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236251236251B000CMIYZYA2D72VZ2YNPSFGZombunny "PDXMODCHICK"1151223596800Perfect Blend of PeppermintI have had many peppermint teas. This by far is my most favorite. I blend this with another tea, to add some tasty goodness.
236252236252B000CMIYZYA3TDMWDAGBBHSVTexaslady0051347926400Love, love, love this tea.....This is the best peppermint tea I've ever tasted. Both my daughter and I love it and it is also very soothing when you have an upset tummy. I'm on "Subscribe and Save" for just this reason...I do not want to run out.
236253236253B000CMIYZYAQ5JNRTNHH2A8Tyrone0051338768000Yogi Purely PeppermintThis taste good and it calmed my stomach. I only bought peppermint due to I heard it was good for stomach aches. And guess what, it works.
236254236254B000CMIYZYAIIERHXQEIG5YJ. Goodell0051308528000Strong Pepermint TeaIt's hard to find strong teas, especially peppermint. This one is fantastic. I'm definitely going to try some more Yogi teas in the future.
236255236255B000CMIYZYA24TI0FXW07810ChampagneSipper0051303257600Very mintyThis is nice and very minty, which is what I was looking for, in an organic tea. I like this brand.
236256236256B000CMIYZYA2GZAPSE93ZVBARunningwithdogs "Granddaddy"0041282176000good teaStrong peppermint tea. I enjoy it when I am getting a migraine. Still not sure if it wards it off, but supposedly will help. Is refreshing, and smells really good.
236257236257B000CMIYZYAKO5XDAXKO8BMD. Brabon "Skye Oblivion"0051173312000Yogi TeaThis peppermint tea helps my upset stomach, and helps me sleep. I love it!
236258236258B0049BHQ1CA1ELPTHNWIF6HBD. Wilson2251329609600Pork Chomps Stripz = Dog's FavoriteThe natural, white color, baked pork stripz are definitely our dog's all-time favorite chewy bone, and treat. Less often, the peanut butter or bacon flavor, because some of the flavor coating may flake off on the carpet, but did not leave a stain. The flavored pork stripz are also very well liked. (We stopped buying beef rawhides, totally.)

After repeated flavor tests, laying a variety of rawhides out for our dog, only the pork is selected and picked up to chew. The pork flavor and aroma is different than beef, and I believe a better product for our pet's digestion. Our dog wants one or two after breakfast, after dinner, in between, and bedtime too. So their slogan: pork "preferred 9 to 1" by dogs over beef, is true. Our dog really loves, and prefers the pork chomps!

The narrower, elongated shaped stripz are easier to chew, and swallow than the square pork chips. Probably easier to digest too, because they appear a bit thinner. The alternative is the Square shaped pork chips. But, often the square chips have a couple in the bag, that are too thick and hard to chew, and are discarded as waste.

The price of Pork Chomps on is nearly half-off compared to the local Petsmart store. Besides, the store is usually sold out of the pork chomps, but it has rows and rows of beef rawhides (that people are not buying.) Stores, like Fred Meyers or Petco, have not yet started stocking pork chomps. So, finding these on Amazon, I can really stock up, and get almost two to one, for value, versus driving to the store. Happy dog, happy me!
236259236259B000MRR12QA13JHEZWZLCVD9Siliofor0051318032000Loves themI have a wolfdog that is very picky about her dental chews and I have been searching everywhere for a dental chew that didn't cost an arm and a leg but that she would still like. Saw these at Winco Foods in Northern California in the bulk bin, brought a couple home, and she LOVED THEM! They aren't hard and brittle like the greenies bones that she would just break up and swallow, but they aren't too soft either. They're great for her teeth, and though they aren't hard or soft, they take a little chewing and don't just break up, which means more teeth cleaning time. For dental chews, these are excellently priced and every dog I've shared my wolfdog's chews with have loved them too! They are also very nicely sized, not huge, but not too small either, just above a medium, so they're perfect for her.
236260236260B000MRR12QA1GHH9C74L9F80creakinator "creakinator"0051278115200Great chewsI have a very picky German Shephard mix and she will only eat dog biscuits and dog food. My other dog, a Catahoula Leopard will eat almost anything. I've tried the shephard on multiple dog toys, chews, etc. And she won't eat them. I bought some dental chews from Costco after I discovered she liked these Dr. Dental thinking one dental chew tastes like another to a dog. But not to her. I had to return them as she took it in her mouth, dropped it on the floor, then laid on it!

