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236461236461B000CONM86AZU2O5FNCDF9Njohnnydough "john"0051191888000Robert's American Gourmet Smart PuffsThis is tasty snack food. Would definitely purchase again. And it's a healthy snack!
236462236462B000CONM86A1G29G4SZHITLUConnecticut0051187654400yummyI thought these little cheese puffs were great. I don't think they are necessarily a health food, but a tasty snack.
236463236463B000CONM86A3QCXEWD2Q70QZdy0051171929600smart puffsMy family loves smart puffs. They are a healthy alternative to cheez doodles. We have ordered several cases from Amazon. The price is right!
236464236464B000CONM86A2YKMYVWAQ2RD7C. Truong0051169164800delicious!Okay, I love my orange fingers, but if I can buy something healthier and just as good tasting THIS IS IT.

I'm not even going to mention the absence of orange fingers. Oh wait, I just did. Taste just as good. Just as satisfying, and a bit cheaper... Hard to believe but with Free shipping you can't go wrong. These sell for a fortune at the grocery store.
236465236465B000CONM86A2OHZ440VPRGCUTarget fanatic "ed8888"0051167782400tasty and convenientA good product. A nice alternative to the cheese puffs from the other brands. They're not healthy but they make a good occasional treat.
236466236466B000CONM86AC1VVEXYSB8SJEric Young "& Lisa Young"0051167782400great snackThese were my kids favorite. No orange mess and a light crunchy texture.
236467236467B000CONM86AT6D3Q62XXXSBL. Camp "SavyShopper"0051164240000So Good!Smart Puffs are a really delicious and healthy snack. The ingredients are all natural, the fat content is low and they are baked not fried.My kids really like these, today I am ordering my second case. Great low price too!!
236468236468B000CONM86A3FLQMB6E6CN96Belle1251156896000Scrumptious!!Robert's Smart Puffs are not fake orange-colored like the big corporate name brands. Very cheesy and oh so delicious. Try them! You won't be sorry. But be warned, they are seriously addictive. :)
236469236469B000CONM86A3DOIAGYM7SHLHRebecca Johnston "kowai897"2451155772800What do you mean, not five stars because of the carbs?These are very tasty for all the reasons the below reviewer cited - a lot like cheetoes, but without artificial additives. I don't know why you'd cite carbs as a reason to take off a star - you sort of, you know, need them to live.
236470236470B000CONM86A11OTLEDSW8ZXDCGScammell0141286928000Much better than that Orange BrandCorn meal never tasted this good.

These Smart Puffs are less salty, contain no dusty orange coloring and don't leave your hands and teeth looking like you ate a ball of fake orange cheese. They melt in your mouth.

I would definitely recommend these to a Cheetos addict to let them see what a more natural like product tastes like.

These contain real dairy ingredients and whey, for those who are allergic to milk.

My only complaint is the price. At over thirty bucks a case these are quite expensive. Grab these when they go on sale for under twenty bucks.
236471236471B000CONM86ADM0IJ6B1LN7LJohn Daniels "John D"0151209772800Smart PuffsWhen I found out that you couldn't eat popcorn with braces, I got these for my kids instead. They really liked them (almost better than popcorn!), and the best part is they are very healthy for you. They are made with real cheese, and have a lot of vegetables. I would recommend this product to anyone.
236472236472B000CONM86A2L92HYVRQP7Gentle Reader0151162425600They didn't all make it to the lunchboxI purchased these as a treat for my kid's lunchbox. She loves they dayglow yellow puffs. She liked these better. Sadly, so did I. : )
236473236473B000CONM86A1CN8TLE634QUVKristy Doll0211303776000...It pisses me off seeing pirates booty coming up as a VEGAN item when its obviously not.
The seller needs to learn to label/tag their products correctly.
236474236474B000CONM86ACAIEIV03NBHYJ "Mom of twins"0221180051200Not really impressed...I've bought these in the grocery store before, but apparently I'd forgotten how bland they are. There are better things like this out there, and cheaper too, so I will not buy these again.
236475236475B000CONM86AMGDH2E0TGS0HCarol Mccaskill "Carol in Oregon"0411171843200Not GoodThese are like eating cardboard I am sorry to be negative but they are not as good not even as the reviews have said.Wasted my money by believing in the reviews.
236476236476B000CONM86A3S15YGZ6W6EV2K. Varraso1621161129600Just because it's not Orange doesn't make it healthy.I bought these because my daughter wanted something for a school snack, had tried these in the cafeteria and said that they "weren't bad". Unfortunately, she had changed her mind by the time the gigantic box arrived on the doorstep. My huband and I tried them, and I feel like giving a stern punishment to the maker of these things. Besides having no discernable nutritional content, these things have too much salt, too much fake "cheez" powder, and no way to remove it gracefully after you'e eaten a few puffs. We don't like them, and I feel terrible dumping them on the food pantry. Perhaps I'll hide them in a large donation of healthier items.
236477236477B007G3UCDEA2EUXAMQ174LFBaloha0041343779200tasty but packaging needs improvementThis is a good tasting product. It makes good gluten free pancakes which I was in need of. I add coconut oil to mine and they come out excellent. The only issue I have is the packaging. When you are done pouring your mix out, the zip tab does not work. I guess it would if you spent ten minutes messing with the tab in order for it to line up but I don't want to mess with it. Please XO redo your packaging. Otherwise, good job on the pancake mix. How about a larger bag for a little less cost?
236478236478B000MBN5TKA18DPEXWK7AR94Wicwas3 "Wicwas3"8851241308800You'll love this taco seasoning!If you're tired of the same old tomato-based taco sauces, give Fiesta Seasoning a try. Your tacos will have a much more distinctive and authentic flavor; it's not hot, just fresher tasting. Not only is it light and tasty, but you won't be seeing the evidence of your meal on your shirt! We must like it.....I just bought a case of 24 packets, and there are only 2 of us! My family has used it for years, but since the Chi-Chi's restaurants closed, I haven't been able to find it in grocery stores where I live and travel, so it was good old Amazon to the rescue.
236479236479B000MBN5TKA26U9D9SDEAICELinda W.4451274659200Chi-Chi'sI have used chi-chi's seasoning for a long time. It became very hard to find in the stores and if I did find it ,I would buy all they had. This is the best seasoning I have used and you cannot find it in the stores anymore. My sister found it on amazon and I ordered two cases which I shared with family members. This is a great product,and at a great price.
236480236480B000MBN5TKA3HXPEOW4KN19Dawn Marakby3351252713600Makes meat more specialI've been using this for years and was delighted to find it on Amazon when my local grocery store no longer had it available. It's a wonderful seasoning packet for mixing with ground beef (as recommended) but I also use it with ground chicken and with shredded chicken. It's a taco seasoning, but instead of the predominant flavor being chili powder like most, it's main flavor is green chili and garlic. It's not hot, just tastey. I use it for taco salad, corn tacos, flautas, mexican casserole... the list is endless. If you buy it once, BEWARE! You will end up addicted and have to order regularly.
236481236481B000MBN5TKA2MXWA0XEYRDUHRETIREES2251283644800FANTASTIC!!!Was so pleased to be able to order Chi Chi's seasoninggon line. Have not been able to find in stores anywhere and this is defintely my husband's favorite. Have also told friends and family how we can now get this product.

