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236011236011B001EO7HFMA3KT85K6QPMGSVtrp "serencymru"1151229731200A good hot sauce with a lemon twistPiri Piri sauce is like tabasco sauce with the addition of a few ingredients, in the case of this item, lemon, onions, garlic and "spices". Piri piri can be used for anything you would use tabasco or any other hot sauce, especially if you wanted a little lemon zing. I especially like to use it in gumbo or rice with beans and especially seafood. Take a can of coconut milk, a can of drained pineapple chunks, two chopped tomatoes, a finely chopped onion and one finely chopped clove of garlic, bring to a simmer and add a pound of shrimp and piri piri sauce to taste. Simmer until the shrimp is done -- when it turns pink. Serve over white rice.
236012236012B001FA1EEKA2OAZGMBKCMQRHI. Avila4451258070400Not a fan of caramel...but I love me some Rolos!This pack of Rolo candies comes with four 12-ounce bags with each bag containing 56 Rolos. I wasn't able to find a better price online for this many, so I really think they're a great deal.

Rolo's have always been one of my favorite candies. Surprisingly, I don't like caramel but these candies are an exception, the caramel in Rolo's is very light and not overly sweet. Although they're great at room temperature, I highly recommend refrigerating them and eating them chilled...the firmer consistency and taste is addicting. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!
236013236013B001FA1EEKA2M687HYOW9JFWdream factory2251312761600A mix of sweet delight..At McDonalds I always have the Rolo Mcflurrey for dessert and I go nuts when I eat it. Then I found out who sells Rolo chocolates and bought them right away. I was jumping as high as the ceiling when I was opening them. When I tasted them. I fainted. Anyway this is a great party favor and a great snack for all ages!
236014236014B001FA1EEKA2CY2NN0YRAFZNEdith Busija4551234742400Great candy, great priceI love Rolo candies and sometimes have a hard time finding them in the size packet I want. Amazon to the rescue.
236015236015B001FA1EEKA3RNJ9TMHLMZ0JS. Mason1141264464000Tasted like a Rolo, only olderI received this product in a 4-pack and for some reason the candies tasted old. The expiration date was good, but the shipping process might have thrown them off.
236016236016B001FA1EEKA2582KMXLK2P06B. E Jackson0051348617600feed me more!Words of a soon to be famous WWE wrestler, haha. Anyway these rolo candies are really good! The one candy I can compliment for the fact they haven't changed much over the years. That's a remarkable feat in todays ever changing world. It means the company that makes them is loyal to their customers. Even the packaging has remained more or less the same. If there's a difference I can barely notice. I guess the rolo candy itself has become slightly smaller. Then again, I'm a grown man now. Maybe things just appear small to my full-grown eyes, haha. An entire bag of these will last a couple weeks in my household though. Then again I live alone so things last a while. Kids will munch on them while playing video games or doing homework, and well, I guess a few before supper won't spoil them *too* much. :)
236017236017B001FA1EEKA2B3AGWMBXACP6Eric0031339027200moderationI love Rolos but in large quantities they those that special spark. Just stick to the little packs at the store and save the pounds and keep the taste
236018236018B001FA1EEKANJVDP3T6QTQHLisa0051318723200Arrived promptly, great condition. Love rolos!I purchased these to put into treasure chests for a theme party. So much more fun than chocolate coins (for adults). Chocolate and caramels -- what's not to like? Yum!
236019236019B001FA1EEKA11DIARM3IJP91OnthegoMomma6430051303171200So Yummy!I buy this candy everytime I go on a long road trip. It keeps the kids happy and quiet for the ride to and from Grandma's house. I always try and buy different candies or treats to take on the trip with us but my two sons always scream for Rolo's!
236020236020B001FA1EEKA281387UUS2IN5Beantown Jim0051264032000Darn it, they're goodIf you are perpetually dieting as I am, or should be, then don't read this review or buy this product. These things are good. They provide a slightly more sophisticated candy experience than the usual one you get at the checkout line, with chocolate forming a small "Reese's" type of case around caramel. If they have a shortcoming, it is you will want more than what's in the package. Which brings us to this, a larger package. If you are not on a diet, then buy and enjoy. If you are on a diet, then this is still OK, presuming you can put them in a jar and take one at a time....sure...
236021236021B001FA1EEKA3N3TRD4YGTKUYDavid J. Morse "Darkgoth"0251324944000greatthis item was ok just as I expected I wish you didnt have to comment here on every thing, one two three four five six seven
236022236022B001FA1EEKA1ZK5P0EOE727FDenise M. Everett "writergirl"0221304467200Rolo Candy.I bought this candy in hopes of being able to enjoy a childhood memory, but when I started eating them I found that they made me sick, so I ended up giving them away. They have ingredients in them that I am now allergic to and so I wont be purchasing them again.
236023236023B001995D6WA349W2918YZ90UBala121411219190400ABSOLUTELY OVERPRICEDEXTREMELY OVER PRICED. BEWARE. Pack containing 100 poppodums in any Indian grocery is less than $2. In India the same costs 50cents.
236024236024B001995D6WA2SW560X584UEFBarbara B.2351311206400Finally ... I've found puppodums!I used to buy puppodums from another company (Sharwoods) but they don't seem to carry them anymore. When I found these, I was in heaven. Yes, they cost more than in India or in a good Indian food store, but when you live in the boonies and don't have anything like that available, you pay what you have to.