But she loves these chews! She waits patiently each morning but keeps her eyes on me to make sure I don't forget her chew before I leave for work. As soon as I give it too her, she takes it and runs to her bed to chew it up. Finally I have some thing she will chew on! I buy these from Winco in Southern California.
236261236261B000MRR12QAX329NHW6B7BAJudy Smith "judylynnsbooks"0051217116800Great doggie treats...I have 3 girls, all under 10 lbs and they love these things. It's like catnip to them. They chew from the ends with it between their little paws and it is so cute. Their breath smells much better too! Since I can't buy these around here anymore, I had to go online and find them. Luckily Sunshine Mills sells directly to their customers. These are too big for them to choke on and when they get toward the end I take the nub away from them (even though I have to hear crying and howling for an hour afterwards.)
236262236262B000MRR12QA3DC97N73E7CQJFred0051169337600The Better "Green" dentals bones !!My big Bernese Mountain Dog loves these chewy yet not too hard bones for his 11 year old teeth. The greenies are way too hard for him and he buries them all the time. The cost of the DR Dental bonzes are way cheaper and Yogi loves the flavor and they are great for his teeth. ( THe few he has left) :) Please start selling them !!! I'll get a dozen now !!!
236263236263B004051BLSACEA95FQS1AVPJem2251296604800Wonderful Tea - hot or icedI am not normally a fan of mint teas. They usually smell great, but are very weak tasting, no matter how much you steep. This is the first mint tea I have ever come across that has a black and green tea base, instead of just a green tea base. What a difference! The Assam really kicks the tea up a notch without overpowering the mint at all. It has a lovely aroma, and a nice strong flavor. I can't say whether I felt "revitalized" or "invigorated" but it tasted great and that's the most important thing. It has such a great flavor, I tried it as an iced tea and found it was fantastic. Very refreshing!

Since this is marketed as "health tea," I have not been able to find any Yogi flavors in a regular grocery store. It is available in vitamin shops (online and brick and mortar), and similar outlets. Though it is a trifle expensive compared to regular tea at almost $4, I would definitely buy it again. Since it takes several bags to make a pitcher of iced tea, it is worth it to subscribe for me, which also brings the price down. Highly recommended!

I also enjoyed the Yogi Purely Peppermint, Herbal Tea Supplement, 16-Count Tea Bags (Pack of 6), which is great for upset stomachs.
236264236264B004051BLSA3JPFWKS83R49VBryan Carey "Bryan Carey"1141296777600Hot, Minty Refreshment with a BoostYogi Refreshing Mint Revitalize Tea is a minty and slightly spicy tea that includes green tea, black tea, organic peppermint, kola nut, guarana seed, ginger, and cinnamon. This tea is formulated, according to the manufacturer, to get your chi moving; that is, to improve your overall energy and well- being.

First, let's talk about the taste. This mint tea is minty more than anything and a few minutes of steeping is more than enough to bring out the full, mint flavor. The mixture of green and black teas is evident, too, although not as obvious as the flavor of mint. And, if you search, you can detect the added spices. The cinnamon flavor is certainly there, but I admit that I had a hard time finding the other flavors, like the ginger.

As for energy, well, I agree that I feel more energized after drinking two cups of this tea, but I can't say the credit goes to the basic ingredients. A more likely culprit is the caffeine, which is higher in this tea than in other teas.

I love a good cup of tea and Yogi Refreshing Mint Revitalize is certainly a tasty tea with plenty of fresh mint taste. It might be a bit much for those who prefer to taste tea rather than mint, but I enjoyed it very much and recommend it to those who love the refreshing and uplifting combination of green and black tea with peppermint and other spices.
236265236265B004051BLSA3QVAKVRAH657NOrrin C. Judd "brothersjudddotcom"1141295827200Just from the description on the have to be somewhat worried that this tea will have a medicinal taste or funky aftertaste. Instead the taste is mellow and the bite of the mint comes in the aftertaste, for a more than satisfying cuppa. I'm agnostic on the revitalizing effects, but thumbs up as far as relaxation.
236266236266B004051BLSA1QK0XCAPHIW1LFlush Barrett-Browning1151295740800light, clean flavored tea blendYogi Refreshing Mint ReVitalize tea is a combination of organic Assam (black) and peppermint teas with green tea extract. A blend of organic spearmint, cinnamon bark, ginger root, cardamon seed, black pepper, and clove buds as well as stevia leaves, kola nuts, and guarana seeds are added to the mix. Each tea bag contains about 77 mg of caffeine, which is slightly less than a cup of coffee.

