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236327236327B00445YAMQA1EUFA5IXAX5Z1brohamjen0041349395200yummy gummymy mom and I love this gum. the flavor is great and seems to last us longer. great change from the usual minty gum flavors. we weren't able to buy this gum where we usually did. I'm so glad we thought to check amazon. subscribe and save options for this was an added bonus.
236328236328B00445YAMQA2AUZQZTX0Z7UBhubba bubba0051348099200excellentTo whom it may concern, for the discriminating gum chewer, this is the product for you.

Not only does this gum NOT get hard like almost every other gum option, its flavor lasts and is extremely pleasant. I have been ordering this gum and chewing it for years and have yet to get sick of the flavor, texture or any other facet of this gum.

this is an excellent gum, not for the faint of heart, but for the true gum conisouer in all of us.
236329236329B001EPPI1GA7SJDVKTTUS27Dave Jr.0051348617600SpicyThese were shipped fast and they are fresh. Nice spicy pepper corns and a great price. I will order again and again.
236330236330B002ZJSSCQA2N6QX59VO5Z2RLast Real Woman1151323820800AddictiveI love these crackers and I cannot eat just one at a time. This is a perfect office snack when you're in between meals.

However, "BE CAREFUL" these crackers are very addictive so hope you have the money to support a new habit. Enjoy!
236331236331B002ZJSSCQA2ABJYC17LIYR06kats0051335052800Ritz Crackerfuls Classic Cheddar, 6 .0 Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)Good cracker combo with the cheddar. It's nice to get the fiber and protein in a quick snack that can just grab and go with. They are a little pricey unless you luck into the Amazon warehouse deal like I did. Will buy again.
236332236332B000CONM8QA2CTS0MQV3GXHLA. Anderson "mandykittie"6651138752000Healthy snack food for the kiddosMy three year old daughter and her friends love Veggie Booty. While it's not my personal favorite (the powdered spinach, kale, and carrot are a little weird for my palate, though my husband likes it pretty well), a bowl of it brings toddlers running like pigs to the trough. A bag will feed about six hungry snackers, and you can feel pretty good about it, since it is made with natural ingredients, and is a good source of green stuff.
236333236333B000CONM8QAA207EXBURF9Bkaaris "mom, artist"5651140220800This stuff ROCKS!Veggie Booty is very yummy. Both my toddler and I love it, and snack on it regularly. I'm thrilled to see it's available in 1 oz bags - that is the perfect serving size, and this way it can't get stale. (Um... and it will help me control my serving size.) 1 oz counts as 1 starch and 1 fat if you are tracking your food exchanges. It is crispy, flavorful, a tiny bit salty, and really addictive. It has a high vitamin A content too. It's a winner!!
236334236334B000CONM8QA24PO1XJHVCUA2KKM "Stay at home mom"6831152576000Odd, but it grows on you a bitAt first bite, this turned off 4 of us. The kids, who are veggie nuts, and eat raw spinach by the handful, did not care for the snacks at all. The adults kept nibbling, thinking it might get more palatable with time. We eventually decided to try it as a snack with red wine, as the slightly salty slightly bitter taste might blend really well with a hearty wine.

I expected more judging from the other reviews, and I guess I should have just seen "spinach and kale" and realized that I should not have bought 24 bags to try something new. Still, it's not awful -- just a bit odd. Perhaps I will test mixing it with the caramel booty!
236311236311B004051BLSAPXQHFTTYERDEStacey M Smith0051295827200RefreshingMint is my favorite tea flavor and Yogi is especially good. It's extra-minty and very refreshing. As I write this review, I notice how my mouth tingles with minty-ness. This tea is smooth and refreshing. I enjoyed it both hot and cold.
236312236312B004051BLSAWKZAUC0D8DYLAuskan "Auskan"1251297641600Refreshing blend of mintWe drink a lot of tea at our house and I've had about every brand of mint there is. Some are quite strong but this blend is a more subtle blend of mints that would be impossible not to like. My daughter adds a bag to a tall glass of water, waits a short time and enjoys it as a cold mint drink. I prefer hot tea, so pour boiling water over the bag, steep for a few minutes and then sip. Each of us leaves the bag in while drinking, and my daughter really likes the string and tag because they aid her in keeping control of the bag while drinking. I also like the foil pouch it comes in, as I can keep a teabag or two in my purse so that when I'm visiting a friend I can enjoy a cup of my own tea, even if they don't have any flavors I like. The foil bag is very strong so does not come apart in my purse, and keeps the tea fresh.

