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236401236401B001710LIWA2M9D9BDHONV3YA. Bennett5631272153600This was very tasty but way to fatty!This rack of lamb cooked up beautifully and tasted terrific (with a whole lot of herbal rub plastered all over it) but it was just WAYYYYY too fatty. The amount of grease coming off of it astounded me. I did let it rest on a rack after cooking it so I could eliminate a lot of the grease but there was a whole lot more on the meat itself. I chaulked it up to a really nasty, fatty, horrendous meal that I allow myself to eat once a year because it really does taste great but is just so unhealthly to ingest. Usually I reserve this once a year deadly treat for eating fried clams .... but......not this year. I will not ever be buying nor recommending this lamb product!
236402236402B0005Z8GIIA1HEIJWJKXLQILMzFitz "MzFitz"2251110499200YUMThis is my favorite taco sauce. Just tastes the way taco sauce seems it should. I'm not a big fan of chunky sauces and this is nice and smooth. Has the right amount of seasonings. Hot, but not too hot, just a little kick. I use it on tacos, quesadillas, to dip chicken in, fajitas.
236403236403B0005Z8GIIAR14BIUHYR6B7Elwood Conway "elwoodc"1151318896000Ortega hits a home runThis is the absolute best taco sauce. More of a kick than their medium version, yet not so overpowering that you have to chase down your milk jug. It's a great combination of flavors that really brings out the best in the Mexican food you to pit with. Tacos, burritos and taco salads all benefit greatly from this condiment. A++ Ortega.
236404236404B0005Z8GIIA17CJXSZD1BS3Ijeckalnhyde1151312156800THE BEST!!This is absolutely the best taco sauce out there they use to make it in 16oz jars but now they only have them in 8oz not sure why but i cannot find this stuff anywhere! I NEED MY SAUCE!
236405236405B0014GM4V2A1SNHAMCFKTTE7Laurel E. Mayer "NYLULU"7751248220800Fabulous tasting...healty productI just switched to ceylon cinnamon and am thrilled with the taste..which is sooo much better than any regular grocery store or mail order cinnamon that I've tried over the years.
236406236406B0014GM4V2A2124DR3G1NOLDCake Smitten6651255392000Speedy DeliveryI got this product on time and it was packaged just as described. This cinnamon had a wonderful aroma and it is really a lot for a home cook..I am happy with my purchase.
236407236407B0014GM4V2A1M29CZ7WTRSVGHelmut Wuensche5551259020800cylon cinnamonI am happy with this product, it has a great flavor and aroma. Thank you. H.W.
236408236408B0014GM4V2A20LR1EZZPUKF9R. Clark4431288310400A strong, biting gingery flavorThe batch I received had a rather biting gingery flavor, not mild at all. It did taste good in yoghurt and some other foods, but I wasn't very happy with how it tasted in oatmeal or apples.

