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236431236431B000CONM86ARAKTT5M3DDYAJustMe1151214179200AwesomeGreat snack for whole family. Everyone likes them, from the 2-year old to the teens, grandma too. The most popular (in this house) of all the Roberts snacks.
236432236432B000CONM86A2Z2G3XY11FU80C. Cox "deathclaw"1141191110400You like those cheeta brand cheese curls?These cheese curls taste much better that biscuit company variety, being a much more enjoyable, cheesier experience. They are preservative, guilt free, low in saturated fat, and a rather nice expiration period, so you don't have to worry much about gorging on them before they expire.
236433236433B000CONM86A152QTXJ4CU6DMKaren Love "joyful cook"1151189555200delicious, cheesy, lowfat -- what more can we ask?Delicious, no problem w/ arriving stale. Nice size for lunches -- my kids and I like them more than cheetos. And no msg, or food coma feelings after eating them -- nice and light, satisfying.
236434236434B000CONM86A109P5HL1KF2P8xNaNoDax1151189468800A Light and Delicious SnackI have always loved cheese puffs but finding the perfect one was difficult.

Cheeto's "Dangerously Cheesy" Cheese Puffs were disgusting. I do not think their "cheese" is even real cheese. I wanted something plainer and healthier for myself.

I have tired smaller companies but they always ended getting bankrupt or discontinuing their plaining cheese puffs.

Finally, I tried Smart Puffs from my local supermarket. I was a little skeptical; they were so cheap! When I got home and popped one in my mouth, I was so surprised each puff was lightly covered in cheese. Each puff was not completely crunchy; they sort of slowly melt in your mouth as you chew!

I will definitely recommend anyone who looking for a healthy snack alternative this product.

A healthy snack
Lightly covered in cheese
Delicious, too!

It is so hard to put down a bag!
236435236435B000CONM86AR6AV63EJBQ4NThree Boys1151189123200Still too expensive.........Hello

On sale for 62 cents a bag. Not cheap enough for me. Why won't Amazon put some extraordinary deals out there for us parents who want to send our college kids a special goodie to share with their dorm?
236436236436B000CONM86A369VEQ39H3CPUkb of oc1151188432000Great substitute for other cheese puffsYum Yum!!! I bought a case of these for a camping trip my daughter was going on with her cross country team...they LOVED them. Good flavor, texture, and a nice substitute for other cheesey flavored snacks.
236437236437B000CONM86A1KY5G5FP31F2FRichard L. Steiner1141175990400A Mouthful of airThis is a snack that I can't find in our local markets. I ordered a case of puffs from on a whim. Shoping for food online was a first for me. When this huge box arrived my wife and I couldn't believe the size of it. We had a good laugh unpacking 24 bags of Smart Puffs and ate one bag full right away. The puffs tasted quite good and with the reasonably healthful ingredients they contain we did not feel guilty eating them.

The puffs have a pleasant natural cheese taste. However, eating Gourmet Smart Puffs is a somewhat startling experience. Pop a couple of the puffs into your mouth chew a few times and it feels like a crunchy mouthful of cheesy air. Is that strange or what?

I think I would like a bit more substance to my snacks, but I guess one can't have it all and still remain reasonably healthy. Smart puffs do not seem like junk food.

Oh, by the way, your fingers do not get all yellow eating Smart Puffs. I have ordered my second case of Robert's Smart Puffs.
236438236438B000CONM86A3PBBOMF1MOP5FAmy Humphries3441154649600Like Cheese Jax not CheetosI was expecting the Cheetos like snacks that are in the Chaos mix (which is quite yummy), but that's not what these are. They are thick and airy like Jax, not hard a crunchy like Cheetos. They taste good, but if you're looking for crunchy, this isn't it.

