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236133236133B0051SUBKKA1YFEOPENGBFOFLori Lynn8951308355200A treat for your taste buds!Wow! First thing you taste is the real ginger, crisp and well balanced by the other botanicals and agave. I'm saving my last bottle for a bourbon and Q Ginger! Awesome recipe. The people at Q deserve a toast.
236134236134B0051SUBKKA14NY6ND4ROTU7J. Borkin7851306368000Yes, Please!I bought a 4-pack at the Fairway in Brooklyn last weekend and it's fantastic! Please, Amazon, I need you to start selling this!!
236135236135B0051SUBKKAX1W2MIHKW882Katherine Ross "tonic lover"4451310947200Addicted to this gingeralethe best there is....
crisp, clean and gingery
and lo-calorie--
also very soothing for a stomach ache
236136236136B0051SUBKKA2G0MZUZMHW0VWJProulx4451307318400I'm hooked!This is the most refreshing ginger ale on the market. Hands down. It's light, yet spicy and thirst quenching all at the same time, and without loads of calories like many of the ginger beers out there. It can stand up to whiskey, though I prefer it on its own. After each bottle, it leaves me wanting more. I'm definitely hooked and will be drinking a lot of Q Ginger this summer!
236137236137B0051SUBKKA2YXTCIFVVZIAXMaya & Oliver4451307318400A great discoveryI've been a big fan of Q Tonic Q Tonic Water, 8-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 24) and so I was super excited to hear a ginger ale was in the works.

After trying it, both on its own and in a mixed drink, I'm pleased to say that it surpassed my high expectations!

I signed up to be notified as soon as it's available on Amazon and will be ordering a case as soon as Amazon emails me with the good news.

If you haven't tried this Q Ginger yet, I really suggest you give it a test drive. It's delicious!
236138236138B0051SUBKKA2DVBBARHJIW9JKCinDC763351323561600Wow, so THIS is how a ginger beverage is supposed to taste!To compare this to ginger ale misses the point entirely, but its the only way I can. I've always loved ginger ale, but after tasting this (thank goodness I got the 24 pack!) I will never be able to drink another produce that has the name "ginger" in it. It tastes clean, crisp and, well, like actual ginger. The fact that it is made in the US and owned by a small business (I heard an interview of the owner and after hearing how they made the product, I went out and bought Q Tonic Soda Water (Pack of 24) - also a great product) made this an easy purchase.
236139236139B0051SUBKKA286LSZKTJM0IDA. Freiberg "Amazonian Fella"2251345680000I Crave QI don't always drink ginger ale, but when I do, it's Q!!! I have been falsely led as to what ginger ale was until Q opened my eyes and taste buds!

Personally, I am a huge ginger anything fan. Only recently did I learn of craft, "Q"uality beverages in this category. I took a flyer on this and was very, very surprised. All the ingredients, flavors, etc. meld perfectly and create a uni"Q"e taste you are bound to enjoy.

