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236294236294B004051BLSA1MCH5RXDOH87HKeith Blodgett "Hawk"0031296864000Not really my cup of tea...Yogi Refreshing Mint Revitalize Tea makes a reasonable strong cup of tea with just a couple minutes steeping. The taste of the tea however is overwhelmed by the spice note, most notably the black pepper and the mint. While the pepper gives a nice warmth to the beverage the rest of the spice family sticks around far too long. I was tasting this tea hours after drinking it. The aftertaste was mildly unpleasant.
I don't know that the few cups I've had so far revitalized me. The brew has far less caffeine than a decent cup of coffee so it didn't perk me up any more than any other tea or coffee. I just wasn't impressed. There are far better mint teas out there. I think the only time I might enjoy this tea is if I had a cold or the flu.
236295236295B004051BLSA1HRYC60VTMYC0Ace0041296691200Add some "ZING!" to your your dayYogi tea has been one of my favorite brands over the years. It does not disappoint-- neither does "Refreshing Mint Revitalize Tea" -- it IS just that: refreshing. In my experience, it was tasty, and gave me a pleasant jolt, and extra energy.

It tastes great with my favorite sweet treats, and I would not be surprised if it could be a great ingredient (strongly brewed) in cookies or even cakes. Try adding Vanilla Soy or Rice (or Almond) milk to this -- on the rocks or hot -- it will be DELISH!!!

Approximately 40% (or more) of the ingredients are organic; and "each tea bag contains 70mg caffeine, as compared to approximately 90 mg oin 8 oz of coffee."

Each tea bag is also individually wrapped-- which is very nice -- grab a few teabags and stuff into pocket or purse or luggage on your way out the door / traveling/ whatever.

The ingredients are impressive - Peppermint leaf, Assam Black leaf Tea, combined with other ingredients including Black pepper, Kola Nut (contains caffeiene), Guarana Seed (also contains caffeine) and Clove Bud (which has "warming" properties, according to Oriental medicine).

The box is atttracitve, and also has a "Yoga to Get Fired Up" position described on the side-- the choice of ink color on some parts of the box could be much better -- light brown ink on a yellow background is not highly legible, and for that and ONLY for that -- I give it four stars -- it does not come though, on paper, with its message as well as I think it should.

In summation, this pleasant and enjoyable beverage is something I would GLADLY serve to my guests - but it is not a tea I would choose to drink at night -- unless I needed to stay up a little later than usual -- it tastes GREAT, and really does impart a Wonderful "Zing" and a nice caffeine "kick".

UPDATE March 2012- I liked this tea so much I bought 6 boxes of it from Amazon-- and am still enjoying it as we speak.
236296236296B004051BLSA2PL0US7RN67GJennifer "Jennifer"0031296604800Not really minty but very spicyWhen I ordered this tea I was expecting a very nice, refreshing and revitalizing mint tea to mix with a bit of organic cocao powder for my minty chocolate tea treat. However, even though Yogi boxed this with the title "Refresing Mint Revitalize Tea", it really isn't minty. The flavor is very spicy. So much so that I was really shocked by the flavor. I LIKED the flavor, but it certainly isn't the tea that I thought I was buying by the box cover. The ingredients are; Peppermint and Spearmint leaves with black and green tea, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Kola Nut, Clove Bud and Guarana Seed. All tasty if you want a spicy kick in the butt get a move on tea, but not a revatilizing mint tea. I give it 3 stars because I believe that the title is misleading. Refreshing mint doesn't sound like black pepper and cardamom to me.
236297236297B004051BLSA3MUSWDCTZINQZUlalume Jones "Creative Gal"0051296604800The "revitalizing" has more to do with the caffeine than with the herbs!My taste of Yogi Teas has been limited to the herbals. I do enjoy a strong cup of tea and was surprised Yogi made this. It is a revitalizing blend, full of herbs that will get your senses moving, like ginger, cinnamon and mint. Overall, what is giving you a bounce in your step is the 70mg of caffeine. It is less than a cup of coffee, but not by much. Still, black tea seems less likely to give people jitters over coffee. That said, this tea is really good. I can drink it without milk or sugar, though it is also great with both. I can brew it twice without it tasting bitter. In fact, the first time I brewed this, I brewed it minutes longer than on the package. I got busy and thought I just ruined a good bag of tea and it would be too bitter to drink. I was wrong. Even after a 15 minute brew time, this tea was fine. I got this last week and I am almost through half the package. I might have to get a box of six of these. It is perfect for when I run out of coffee and need something to tide me off and I feel I could drink a few cups of this and not get jittery. I limit myself to one cup of coffee because of this. I recommend this tea for great taste (mint and spice seem odd in a blend, but are excellent), its inability not to get bitter, even when overbrewed and that it packs the punch of a cup of coffee without coffee's negative side effects. It's perfect in my eyes and I usually have eyes for only the Irish Breakfast blends!
236298236298B004051BLSA3VBXQKRM7A4JReyecore0051296518400Yogi makes the best tea already...this new one is also greatMy favorite tea is Yogi Green Tea Mint Garden, which is just green tea and some mint. It's great. So, with an opportunity for a new, somewhat similar type of tea, I was excited that it sounded almost like a cross between Chai Tea and their own Mint Garden. And I wasn't disappointed.

