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236190236190B001M23XK4AIUSGL9LRP6RKDanica1151325721600Great product & valueThis is a great value for the amount of tea bags you get and they are organic. I love to drink this tea daily and don't need to worry about running out any time soon! It tastes mild like white tea does, but you can add whatever else you need for taste. Terrific value &
so healthy for you!
236161236161B001D0IZ8UAMK95FEZP7HO4Derek Mark Lussier374051235779200If you prefer a smooth cup of coffeeI purchased this item after reading through the reviews on Amazon. I have to say that I haven't been disappointed. The cups contain a blend of arabica and kona coffee. They brew with a nice aroma and color. I would describe them as a medium roast with a medium strength. Depending on your mood you can adjust the strength by adjusting the cup size and changing your creamer. I've had success using whole milk, half and half, and light cream, with light cream being the best in my opinion. The taste is mellow and very smooth. I have read other reviews here that have described them as weak or tasteless. This is simply not the case. I would compare it to the coffee from Dunkin Donuts. If you prefer your coffee extra bold, dark roasted, or strong (Starbucks) then you are just not going to be happy with these. Also, if you prefer to "double brew" your cups to get the most for your money, you will be very disappointed. These will brew a delicious cup of coffee, but only if you use them as directed. Finally I have to say that Amazon is the best place to buy these. They have the best prices and fast shipping. Add this to your subscribe and save to get 15% extra off.
236162236162B001D0IZ8UA2FLPBEGWHALZ1Mark Coffee-drinker202051227139200This is THE ONEFor those who like a bit more flavor than the soft breakfast blends -- this is the best of the bunch. I have worked through most brand "bolds" and come back to this one every time. Black Tiger is similar but does not have some of the added flavor notes found here.
236163236163B004DE9ZHIA2ZUJPA19YGG4GDavid Lorbach5511317686400Wrong Item PicturedThe picture is wrong for this item. This is NOT Rice Cakes!
You get Oatmeal in a cup for a fast meal but I don't care for the taste.
236164236164B001CZ8IYWA1BA4E4LQIXMA7Richard G. Dannels2251343779200Xango - Good Product, Great ServiceXango is a great product. I sleep better when I'm drinking it, have less aches and pains, and simply feel better.
This seller ships quickly, the packaging is A1. Prices are very reasonable and so are shipping charges.
You really couldn't ask for more - Deborah (Richard's wife)
236165236165B001CZ8IYWAI3XRDE12GWX5Lynn3551323216000Super power juiceI have been ordering Xango mangosteen juice for nearly 4 years, and was pleasantly surprised to see it on I saved approximately $15 in shipping, which was very nice! I will continue to order the Xango mangosteen juice in the hopes of preventing colds, cancer, and chronic disease because of all of the antioxidant benefits in it! Thank you for being so diverse in what you sell!
236166236166B001CZ8IYWA1QXA7Q59K03L9Stephanie Lynn Funk3551317254400XangoI have used this product for about 4 years but my local source is no longer available. It is nice to know I can get it through Amazon without being a distributor. Thanks
236167236167B001CZ8IYWA2ZHJ2I9XCKNRHLAJ41351284854400Quick DeliveryThe product came quicker than the expected delivery date. I will order again from this seller.
236168236168B005GWVN94A1OCZE511V11O4Debbie ""Natural" mom"0051348012800Great natural coconut water! Taste great!!This is a great hydrating product, that's 100% natural. You can find it cheaper at Vitacost, with free s/h over $49. Just a FYI.
236169236169B00882BVGEAEC90GPFKLAAWLisa Kearns101041316390400Sour tamarind paste for Asian/Indian cookingI use a tablespoons or two of tamarind paste in Indian and Thai dishes - it adds a distinctive sour flavor to Asian dishes. Tamicon brand tamarind paste is concentrated and keeps for up to 6 months in the fridge after openingm making it a good bargain here on Amazon.

It's very sour, so don't eat it out of the container. It's meant to be added to other foods.
236170236170B00882BVGEA241MJV79A4J5ORCS4451310256000Great for tamarind cashew dipI needed tamarind to make a copycat version of the Cheesecake Factory avacado dipping sauce. This wasn't the exact product called for, however it was great. I couldn't tell the difference between my version and the original. Anyone who needs Tamarind flavoring should use this product without hesitation!
236171236171B00882BVGEA1O8R8XVVEAMFUSo Mutsumi141911284940800YUCK!I've been eating tamarind and tamarind paste since I was 3 years old, I ordered this product and was really excited to taste it. My tamarind paste came in the mail today, and once I put it in my mouth I thought I was going to throw up. Honestly this is the worst tamarind paste I had ever tasted in my life :(
236172236172B00882BVGEALH2E0V7IXSQ0MnM2251298332800great flavorI use this in my cafe and it is a great price. The flavor is terrific and it is easy to use in my recipes.
236173236173B00882BVGEA10EQDBQPTO7LEjennifer lamb0051344297600Just what I neededI love to cook good food and often lack the time to go to specialty stores. I needed tamarind paste and the dearth at my local spots led me here. This product arrived quickly and worked perfectly in the recipes I wanted it for. Large quantity for a very reasonable price.
236174236174B0019954NEA1KV4QTDVF8OZVG. Nigrosh1141228521600Great breakfast coffeeNice blend for the morning brew. Excellent choice if you want good tasting fair trade beans. Had to grind a little more than usual to get the good taste, but worth it.
236175236175B0019954NEA18ELFM3GRHRJALarry's Beans1651216080000Erik's Favorite Coffee Length:: 0:39 Mins