Take my word for it and give it a try... goes great on it's own or as a mixture in cocktails (which definitely ups your bar cred)!
236140236140B0051SUBKKA1PJGAFFZ1TGKAJeff "jeff"2251324771200I like it!!!!I really like this Ginger Ale. It is on a different level than the run of the mill Ginger Ale you buy. It is a fine Ginger Ale. Very Good!
236141236141B0051SUBKKAG6TX1ZJHLMO7W. Dietrich "WD"2251323561600Ginger Ale Like You Have Never HadI have drank the Q Tonic water and it is worth the price. So when I saw that they make a Ginger Ale I knew I would give it a try. If you like Canadian Dry Ginger Ale than Q Ginger is not for you. But if you like fresh complex tastes and a real authentic ginger ale than you will love the Q. The giner is the key ingredient but does not over power it is very refreshing. I drink mine with Makers Mark and I have made this drink for several people who loved the drink but had no idea that it was mixed with the Q as it tastes so different than cheap store bought ginger ale. I really like and will continue to use this as the only giner ale that I will drink with my Makers Mark.
236142236142B0051SUBKKAXJLS6H1WC765CH2251323302400WOW! Tasty.This is an excellent drink. Perfectly balanced sweetness with a fresh sharp ginger taste. Can't wait to try it in some mixed drinks for the holidays.
236143236143B0051SUBKKA21MDKVM7KK5WFBill Webster "Bweb"2251314489600Real dealThis is the real deal; crisp and gingery peppiness. Only complaint is that the bottles are too small at 8 ounces, 12 ounces would be just right as 16 is a bit much.
236144236144B0051SUBKKA1VZUAS5EEOJ6HSnoozy Suzy "Snoozy Suzy"1151347753600Best Ginger Ale Ever!Great flavor, real flavor, good price!Plus we like that it is in glass. The flavor of everything is better in glass.
We only buy Coca-Cola in glass, so why would we not do the same for Ginger Ale.
236145236145B0051SUBKKA31BRE1E807U37Bach1151331164800AwesomeThis ginger ale is extrememly good. Nice and crisp, real ginger bite. If your wavering because of the price, its worth it...
236146236146B0051SUBKKA356XAFP47BWKHdaddysgonesurfing1151329264000The BEST.This is the most amazing ginger ale ever. I've recently been suffering from serious nausea in my first trimester of pregnancy. Many books recommend ginger to ease the stomach during this time as you really can't take any meds. I've searched for something fizzy and suitable to drink but all the ingredients include high fructose corn syrup and preservatives or loads of sugar! This is just the right size and only 60 calories, sweetened with organic agave. What more could you ask for? Plus there's a bit more ginger, which helps!
236147236147B0051SUBKKAS4IE0PDPN6Bmarintaxpro "Bill S"3421327190400Too many mediocre Ginger Ale/Beers have jumped on bandwagonThis is another example of a mediocre at best ginger ale dressed up with fancy packaging at a ridiculous price while not even coming close the complexity or intensity of many of the better Ginger Beers. Unfortunately, Amazon places you in a paradox in buying some of the better ones. The top two aren't carried by Amazon at all but Amazon does carry some decent ones. Aside from the two that are 5 star and will go unnamed as they are already too difficult to get AND sticking w/ those that have free shipping since w/o free shipping, you are likely to pay well more for the s/h than the actual product.

Loathe that I am to admit it, Bruce Cost's is pretty good-not nearly as good as it should be given the alternatives and he screws some them up with flavoring, which; to my mind is like taking Peet's French Roast and trying to get a hazelnut/vanilla flavor to it. But he fancies himself the guru of all things Asian (as far as I know, he is the only one who shares that opinion)and the rhizome ginger is Asian so he makes a 12 pack and charges $50 for it. All of the British ginger ale is no better than Canada Dry (who used absolutely no ginger in its ginger ale until the past couple of years)so skip the Fever Tree. Bermuda Ginger Beer is frequently very good and Amazon has had a few. I believe Regatta is from Bermuda but as a form of torture with which Tantalus would be familiar, Amazon generally offers the Diet with free shipping and the stuff that tastes good with exorbitant shipping. Blenheim is a marketing campaign, they know that many of the better ginger beers are spicy so they make a spectrum of spicy GBs, but they are one dimensional, heat only. Two of the better known brands, Reed's and Boylan's don't appeal to me. When they were the only premium GBs on the market, I drank them but i don't think either makes the top ten anymore. Two good ones in bottles that Amazon carries w/o s/h are Saranac & Eli's, neither are cheap but it's delivered to your door and includes what we in CA have to pay as CRV and s/h are generally free. Now for the best deals Amazon offers. Bottles are expensive to ship so that cost will, to some extent at least, be built in somewhere. In some cases it's worth it. The two best bottled GBs that Amazon carries that are usually free s/h are 1) A J Stephen's (sp?) and 2) Cock & Bull which, urban legend has it as being brewed specifically for the Brown Derby restaurant,an LA icon and is called for by name in a cocktail named the Moscow Mule. Can's are significantly cheaper to ship and I have 3 recommendations for them. I keep a variety of strengths of ginger juice, grated fresh ginger, & ginger syrup so I can sometimes salvage a GB that is a little too bland. That is the case with Santa Cruz organic GB, it's almost good (by which I mean far better than Schwepps or Canada Dry but not top tier. If you have some ginger extracts around you can get it pretty good. Occasionally, Amazon will have the Ginger People's product with free shipping. That's definitely worth a look as it has pieces of ginger still floating in it. The single best deal on Amazon, in my estimation, is Barr's. It's canned so you can get a reasonably priced 24 pack, usually with free S/H. The problem is that Amazon is more often sold out than not. I probably wouldn't have mentioned it if I didn't already have 3 cases en route to my house. I haven't seen it often enough to get around to studying it's heritage but it's the best tasting canned ginger beer I've ever had-and at a great price. I think the single best deal for consuming on a daily basis is Vernors. I occasionally can find it on sale at $2.99 a six pack. I don't think I've ever seen a great deal on Amazon but if they offered free shipping on Vernors, I'd probably get a couple cases a month. It's a little sweet and not really gingery/pungent as the best but can be a great deal.

