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236041236041B0050OAUU6A2PCZOX3D0EFP8Sony0051350691200LOVE THIS HONEY!!I use this honey as conditioner for my hair and I put it in my homemade conditioners and I just love it. When I use it by itself to condition, it gives my hair an amazing shine and defines my natural curls awesomely. I don't fancy the taste but I don't fancy the taste of many kinds of honey so I use this strictly for my hair as it stays in the shower. . . .it's phenomenal!!
236042236042B0050OAUU6A3AOXHJU9TATFASonam Drolma0051340755200Wonderful honeyI have purchased this honey and it is wonderful! Tastes so good I need to restrain myself from using too much in one day.
236043236043B0050OAUU6A1E50L7PCVXLN4Colinda "L.S.W."11021329004800Bad Taste.I've had problems with honey and other sweeteners causing heartburn, but after reading about manuka honey, I thought it might be different. I chose this brand to try because it wasn't quite as expensive as some others. Unfortunately, it still gave me heartburn.

And it tastes awful! Like cough medicine perhaps. But it's not something I'd use for its taste.
236044236044B002GWHCIIA2SR9KPZDPS4BYBlah Blah "blahblah"6751256256000Kona BlendThis is amazing for a Kona Blend, it tastes like the real thing! much cheaper!
236045236045B002GWHCIIAGTOI20AFSIM4Robert5651286755200The Chocolate Notes of Hawaiian CoffeeThis medium roast blend has all the flavors of Kona or Kauai coffee, especially the chocolate notes, and at a much lower price. We used to buy Kauai Coffee beans at Costco in Lihue on our trips there, and then started ordering it directly from Kauai Coffee, but at over $65 for 5#, we looked for a less expensive alternative, and found this. Excellent coffee and great price! We still serve our favorite Kauai Coffee at holiday time, but for everyday use, this is perfect.
236046236046B002GWHCIIAVROMLH41HXEFP. Johri "zephyrr"1131297728000not so kona!Received the coffee and have been trying it out for a few days. I use an espresso machine to make my coffee..the bag doesn't say how much Kona is in the blend, but I can't imagine too much. The coffee doesn't have the smoothness of the real Kona, is a bit on the harsher side. Probably ok for a run-of-the-mill cofee, but not much better. Wish I had bought a smaller bag first!
236047236047B002GWHCIIA3BV2F2FQXMYZ0Lemure2351295049600LIGHT ROAST KONA BLEND ("City" Roast)This is a light roast Kona blend, known as "city roast".
Light roasted beans have no oil on them and they smell a bit different - that is typical and normal.

Dark roast is what everyone is used to drinking - dark roast is used to hide how old and rancid the beans are. They began to only sell us old coffee in 80s and they began to roast it all dark then, to hide the fact that all the coffee was old, stale, rancid, etc. If you get a good fresh coffee that is lightly roasted, its a whole different cup of coffee! This is what I remember coffee tasting like, before they decided to feed us all only 1 type - old rancid dark "french" roast and worse.