I love these. They taste great, are low in calories, heat up quickly in the microwave .... what's NOT to like????
236025236025B001995D6WA392Q7223C9MUPE. Wilde0131317859200Updated: Broken pieces, no returns, but some salvalgableI've tried Tiger Tiger's "Puppodums" before and enjoyed them. They're fun to nuke, tasty (though not really spicy) and pretty healthy as snacks go. I was psyched to find them on Amazon, especially with a subscribe and save option. Unfortunately I received the first box with each of the 12 packages crumbling around the edges, cracked and broken. If you've tried these before you know this makes them pretty useless. You need the whole 'sheet' to be intact to oil on either side, then bake or nuke. Small pieces are really no use, and large cracked off pieces are a pain. I'm so used to Amazon being great about returns, I was rather shocked to realize (somewhat understandably) food items are on the No Returns list. So I'm stuck with this big box that I'll probably just toss out. And out twenty bucks.

Although I get why food can't be returned, given that this is dry packaged imported goods I wish Amazon wouldn't blanket ban returns. In fact, I'll probably think 3 or 4 times before ever ordering a grocery/food item again.

Sorry to say I suggest skipping this item. If you receive it as I did, you too will be out a twenty spot with a box of perfectly good useless food to throw away.

UPDATE 1/12: As I didn't want to actually throw away this big box of poppodums, I've been slowly working through them. There were a few packages in the middle of the larger box that were unbroken. The broken ones, mostly around the edges, so they've lost 10 - 20%. But I'm still enjoying them. Changed to 3*. Still tasty and a good protein substitute for a starch.
236026236026B001995D6WAA8YKAFPE5KN5Kate1311309305600Are they suppose to be gross?Now I'm not sure if I should have gone with a different brand, or what but these were horrible. I used the microwave because I will not deep fry food, I followed the direction exactly. They made my microwave stink, along with the kitchen. Took awhile to get the taste out of my mouth too.
236027236027B001995D6WA281E9Z9INZ5BVAmis1351274400000Convenient and reliableWhen microwaved, puppodums provide a nice savory snack without too many calories! We like them with dips of various kinds or chutneys but they are good with many kinds of Indian foods