Erik is talking about his favorite coffee and his favorite way of brewing it
236176236176B004NJIISKAW0SOAPEY2I7C. Brenn0031342310400Not that easyThe results were not as easy or consistent to produce as you would think. We were sure to have the right surgar content, temperature. One time it just didn't work. The taste is sparkling. I like good wine and this too.
236177236177B004NJIISKA30Z5V1AWVZ9G7Gecko Echo0051326412800Creates Juciey ChampangeI have been very pleased with the product. At first I was discouraged at 48 hours because the juice had very little carbonation and almost no noticeable alcohol. However, after 4 days it produced a fizzy, tasty, alcoholic drink. Now that I understand how to use the product I would say I can definitely recommend it.
236178236178B000U9WZ90A157CXYX2S0L59J. Youngman3351208649600Root Beer Flavor ExtractAwesome product!!! I made a rootbeer cake and it was delicious...would like to try in homemade icecream next.
236179236179B000U9WZ90A36OPVQHV9ENDRR. Raub2221319587200Good shipping, but not the flavor I was expecting (wintergreen soda more than rootbeer)This rootbeer extract is unlike any I've ever had before.. very heavy on the wintergreen notes! I think its possible that I might have gotten a bad bottle, I've tried a number of different ratios to try and make something thats drinkable but I gave up after six attempts!
236180236180B000U9WZ90A29I91PNP4MZ8KGranny Beth2241265846400Exactly what I neededHave been looking everywhere for this flavor. Used it to make root beer cookies! It was perfect. Only wish the shipping hadn't been more than the actual product.
236181236181B000U9WZ90A25N82GOMQ3DVOT. Johnson "Life Music Homeopathy & Natural H...2231249689600An average products.This is an average product that did the job I purchased it for. I would rather have had alcohol free and something a little more natural.
236182236182B000U9WZ90A3DN4WC93DUEY0K. Kannan "shopping machine"1151241913600Great extractThis is the second time I purchase this product. It works great for root beer floats and sorbets.
236183236183B000U9WZ90A2X80AW0R2KY8EErin0051299024000Corn Free and Gluten FreeThis product is Corn Free and Gluten Free. If you are new to the corn stuff you may want to try using this product with kefir crystals to make homemade soda pop. You probably can google a recipe and items you will need. I have tried this product with some other things and it's not bad. Their customer service is nice too if you decide to call them!
236184236184B000U9WZ90A2AILJ6RXTHBSSRandy D. Hamlin0231312675200IngredientsAs a diabetic, I am looking for something which contains saponins. Given an ingredient list of "natural extracts," I have no way to know if this product contains saponins or not.
236185236185B003L8J5HWA2RWCFBKNTK7G3ronyc0051304726400Delicious!Another great product. The sauce is excellent, the scallops are great. The scallops used here are not the one that you find in your neighborhood store, cylindrical and white. These are from the sea,and into the sauce!
236186236186B001M23XK4A1K82R24ROO2I7A. Cheffy "Cheffy"121251318896000OH MAH GAH! This tea is sooooo good!Wow. Finally an organic white tea I totally LOVE!

Firstly, this is so super-fresh and you don't get a weak cup of tea from one tea-bag (definitely no skimping in that department). I think the packaging of the tea-bags in individual plastic wraps rather than paper definitely help with the freshness factor.

Secondly, this is super mild on your tummy even on an empty stomach. I can drink a cup of tea with a little honey while fasting and not feel ill.

Thirdly, I can even drink this in the evening without getting caffeine jitters even though it does have a small amount of caffeine (admittedly, the characters in my dreams are a bit more energetic though, but, not too much as to startle me awake).

Fourthly, this tea is very unassuming flavor-wise and can be easily blended with other teas to your personal liking.

In udda woids, this is some really awesome tea!

And, with that being said...

Tasty tea to all and to all some tasty tea!
236187236187B001M23XK4A30NHVVC62LJMKLibri Mundi "Libri Mundi"5551324339200clean taste at a great priceI switched to white tea from black tea. Unlike green tea, this white tea does not have a grassy taste which I don't care for. It also does not have the bitterness of regular black tea. This is real white tea, not a blend with green or black tea. Overall it has a nice clean and light taste. I drink a lot of cups of tea every day. My teeth stained very easily with the black tea but the white tea has only a minimal, if any staining effect. You also don't end up with the black rings in your tea cups that you can barely remove. It is a lot of tea bags for the price and as an added bonus it is also organic. The bags are individually sealed in plastic pouches. The only negative I can think of is the quality of the bags themselves. The string sometimes comes off and I have had a few plastic pouches with tea leaves in them but no bag. However, the quality of the tea itself makes up for it.
236188236188B001M23XK4A10G67NY7XQQIQM. "M."5551309564800Best Tea....This is two boxes of 100 each... that's 200 Tea bags. It is really great Tea and white Tea is the best. This will be the only Tea from now on for me.
236189236189B001M23XK4A19WUE5UTXHFS5J. Lazaro1151327708800I love it!This was already my 2nd order for this Ceylon Tea, Amazon was out of stock before and I was so glad that it was available again when I checked it.

This white tea is perfect specially if you put some honey in your tea which we usually do at home. I really love the taste and this tea is also affordable, that's why I'm ordering this again.

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