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236221236221B0018OJJZOATVSO72U28NQXM. Papadopoulos "Mihalis the Greek"1151318118400Absolutely delicious and addicting!These small crackers are baked so they are not greasy or have a processed flavor you may find in other brand cheese crackers. They are crisp, not overly salted, and taste delicious. I do like the fact that they are tiny, but be forewarned, they could be a choking hazard for very small children as eating one at a time is almost impossible because the crackers are very tiny.
236223236223B0018OJJZOA2I322RAHWX6PWJ. Miller0051349913600YummyMy children just love these and the multi pack is so nice for them. They take them as snacks almost every day to school. The price was great, good quality and arrived quickly.
236224236224B0018OJJZOA2GEZJHBV92EVRHistory buff0051344988800Love these in tomato soup.These are very good. I eat these in tomato soup all the time. A near perfect combination! I also eat them by the handful as a snack. The other flavors these come in are also good but I think the cheddar is the best. These are soooo good. I recommend them.
236225236225B0018OJJZOAWR197ES91L93Mary0051337990400Needed for school, Fast deliveryLove Gold Fish crackers, great value and needed quickly, I was able to fill goody bags in time, Prime account gets it done fast. Thanks!
236226236226B0018OJJZOA25B9A3NZR8EVGJames Chaffin "Bachelor Cook"0051336867200My go to snack crackerI have started buying my Goldfish in the 1.5 ounce pouches instead of the 6.6 ounce bag. I did this to reduced the urge to eat the whole bag in a day. I now subsist on one pouch a day.
I already knew that I liked them, and there is no degradation of flavor in the pouch. I'm happy!
236227236227B0018OJJZOA3TREQ7LURZJPQY. Wu0051327881600Yummy fun for toddlersMy 16 month old daughter loves goldfish at her daycare. I wanted to buy some at home, but grocery stores usually only have big packs. These little pouches are great, perfect for my daughter to grab one herself. Fun and yummy!
236228236228B0018OJJZOAKY5JN0FVYTF7ugly0051327881600Excellant,fresh,not expired.Would order again!Excellent product.Very fresh.Expiration date a couple of months away.And they are a healthy snack as well as good swimmers in your soup.
236229236229B0018OJJZOA2KBFB6A2D7PNOTotally Honest Reviewer "barb"0051326585600Great Taste - Perfect Size PackagePepperidge Farm Goldifsh Baked Snack Crackers in the 1.5 ounce pouch are light and simply delicious! The package I received were really fresh and had a long expiration date. The 1.5 ounce package is just right. The crunchy goodness and amazing taste of these cute little crackers makes this one of the best snacks ever!
236230236230B0018OJJZOA3F6Y22G5MS9M0Calliopia0051320710400Tasty crackers and great size bagLike many adults, I have always loved these. But other packaging never worked for me. Big bags went stale or encouraged too much eating :) The smaller bags were not enough. But, these bags are perfect for an adult! Plus, they are really fresh. Loved them both plain and in tomato soup. Highly recommended.
236231236231B0018OJJZOA32507BP3O8SQBen Hamburger62411339632000Yucky GoldfishI expected the fish to be swimming around in water when they arrived at my doorstep. Instead, they were in a box! Oh the humanity! I put them into my fish tank, hoping they needed some water but they still didn't swim. They just needed some water! I am still trying to get them to breathe. I am reading my Bible and praying religiously hoping they will rise from the dead. Who would do such a thing? Satan is at work here. These fish were so cute and innocent! They were probably used in shampoo-testing, I suspect because of the orange crumbs at the bottom of the box.
236232236232B004JLWYD2AI0EZAQH8YHXHA. Espinosa "Nat E"0031351036800just okaywell mangosteen has a unique rich flavor but i just got a blend so okay flav !!

and they are small cans like red bulls for fyi
236233236233B004SI9KJWAJHTOHLA4PC41VeganMommy20041344211200organicsvilleI was first told about this product from a fellow Vegan Mommy. She was doing everything from dipping her veggies in it to using it as a salad dressing. I in turn did the same. I have become obbessed with it. I look forward to my meals when i know they are going to include this product. I have used just about all of it already. I will have to place another soon!!!
236234236234B000HDGC7UA3M4CNFB5OF7S8Carolyn J. Allison "lady of piano"3351236816000DELICIOUS! CHICKEN IS VERY GOOD QUALITY MEAT!This product is very tasty! The chicken meat is of such good quality white meat. I love this! I crumble crackers in mine and it just tastes so good. The vegetables are even tasty. You'll love it!
236235236235B000HDGC7UA3549SIV2UCFESSusie2251312848000Excellent Soup , Great Value!This is an excellent soup at a great price! Also has the added bonus of being healthy as well. Saves money, calories and guilt! Highly recommend.....
236236236236B000HDGC7UA3KJTFKRGNNWTVP. Y. Johnson2241269216000Tasty Product, Good Quantity; Dented CansThe Healthy Choice Chicken & Dumplings Soup was very tasty and more hearty than I expected. There is more broth in this product than in Healthy Choice's beef soup and chicken and rice, but still satisfying.
**Do be careful if you are on a low-sodium diet, as it is difficult to dillute this product to reduce the sodium any further. But it still has far less sodium than in regular soups.

TIP: Healthy Choice Soups are good for enhancing larger pots of soup when added to your own fresh ingredients. A meal stretcher in the winter months.

Several of the cans were dented upon arrival. When I ordered soup from Walgreen's, their cans were tightly wrapped in bubble-wrap and had no dents.

