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236341236341B000CONM8QAMI69YOH12HHDRaisingCainx20051318896000Delish! And Portioned Controlled -- BONUS!There is nothing better than Veggie Pirate's Booty, except when in comes in portioned controlled packages. : Our kids like these when we take road trips, I like them for lunches and snacks. They are so good!
236342236342B000CONM8QA27EV5VOO854YIKris100051302220800yummy bootyLove pirate booty. We normally get the white cheddar but this time tried the veggie booty. It's still delicious & a favorite snack for my Littles. And even though it's snack food, it's nice to eat something with spinach & kale powdered on!
236343236343B000CONM8QAQF2SMXB950D9Aurora Dawn0021288828800Not healthy enough to be worth eating such a vile food!I actually love Pirate's Booty snacks so I was over eager and purchased 2 huge cases of these. Yikes, these are going to hard to get rid of. A previous reviewer states that they are like fish food and I second that notion. I would definitely recommend steering clear of these, and choosing one of the much better flavors like cheese. I don't know exactly how to describe these, but imagine a stale sock soaked in broccoli juice and you're on the right track. My typically non-discriminating 14 month old turns his nose up at these. These taste like something super healthy, and though they aren't bad for you, they are not healthy enough to warrant choking them down. They are worth a try as a toddler snack, but I'd order cautiously or you will have lots of fish food tasting snacks that you will be trying to give away to any unsuspecting victim that will take them off of your hands.
236344236344B000CONM8QA22JHOEDZED75EA Greyhound on the Go0041287100800I Love Veggies, including Pirate Booty'sHaving tried and liked several flavors (e.g., Pirate's Booty, Aged White Cheddar, 1-Ounce Bags (Pack of 24), Pirate's Booty, New York Pizza, 1-Ounce Bags (Pack of 24)), I thought why not give these try. They were a big hit. The puffs have a hint of flavors that you might find on a spice rack (e.g. Basel, Parsley). I found them a welcome departure from the cheesy flavors. Bottom line, I give these a solid A and would recommend to others.
236345236345B000CONM8QA2NUSN0QI9HPOAM. Green "mystery/suspense love"1251156032000Yum... booty booty veggie booty that is -)
236346236346B000CONM8QA10CMEPEV19WABJohn C. "Programmer"3911182988800This is junk food - don't be fooled.Another reason not to buy this (from Newdsay):

"A Sea Cliff food company said Thursday it was recalling a snack called Veggie Booty because it had been alerted by the federal government of possible salmonella contamination."

Ouch! Eating this product will not only make you fat, but now it could kill you! Make your own popcorn instead.
236347236347B0092QX6Z4A1P1SI2RZQEF5BDonald W Hansen0051349740800Excellent product!While I buy many items from Amazon both because of price and convenience, this particular product is substantially overpriced. Jif Natural is available at WalMart for $5.98 per jar ($11.96 for 2) which makes it less than half as much as Amazon is charging. Jif Natural is an excellent peanut butter, both in flavor and consistency. It does not require stirring or refrigeration, and it does not contain an overabundance of preservatives. I highly recommend it for all you other peanut butter lovers ... just not at this price!
236348236348B000CQ1XRGA32AKQ87NV66KQNicole's Mom "Patricia"4451252195200Fantastic White Truffle FlavorMany olive oils say they are "truffle infused", but they really just taste like regular olive oil. This stuff is the real deal. You can really taste the white truffles. It is a little expensive, but I think well worth the splurge and you don't really need to use that much since the flavor is strong. I used to buy this at a specialty store in Manhattan when I lived there, but now living up in Waterford I can't buy it in stores. Now I get it on Amazon. The shipping and handling is expensive. I wish that were less.
236349236349B001E1ATG4A3SAM4FIL46C5SAlexander L Derringer4541316736000Cheap, nutritional, but not vegan.I was shopping around for nutritional yeast, and based on the price and the reviews I found online, I decided to go with this brand. It is definitely packed with nutrients and is a great source of many vitamins and minerals. It's flavor is good, although this is the first nutritional yeast I've bought, so I can't compare it to other brands. The smell upon first opening the jar seemed a bit strong, but it wasn't as bad after using it and opening/closing the jar a few times.

I am mostly writing this review to let other potential customers know that this product is NOT VEGAN. I guess everyone defines veganism a little differently, but this nutritional yeast contains whey from milk, so if you don't want to eat dairy, or can't for some health reason, you should be aware of that before you purchase it. I will quote the ingredients list from another website:

"Other Ingredients: Nutritional yeast, calcium carbonate, whey (from milk), magnesium carbonate, potassium phosphate monobasic, choline bitartrate, niacinamide, potassium chloride, d-calcium pantothenate, para aminobenzoic acid, bromelain, GTF chromium yeast, inositol, cyanocobalamin, ferrous sulfate, selenium yeast, papain, pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, sodium chloride, zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, biotin, folic aicd, potassium iodide."