To me, this tastes like a cross between their Mint Garden tea and Oregon Chai, Original. It's not sweetened by itself (OK, maybe a little with the Stevia leaf, but it's a very robust tea that has all the mint, plus all the spiciness of chai teas. Overall, the taste is excellent.

The only downside I can think of is somewhat personal: I enjoy drinking tea at nighttime, and this contains a fairly hearty code of caffeine: just under a cup-of-coffee amount. So, this tea is perfect for everything, except nighttime drinking.

Would recommend.
236299236299B004051BLSA1VK6EKINVYAT7Laura Owen0051296518400A unique tea among mint teas!I love tea. I am positively addicted. But I have never been just crazy about mint tea. It was fine, but I never really craved it. Until this tea. It is not mint in the true sense of the word. If you read the ingredients, you will find that there are some unusual items in it, like cinnamon, that add a different taste, but it still tastes minty. Also, there is stevia leaf included which means that the tea is naturally sweet and does not need extra sugar. It was good hot, but I made a huge batch of iced tea with it and that was really delicious. I will definitely buy this one again.
236300236300B004051BLSAL6CEWLV2JB90The Writing Chef "Dan"0051296432000This Tea is Definitely RevitalizingIt definitely gave me a nice lift in the afternoon, and helped me be more productive.
Nice combination of herbs. Enjoyed the flavor and especially like the Stevia sweetener.
My only concern was that it was high in caffeine and I try to minimize my caffeine intake.
I did a little test two days later and substituted a half a cup of coffee for the tea.
The tea definitely revitalized me more.
236301236301B004051BLSAHKPZ11JT110Famazonbuyer0051296259200Very surprising flavor experienceThis was a very interesting flavor experience for me. I expected the mint to be the first flavor to hit my tongue and to be overpowering. Instead a few of the low notes came on first. I was actually wondering, "Where is the mint flavor?" and then it came rolling in. This mint flavor is clean, clear and yet very light.

I'm enjoying this understated take on mint tea.

Note: Even though this contains Stevia, I still needed to add a little raw sugar.
236302236302B004051BLSA11EIDY6DD40CSPeregrinn0051296172800Mint in a caffeinated tea! I like it!So often, the mint teas are like Sleepytime or some other drowsiness-inducing herb tea. While that has its place, I am happy to have found a tea with the freshness of mint that has *real* tea in it, caffeine and all! This tea makes me feel like my breath is fresh. (I haven't asked my husband to confrim yet!) I do feel Revitalized, as the name suggests. This is good for getting me though my late-afternoon doldrums. Yummy!
236303236303B004051BLSA2G9UDL72YUTT8Book and Dog Lover0051296172800Better than BigelowI love all teas - hot, cold, you name it. When I'm in the mood for a mint tea, I select Bigelow Mint Medley. I find it has a nice smooth mint flavor. Since that is the mint tea I usually drink, I wondered how Yogi would compare to it.