Was sort of surprised when to our dismay we received a Kindell in error instead of our Chi Chi's!! Being an honest person I called Amazon to tell them what happened and was sent a return shipping tag. I would have thought that I would have at least received some type of acknowledgement or thank you for doing this. I could have kept this item and no one would have know the difference! Oh well I guess in this world sometimes honesty does not pay and we have to do what we feel is right.

Have a good day!!!!!!!!!!

Jerry & Elaine Long
236482236482B000MBN5TKA2JFDO98JW9RH6JP1151329436800Chi-Chi's Mix Makes the BEST Tacos and Fajitas!In the past I purchased Chi-Chi's Restaurant mix at my usual grocery store, then I could only find it at Meijer, and now the only place I can find it is on-line. I used the mix to make tacos, I tried it for fajitas and now I also use it in tortilla soup. It adds a great taste to any Mexican dish. My sister in-law tried my tacos and now she orders on line as well.

Give it a try. Your tacos will never be the same!
236483236483B000MBN5TKA13HFANPQGNU0Zjk651151280707200Great TasteI have been looking for the Chi-Chi's Restaurant flavor for years. This comes very close to the same taste in the restaurant. Love it.
236484236484B000MBN5TKA1W33PRPPKIN1TMissing Cali "rancho girl"1151249603200Everyone loves Chi-Chi'sMy family loves taco night and for years we did the red mix. My daughter-in-law came to visit me and told me about Chi-Chi's so I ordered some.I have made it or work and home and we all love it. We will never go back to red mix again. Thank you Chi-Chi's.
236485236485B000MBN5TKA2GQ1TVZS1WXALB. Lieffers "Wampum"1151215993600the best!this is the best taco seasoning you can buy. my grocery store used to carry it, but doesn't anymore, and i can't find it anywhere but amazon now. buy it while you can. it seems to be in stock, then out. who knows how much longer it'll be available. short of making your own seasoning, this is the best.
236486236486B000MBN5TKA1W2QH1LI4YQR4Judy Grothause0051351209600Yum!I'll never go back to regular taco seasoning again! I use this for tacos, taco salad, and I've heard it's even good in chili--though I haven't had a chance to try that yet. This seasoning does not rely on chili powder for the main flavoring and is a refreshing change from the same ol' same ol' taco seasonings.



236488236488B000MBN5TKA2QRGE958WXWKBNick0051350000000Love itBest taco seasoning ever!!!!!!! Can't find in wal-mart, meijers, publix, and Kroger. So finally decided to seek it out online. Great stuff to have for a family night of tacos.
236489236489B000MBN5TKA2JSRVOS1RGDQ5Chad B. Acton0051349049600Hard to find.I found these a few years ago in my local store and loved them. Now all the stores around me stopped carrying it.
236490236490B000MBN5TKA1PAXE1IYTMQRHArnold0031348444800I love it..............I love seasoning and am disappointed that they does not carry it in their South Texas stores. It is less harsh than many seasonings that I have tried, and everyone who has "my" chili complements me on it. Too bad I have to order a whole package of 18 in order to have it.

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