Does anyone know if they sell the Cheetos like stuff that's in Chaos by itself?
236452236452B000CONM86A3V8IZGJ82VPOZRaif0051300492800Great cheese puff, relatively low calorieThese puffs are great to have around when you crave a crunchy, cheezy, salty snack that's not too bad for you. Only 140 Calories per bag compared to about 230 calories for similar sized Cheetos Puffs.
236439236439B000CONM86A233H2J16V56W8Claxon,Bill4641155254400Healthy,tasty, cheeze puffsIts almost the same in taste as Cheetos except without the artifical coloring (these are light yellow, not orange).If you like Cheetos (puffs)you will like these and the ingredients are top notch.Not 5 stars because of the carbs;17g per serving.Otherwise ,very healthy snack and the price is fair enough though on the high end.
236453236453B000CONM86A3EFP3UZAFFV2Wsally forth "rainyreads"0041291334400good alternative snackwhile no junk food or snack food is actually good for us...this one comes close to being satisfying for a salty snack with lots of cheesy taste but without the strange ingredients of the other popular cheese puff brands. I like them. Light and they do not upset the system with additives and colorings. A little too addictive with all the salt but if you can be disciplined this is a good alternative when you simply must have something crunchy and salty to eat. I would buy them again. No orange fingers and no weird carb feeling after eating them.
236440236440B000CONM86A35KKWKMTFVIPMmikeysmom0011350518400Yuck!I love Pirate's booty aged white cheddar and thought these would be just as good- but was I WRONG! They are awful-no pleasant crunch-no flavor at all! I am going to try the other Pirate Booty flavors in a variety pack and hope they are not as foul as these. Don't know how they got these so wrong when the aged white cheddar is so DELICIOUS!!!
236454236454B000CONM86A1HAFGF0FZCY9GC. Scott "Goddess"0051289520000Terric Product.These were recommended by my nutritionist as a portion and calorie controlled snack. One bag is filling and satisfying!
236441236441B000CONM86A2TYRHADLJ1LWIBecky S "Becky"0041350345600Great GF SnackI am gluten free so I am always looking to have grab and go items available. My kids love these puffs, and so do I.

Lots of them for a reasonable calorie count.
236455236455B000CONM86A38KP1POQ191WTJudy Schinske "Veronica"0011279411200Smart Puffs Real Wisconsin CheddarBoy was I dissapointed in these babies. I thought that they would taste like an actually puff, but they tasted like nothing, honestly. I love pirates booty, that is my favorite and one that I am going to stick to. These taste like a very very weark version of pirates booty, no flavor to speak of at all and not worth the money. So I would buy a bag at a store first to try before purchasing online in a large amount. Dont expect much flavor or anything form this snack, unless your into eating flavorless food.
236442236442B000CONM86A9LWNO452P7UUCJC0051329091200Yummy As AlwaysI love these. They're cheesy, crunchy, and a relatively healthy junk food. They put cheetos to shame on all levels. I also couldn't be happier that they're gluten free. I love the individual packages; it keeps the product fresher longer and helps maintain portion control. These can be especially addictive.
236443236443B000CONM86A2SOHKZHKCYTAJetcbmason0051326499200YummmmAwesome product...It is hard to find things with low sugar, low salt, and low fat with a great taste. This product definately fits the bill!
236456236456B000CONM86AD7DVKOHEUILBMagsOK0051269734400Wonderful SnackThis is a very healthy alternative snack for my child. It is trans fat and gluten-free, has no cholesterol, and is baked. My son loves this as a snack. I want the best for my 2-year old and this all natural product is a complete hit. He loves another of this company's products, the pirate's booty. Pirate's Booty Rice & Corn Puffs, Aged White Cheddar, 4-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)
236444236444B000CONM86A2YQR65YDKXII3Tulips0011318204800No good.Pros: Low Cal. Cons: Hardly any flavor. Seriously, I taste nothing but "puff". They get stale fast, and the bag always tears when opening. Always! Very annoying. Sorry, if you want cheddar flavor, look elsewhere. These remind me of rice crackers.
236457236457B000CONM86A20E5WO2UJ97O3L. A. Powell "lapales"0051249257600Better than potato chipsThese are a compomise for people who can't give up there chips. They taste good help that craving for salt while not as bad for you as potato chips. Just the
right size for a treat that doesn't leave you feeling like you need more!
236445236445B000CONM86A3EPHBMU07LZ50Penmouse0051314576000Smart snackingSometimes you just have to eat something that's salty, crunchy and tastes like junk food. If you get the junk food craving, snacking on Smart Puffs Real Wisconsin Cheddar Puffs will satisfy your craving without too much guilt.