The two teas have different ingredients. Bigelow's ingredients are peppermint leaves, spearmint leaves, rose hips, lemon peel, hibiscus. Yogi is organic peppermint leaf, organic Assam black tea leaf, organic spearmint leaf, organic cinnamon bark, organic ginger root, organic cardamom seed, green tea extract, organic black pepper, kola nut, guarana seed, organic clove bud, stevia leaf.

I seeped both teas for the same amount of time - approximately 5 minutes (Bigelow recommends seeping for 3-5 minutes. Yogi recommends 4-6 minutes). After seeping, looking at the 2 cups of tea, the Yogi tea is darker -you can tell that there is some black tea included. Both teas are aromatic - the Mint Medley has a nice soft mint smell. Yogi smells like mint, however, it has a more complex smell - there's a hint of cinnamon and it smells a bit sweeter than the Mint Medley. Taste-wise, both teas have a nice mint flavor, however, I found the Yogi tea just had more depth to it: as a tea drinker I can taste that there's black tea included in the blend. There's also a mild tingly sensation after drinking the tea (very very mild tingling). Overall, I found the Yogi tea tasted better and I enjoyed it more.

I don't know the accuracy of its claims to get your chi moving. However, this is a great tasting mint tea.
236304236304B004051BLSA2ZCXF9DDZYNFQRuth B. Ingram0031296172800mint teaI enjoyed the tea. If I were ill with a cold or the flu I might purchase this tea for the mint effects. The soothing effects on my sinuses, throat and chest were enjoyable. If I had an upset stomach this tea would make me feel better. Having said all that, the actual taste of the tea is flat and overpowered by the mint flavor. I tasted the bag the tea is in as much as the tea itself.
236305236305B004051BLSA3NOBH42C7UI5MCarol "kepela"0041296172800Yogi Refreshing Mint Revitalize TeaThis tea has the sweet smell of the Peppermint and Spearmint leaf and the strong taste of the Ginger Root, Cinnamon Bark and Black tea. It also contains Cardamom Seed, healthy Green tea Leaf Extract, Stevia Leaf, Kola Nut, Guarana Seed and Clove Bud, all ingredients are Organic. There is also 77mg of caffeine (an 8oz cup of coffee is about 90mg) which I'm guessing is where the "energy" comes from. Each tea bag is sealed in it's own envelope and easily makes a 16oz - 20oz cup of tea. So I get much less caffeine than an equal amount of coffee.
I'm a big Tea drinker but I've never tasted anything like this before. It's very unusual and It's good. I would purchase it again and recommend it other tea drinkers.
236306236306B004051BLSA2W0XCWOK3MW6FKaren Woodworth Roman "Happy Librarian"0051296086400Tea with a PunchI usually drink non-caffeine herb tea and just plain mint is one of my favorites. I can't stomach chamomile, so I'm pleased this tea does not have that ingredient. I'm not sure that I feel more "energized', but as it has caffeine, I'm sure I'm not sleepier. (-: According to the box it ha 77 mg of caffeine, which compares to 90 g in 8 oz of coffee. Overall, I like the taste and the smell. I have several other boxes of Yogi tea in the cupboard and as I usually drink tea at night, I'm more likely to reach for those at home. I think I'll leave this one at the office and we can have a cup when the coffee pot is empty, but we wish there was one more cup.

One of my friends thought the first sip was a bit of a medicine-y taste shock, but she said it kind of grew on her. Also, she said it leaves a nice aftertaste. Another friend thought it was "softer" than regular black tea and it's not very bitter. Overall, we like it.
236307236307B004051BLSA30YCQ4MOZAI6YMichelle R0051296000000Wow ... yeah.I'm sitting here at 10:40 at night and probably have no business drinking anything with Revitalize in the name that informs me it has black tea and "energizing" (in italics, no less) herbs, and yet...