I confess to knowing not very much about Jamaican GB. I've tried Idris and it's pretty good. Most of the Jamaican stuff on Amazon seems to be in 64 oz. 1/2 gallons, plastic and I'm not too fond of that. Well that my not very humble opinion.I'm going to have a 12 oz. bottle of my favorite. I'm not going to share the name online but if I get an email (besides hate mail) I'll tell you. Of course I may be the only one in this country this fanatical about a soft drink so I won't expect an overflowing in box. Do yourself a favor, though, skip Canada Dry - unless you need a mixer or have a sick kid.
236148236148B0051SUBKKA2WA4RKKGL6D1LSteven J. Sprigler0041328486400Pretty goodI'm not a huge soda drinker, but I do enjoy Ginger Ale. The Q-Ginger ginger soda is all and all pretty refreshing and comes in the just right serving size of 8oz. Keep in mind that not all the bottles are filled to the same level so the serving size does tend to vary a little bit from bottle to bottle.

My only real complaint with Q-Ginger is the spicy kick of the pepper they add. Ginger can be spicy enough on its own and I feel like the spiciness of the pepper was unnecessary and gives it just a tad too much unnatural feeling bite. Still a good drink by any means.
236149236149B0051SUBKKA2USR6TZWUFN7BT. Harty0041325721600Light, Fresh, Great Flavor, Not Too SweetFans of the Q Tonic will love this Ginger Ale. Like the other Q products it's sweetened with Agave Nectar. This is it not as sweet (nor nearly as high in calories) as a traditional ginger ales you find in your local super markets. The flavor profile is complex with a slight real ginger bite. I find it is great as both a cocktail and mocktail mixer as well as good all by it self.

What I like: Taste, Light profile, Mix-ability
What I don't like: Price
236150236150B0051SUBKKA20RH68JWGAOYVStephen J. Erdman0131325635200Not bad, but not worth the priceI enjoy a ginger ale/beer that has a strong ginger flavor and kick. This soda is definitely better than the standard types, but, for me, the taste is still not strong enough. It largely disappears in a dark and stormy cocktail. Given the price (and I got it as a Black Friday week lightning deal), I'd recommend against it.
236151236151B0051SUBKKAJXA1LEPPNFW4MindSpeaksFree34011313280000It's got a Ginger twistI love having Ginger Ale to drink especially when my stomach isn't feeling well so I tried to purchase this and see how I would like it. It was nothing like I imagined it to taste like. It has a real taste to the actual ginger root and I was highly disappointed because it was nothing like what I expected especially with all the positive reviews. So Buyer Beware that this product has that ginger root taste to it. And now I am stuck with the bulk that I purchased, so I'll look into giving it away to friends who may enjoy it.

I got this sadly comment back from some bored person:
Nowhereman says:

Six of your eight reviews are one star. Perhaps it is merely poor judgment in purchasing decision making. Maybe you need to see someone for Postpartum depression. Any attempt at defensive rebuttal might help provide insight into the psychological origins of this hostility and help a professional to diagnose if you need education or treatment. Run, don't walk to caregivers. They can help you sort it out as I am uniquely unqualified to pinpoint the exact nature of the problem. It would not hurt to take English as a second language in either case.

