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236525236525B003LWOS7AAXRHG7OSI66TTFeFiFoFark "FeFiFoFark"0041331856000Celestial Seasoning TeaCouldn't find this item in stores anywhere but found it on Amazon no problem. A very nice selection of teas for our Keurig machine. Top quality teas, fast delivery but I think the price was a little high.
236527236527B003LWOS7AA2HI7DLWKY4QFKJill Myles "Jill Myles"0031330214400Variety is not so variedI purchased this hoping to try out the different flavors of tea on the Keurig. I knew Sleepytime was my favorite, with Lemon Zinger close behind. Sadly, the majority of this 'variety' pack was the green tea (which I don't like) or black Breakfast tea. There were only 3 Sleepytime in the entire box, and 4 Zinger. Meanwhile, there were 7 Black Breakfast Tea and 8 Green Tea.

If you are buying this for Sleepytime or Lemon Zinger, you're better off getting the individual boxes. That's what I'm ordering as we speak. Overall though, the tea is really good! Someone mentioned it as weak on another review and I didn't get that at all. I thought they were very tasty (well, except for green).
236528236528B003LWOS7AA2KGN1P497ZCCCWOOMOM0041329955200Tea Sampler - excellent for studentsPurchased this for my college daughter, got a
keurig for Christmas, just the right amount.
she loved it. Will purchase again.
Good price. How can you go wrong.
236529236529B003LWOS7AA2HH2V5Q7ZUK0KKimmK30041329264000YummyThis item had a great price and tastes great. The only thing that could make this product better is if the little plastic cup was recyclable or compostable.
236530236530B003LWOS7AA1UAA9C5PQW496Jineen0031328227200I am pleased but not thrilledI recently purchased a Keurig and of course, being excited had to purchase many different samples of teas and coffess to try out. I searched for a sample pack of tea with flavors I thought I would enjoy so it would not be the same taste every day.

Upon receieving this package the first I tried was the English black breakfast tea which was delicious. I added sugar onyl and enjoyed it thoroughly. The second I tried was the lemon zinger, also did not dissapoint. As I continued through the four flavors contained I was pleased with each.

Pros: Four different varieties of common flavors
Fast delivery
Good price

Cons: I have since found it cheaper else where
For a sample pack and merely from the illustration, I thought there would be more flavors

Over all, I would not purchase again since I can find it less expensive and because there are bigger packs with more variety. However, the actual quality of this product was good to pretty good and it is more personal preference that causes me not to choose this again.
236531236531B003LWOS7AA2Y1GEOTIW4DCWslinky0031327968000not enough varietyThe only complaint I have is there are way too many of the "Sleepy Time" and "English Breakfast Tea". Could have used a couple more different flavors, instead of so many of those two.
236532236532B003LWOS7AA35SKT5AF4U2PHRussell Niermeyer0051326758400love itI am so pleased I bought the Mr. Coffee Keurig and the K cups as well. The single cup size is just about perfect for us.
236521236521B003LWOS7AA3VXXZHXZWH2D5coneflower kitty0041348617600Tea is great, but too priceyDon't get me wrong I love, love, love tea. and with the k kup, you get a perfect brew everytime. But man, it's too expensive!! Compared to the price of a tea bag, I'll go with the tea bag. The k kups are a delicious treat though.
236533236533B003LWOS7AA2GNBKWZNLT2UVJLFab0051326499200Perfect cup of teaThis sampler pack has taught me a few new flavors to add to my tea collection. I would tend for the coffee in the AM and the sleepytime tea for the evening. However, now I know the greatness of English Breakfast tea. The Keurig has been a great investment for our household as has this tea sampler pack.
236534236534B003LWOS7AA9YWOVY99AOWQHeather L. Katsoulis0031325721600good but pricey - alternativeI love Celestial Seasonings tea, most varieties. But these K-cups get pretty pricey and wasteful. Try their tea bags in a Ekobrew reusable cup in the Keurig - rip it open or place it right in.
236535236535B003LWOS7AA2W2RQYG5F8TDPC. Sefchik "book worm"0041319587200celestial teas k-cup sampler packloved the flavors. nice sample pack. I think samplers should hold 2 k-cups of each flavor and more different flavors. I hate buying a box of something I find out I don't like. Start selling just 1 k-cups and let people buy as many flavors as they want, or let the customer make their own sample pack.
236522236522B003LWOS7AADJSCXD9PPMRRick0041346630400Tea TimeThese along with the Kuerig machine make having a good cup of tea quick and easy. I will definately try them again.
236536236536B003LWOS7AA28JPOUFPT3OJ1JB0041311638400Tea TimeA good way to find what different flavors are good and what are not. Herbal flavor I didn't really care for. Lemon flavor, so-so also, but nice. Green and Black, Great.
236537236537B003LWOS7AA14ENWEKTHCBXRR. L. Miles "Miles"0051303344000Nice SelectionI didn't like the "Lemon Zinger" very much but everything else was great. I love my Keurig and love that I can make tea with it. This is a great starter kit for those who also love tea.
236523236523B003LWOS7AA3AO99WPSFGQZKmonkeydunce0031345507200Some good some not so good.Since this is a sampler I didn't expect all of them to be great tasting. I am not a big tea drinker but I tried all the variations in the sampler set. I think the green tea one was the best and my family drank all of them first. We pretty much ended up with the sleepy time ones left which we didn't really care for. I can't say they are junk because others may like it I guess you just need to try it. Pretty cheap compared to store price and sometimes amazon gives coupons on them so keep an eye out.
236538236538B003LWOS7AA3V8GZ534SG7ELgibsonr870041302220800Great Sampler!Other reviews have listed this sampler as overpriced, but it looks like it's only listed as $14.05 for the 22pack as of right now. On the Keurig website, if you're a member this box will cost you $13.90 plus shipping (around $15 if you're a nonmember) so the prices are pretty similar. If you're an amazon PRIME member, you can get this with free shipping and it came within two days! What's not to love??