I picked this because I'm a tea person -- hot tea, ice tea... I'd also purchased this brand -- Yogi -- before from the health food co-op and have been pretty happy.

I drink my tea unsweetened and I have to say I think this is very tasty and minty. Not only can you taste the mint, but it leaves pleasantly lingering taste, and -- if this makes any sense -- it always feels like I've been using Vicks, that warmness. Even though the Yogi people are not specifically claiming this, I'd make this if I were feeling a little under the weather and congested, I think it would work nicely.

It has ginger and cinnamon bark in it as well, which are not only great for the immune system but two of my favorite flavors. I mentioned drinking tea unsweetened, and I think that's an even better decision when there's a little spice in the mix, not to mention stevia which adds a hint of natural sweetness. Mint is definitely the predominant flavor, but I believe the ginger and cinnamon add a little richness and stop that strong mint flavor from being off-putting.

Do I feel revitalized? Unfortunately -- it's now 10:45 PM -- a little bit, definitely. It seems like it would be a nice way to start the day or a midday boost, and I could see blearily talking my husband into making me a cup.

I'd definitely buy this!
236308236308B004051BLSA31VDZOEJACIHHM. Morim0051296000000I want this tea on my tea shelf!As I don't like long reviews, I'll start you off with the bottom line:
* This great combination makes it a great, light, refreshing tea
* it's still only a tea, but I can already tell I'm gonna want this tea always on my tea shelf :)

I got this tea delivered on the perfect timing - as I was catching up with a cold.
Gave it a try - and I loved it!
I tried a few mint teas in the past, but wasn't really impressed with any. This one was different. It has a really good taste, you certainly feel the mintiness with a combination of another flavor that gives the tea as described a light refreshing feeling.

Try it out, you won't regret it!
236309236309B004051BLSA34BFOXOM87TCYAuliya "An Avid Reader"0051296000000Good stuff! Smooth, mentholated, caffeinated, delicious!Yes, recommended! Yogi has succeeded in making excellent mint tea without that cheap "hot toothpaste-water" taste or smell that lesser mint teas can have. This is the good stuff. :-)

* FLAVOR: Great! This tea has a deliciously smooth and truly complex black tea flavor laced with with a mentholated buzz of mint. The tea tastes slightly sweet even without sugar, and 'sparkles' a little against the tongue.

* ENERGY: Great! This tea is extra-caffeinated, beyond the usual. For comparison, a serving of espresso has 100mg of caffeine, ordinary coffee 80-135mg, and black tea usually has 50mg. This tea has a mix of black & green tea for a total of 77mg. It's really nice to get coffee-like levels of caffeine in a quality tea instead.

* TIPS & TRICKS: Brew longer for more kick. On the box, Yogi recommends up to 6 minutes compared to a usual tea brew time of 2-3 minutes. Yogi also suggests using two bags for even more energy. That makes sense, you can double your caffeine that way. The flavor does become noticeably darker and richer after about the 3 minute mark, but it's still good stuff.