This is Good Coffee! I highly recommend this.
Check their site (coffee bean direct)for the correct info.
Buyers are not always informed or correct, so check the site.
236048236048B002GWHCIIACSSVLNGCAQARjoni b0031346976000A KONA BlendWe loved the KONA we had in Hawaii last year and subsequently purchased some at home. When I saw this product, it seemed like a good deal . First of all, when we opened the box, it smelled terrific; fresh and flavorfull. Our disappointment is in the taste. Though we have played around with the water: ground bean ratio, it still does not have the body and flavor we expected. Again, should have paid attention that it was a KONA blend. Its good but not great.
236049236049B002GWHCIIA39AWPCD99ET82Robert Gibbins0051334793600Coffee reviewThis is the best Kona coffee we have purchased and we have tried every brand that we have came across. And of course the price can't be beat either....
236050236050B002GWHCIIA35ULTN7S2SWKJAnita Joy0051333929600Love this Coffee!My husband and I went to Hawaii for our 30th anniversary and loved the Kona coffee that was offered in every restaurant! After returning home, and missing the great coffee, I decided to check on Amazon to see if they offered it. Much to my dismay, the "real" Kona was outrageously expensive. After reading the reviews about "blended" Kona coffee, I decided to try this one...and I'm glad I did! We just love getting up to the fresh aroma of this Kona Blend and feel like we are back on the Island enjoying the sun and surf and relaxing time! I have this on auto ship so I will never run out!
236051236051B002GWHCIIAM83U5657FLAGKarl L. Wuensch "Dr Psychostat"0051330128000Tasty Kona BlendThis inexpensive blend is among the best I have purchased. I have been trying others, but none of the others has been significantly better than this one.
236052236052B002GWHCIIA2CXU4DOAHLBU8Robert Shah3541295395200Great Price, and good aromaI have been buying this brand for the past 3 years. I am a Kona Lover, but have issues with spending 200 dollars for a 5 pound bag (I have the money but I much rather give it to charity than drink it). This brand almost gives you the Aroma of the higher quality Kona, even though it is a Blend, but for a lot lower cost. It has a perfect medium brew. Recommend it highly.
236053236053B002GWHCIIA1WR1HZCBA0NCGJ. Wayne "Nosa Fishing"1211322956800Not GoodFirst, I will say that I have bought plenty of good coffee from Coffee Bean Direct.

That said, this is terrible coffee (for Kona or otherwise). I have had many different variants of Kona, ranging from pure to similarly labeled blends - none of which were so bad. This is dry, bitter and bland - probably the worst of all worlds.

To put things into perspective, Costa Rican from the same vendor is an infinitely superior coffee that I have as a subscription mainstay for my house.

Again, I like this vendor, but despise this particular coffee. Don't waste your money . . . After Eight from your local grocer would be 100 times better.
236054236054B002GWHCIIA2EPLNNBA5VBUAD. Rubin1211313712000Rancid and undrinkableWe just opened our 5lb bag of coffee and the first thing we noticed is that the beans had no oil left on them. Not a good sign. The smell was a bit off and you didn't get that enjoyable aroma that you do from fresh beans.

Then we brewed a pot.

Rancid is the kindest word I can use. Flavorless but for the sour taste, we couldn't stand to drink a cup. We immediately went and bought a bag of something else NOT from Coffee Bean Direct as the thought of drinking this stale bean for a month made us sick. You can't return groceries to Amazon so we're out $40 :(

We've ordered from this vendor previously with good results but this bag has us turned off for good. We've had good results with The Bean Coffee Company, Le Bean but they seem to be running low on inventory. Time to search again.
236055236055B002GWHCIIA1V1O3DZ86JMZETOBY1251306281600Great coffee at a good price.You can't go wrong here. Order these fresh roasted beans and brew some up. I guarantee you will order more.
236056236056B004LWRH22A244D9LD2A8RO1JC1221314835200Watch out for the Rocks!We normally use the Bioitalia canned lentils, but they have been out of stock here on Amazon for quite a while now. Since these seemed to be a very similar alternative to our usual lentils, we went ahead and ordered a case.

However, we have not been pleased with the results through the first three cans. We have found tiny rocks in two of the cans and the third was spoiled, tasting sour and making a loud pop when opened. This company definitely needs to work on their quality control. The lentils themselves taste fine (when not spoiled), but you better watch out for the rocks if you want to avoid a trip to the dentist... As for us, we will stick with the Bioitalia lentils from now on, even if we have to track them down an hour away from our house at Whole Foods, as we have been through a few cases of those now and found no rocks as of yet...