Update: Since then, I've used Ceylon cinnamon from Penzey's Spices, World Spice and Frontier Co-op. All of them are preferable, and very good.
236409236409B0014GM4V2A1FGX8HJ2NLTTNJerry L. Plower3351258502400Excellent!This is a true cinnamon which has a full, rich taste, and I would recommend it over grocery store-bought products anyday.
236410236410B0014GM4V2AUBQLZIJDARTSN. George "nikki"1141343779200Nice Mild & Sweet CinnamonThis is a good mild and sweet ceylon cinnamon.
Anyways, i'm using it to lower blood sugar, i'm not diabetic but i'm trying to loose weight and by lowering blood sugar it helps regulate the insulin levels. A teaspoon of cinnamon a day lowered my blood sugar levels after eating a meal, i simply sprinkle it on my food or mix it in, it's mild enough that i sometimes don't even notice it's on my toast etc.
Higher insulin levels lead to less use of excess blood sugar (and sugar is stored in the body as fat), so a reduction in insulin after a meal is significant. If cinnamon can help control the level of blood sugar and, by offshoot, fat levels, then that is corroboration of what some have said regarding its weight loss potential.
236411236411B0014GM4V2A2V71AX1O3FISPL. Croker "Happy Hiker"1151275696000Best Cinnamon I've hadGreat taste, great aroma! I love sprinkling a tablespoon of this cinnamon over my cereal. It's strong, but that's the way I like it!
236412236412B0014GM4V2A2HIGLT65WW9LOCharles0021345248000tasteless...I adore cinnamon and try different types and sources. Sadly, this cinnamon is tasteless. It is extremely dry [which I assume means it has very little actual "oil" in it]. Moreover, its texture is actually unpleasant. It feels as through the cinnamon bark has been "cut" with some tasteless, dry filler. Oddly, there is a mild clove aftertaste to this brand. That is not unpleasant but I prefer the spicy flavor of Saigon cinnamon, but that is a personal choice. I can't recommend this particular Ceylon cinnamon. Sorry.
236413236413B0014GM4V2AMR6Q0R8PM7CUCostumeDesigner0041320537600Good cinnamon, but not my favoriteI bought a pound of this a year and a half ago to use for baking and to sprinkle on my morning oatmeal. It arrived quite fresh, unlike bottled spices, but the flavor is inherently less hot than the grocery store cinnamon I've always used. I can use a lot more cinnamon at a time, but to get enough flavor I need to use at least a little more. My one-pound purchase is almost gone. I've decided that I like buying bulk cinnamon but next time, I'll get the hotter kind.
236414236414B0014GM4V2A3QHSJD4WFKADSWhite Owl101951237248000CinnamonCeylon cinnamon has been recommended over other products from China and Vietnam because the latter contain a chemical that is toxic when consumed in larger amounts.
It is found that a mixture of honey and cinnamon cures most diseases. Honey is produced in most of the countries of the world. Scientists of today also accept honey as a "Ram Ban" (very effective) medicine for all kinds of diseases. Honey can be used without any side effects for any kind of diseases.
236415236415B0014GM4V2A2XFFETFCW2A6KPatricia A. Schiewe04611259798400not for healing purposesI ordered it for healing purposes and it has no energy in that direction so I have one pound of useless cinnamon
236416236416B001I8DP2IAW26GNGMT01MJRobert E. Hemingway Sr.1131276560000coffeecoffee is great but the shipping route was not very good.went up and down east coast before being deleivered?
236417236417B0024VFFBWA206FFH5DBWL1HR. W. Taylor "Wil O' The Wisp"0031332288000pretty good yogurt sauce......but the grand total of 3.5 tiny pakora contained within the sauce were dense, sort of tough. If you find something else to add to the sauce, you might have a decent dish - the sauce is tasty, though a bit thinner than I would expect.

There are at least three problems I see. The pakora (traditionally, a fried dumpling of gram (say, chickpea)) flour are too few... except for the 2nd problem, that they aren't very good. So - less is better? Anyway, over 2/3 of the pouch was sauce. But, I don't think anyone will feel slighted by less of *these* pakora. And, thicken the yogurt sauce... water is relatively cheap in such small quantities - even when you ship it across the planet. Bottom line, the product is hugely water.