Enjoy! :-)
236310236310B004051BLSA1AES697PC2IW5Kevin Kiersky "oceaneagle"0051295913600Refreshingly Balanced Black Mint Tea +++This is a refreshingly balanced black mint tea that can easily be made much like a usual black tea -- with a usual amount of organic sugar or honey and a usual amount of milk -- as I just did, with an excellent batch of hot black mint tea resulting. So, likely any kind of milk will work well with this rich tea. This is unusual in my experience for many mint teas -- which are many times overwhelmed by such additions. Some typical weaker mint tea variants need delicate handling and are better only iced with only a little sugar or honey and no milk. Yet the mint is very evident and refreshing and is not overwhelmed by additions to this tea. Also this tea does make an execellent iced tea without milk. So this "Yogi Refreshing Mint Revitalize Tea" indeed does as claimed by its name +++
236281236281B004051BLSAPDPA11IZPYLNSheila Chilcote-Collins "Sheila Renee Chilcot...0051297900800Another Great Flavor From Organic YOGI TEA Brands!Yogi Tea brands story began in 1969 when Yogi Bhajan started teaching yoga in America. He shared the wisdom and knowledge of Ayurveda and healthy living that he had mastered in India with his students while serving a specially spiced tea, which they affectionately named "Yogi Tea." The recipe contained five traditional Ayurvedic spices: cardamom seed, cinnamon bark, clove bud, ginger root and black pepper. When blended and brewed, these delicious spices leave you feeling vibrant and alive, while boosting overall well-being. Intrigued by the complex flavor and inherent health benefits of this unique combination of spices, it wasn't long before several of the yogi's students were inspired to brew their own "Yogi Tea."
In 1984 this grassroots endeavor blossomed into the Yogi Tea Company. Packages of the rough, dried spices began to appear in natural foods stores throughout Southern California. As demand increased, the spices were more finely ground, packaged and sealed into individual tea bags. By 1986, Yogi Tea was distributed nationwide in three flavors.
Yogi has continued to expand and evolve our tea offerings to address specific health needs by creating specialized herbal formulas, blended for both flavor and purpose. Today, Yogi has nearly 60 tea blends, many of which are created using the five original Yogi spices.

The refreshing Mint ReVitalize that I am reviewing today is one of the teas that has the 5 original spices plus peppermint and spearmint leaf, kola nut, guarana seed and stevia leaf.

The addition of stevia leaf is great in this tea blend because you don't really need to add any other sweetener to this tea. It is great as is.

Each tea bag is packaged individually and is certified organic. I have tried MANY flavors of Yogi Tea and it has become one of my favorite flavored tea brands.

Have a "cuppa"...
236282236282B004051BLSA2RQOO8VYAEZZGCupcake0041297900800Mild mint tea with a nice energy liftThis tea is your standard good-quality mint/black tea. It give you a nice energy lift and tastes good. It's not particularly standout in any way, but it's exactly what you'd expect. The mint teas I've had in the past have been herbal teas, so they were way mintier, but obviously without the caffeine kick of the black tea. I think this is an excellent compromise & will probably be my mint tea of choice going forward.
236283236283B004051BLSAM004PHO6F3FZgotta run now0041297900800Refreshing flavor will unstick your chiYogi Refreshing Mint Revitalize Tea has effects summed up by the name: it is refreshing, minty, and it will revitalize you.

Produced by the Yogi tea company, this tea is a black tea that includes green tea extract. It includes peppermint leaf which gives it its refreshing minty taste. It also includes a long list of herbal additives, which could actually do something for you, or could be a bit of a marketing tactic. There were 2 that stood out for me: guarana and kola nut. Guarana provides guaranine, which is similar to caffeine. Kola nut is another source of caffeine. The 77mg of caffeine in each cup of tea does not include the stimulant effect provided by guarana and kola nut. If you are hoping for a stimulant effect less than coffee, beware. A cup of this tea actually contains more stimulants than a typical cup of coffee. That said, its worth noting that the jitters that typically accompany a cup of coffee are absent here. It has a nice "sharpening" effect without the upset stomach and jitters that a good cup of coffee can produce.

The tea comes in a nice cardboard recyclable box, with some yoga breathing exercises designed to wake you up on the side. Each tea bag includes some yogi advice, sort of like a fortune cookie. When the box is first opened, the smell is reminiscent of weak chewing gum, but don't let that put you off: each cup of tea is boldly minty and refreshing. The taste is every bit as delicious as other mint teas on the market.
Whether the mid-afternoon blahs are caused by your chi being stuck, or by a post-prandial insulin surge, a cup of this tea will definitely get you going. It is refreshing and delicious, does not require a sweetener (contains a tiny amount of stevia already) and will give you a lift.