Edit 9/27/11: I added a photo of our "rock collection" through 4 cans to the main product page.
236057236057B000RHXKSAA3DOZA9IAKARFKD. Bonar "reader"0031272240000HardThese are dried beans, so they were going to be hard. I hadn't realized how hard. We always soak them extra long and cook them extra long and we still sometimes have trouble getting them soft.
236058236058B000RHXKSAA2SHPX1L2W05GDJ. P. Anderson0031261008000Scarlet Runner Beans need spicesthe Scarlet Runners were exciting to see when they first arrived and cooking them turned out to be a bit challenging. Seems they require severe spicing or cooking with additives to help soften them or lighten the darkness of their broth. Have not quite cooked those scarlets perfectly and will eventually find a better additive to give them a good flavor. Have tried both stove top and crock cooking, but not oven baking. But I won't give up until I can say these scarlets are delicious when prepared with care. Thumbs up for now!
236059236059B007HQFSMUA121JQMYDZFFTDDave CF3351341446400Tastes great!A little pricey, but excellent taste! Bulk item costs less, Also, there is no after taste nor is it too salty.
236060236060B007HQFSMUA2HIWI78GVJ14Ymyopinions2251343174400DELICIOUS!!These sticks are amazing. I follow a Paleo diet and these are so great for on the go. I will sometimes freeze them then throw them in my bag. They thaw out and are ready to go for an afternoon snack. I have to hide them from the kids or they will eat every last one. My advice is order more than you need, they will go fast. Well worth the money.
236061236061B007HQFSMUA1HTDH4UD75OQ2James F. Rendek2251340150400Grass-Fed!I does take a little getting use to after years of eating processed garbage but it is well worth it. It's about time truly healthy real food snacks are available.
236062236062B007HQFSMUA5QR5195TVWZ9CJohnson1131350518400Not badI am not sure what I was expecting, but this was not it. The item was blander than I expected, but it was not bad. If it were not quite as expensive, I might keep some on hand for quick snacks, but not as treats.
236063236063B007HQFSMUA2R724NAP8P0DPSam Torode0051351209600No more Slim Jims!These are great grassfed beef sticks, much tastier than those I tried from another company. And after hearing Nick interviewed on Jimmy Moore's podcast, I'm impressed with his story and very happy to support his farm.
236064236064B007HQFSMUAME0CO7M810VZJph960051350345600Yummmmy!!!These are great esp if u r on paleo diet ! They r not spicy n fact we pull the casing off for our 14 month old baby to eat !
236065236065B000EA0FE2A3KCOIHKDQFYCDAnother Anonymous Critic4451189987200All-Natural SnackI noticed that most dried pineapple products use sulfur dioxide as a preservative. This is the same chemical that is present in acid rain, which can eat the paint off your car, deteriorate buildings, etc. This product is the only one I've ever seen that doesn't contain this chemical. This product tastes better and fresher than any store-bought dried pineapple and the fact that it contains only natural ingredients is a big plus.
236066236066B000EA0FE2A21EDC96CN1EHHDeborah Morris2251203033600Yummy!I originally tried these when visiting family in Boston and started looking for them back in Pittsburgh. My grocery store carries the brand, but not this product. The quality of the pineapple is wonderful and they taste great! It's so nice to be able to have a taste of sweet pineapple during
the winter!
236067236067B002GWMCEWA1KUG3LIFPWUGIjose "jose"0051350777600Delicious flavorAfter trying many different flavored coffee from different vendors, we enjoy this flavor the best, day after day.......a treat every morning.
236068236068B002GWMCEWA1KKUBKUTXGA8FLarbeartoo0021299628800Good coffee......not enough carmel flavorI ordered carmel flavored coffee from several online sites; this coffee was the best of the bunch, but, while all the coffees were of quality, I wasn't satisfied with the 'carmelness' of any of them.....and I specifically want 'carmel flavored coffee'.
236069236069B000BH5Q1AA3GB17LHW7MPHWD. W. Butterfield "The Butterfields"2251269561600Monin is worth the money!!!!Ordered for flavoring our cappuccino/espresso at home. Arrived quickly and was extremely well packaged. Each item was in bubble wrap and placed in packing peanuts. The glass bottles with metal screw caps look wonderful above our coffee bar! The product itself taste wonderful and each flavor has 2 or 3 recipes on the back that I am dying to try. I can't wait to order more flavors!
236070236070B000BH5Q1AA1NY7CRLDMWALCAsia M. Evans "autumnbronze"1141323475200Fantastic ProductThis syrup is an amazing addition to any kitchen. It's delicious and smooth and goes very well with chai tea.

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