A good Assam tea is expected to be refreshingly rich, with a strong pleasant aroma, and a full bodied usually malty taste. It contains caffeine and is often used as a breakfast or afternoon tea.

A good peppermint tea has a light, clean, minty aroma and usually has a cleansing feel as it slips down the throat. It is often preferred as a bedtime tea because it is caffeine free. Peppermint tea has long been touted both for its calming qualities and as a digestive aid.

The combination of Assam and peppermint in this particular Yogi tea results in a full-bodied mint flavored tea that is a pleasure to drink.

The Yogi blend is presented as a 'Refreshing Mint' that 'naturally boosts energy and neutralizes impurities.' I can only confirm that the combination of the caffeine from the Assam and the refreshing mint do provide a pleasant afternoon lift.
236267236267B004051BLSA1P2XYD265YE21Andrea "Readaholic"3451296259200Absolutely Awesome Mint TeaRefreshing Mint Revitalize Tea - I love it so much, I cannot tell you how much I love it!!! This refreshing, minty, delicious tea is awesome. It hits the spot. It goes well with lots of foods, as well as by itself. It is strong and minty - just perfect.

I put a teabag or two in a glass of water. The tea is strong, so before the drink is finished, I have to add more water. It is perfect and delicious. I don't usually put sugar in my tea, but for those people who do, sugar would be nice. I usually just drink my tea straight. I love tea with most all of my foods.

Cornbread and ice tea is my favorite combination - even this minty tea goes good with cornbread. In fact, it goes good with almost any food.

Just a glass of tea, or a glass of tea with a brownie or cookie also is a wonderful combination. This minty tea goes with almost everything, from cornbread to brownies.

I am not usually a hot tea drinker. I usually drink mine cold or iced. But I know lots of people drink their tea hot. This minty tea would be really awesome if it were hot. Hot, minty tea sounds perfect and soothing and warm and even healing.

I am so grateful that I got to find out about this tea. I love it so much, and now you can bet it will be a regular in my kitchen cupboards. Now that I know about it, there is no separating me from it.
236268236268B004051BLSA3RT7N36N905ZFL. Johnson0051350777600LoveAmazing tea that provides a huge energy boost using healthy ingredients. Tastes great as well, even better with a bit of honey.
236269236269B004051BLSA298NP5CGZ35BPTim0051341273600Great energizing and very refreshing mint tea!This brand has the best website for picking out the right tea! I found this one and was able to get a sample, and I am blown away! This is the very best energizing mint style black tea I have ever had! [...] read up before you buy to make sure this is what you want! I did and I will be buying more!
236270236270B004051BLSA2WE11EDLAQC29sal0051340928000Best mint tea I've found!I am a huge fan of this mint tea. I like the combination of peppermint and spearmint and the little bit of black pepper gives it a great kick. I use the bag for my first cup of tea and then re-use it with a green tea bag for my second cup of tea, to jazz up my green tea just a touch. It's refreshing over ice on a hot day. And a little Yogi tea wisdom on the tag is just a perk. There's nothing bad to say about this tea. Just love it!
236271236271B004051BLSA18WGQ0YSLZ66EKathy L. Steelman "KittiPooEB"0051308528000Yogi Refreshing Mint Revitalizel TeaI love the minty flavor of this excellent tea.'s deal makes it cheaper than any store in my area.
236272236272B004051BLSA2BCDZO1XQLDHR. Lanthier0031308182400It's average...No better or worse than other teas. But it is pricey and you might find a better value out there - for example, my wife likes Stash Green Mint tea far better than this one.
236273236273B004051BLSA21W7ZA2FZKOGPHope T.0041303171200Strong and substantial mint teaThis tea is great for a pick me up in the afternoon. The mint tea is fairly robust. I particularly enjoy it when it's cold outside and I can hold a warm mug and breathe in the lovely aroma of minty goodness. I really like all the Yogi brands of tea -- I think it's quality tea at a good price.
236274236274B004051BLSA1KBXGIJ9C7YJ2V. Linnean "Alaskan Realtor"0051300838400A delicious blend of fire and iceYogi ReVitalize tea is a unique blend of black tea, green tea extract, chai spices, and peppermint. The result is a cool, refreshing tea with a warming after effect from the chai spices. This tea contains caffeine, yet it is curiously relaxing when you need to unwind after a long day. With the black tea you'd expect a bit of a bitter undertone, but the stevia leaf and peppermint keep any type of bitterness away.