My take on your reply to my review: TOO BAD, if you don't like what you read you are free to move on. I don't post reviews for entertainment purposes as you seem to be evaluating and insulting comments posted. Before you judge someone from a petty post of review please keep in mind it does not give you the person's lifestyle nor psychological origins. I work in the medical field so if anyone needs help that is for you to seek, I also have two special needs children so please education does run deep in this household. Keep your comments to yourself. Sadly after what you have posted it's obvious you are in need of some Jesus and the love you lack in life. God Bless!
236152236152B002L7D7BOA6ZYVG9NTGVIFDiane L. Prange2221257120000Stash Tea BagsI love Stash brand white chai tea. The tea bags I ordered came quickly and as requested. However, they were two months out of 'best if used by' code when I received them!

I would suggest that the company not send product that is expired.
236153236153B001D0IZ8UA17HMM1M7T9PJ1Timothy B. Riley828351251849600An extremely flavorful light-roast coffeeOne of the pleasures of a Keurig is that you can serve a friend or a guest a cup of coffee that will please them and their tastes, not just what you brew for yourself everyday. I happen to enjoy strong, deeply roasted blends (the kind that you usually find at the specialty coffee shops which seem to be all over the place now). However, not everyone shares my enjoyment of a strong, full-bodied cup of coffee.

I have many friends who often say something like "I love coffee but Starbucks is just too strong for me". Enter Donut Blend. I have purchased many boxes of Coffee People's Donut Shop Coffee and it is a favorite for many of my friends and family. When Timothy's announced that they were coming out with the "Original Donut Blend" I got in line to try it. Here is my take on it:

It is certainly a little lighter than Coffee People's version but the taste is more complex with clean, bright notes of spice and low acidity. Surprisingly, it reminds me a little of the Peaberry Kona coffee that I brought back from Hawaii. It is a perfect blend for those who like their coffee black or with just a little cream and still want it to taste like coffee. If someone drinks several cups a day I think that Timothy's Donut Blend will not overwhelm their taste buds and will still taste fresh cup after cup. Mind you, I drink Newman's Own Bold Blend on a regular basis and will continue to do so, but if I am having more than two cups (for those "special" mornings when nothing seems to go right) or if I am having a cup later in the day I will drink this one.

Just rating it on what I want in a coffee I give it four stars, but judging it for what it is (and not just what I like), it fully delivers and deserves five stars.

Coffee People Medium Extra Bold, Donut Shop K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50) [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging]
236154236154B001D0IZ8UA1BET7AUXYEHCJJim Earl "Jim"545451225584000Our Top Choice CoffeeWhen my wife and I had to make a selection from more than 100 varieties of
K-Cups available for our new Keurig brewer, we made a rating sheet copied
from the Keurig listing of all the brands and types. We marked a rating
of one to five points for each cup we drank for several months. A rating
of one point meant "Perfect, couldn't be better", and five points
indicated "Don't like this one". We rated one to nine cups of each of 30
coffees evaluated. Timothy's Extra Bold Parisian Nights came out on top
with the most number one ratings.

We found that our preference was for the Extra Bold Roasts. We do not
prefer the weaker strengths. The Parisian Nights has great flavor and
aroma with no bitterness. This is a great cup of coffee.

We're now on our sixth Subscribe and Save shipment of 4 boxes every two
months which proves our satisfaction with this coffee.
236155236155B001D0IZ8UA2245BFM3BFKA3A. Parsons525351221696000Best Chocolate Flavor by FarI'm a chocoholic and have tried every mocha, swiss almond chocolate, etc. coffee I've ever seen, k-cup and not k-cup. This is the best. It may actually be better than German chocolate cake--it's like a no-cal, fat-free dessert. My favorite way to drink it right now is to throw in a packet of Splenda and a little bit of Organic Valley chocolate soy milk, though it's good without sweetener or creamer. It's chocolaty, with a hint of coconut. I highly recommend for anyone who likes coffee (it's not a weak coffee, like most of the flavored kcups I've tried). Also, Amazon's price for Timothy's is the best I can find, subscribe and save price comes out to around $0.37 a cup. Enjoy!!
236156236156B001D0IZ8UA30WPXO5NXEREWDr. Albert Alba565851227312000Good Coffee Good Price No WasteTimothy's Colombian Decaffeinated is a good tasting coffee for a good price. The savings are even better if you sign up for the auto renew program. Also, we have found that you can use each cup twice. Therefore it's like getting twice the quantity for the money. I checked with the Keurig company and they said by processing the cups for two cups of coffee or tea will not hurt the machine.

