 5 boxes of 5. When I went home the product was stale so I had to have them again. Went on amazon and found them. Purchased them and have been in love every since.

The quality of the product is always fresh and great, they come perfect with no issues. If you like dark chocolate with a cherry inside filled with a whiskey liquor this is great. It's like a mini shot when you bite into it. I enjoy giving one to my friends and just telling them to eat the entire thing all at once and see their response!
235960235960B000LQOJ32A3AHWD7O3849CWRachel Blair "Rachel :)"0041274572800These pack a punch!My husband purchased these for me as a gift. He did not realize that there was more than one kind of candy by the same name. The other candies look the same, but are filled with a truffle-like filling with hazelnuts. These are great if you like chocolate covered cherries. However, be prepared for a kick in the pants. These are definitly not your oridnary chocalate covered cherries. They have a very potent alchaholic punch to them, if you don't mind that I suggest trying them.
235961235961B000E7UJJ6A31MUO4RO5P2KCM. Gupta "emdoc"161651189296000look like a genius in the kitchenEvery time I make this for guests, it gets rave reviews. I use chicken breast tenderloins and cook that with sauteed onions. Boil up some bok choy till tender and throw that in when you add the seasoning (I use the whole packet for one pound of chicken) and coconut milk. Serve with white rice for a sure winner every time.
A Taste of Thai products consistently has the best and freshest tasting seasoning mixes. Also recommended: Spicy Peanut Bake.
235962235962B000E7UJJ6A3F17L535EXZRCKRR9951268784000Makes an AMAZING Red CurryThis makes an amazingly delicious red curry! I add 1 packet of paste, 2 cans coconut milk (the real stuff, with the fat), 2 Tablespoons fish sauce, 3 chicken breast, 1 red pepper, 1 can of pineapple, 1 small can of bamboo shoots, and 1/4 cup sugar. Chop and simmer it all for about 30 minutes, and serve over rice. It has just the right amount of heat, and tastes like something you would get from an authentic Thai restaurant. Of course, you can use whatever veggies you have on hand, these are just my favorites. I make a large pot, and freeze it in individual containers for a super-fast meal. Taste of Thai Red Curry Paste, I don't know what I would do without you!! (Actually I do, and my Thai take-out bills would be outrageous!)
235963235963B000E7UJJ6A36GEDLB5A5MJRevDorothyL "DorothyL"9951168473600good stuff at a good priceI enjoyed having the opportunity to stock up on this Thai Red Curry Paste, which I've used before but which tends to be more expensive than I'd like when purchased in the local store. It keeps well, and with a couple of cans of coconut milk and plenty of veggies, I've always got the makings of a good, spicy, satisfying meal on hand.
235964235964B000E7UJJ6A1P5FEFX2JNK4TC. Crowe7751171238400Fast, Easy, DeliciousThis is a great and delicious way to eat Thia food at home. Just "melt" the entire packet (if you like it spicy) into two cans of coconut milk in a pan. Then add your favorite meat and veggies. I usually use chicken strips and a bag of frozen asian veggies.
235965235965B000E7UJJ6A16CG6WUASJ6AGL. Dillman "DillMama"6651173398400Hot Stuff!If you like hot, this is hot. My wife used to buy this in a local store but it is no longer available. I checked on where I make most of my internet purchases and there it was. This stuff is GREAT!
235966235966B000E7UJJ6A35HOUWHAYZZN6Hedera Femme5551179619200tasty and so easyWhile the restaurants always do it best, these curry pastes are pretty tasty. It's easy to use, fast, and you can add the meat and veggies of your choice. For those of you scared of something spicy, you might use a little less, but for most, it's just right, and for those that like it spicier, you can add a little crushed red pepper. Since the coconut milk has to be added separately, you can also control the fat content--you can go light or go with the much yummier, creamy stuff.
235967235967B000E7UJJ6A21NVFKZQH4A5DAsian Amazon4451314489600Thick paste with robust flavorA Taste of Thai has become increasingly my favorite brand for pastes and mixes. Their Red Curry paste is thick with a rich, robust flavor. Excellent in curries, it is also great as a marinade for grilled chicken or beef. I've also used it in a blend with soy sauce, Lee Kum Kee's premium oyster sauce, and lime juice for fried noodles. Depending on your palate, you may find the level of spice mild or a touch spicy. Being Asian, I find it on the mild side. A few American friends who have tried my curries and fried noodles made with this paste have declared the spice has just the right amount of zing. Your mileage may vary.
235968235968B000E7UJJ6A3444K69YUYO8DStormRoyale3351299715200Very Good!I'm quite picky when it comes to my curries. I've tried many American products and found them bland and washed-out. I've also tried many curry pastes imported FROM Thailand that I had picked up at my local Asian store... but this is by far the best out there.
235969235969B000E7UJJ6A2XT53NSG3HRW7FrugalWitch "Use it up, wear it out, make do ...2251295827200Nom-Nom!!OMG this is delicious! Easy, quick and very yummy, I ate some leftover straight from fridge and it was still wonderful cold. Husband loved this as well, try it, try it!
235970235970B000E7UJJ6A2VA1CSQ74IKXPBerta "loves to cook"2251293926400excellent curry mixLove this curry paste. I have celiac disease so am thrilled that I can buy a gluten-free mix that can make authentic Thai dishes at home. Use it to make curried chicken, soups and veggie dishes (check out the Taste of Thai website for great and easy recipes). I've also tried the panang curry, coconut ginger soup base, pad thai, and spicy peanut and they're all good. Red curry is my favorite.
235971235971B000E7UJJ6A1VQJHGHXT3UESB. Bacchus "Ann Bacchus"1151333843200wow spicey!So easy to make, I took the sauce & added about 1/4 cup to my rice while cooking so it absorbed... Wonderful A little on the hot side, but every one enjoyed
235972235972B000E7UJJ6A3UCN2RGY7O6S1Joanne "Gotta Eat, Gotta Cook"1151331683200Enough to shareBeing a Foodie and Food Pusher, I like having these to offer to my friends b/c I like it so much. The price fluctuates on this as with so many items on Amazon, but if you catch it when it's low cost, grab it. I did at just a tad over $1 a packet for 12 packets. I have a great recipe for Thai Red Curry Mussels (foodnetwork) that is easy and delish. But I have also used this with "non recipes" such as adding a tablespoon to my mac & cheese to kick it up, or a tablespoon to my plain white rice. Just doing that makes you a food genius.
235973235973B000E7UJJ6AQ90QUG9P3GLMninkasi1151323043200Simple to use, fantastic taste....*So* simple to use. Makes one of our favourite easy home cooked meals. Cut up chicken (breast or thighs) into cubes, then fry up the paste briefly, add one or two tins of coconut cream, stir, when that starts to simmer add in the chicken. Leave to simmer until chicken cooked - maybe 15 or 20 mins. Use more paste for a hotter dish, less coconut cream if not making a lot.... use the 'lite' coconut milk if you want it to be a little less heavy..... add in vegetables if you want..... a red capsicum/bell pepper goes well with it.... if you have some fresh corriander, throw that in as well. If you don't use the whole packet of paste, just keep it in the fridge - it lasts for a while. Serve on basmati rice with some corriander on top if you have any. At this point I'd also note the wonders of an automatic rice cooker - throw in a few cups of rice, match that with the same amount (or possibly a little more depending on the cooker) and press the 'go' button.