Just don't drink it too late in the afternoon or you might be scrubbing floors at midnight.
236284236284B004051BLSA19XBW5WUDH1ZDavid Nox0051297900800Great Black Mint teaI love tea. I drink 4-6 cups a day. I've been a tea snob and usually only make tea from loose leaves.
Sometimes I prefer the convenience of a tea bag. I really liked the mint blend of this tea.
Although I usually drink green tea, I find black tea a welcome change every now and again.
I also found the extra energy kick this tea has very refreshing. It didn't give me the jitters.
I would definitely use this again.
236285236285B004051BLSA35X2JJI49OBZPC. Bayne "katluvr_1"0041297814400Tasty mint teaI have purchased a few other Yogi brand teas, and so far I like them all. (I have Mayan Cocoa Spice - awesome, vanilla hazelnut - pretty good, and Mexican Sweet Chili - odd but tasty). I'm not the world's biggest fan of mint, but this is pretty good nonetheless. It's not super strong mint, but it's more than just an aftertaste.

I'm not sure how revitalized I was after drinking it. I brought it to work to drink around 2:00 when I usually want to take a nap or at least go home, and while I still wanted to go home, I didn't feel like napping was imminent. That said, I wasn't up to dancing in the aisles either. I probably perked up a little.

This is not my favorite tea, but it's a good mint tea. I suspect it would be good iced, but I haven't tried that yet - still a bit chilly out. If you want 6 boxes of tea, Amazon's price is exceptional. And organic means that less poisons were dumped into the environment to make it, so that's always a good thing.
236286236286B004051BLSAKCZIJ6ZHE41DJarucia Jaycox Nirula "~A Pink American"0051297728000A delicious little kick...I'm a big tea drinker and am quite fond of Yogi teas for their taste and quality.

This tea is no exception.

I was a tad wary that having black tea mix with mint might result in minty bitterness, but that wasn't the case at all. The box recommends steeping for 4 minutes, but I chose 2 to be on the safe side. I could have easily gone with 4, though as the tea had no hint of bitterness.

I found it to be refrshing and just the right amount of pick me up for the evening. I drink decaf everything about 90% of the time so the low caffeine amount in this tea did affect me. I may have actually drank it too close to bedtime though as I did get that whooshing in the ears sound that normally only happens after caffeine for me.

All told, I definitley enjoy this tea, but will likely keep it to mornigpng or early afternoon use.
236287236287B004051BLSA36MS27KAA5S26Katherine Berry "of "Housewife How To's""0051297555200Yummy!I have no idea whether this tea actually "detoxes" my system, nor can I tell if any extra energy I feel after drinking it is due to the caffeine or the other ingredients. It is, however, a lovely, delicious tea that's become a highlight of my day. When hot, it's perfect for a frosty winter day (and goodness knows we've had a lot of those this year!), but it also makes a wonderful iced tea that I'm looking forward to enjoying this summer.

I'd never have thought to put black pepper in a tea, but its combination with mint really gives a nice 'zing' that's made even better with a bit of honey, agave nectar or Stevia. That said, my husband didn't like the combination nearly as much and pronounced it "too minty", whereas I found after a couple of sips that the ginger and kola nut tastes were more pronounced.

At any rate, it's a great tea that's just different enough to merit its own place in your tea box.
236288236288B004051BLSA18GJ9MYYO6GCQJust ask me! "bronxgal"0041297555200A refreshing teaThere is no way, of course, for a consumer to rate the claims Yogi makes of detoxification, of how one would know if her "chi" is stuck. But the mint does make this tea refreshing. A user should also note that it could be the caffeine, since the packaging acknowledges that this tea has almost as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, While the box suggests drinking "cup after cup" to enhance performance, your sensitivity to caffeine should be taken into account.
236289236289B004051BLSACJ9N7ED37HXSkstars "truth-seeker"0041297468800great, but needs more mintAm I the only one who loves a strong, mint tea? With the name Yogi Refreshing Mint Revitalize Tea, I expect more zing. Anyway, the taste of this black tea after it steeps for quite awhile is really wonderful, almost spicy. I drink iced tea, sometimes with Stevia, sometimes not.