Update: I've been drinking this for a couple of weeks now on a daily basis. It took me until early this morning to make the connection that during the same period of time, I have been having difficulty getting to sleep. I finally checked the ingredients list more carefully and noticed two ingredients designed to keep you awake. First is black tea, which contains caffeine. Second is guarana. I have some experience with guarana and am perhaps more sensitive to it than most, but I cannot sleep when taking it. Yesterday I drank a cup of tea at 3pm and went to bed exhausted at midnight. By 4am - 13 hours after drinking the tea! - I was still wide awake. So it is not that I'm drinking it right before going to bed - I'm drinking the tea during the late morning to mid-afternoon time period and it is still wreaking havoc with my sleep patterns. I'm so glad to have figured this out and wish I'd known it earlier as quite honestly, it would have factored into my rating of the product, which I am now unable to change. So - buyer beware. By all means try it but be aware that it might keep you up more than you want it to.
236313236313B004051BLSA1GWPAZBGMUAFJGLENN LEVY "lover of fun"1221296604800I wanted to like itWell this tea was not what I expected. I was hoping for a minty coco flavor. I wanted to like this tea, but I just did not. It had a strange after taste that I could not shake. Too many flavors for real mint, it gave it a dirty funny taste. I think they tried to do too much here. I see where others loved it, I just did not. I don't think I can drink anymore of it. Be cautioned if your looking for a minty, chocolate tasty treat, this is not it. Too many flavors give it a muddy strange taste. I'm sure I will get slammed for my opinion, people hate people who disagree with them here on Amazon, but in good conscience I could not rate this any better.
236314236314B004051BLSA3MVMBW7SOOBKBD. S. Gilbert0151308700800perfect energy booster for non-coffee drinkersOur local Walmart recently got rid of its entire inventory of Yogi teas. I bought on clearance a couple boxes of the Yogi Refreshing Mint Revitalize Tea, and also a few boxes of the Yogi Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy. I have been a daily drinker of Yogi herbal teas for years, but I had never heard of these two varieties. I was intrigued by the fact that they both combine black tea with herbs and pack as much caffeine as a small cup of coffee.

I admit it -- I have to get up very early in the morning and never get enough sleep. I need something to help me wake up, and my stomach can't handle the acid in coffee. I usually drink chai in the morning and enjoy it, but it doesn't have enough caffeine to sustain my alertness throughout the day (and I try not to consume any caffeine past noon, because I don't want to be sleepless at night).

I was excited to find these two teas because they are the perfect compromise: just enough caffeine to keep me going, but not enough to make my heart pound. Both these teas have a delicious sweet taste, but I find myself preferring the mint variety early in the morning. Beyond the caffeine (which takes about half an hour to kick in), the sharp but refreshing mint aroma is an instant wake-up call. If you tend to have stuffy sinuses or a dry throat when you get up in the morning, this tea can soothe those problems immediately.