Basically, ten minutes of effort at most and you end up with a beautiful tasting meal within 30 minutes. Both the rice and curry left overs freeze well too [in separate containers].

We can't get this curry paste locally any more. We now buy it in bulk, getting enough to last us for a year or so. Thank you, Amazon!
235974235974B000E7UJJ6A1D30TVSAR3Y7OMarisol M. Henriquez1151309996800Spicy but GOOD!I am so happy I read the reviews here! I had bought a red curry paste from another brand before and I was very disappointed with the results but then I started reading the reviews here and decided to give this one a try and I am thrilled I did. This paste has very good flavor and I feel that the heat is just enough for me and my husband. I absolutely loved it and I am happy that I got the 12 pack. Now I am set for a while.
235975235975B000E7UJJ6A1WOMXOEX90ARIAvid Camper "WS"1141271376000Very Good Thai Red Curry!!!Used to use another brand (that changed), in a jar, but this is so much better! Has a very pleasing spicy taste with a hint of lemon/lime and a fair amount of heat. It is a little too salty though, if you like to use a fair amount to "spice it up". We wish it had a lower sodium content. While, made from scratch with fresh ingredients is always better; this is the next best thing! Really good with shrimp, imitation crab/lobster, chicken, beef, pork and veggie dishes. Quick and easy to make good-for-you meals. We don't like the packaging and wish it were in a jar, but other than that and the sodium content, we like it. Will buy again!
235976235976B000E7UJJ6A24C5J51DZK4K0Linda J. Meade0051329350400Great tasteThis red curry paste is indispensable for yummy thai-style dishes. It makes the process so easy. Just look at the short directions on the back of the pkg. and use your own chicken, shrimp, veggies or whatever you like.
235977235977B000E7UJJ6A19KZTF7MK04JFJohn Readle0051326326400YummyI like a variety of foods, and love to cook. Made up my 1st pouch last nite. Very tasty. I would recommend using coconut cream as opposed to coconut milk as the package recommends. Put your excess in a canning jar and keep in the fridg. Makes a wonderful BBQ sauce too.
235978235978B000E7UJJ6A5B3Z1BPLTTZ0B. Olson0051321228800Delicious, best price I could find anywhereI regularly make Thai red curry, as I used to live in Thailand and miss the food! So I am pretty picky about authentic tastes. This paste is easy to use and cook with, resulting in authentic yummy Thai curry!! I use half the packet for one dish that serves 4. I refrigerate the other half and use it 1-3 weeks later with no problem. Absolutely delicious, and having compared prices at the grocery stores in my area, this is my preferred place to buy.
235979235979B000E7UJJ6ALLTVPX5CHS50Jennifer D. Hilderbrand0051286323200Thai red curry pasteI have used this product several times....I think that it is great. I plan to go to their website and order more similar items. Thank You.
235980235980B000E7UJJ6A3RMY46B1IEH74Lieutenant Dan0041284336000Thai Red Curry PasteThe product was what I expected and more. Easy cooking instructions with authentic flavor.

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