I love the fact that this tea blend is so unique and tasty, yet it's organic so I feel comfortable drinking it and serving it to my friends. There is a downside...this is so good it's addictive. Everyone who's tried it wants more, and it's not available in our local stores!

I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs a refreshing boost with great flavor.
236275236275B004051BLSA299RHMH1M9PIWModerate Risk0031300579200Another Take on MintYou might think I wasn't too thrilled when you see three out of five possible stars. This is, however, a truly delightful mint tea. There are so many varieties of mint tea out there that this didn't seem to me a groundbreaking new tea release. The idea of a revitalizing mint tea is rather original. If that is what you are looking for you can knock this rating a star or two higher. Of course, in my personal opinion, mint is a tea for relaxing rather than revitalizing. That is my opinion. I do enjoy the taste of this tea which isn't completely a pure mint flavor but rather a "minty" flavor. If you like mint tea you will enjoy this tea as well. Yogi's quality is well known. If you are looking to revitalize, so much the better. This guy is looking to relax. It's just a personal preference... truly.
236276236276B004051BLSA1S5XHBZIYOGRERachel Romano0031299974400Robust European Style TeaWe drink several of the Yogi Brand teas. This is definitely a unique
blend of tea that most people will either realy like or not like at all.
It is a black tea blend with energizing herbs of peppermint,
ginger root, spearmint, cinnamon bark, stevia leaf for sweetness, kola
nut, clove bud, black pepper, Guarana Seed, Cardamon seed, and Green
tea leaf extract. Most of these ingredients are organic. It has a
bold robust flavor, European in style. The black pepper felt a little
warm in my stomach the first time I drank it. By the third tea bag, I did not
notice the warm feeling anymore in my stomach and the flavor just keeps getting better.
For tea enthusiasts, this tea is worth giving a try. I would recommend it to
anyone who likes lots of flavor and healthy herbal supplements as well. I made
it a 3 star because not everyone will like it.
236277236277B004051BLSAW3G4EEW8ICRNLynn Mckeever "mclegal"0051299628800Delightful blendThere are plenty of ways to blend mint with black tea and, until I began using this tea regularly, I thought there was no magic formula. But this tea is an exceptional taste experience and a delightful uplift in the doldrums of the afternoon.
236278236278B004051BLSA26TYDQ2BFD4EGJ. GARRATT0041298937600Subtle tea is better teaEver had Bigelow's peppermint tea? The flavor really beats you over the head. That's why we tend to stay away from such teas in my household (the reason I would drink them is because they were decaf...I'm rather sensitive to caffeine).

Yogi's mint tea does not beat you over the head. It doesn't pound your tongue with mint flavor. It's like a gentle massage, giving you the slightest hint/trace of mint.

The only problem: it has caffeine. Oh well, can't win them all. Recommended.
236279236279B004051BLSADYZOSTF9LZLDShawna Lanne "Book"0051298419200Tasty with a great aromaI received this from Vine then put it away in my cupboards, forgetting about it until I got sick this week with a cold. There is nothing more soothing to me than some mint tea with honey when I'm not feeling well.

The aroma is wonderful. My husband, who pretty much only drinks green and jasmine tea, commented on how good it smelled. And while I don't know if it actually "revitalized" me, since I wasn't feeling well, I like the idea that it might. I also like that it has a black tea base, most mint teas are caffeine free and I do like a jolt of caffeine with my tea.

It's a good tea with a great taste and aroma and something I will buy once this runs out.
236280236280B004051BLSA2DB720I9XRX7KK. Draper0051297987200"Black Tea with Energizing Herbs"Yogi tea hit it right with this combination--nice and minty with light undertones of herbs such as cardamon, cinnamon and clove, among others. It is slightly sweet, probably owing to the addition of Stevia Leaf. Besides mint, the basis of this blend is black tea, but it tastes much better than black tea to me. I am not a black tea or energy drink consumer, so the 77 mg of caffeine is a bit high for me, but I do not feel jittery drinking this tea. This "ReVitalize" tea gives me a refreshing boost, and it seems like a good start to the morning.

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