These little gems are baked, not fried, and taste so good when popped into your mouth. Kind of salty, kind of cheesy, and just plain delicious.

Highly recommend.
236446236446B000CONM86A10ZW0QTFVOGP3NEIL ROSENBAUM0021314403200Tastes good but DEVIOUS Nutritional InformationYes, I do like the taste of these cheese puffs. Enough said about taste. Here's the issue --> Get a bag, look at the nutritional information and ask yourself "How many calories are in a bag of these puffs?" Your initial answer will likely be 140 calories as that is what is printed on the bag of "about 1" servings. In actuality, the bag is 1 3/8 oz or 1.375 oz. So, there is over 190 calories in a bag which is more that 1/3 more calories than what you observe via a fast look at the nutritional info on the bag. I consider this devious at the very least. Now, is that not so SMART or what??
236458236458B000CONM86A23RB2AFB6KDZMT$0051208304000Better than CheetosI tried these after having Pirate's Booty one day. Anyway I prefer this taste over Cheetos Curls. The taste is a little milder, but in a good way. Besides the taste these are 10X less bad for you than Cheetos. The only bad thing is that you can kill the bag in 2 or 3 sittings and not even realize it.
236459236459B000CONM86A2NWK8NYVFUBGNA. Hinton0041193184000I love them - my older kids do notFor me - these are great - they're light and crunchy without the bright orage residue of others. My baby loves these (she's not been spoiled by others kinds) and my older boys don't care for them. they prefer other kinds of chips. I think if you start them very young or try them later once the kids are old enough to grasp the idea of nutrition - they'll be a big hit. I personally prefer the taste of these over other brands and other types of salty, crunchy snacks.
236460236460B000CONM86A3K9M6S7BBC62PB. Ramos0041192060800Smelly but yummy!!I personally love the pirate's booty but I decided to give this a try. My family loves it! The smell isn't the best but to eat a bag full of not-guilty puffs (only 130 calories! not bad for a whole bag)I would say that evens it out. I'd get it again... but I have to try the others flavors first.
236447236447B000CONM86A2LSD1QT9795P3Emel010011314316800Destroyed in shipping - twiceI really hesitate to leave a negative review since we love the chips, but both of the last 2 shipments were destroyed. Both boxes were marked "received in damaged condition" - from the shipper. I've never received any other damaged products from Amazon, so I made the mistake of ordering the chips again, thinking it was a fluke. Evidently not. Will not buy these from Amazon again.
236448236448B000CONM86A3QA69HL44MMT4BigSilverHotdog0051313020800Possibly the best Pirate Brands product.I've bought everything Pirate Brands has made (except for Potato Flyers) and this one is probably the best overall. My wife and I can't stop eating these. They're simply awesome. Very cheesy, good texture, very easy to chew, no greasy/oily aftertaste or residue on your hands, just precious cheese dust! We like mixing these up with other cheese snacks (pirate booty, gold fish crackers, etc) and pretzels for a nice custom snack mix. These are sure to please anyone that likes cheese curls, just don't tell whoever you give them to that they are more healthy than normal cheese puffs and they'll never know the difference!
236449236449B000CONM86A3B4UHY46BAEO8C. Jesse0031311811200Pretty good for a 'healthy' snack, but not greatThe best thing about these is the smell when you first open the bag - pure white cheddar goodness. Too bad they don't taste like that. The first few are good, but when I ate more than 5 or 6 'puffs', I got an acidic taste in my mouth. At that point, most of the cheddar flavor went away. If you're ok with eating one small handful of these, by all means, buy away - you'll be pleased. Otherwise, they're just ok, not great. At least they're not as bad for you as other snacks of this type.
236450236450B000CONM86A17QVB70DD0O69Roger D. Westra "Ireland92834"0051310342400Smart PUffs Reall Wisconsin CheddarThis is a an excellent product. No trans fat and baked in an oven
236451236451B000CONM86A2CJGG5NLIYKPOKaren Landreth-Weaver0031304899200Good, but............They taste GREAT but the packaging sucks! I can count on one hand the number of packages that were NOT opened, even a tiny bit. As I don't eat them every day, I only recently discovered the problem. The contents the open bags (even the ones with the tiny opening, usually in the bottom) are stale, some more so than others. If you order an entire box, check EACH bag....

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