This is the same as what is on my jars' labels. You can get the entire nutritional facts and ingredients from the Twinlab website [...] It's a nice product at a reasonable price in a large quantity. In fact, it's going to take me a while to go through two pounds of it (how much yeast can a guy eat?). When I finally do finish it, I won't be ordering again due to the dairy, but if that doesn't bother you, I would actually recommend this product as it seems to be a good deal. I gave it four stars because the dairy thing was really my fault. I should have done some more research of my own.

Happy shopping.
236350236350B001E1ATG4A2U8T656UAO3VPC. Wilkinson "Song Maven"3451244764800Excellent ProductI have used this product for many years and I had recently moved to another state and could not find it. I checked amazon and found it. I highly recomend this product.
236351236351B001E1ATG4A1K3CH8AIXM7DEHappy Theologian0051347062400Power-Packed NurtitionBrewers yeast is loaded with many essential nutrients. It is packed with nutrition. I especially love this Yeast Plus product as it is even more loaded with vitamins and minerals. Brewers yeast is not something to write home about as far as taste goes. So, I mix a heaping tablespoon into my smoothie every time I make one which is several times a week. That covers up the taste. I especially take this product because it is loaded with B vitamins and potassium. Though brewers yeast is not great tasting, another advantage of this product over others is that it seems to have a much milder flavor. Sure, it's not ice cream, but it will do a whole lot more to benefit your health and well-being.
236352236352B001E1ATG4AZSLJEQZDT24Lsubhero0041338249600Decent productI'd give it three and a half stars, couldn't decide between 3 and 4.

I use a lot of nutritional yeast, mostly for popcorn flavoring. The taste of this one isn't my favorite. It is a rather strong taste, but I'm glad to have it for variety. Good value for the money.

It is a dense powder. Most of them are light and flaky. This means I can keep a lot more in a small container at work.
236353236353B001E1ATG4A3DCD5OBVNN0EWBelissima0041332720000Wonderful Nutritional YeastThis is the first time I tried this yeast, and since I liked it, ordered another one. It is quite powdery and not flaky. It has a strong smell I'm not used to with yeast, but I like it nonetheless. We use it on popcorn and in soups and (as hippie as this sounds) put it on our fried tofu with soy sauce. I trust Twinlab and that is why I was willing to try it.
236354236354B001E1ATG4AT2NABWI96UWAWesley F Rampton5911319068800Who expected to find milk products in "nutritional yeast"?TwinLab super rich yeast had RAVING fan reviews; and looked to me like it would be the right choice.
I am on a totally vegan diet for personal health reasons, and "nutritional yeast" is a frequent ingredient in vegan recipe books.
...Imagine my disappointment when i received the product (Amazon really is Amazin' at fast shipping), pulled out the product, and tried a taste.
Something didn't seem right. A closer look at the ingredients told me why.
The third ingredient is "whey (from milk)".
Egad, boys and girls! THAT's NOT VEGAN!