Yes, these are quite expensive, but compared to the retail price locally (if we can find them at all), they are extremely reasonable -especially on Subscribe and Save. They taste every bit as good as the ethnic sort. To me, a great advantage is that these Tiger Tiger puppodums puff up beautifully in the microwave (a little spray of olive oil or cooking spray is all they need)which is something that the cheaper equivalents from ethnic stores do not do reliably. I think that the smaller package size may keep them in better condition.
236028236028B000P0SPMKAOHB6U4VW8MU5Niall Munnelly "Niall"3351278547200So Far, I Haven't Eaten AnyMy dog, and others in the local DFA, really like these treats; they smell delicious, like Landsjaeger or lamb sticks you'd get from a European butcher, and probably taste great. They're small, neat and easy to carry around, but your hands and pockets will smell like smoked, spiced meat for awhile. You also get a lot of them in a bag. I'll certainly buy more.
236029236029B000P0SPMKAQ79BQQ14ALXOMay Parks "ladybug"1151334102400Training treatsI was given the log version of the dog training dog food and was cutting it in small pieces for training treats. Now I have them all in small pieces already and it is more convenient and less messy without crumbs all over the place. Great idea.
236030236030B000P0SPMKA28ZDVY6NV75PAZ Desert Rat "movie buff"1151319760000Great!My dog absolutely loves these tiny treats. The size of the bag is nice because the amount of treats lasts a long time. Coaxing her to get into the car was difficult until I remembered that these treats worked so well with training why not tempt her into the car with these too, voila after about 5 mins no problem. Now she doesn't need the treats to get in. They are a great reward after tedious brushing so she puts up with combing knowing she will get them. I buy different flavors and she loves them all.
236031236031B000P0SPMKA19ZZYQ5LPEAG7MistyShadows0051349308800My Dog Loves These Treats!I have used these specific treats for my black lab for a few years now and he never gets tired of them! He really does love them.
236032236032B003ZJG01QA1KA9YABD276SRbillhit20060051345420800fantasticMy wife just loved it said it was the best she has ever had and it came just as described
236033236033B001EQ5F5YA2O1PFKEMLD3H3Bookworm "BW"3511319673600nothing but potatoes!I bought the vegetable soup at a County Fair expecting a hearty and varied vegetable soup. But the soup is misnamed. It should be called "potato soup" because that's all that is in it. This soup is expensive so you'd think they'd at least include a few veggies. But no, they'd rather pack in lots of desiccated potatoes to fool the customer. Save your money.
236034236034B001EQ5F5YA118T2O9BIVCAXBarbara S. Verduin "Barbara V"41111288483200Soup That I wished I had tasted!I have not had a chance to try this soup. When it arrived, all the packages, all 4 of them, were torn open and there is no way that I can seperate the contents to make the soup.

It sounds delicious, but I have no way of knowing. I wish the people who make this product would send me another to try at their expense and sealed in a better way.

Actually, I have no real true way to give it any stars as much as I would like to.
236036236036B008LU5R3QAHNUQNIC0UBELbrian aklestad0021349913600Why did I buy the Sea Salt version?Well this review is specifically for the Sea Salt flavor of these chips. I so wish I had tried another flavor, Dill or a couple others sound good but I will never know. I am not a fan of the flavor I had. Or better yet the lack of flavor. These tasted like health food more than I had hoped ( Like rice cakes ) and I wanted to write a 1 star review but felt it somewhat dishonest as the other flavor may be ok, others seem to like these but I will never try another and still have so many bags left. Grrrrr
236037236037B008LU5R3QA2A1YSOBPZI4MOMike0051349827200Unbelievably goodThese chips are outstanding!! Use in place of tortilla chips with salsa, and you will never go back. Forget the fact that they are healthy, these chips are delicious!
236038236038B008LU5R3QA1R774PEJBWZAMM. Rosenthal1251309046400Great taste!I was able to try these chips from a food show sample, and I fell in love. They taste great! Plus they are much healthier than the average chip. Definitely recommend this product. Let's get these in stores!
236039236039B008LU5R3QA3CMXFCC3CQDTBSherSher120151329264000Delicious!!I tried Simply 7 hummus chips at the NY winter wine festival 2 weeks ago and to say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. They are absolutely delicious!! It has the requisite crunch of a chip and no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and is gluten free. Definitely will look for it in stores!
236040236040B008LU5R3QA12HU8KT4O3UZVLDA0151318550400Great product & CompanySimply 7 Hummus Chips, Spicy Chili Pepper, 5-ounce Bags (Pack of 12)

Love this product! Pretty healthy for a snack food and very tasty. This company provides excellent customer service and is a pleasure to deal with. Buy with confidence.

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