For anyone getting off soda, this is great. I leave the bags in with the ice while I sip for hours out of my large "sippy" tumbler. I just boil water and put 2-3 cups water to heat until hot. I put 3 tea bags and steep, then pour over ice. The "pot" of tea lasts me all day.

Enjoy your organic caffeine tea!
236290236290B004051BLSA235UFZGCFN3J5Eva0051297296000Very minty and energizingI love anything mint, so I've found the combination of black tea, peppermint and spearmint to be delicious. The addition of cardamom and ginger add an interesting flavor. The stevia adds just a light touch of sweetness. There's 77mg of caffeine in this tea, which is a little more than the average cup of black tea and a little less than a cup of coffee. I feel it helps with my energy level without the jittery feeling I get from coffee or caffeinated energy drinks. I often drink herbal mint teas, but when I want the energy boost of a black tea, this refreshing and minty tea is perfect.
236291236291B004051BLSA58N07M0ZCYMBValentina0051297209600Smooth mint tea, one of the best!I love this tea! Smooth, minty, very mild and with a little sugar and some honey, just unbelievably great. Would recommend for anyone to try.
236292236292B004051BLSA277TO3PKKNYDHRhianna Walker "Rhi"0051297036800Smooth, Very Palatable Caffienated TeaWhile I prefer coffee's flavor and body when I reach for a caffienated beverage in the morning, my afternoons often leave me slumpy. I've enjoyed herbal teas and suppliments as healthy alternatives since I was a toddler so I'm pretty open to trying something different when I have a problem like the caffiene shakes.

I want to preface this review a little by saying I am a mint fanatic. It is one of my favorite flavors for sweets and teas. But the idea of mint and caffienated tea was foreign to me really. I don't care for green tea's after taste so I was a little leary of trying this one since it contains Green Tea Leaf Extract but thought I'd give it a whirl anyway. Lately I've been getting the shakes after my afternoon cup of coffee and I feel miserable for a while so I switched to this tea in hopes it would perk me up before hitting the gym without the nausea.

Not only is this masterfully blended to be tastey I was completely shake free. I couldn't taste the green tea but the crisp mint and warm ginger notes were smooth. I dare say, though I didn't try it yet since it's winter, this would make a fantastic iced tea. The only issue I had with it is that I enjoyed it so much I let myself try a cup after dinner one night and was left wide awake and clear headed into the wee hours.

I recommend this one for tea lovers who like a smooth mint tea or green tea as a refreshing afternoon pick-me-up (just not too late or you'll be up all night like I was). It should be noted though that this one and some other Yogi teas contain Stevia Leaf which is not considered safe during pregnancy. Check with your doctor to be sure, I know some say no caffiene at all while others say a little is okay.
236293236293B004051BLSA3NHUQ33CFH3VMCitizen John0051296950400Mix of Black Tea, Green Tea Extract, Kola Nut and Spices: 2 teabags is like 13.69 oz. of Coffee in terms of CaffeineThere's a place for this bold tea in my cupboard. This tea really does not fit a typical category because it mixes black tea, green tea extract, kola nut and an array of spices. The spices overpower the black tea so much that I'm unable to sense the percentage of black tea. Given the long list of ingredients, I suspect black tea is a small percentage. Bear in mind it also contains kola nut which is loaded with caffeine.

At first I taste peppermint, the first ingredient. After that I sense the black pepper and cinnamon, then the ginger and finally clove. For a complicated mixed tea, the note of clove is pleasant to me. However, I experience a long-lasting aftertaste that is like slippery elm with foot-stomping black pepper added. While it contains black pepper, it does not have slippery elm. It has spearmint, which I don't notice at all.

While this tea seems to defy categorization, I'd suggest using it as a Morning Thunder option. It has 77 mg of caffeine, and I normally double up my tea bags so that's 154 mg of caffeine for me. That compares with 1.71 - 8 ounce cups of coffee, or a 13.69 oz. cup of coffee.

* Görseller ve İçerik tekif hakkına sahip olabilir