All-in-all, I don't think this product was well thought out and it underperforms.
236418236418B0024VFFBWA2CJGVAHVZGJIPDannyboy "Dannyboy"0041331596800It's goodNot what I thought it would taste like. The dumplings aren't soft dough as I imagined but hard/fried or baked kinda texture. Taste overall is good. I don't add any curry to it. Instead I add some Texas Pete and it is very good. Gotta have rice with it of course!! Would buy again
236419236419B007N4D3UKA1JM88SQKGXAVGintexas00213374720008 ounces is not a pintThe description for this item reads: 8oz (Pint) Plastic Jug (Bpa Free). An American pint is 16 ounces, not 8.
236420236420B0064O7HVQA138Z5HK8H0CLRR. T. Gardner0051346889600love itWe are stout drinkers. Six or nine pounds of this is a great start to a wide variety of full bodied home brews. We add molasses to add body, extra hops to increase the flavor and oatmeal to smooth what we make into a very drinkable stout.
236421236421B001LJUD88A3H2I00UNOQ242Susan A. McKeen "Editor In Chief"3351245024000Great tasting, long-lasting energy drink is a real boost!Function Drinks Alternative Energy is an excellent energy source. Don't let the great taste fool you into thinking this just a refreshing beverage. The energy boost is subtle and long-lasting. My husband didn't feel noticeably energized when he drank this at 2pm; however, he realized he was very energized when midnight came and he couldn't fall asleep! Alternative Energy works very well and the energizing effects can last as long as 10 hours. Great for students, working professionals, and busy moms!
236422236422B001LJUD88AV9EET99CNPY0Paulmichael Contreras1151286755200Really works!I stumbled upon this drink while in my local Ralphs store. I was just looking for some different sort of energy drink. Before lunch a few days later at work, I was exhausted, to the point of basically falling asleep in my chair. I drank this along with my lunch without thinking about it. That was around 12:30 PM. When four o' clock hit, I suddenly realized I had gone almost four hours since having lunch and still felt very energized. Now, while my normal lunch (with a Gatorade or soda) will energize me, its effects last a maximum of an hour. So without even thinking about the fact that I was drinking an energy drink (the packaging does not really look like an energy drink, after all), I completely felt its effects for hours. I'm fairly certain this is not just some placebo effect, either.

Oh, it also tastes nice, nothing like your typical energy drink. I've since signed up for Amazon's auto-order, to receive a case of this stuff every three months, though I may bump that up to once every one or two months since it's so effective!
236423236423B001LJUD88A1O8BLGWBLKOLquizquest0051262217600This actually works!I have a number of health problems that result in extreme fatigue. This is the only drink I have ever found that helps, and it can actually give me enough energy to "function" for a while even when I'm feeling really bad. The only other drink that has ever worked is JavaMonster, in quantity, and that's pretty much just the kick from extreme caffeine amounts plus sugar. I haven't found anything with similar ingredients to this drink beyond the beverages that contain guarana only.
236424236424B000CONM86AD8YZDE7PAL8RC. Dixon "Mom of 3"131551144454400A sensible, smart snackThis is a great tasting snack with only 130 calories and 6 grams of fat in each 1 serving bag (2 cups). Kids love them and have no idea they are oven baked and all natural. It's a snack you can feel good about.
236425236425B000CONM86ABEHFS0L7J9NOAngie4451154217600Yummy!I love cheesy snacks that aren't entirely bad for me. I find these are convenient to bring to work.
236426236426B000CONM86ABY132FMZ2PZ4Jennifer B. Waterston "Amazon shopper"3351153699200Tasty, wholesome snack!If you like cheese doodles, you'll love these. All natural and very cheesy! Love the portion control packages!
236427236427B000CONM86AA7UAGWMXP1HBjmeland3351153094400AWESOME!these are awesome. period. my family loves them and they are the healthy alternative to other snacks so these will probably become a staple in our snack pantry!
236428236428B000CONM86A3VVOS2SH6QBZQJoshua D. Martin "Joshua Daniel Martin"5651212192000Kind of like an all natural Cheetos PuffWhile I wouldn't call this a health food they are healthier than most snack foods so I don't worry as much when my kids eat a bag of these.

The taste is a bit more mild than Cheetos so if you are hooked on cheetos these might not do. I know when we open a bag around here no one can stop eating them until they are gone.

Here are the nutrition facts comparing them to Cheetos Natural White Cheddar Cheese Puffs

Cheetos WC Smart Puff
Calories 150 130
Fat Calories 80 60
Fat 9g 6g
Sodium 290mg 50mg

Not a huge difference and everything else is close. I'm sure regular cheetos would have higher numbers.
236429236429B000CONM86A1KTYXX2QHEODDT. Purnell2251203897600Better than your regular cheese puffsMy kids LOVE these. We are a gluten free family. Snacks that work with our diet are hard to find. Smart puffs are not only tasty, they also use REAL ingredients. Perfect for a restricted diet.
236430236430B000CONM86A3M2VGWFJGRUOHEco-Friendly Interior Designer1151226361600Addictive!Robert's American Gourmet Smart Puffs are addictive and delicious! All natural, good flavor and no chemical-aftertaste--cause there are none. Guilt free snacking!

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