I ordered the case from Amazon during the snow storm we had back in February because the grocery stores were running low on food. Though I requested a faster shipping rather than accept the Free Shipping offer, the product was delayed because the U.. driver did not want to drive in the snow. (Ironically, the snow was beginning to clear and Amazon's tracking system said that the item was in my neighborhood. However, when the U-- driver heard that it MIGHT begin snowing again, he reversed himself and took the package back to his facility. A different U-- driver had delivered packages earlier that day without any problems. Oh well.)
236237236237B000HDGC7UA3LVPSBLPOKHMDFood Eater0031301702400its ok chicken is goodLike the fact that it isnt too salty. Chicken is legit as is the dumplings for a canned soup. I'd buy again. Don't expect miracles here.
236238236238B000HDGC7UA2KYTF7LO8ZOP7J. Bishop0051266192000So good! Don't listen to the naysayers!Very well seasoned, not too salty, thick hunks of white meat chicken, tasty dumplings, wonderful broth. This is my favorite soup! Along with crackers or a grilled cheese it's a wonderful quick meal. Veggies are plentiful and fresh tasting. I wholeheartedly recommend this.
236239236239B000HDGC7UA34C6EFFEGRLAWJ. Gao "bbq2"3511209772800taste bad and messyWorst of healthy choice soup. Taste so so and everything are melt in a messy way.
236240236240B000HDGC7UA1Z7XV6JU0EV8MBarbara "Barbara"3611190937600Healthy Choice Chicken Dumplings SoupHealthy Choice Chicken Dumplings Soup. TRUST ME, This soup is HORRIBLE. Does not taste like any soup I've Ever tasted. No Chicken Flavor. Taste more like the metal can. Vegetables are hard. Heating the soup longer won't make the vegetables softer. Dumplings are more like a flour ball, no flavor. I'll never buy healthy choice again. Zero Stars.
236241236241B000HDGC7UA3V9F87BAM7PYHHeKnowsToomuch "CDJ"4841184457600My kindom for some saltThe ingredients taste fresh but it's not as salty as I would like but still it's pretty good. I just add a little accent to it and that kicks up the flavor a bit.
236242236242B000HDGC7UA3G04E5VR7BTR8Minneapolis Info "Info"2521191283200MNCookDisappointing. Healthy Choice is usually great - this was doughy and had a very cloudy, flouring taste to the broth. Hardly any veggies.
236243236243B000HDGC7UA2IBK1MYXTFJH0c_hristy0251216944000Grad Student DinnerThis stuff is good. Sometimes it'll take a couple cans to fill me up (and I'm decently small- five-six, 130) but great stuff. Healthy and tasty and pretty well priced.
236244236244B000HDGC7UA3W3GTNV0ORFXYTimothy Hutchings0231203638400It's chicken in a can, dented cans...I'm a big fan of having Amazon deliver me boxes of soup cans. This is the third time I've ordered Healthy Choice soup, and the running issue is that some of the cans are always dented. A couple severely, to the point where I am not comfortable eating them (the treated lining inside can get torn if the can is dented enough, and you're not supposed to eat it.)

Aside from the denting, I'm a fan. Like I said. Chicken and dumplings are my favorite, my only overarching complaint being that the stuff sputters and pops in the microwave and makes a huge mess. Aggravating. I also had a one off issue with one can leaving a horrible taste in my mouth that I couldn't shake off all day.

But again, almost all good.
236245236245B000HDGC7UA2JM0G4BJPTSRLJune M. Ehemann0251199491200Healthy Choice New England Clam Chowder Soup, 15-OunceWith a 2000mg sodium diet it has been hard to find really good food from a can. This is good, very good.
236246236246B000HDGC7UA84LZH0ISUIMCSusan "Momof2"0231195084800Not bad, watching my salt,I liked this product. It's a little bland so I add a pinch of pepper and it's fine for me.
236247236247B000HDGC7UA3EV3P704JJVZUH. NGO "ngo1331"1441188259200Good buys.The soup is full of flavor. I would have it everyday. However, do not expect much from the Dumplings - I really have to take them out of the soup.
236248236248B001E453JOA1MOPSV4LFC04ADoris Jean E. SANDELL "doughjean"2351317081600Mixed into ketchup - delightfulAfter tasting homemade Harissa Ketchup at Sandwhich in Chapel Hill, NC, my husband and I decided to try to make our own at home by adding some harissa to Heinz Ketchup. We bought this 4 oz package and were quite pleased with the results. Now we have to try adding it to other things for a little extra heat that has a distinctly difference flavor than most American "hot" foods!
236249236249B000CMIYZYACEA95FQS1AVPJem1151307404800Fantastic teaI was fortunate enough to receive a box of Yogi Refreshing Mint Revitalize Tea, 16-Count Tea Bags (Pack of 6) through Amazon Vine. I loved it, and even signed up for subscribe and save. I had never heard of Yogi Teas before, so I searched to see what other flavors were available. This Peppermint Tea is wonderful! It is quite strong, and has a flavorful aroma. Plus, to my surprise, it does help with upset stomachs. If you like mint tea, you cannot go wrong with this one! Sadly, these teas are not available in any of my grocery stores. I found them through vitamin stores online, which turned out to be great because they were discounted and I could try one of each flavor I was interested in.

I also enjoyed other flavors, such as Egyptian Licorice and Chai Roobios. But, the Peppermint and Revitalizing Mint remain my favorites. Highly recommended.
236250236250B000CMIYZYA2AU9ZB2JYU8ENCarol B. Smith1151228089600artsYogi Peppermint Tea is one of the best I have tasted and it is great to be able to order by the case!

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