It took me a while to find Revitalize tea on Amazon. If you click on "show all Yogi teas," this product is not displayed. I was dismayed to think that the tea had been discontinued, just as I was discovering it! But when I specifically typed "revitalize" into the search engine, it did come up. Now I can purchase my first six-pack (and just in time, because the boxes I got on clearance at Walmart are almost finished). I am sure this won't be the last time I'll buy this wonderful tea. Please, Yogi, don't stop manufacturing it!
236315236315B004051BLSA35HOUWHAYZZN6Hedera Femme0151297123200Very minty, energizingThis tea not only delivers a little energy boost, but it has a really nice flavor--the mint is quite strong (maybe overwhelming for some), but it feels really great going down--very refreshing. I usually drink it hot, but this would be awesome iced on a summer day, especially with the cooling effect it has.
I definitely recommend this over coffee, which may give a stronger burst of energy initially but wears away more quickly and can give you the jitters. Tea is definitely a better way to feel alert for a longer time without that hyper feeling, not to mention its other health benefits like antioxidants.
236316236316B004051BLSA34TNH973Q9XT0Serena Reed0141296691200Very minty!If you love mint, then you will like this tea. If you only like mint as an added flavor note, then this may be a bit too intense for you. I enjoyed the flavor. I had not had mint tea before, but I love lots of different teas. I was surprised at how much it reminded me of eating food with chewing gum in your mouth if you eat anything with it. I like mine sweet and it isn't bad with lemon if you like it that way. The mint is dominant and strong, so it may not be suited to all tastes. I didn't really get an energy burst from it, so I can't really comment on how that feels. I probably wouldn't regularly buy it, but it isn't bad. If you like mint, give it a try.
236317236317B0032GE5VOA11SYXOB1SYI58Maria2251334966400Tam Jalapeno Hot Pepper Seeds - Capsicum Annuum - 1 Grams - Approx 180 Gardening Seeds - Vegetable Garden SeedTam Jalapeno Hot Pepper Seeds - Capsicum Annuum - 1 Grams - Approx 180 Gardening Seeds - Vegetable Garden Seed>> Wonderful product, excellent prompt service from seller!
236318236318B0032GE5VOA26VOFXR73HAGQKenneth W. Bulen0051347840000TAMSuch a rapid response. The packet contains a generous amount of seed. I started a few and was pleased with how many sprouted. Thanks
236335236335B000CONM8QA2CYLTO0OFIH1TCourtney Johnson1151326672000Love pirates booty! :)The cheese kind used to be my favorite, now the veggie definately is! To be honest it always taste a little funny the first couple bites (TOO much like veggies, ick!) :) but then after those couple of bites I just cant stop! Its nice to have a tasty crunchy snack that i dont really feel guilty eating! :) I also let my toddler snack on them too and I am the mom that doesnt let him have any junk food (no chips, cookies, candy, etc)

Since there are no preservatives i love the little bags because if the big one isnt sealed properly the whole things goes stale SO fast.

The small size is also SUPER handy to keep in my purse or the diaper bag. I keep a box of these in the closet so I can just grab it and run. (I also have not been able to find this size and flavor in any stores)