Best, Al
236157236157B001D0IZ8UA3T71OQ9DK76WGL.S.292951230422400EspressoI bought a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas this year. We all enjoy different coffees in our household and making a pot of any type coffee is a waste. My husband is an espresso drinker, so I purchased Timothy's World Extra Bold Rainforest Espresso coffee to be made with the small setting on the coffee maker which uses 5.25 oz water. This makes it stronger, and he really has enjoyed this coffee. I really recommend this to anyone who enjoys a bold espresso coffee. He was born and raised in Italy and has purchased his coffee grounds from Italy for years to make an authentic cup of espresso. He is fussy about his espresso, so if he likes this one, it must be good.
236158236158B001D0IZ8UA3SGJD66DQULZYS. Garbacik "Create Contentment"282851171411200YUUUMMMMMMMMMYThanks to our purchase of a Keurig, I am a converted coffee drinker. Timothy's German Chocolate Cake is my absolute favorite. A delectable blend of warm caramel and coconut gives this coffee a deliciously sweet note while retaining a medium-bodied blend. It isn't too sugary - it's just right! In fact, my hubby and his coworkers all claim this as their number one flavored coffee too. It is scrumptious.
236159236159B001D0IZ8UASHECNE9V21NCWLC242451251936000Timothys Donut ShopI currently use Coffee People's version of Donut Shop and when I saw Timothy's version I wanted to give it a try. This is not as full body as Coffee People's version but I really like the smooth low acidity taste. If you don't want a bold rich flavor I think you will love this smooth great tasting coffee as much as I do.
236160236160B001D0IZ8UA23RL7GUDG5G41Linda S272831253145600Need to brew small cup size. Check the price!I have been getting the Coffee People Extra Bold Donut Shop K-Cups but I used to buy and enjoy some of the Timothy's coffees too so I thought I'd try this. Our family are Dunkin Donut coffee fans. We even fill the my k-cup with preground DD coffee occasionally. I found the Timothy's Donut Blend to be very bland, almost watery. I have the Keurig that allows 4 sizes of cups to be brewed. I usually brew on the 3rd largest size. I decided to try this coffee with a smaller cup and it was better, but I wish it worked well at the larger sizes.

This probably explains the discrepancies in the reviews. Those who can only brew (or choose to brew) smaller sizes probably like this coffee.

Make sure you check the price before you buy. Click more buying choices to get to Amazon's price which is almost half the price of Liquid Nation's and it is eligible for prime. Why doesn't that show up as a default?
236131236131B0051SUBKKA3GMXUSBTYLJXYJ. Casey9951317513600GINGER AleThis is REAL Ginger Ale - Not Ginger flavored or high-fructose corn syrup sweetened.
If we hadn't started peeling & chopping our own Ginger Root for tea, it might have been too strong for us.
But, we did make our own tea and reveled in its taste - Ergo, this beverage was for us.
If you're expecting Canada Dry - Forget it.
236132236132B0051SUBKKA2T875QZZMQ70LSoccer lover8851307318400Great taste and enjoy the boldness of the gingerI bought this at Bev Mo last month, really due to finding Qtonic months ago there and enjoying it so much. QGinger doesn't disappoint at all, has a great ginger taste, and a kick from probably the real ginger and from the coriander and other spices. Once again, like in the tonic one of the best things is the calories are only 60/serv which really is nice to have less calories per serving if you are drinking like a pop.

The kids loved the taste as well, I don't think they even knew what a real ginger ale should taste like. The agave works as a good sweetner as well for kids, the sweetness reminds me a little of tasting the Coke of old when using real sugar instead of the corn syrup.

In the end, great taste, low calories, and makes a great Dark and Stormy or is great alone over ice.

I'm glad to see Amazon carrying.

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