Well, I'm not blaming anyone but myself.
I lapsed my habit of reading the label before buying, and did so at the wrong time.
And I will find the "nutritional yeast" of my dreams; oh, yes I will.
I know you are out there somewhere; and I shall not rest until I have found you.
236355236355B003P9XG04A22I9UHIG2TTZEOlga Mikheeva "Olga Mikheeva"0041301356800GoodMy dog didn't like this flavor as much. My dog's favorite moist food is Duck & liver and Duck & Chicken.
236356236356B003P9XG04A1F0G7ODDFH7X1B. Radcliff "avid reader"0051284854400blue buffaloFinally a food my hard to feed dog will eat and I feel good about feeding
236357236357B000WJIJ1QA2MH8RS1A1HG8KNancyJo0041333584000helpful for aging catsOur senior cat has had trouble keeping weight on. A friend gave us a sample of Wysong daily dream treats.
Our cat enjoys this daily snack and it provides additional nutrition for an aging pet who needs a bit more nourishment. Our growing kitten also gets a snack of this and loves it. Great flavor for cats.
236358236358B000WJIJ1QA2CH3K885OW90Pcarrie0051317772800dream chicken treatsI discovered this item Wysong daily dream chicken dog & cat treats last summer at a garage sale of all places. The seller had a small store, decided to close it and sell online only. Turns out my picky cat loved these treats...of course I had to break them down to small pieces. I tried finding more packages in local stores and was unsuccessful. Found these recently so bought a few bags. Am delighted!!! Communication was good and received them in a timely manner.
236359236359B000WJIJ1QAYTVBGUOKETHNCam Girl0051233532800My cat goes berserk!I got these treats because my local pet shop was out of my cat's favorite chicken treats. I thought they would be a miserable failure. Was I ever wrong! My cat is even MORE in love with these treats. As soon as I take the package from the fridge my cat is all over me meowing and ready to devour every morsel. Need I say more?
236360236360B000WJIJ1QA3G7QSD6RSNLB7C. Kent0051217462400Delicious and healthfulAs a nutritionally balanced and tasty snack, I make sure to give my pup one a day. Other family member's dogs also love the treats as well as their cats. My cats, who are especially picky and mostly like the least healthful things to eat, haven't yet gotten a hankering for the discs which can be easily broken up for smaller animals. Highly recommended.
236361236361B000WJIJ1QA3S2MG6K8M2P3Hjessica james0111309219200Wysong Dream TreatsI ordered the Beef Daily Dream Treats for my cats, I have 7 kitties, I broke up the treats and gave them each a few pieces. About 5 minutes later they all vomited, not just one or two of the kitties but ALL of them. Guess I won't be ordering this item any longer!
236362236362B003OFBICCA3KUC5K5VSJNU9Grranimal "Fuerkraft"0051343865600This is A Great White Tea (so Unusual)!I love it. It tastes good, not wierd like so many other white tea brands. This tea has Twinings quality that I appreciate. My receipt from The Natural Health Shoppe has a 5% off coupon for my next order. I'll probably get a case of this tea. I make two cups with 1 Twinings White Tea bag + 1 Twinings Pure Green Organic, 20-Count Tea Bags 1.27 ounces (Pack of 6 ) + 1 Twinings Irish Breakfast tea (really fragrant and fresh smelling + some lemon and orange. It is wonderful, you'll love it, and get the benefits of white tea. White tea is not dried at all like green and black tea.
236363236363B000IEC64GA32APZMYGDN2RNmerlie0011341187200klein' s sesame almondsi thought they were as good as the traders joe almonds, but because of the free shipping i ordered, but when i tasted them , they were a little over bake for me. then, they only have little sesame, i will not buy this product again
236364236364B000IEC64GA13RNAN9MX3FX7Energy fitness personal trainer memphis0051307750400Such a treat'Oh my these are such a great snack when you feel like something sweet. Be careful though because they are addictive. If you are trying to lose weight and don't have self control then I suggest measuring a portion and putting them far away. They are so good that the sesame seeds left i put in some healthy cereal or mixed with a nut butter spread on a banana or cracker.
236365236365B001EPQYLOA2JF6FNK99XXTHJean Matthews2251299110400Fabulous crispy breadI discovered this crispy bread in Paris too & I am hooked. Fantastic with smoked salmon, melted cheese, with soup poured on it. I am so happy Amazon sells this; I have looked everywhere here in the U.S.
236366236366B001EPQYLOA1GYCSXNN1R41Wcagoux1151314230400love it!!I come from France, so i know very well the krisproll.
I used to eat them, so whan I came in America I was looking for it, so whEN i FOUND IT on amazon i couldn't resist.
I'VE been very happy with my purchase, already ate everything.
fantastic product and arrive in very good condition and fast.
236367236367B001EPQYLOA257OPD4SMMNCEuropean Food Follower1151301184000Krispolls - the Swedish health rusk/crackerHard to find this Swedish whole wheat/whole grain rusk (Krispolls)in US stores, even specialty markets; whereas it's a common shelf item at supermarkets in much of Europe. So, I searched on amazon, as I often do for hard-to-find items (most recently organic spelt crackers), and had a case of Krospolls within days! It's a great, crunchy, healthy rusk for all kinds of spreads or just alone with soup or salad. Can also be grated into breadcrumbs and cut into croutons. Delicious, versatile and healthy!
236368236368B001EPQYLOA2AI3IX7NRHFKZLainie Livengood0051340755200Krisprolls by PogenI first found these wonderful "crackers" on a trip to Paris - they are incredibly delicious and very filling. I love to spread cheese or just some butter and fruit jam. You can even dunk them into your coffee or hot chocolate!! I will try these with a fresh from the garden chopped tomatoes and herb spread one of these days.

I'm very happy that I was able to locate these in U.S.A. as I had not found them in the local grocery or gourmet stores.

Many thanks AMAZON for supplying these fantastic Krisprolls and at a terrific price too. I hope others will try them!
236369236369B001EPQYLOA2YAEU0V7ZD6XMclm "spinner"0051300838400Delicious BUT WATCH for price change with subscriptionWonderful, hearty for small tapas type spreads, cheese, etc. Would recommend this product BUT when I put in for subscription and checked the price for next time, it was over 20% more in just 2 wks time. Keep this in mind with any subscription. I also did a subscription for vitamins and the price doubled in less than 2 wks. These were not adverstized as promo prices.
236370236370B001EPQYLOA3P1KKKWOEVZM5Daniel K Normile0051287619200Great taste and low fat!These are the best way to get your carbs without the calories. They have a wonderful taste and stay fresh for a long time. I put cheese on them and use the microwave to melt it and then add dijon mustard. I also put jam on them and use it for a dessert. They can be found in all of the super markets in Paris.

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