One of my absolute favorite snacks! :)
236336236336B000CONM8QA3MDH1WAITZE00donny random1111289520000Tastes and smells like goldfish food!I should know, I've eaten goldfish food when I was a kid. When I ate this stuff it was the same experience. Flavorless, unpleasant smell. Looks like green packing peanuts! Never again!
236337236337B000CONM8QATBMVZPFIGZ7Amrsjackblack2341166832000yummy and makes a great first finger food too!we got these are having some of a friend's. our 10 month old actually liked them, and since they are much better for her than gerber puffs we bought a case. she has since decided to be picky and not eat them anymore, but the rest of us love them, including my 2 year old. they make a healthy and surprisingly tasty snack!
236338236338B000CONM8QA2K4HGEYRCGQ83Igor Ribeiro0051339113600Tasty and healthyTastes good (something like broccoli - although I'm not a big fan of it) and it's healthy.
A good replacement for the aged white cheddar (which is the best one)!
236339236339B000CONM8QA1GTGXA5WP5AC6topgoddess0051335571200love the taste and flavorMe and my children love it.. it taste very flavorful and it is great for people that can not eat dairy..
I like this better than the dairy one.
236340236340B000CONM8QA1PS4JECBFQUCTMyrna0051332547200for those who appreciate a more subtle snackI really enjoy these and find the 1-ounce bags perfect for when I really need/want something to munch on but don't want to add a whole lot of calories to my life or feel I'm doing something bad to myself. I think they're quite tasty, but my husband doesn't care for them at all, as he finds them bland. Fine with me, as I don't have to share!
236319236319B0080URVXGAV7HZDW9DKVX9James S Erwin0051340323200Best GF noodles aroundThis stuff is fantastic. My girlfriend and I have been through every kind of wheat-free pasta around: corn, rice, the arcane stuff. Great tasteing and good texture. They are forgiving if a bit over or under done and reheat like actual wheat pasta. Cannot reccomend enough, we go through 20lbs a year easy.
236320236320B00099XOR8A2PF607JV3YSX4J. P. Cordell "Stephanie Cordell"3351186444800Great deal on amazon with coupon!Stock up when they have these cases on sale plus a coupon! It's a great deal!
236321236321B00099XOR8A26CG3MZ9Y09FVNate993341152662400College FoodThese are great dorm food. Requires a pan and some butter, but it's a great alternative to Easy-mac (ugh).
236322236322B00099XOR8A1ADXPIDP2K1ADauroramonroe "auroramonroe"2251275177600Great DealIf you can get these on sale, these can be a great bargain. They come in small packages and don't need to be refrigerated or frozen. The Chicken flavor in the Pasta Sides is my favorite. Quick and easy to prepare. Just add water and butter and pop into microwave for 10 minutes. For extra flavor, add fresh parsley, carrots and/or cilantro if you like. Also, add a dash of dry white wine and a pinch of sugar if you are feeling really adventurous.
236323236323B00099XOR8A2ROY21ZIH18TVJen Olin0211304553600Knorr needs new recipes....When my son had Knorr Pasta Sides Beef 2 weeks ago, he puked it up 2 hours after he ate the stuff. He told me it was good stuff, so I thought I would pick up Knorr Pasta Sides Chicken, and guess what, he puked that up too! But, it was good stuff, according to him. He can tolerate the rice, but he pukes up the pasta sides. Perhaps Knorr might recall all the pasta sides as they may have a puking agent in them?
236324236324B00099XOR8A2XUW6E8YINV6YJoan G. Rusnak0221249516800Egg Noodles vs. PastaI do not like the pasta and sauce as much as I like the NOODLES and Chicken Sauce. It was my fault that I did not read the whole nine yards so to speak. The fettucini is not my favorite. I will double check next time to make sure it is EGG NOODLES. But it is not all bad, and I am sure I will be able to consume the whole lot. Thank you for asking!
Joan Rusnak
236325236325B0013JPZH0A1YN6UWTHYJVJ4Gundega Korsts0051347667200Tastes differ: yucky to some is best-ever to othersMy two favorite granola bars are Kashi chewy bars, all with the typical 7-grain mix: first Trail Mix, then Cherry Dark Chocolate; my spouse always opts for Dark Mocha Almond. To me, the Trail Mix bars are ideal: not too sweet, plenty of almonds, and good oats-and-granola crunch. The slightly sticky matrix is only enough to hold the bar together, without overwhelming the ingredients. The 140 calories (a bit less, for the other two bars) are nicely balanced: 6 g protein, 4 g fiber, 6 g sugars, and 5 g fat. No high-fructose corn syrup, no saturated fat, no cholesterol; low sodium (95 mg). Food, instead of candy (like the usual breakfast granola bar, with only 1 or 2 g protein) or medicine (the high-protein or high-fiber sports bars). I love the taste of Kashi Trail Mix, enough that I have to ration myself to two a day. Maybe the 1-star reviewer got a bad batch? Or maybe it's just that tastes differ.
236326236326B0013JPZH0AATXK33K48V2Cedward riddick "katholmetal"11111319328000A great mixture of horse food and pukeExcuse me i have to throw up from eating these Brb... Ok so if you like eating horse vomit get these trail mix bars and have a nice day.

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