Lemon Zinger: very lemony! It almost smelled like a lemon-scented house cleaner at first, but it tastes good. It does have a strong lemon taste, but I didn't mind it.

Breakfast tea: I love drinking this when I'm not in the mood for a super strong cup of coffee. I like adding a little milk and sugar to the tea and I think it tastes awesome.

Sleepytime herbal tea: I found this tea very calming. It has a nice scent, and it a nice tea to drink when you're curled up reading a book or watching tv before bed.

I haven't tried the Green tea yet, but i'm sure it's just as good. I've very happy with my purchase
236524236524B003LWOS7AA13ZUZJAFN12XMasterInventor0041339632000Just enough for me!The product was fair. I wish the tea was a little bit stronger.
I'd like to benchmark this against other products.
236539236539B003LWOS7AA3QQMWD8JN7TM6reviewer5550051302134400A Good Thing to Have on HandI bought the tea sampler for my Keurig coffee maker, and they are good to have for the non-coffee drinkers that come by. I have also found it to be a nice way to make a quick cup of tea for my kids.
236540236540B003LWOS7AAW9XON08J3QNYT. House0031300492800Short One K CupThe quantity for this box was supposed to be 22 cups. I got 21 cups inside of my sealed box. I'm going to give the benefit of the doubt, and assume that this will be an isolated event. However, if I'm short again in the future I won't be ordering anything else from Celestial Seasonings.
236541236541B003LWOS7AA3QRK45U803XUEilovecoffee0051296345600Pleased with my Purchase!I love the Celestial Seasonings Tea Sampler.
It has a good assortment of tea from a name that you can trust.
I also found that you can get Tea K-Cups at your Grocery Store too.
236542236542B003LWOS7AATHZ2SNTGP9EMTuthie0051295913600Love ItI love drinking these flavor teas and the fact that they come in one box makes it easy and convenient to order.
236543236543B003LWOS7AA3ET4C48V64MLJexcellent choice of teas0051293580800excellent teaEnjoyed all the varieties of teas that were present in the pack. Was well worth the value and the wait.
236544236544B003LWOS7AA3094EPI56GKZ6Kristen E. Bogren "Kristen Bogren"0051290816000Great tea addition for my Keurig!!I love tea, and different variety's.. This is a great deal and assortment of my favorite teas by Celestial! The teas are a bit strong, even with the large cup option. I have filed one large refill and one small and still had great taste with one K-Cup inserted- I am sure depends on your taste, but five stars!!
236545236545B003LWOS7AAUCEUTMJBY8MPS. Linton1211332979200Terrible FlavorI'm amazed that this is getting any positive reviews at all, it makes me wonder what kind of teas these people have been drinking.

The Lemon Tea tastes like Pledge Furniture Polish
The Green tea tastes like they took grass clippings instead of tea leaves
The English Breakfast was alright, but far from great.
The Orange one was just weird

I honestly gave up before I even got to the spiced indian chai. I'll be using my eko brew cup with tea I've purchased elsewhere because this was awful.
236546236546B003LWOS7AA1BJ343TKNE7RHPurpleferi "Rae"1251294531200Great teaI bought this tea for my 16 yr old son because he is a major hot tea drinker. I don't understand the bad reviews because we love it. All the variety is wonderful & he likes to put it on the largest setting which I do find a bit watery but on the next lowest setting its perfect. So far we just ordered our second box in 3 weeks. Celestial Seasonings is great. Thx.
236547236547B003LWOS7AA11HL4B4BG98GVkaren1241282867200Nice varietyIf you like teas, you will enjoy the very different flavors this variety pack offers.
236548236548B003LWOS7AA1RTNTCLR0WQX6yjzmd "yz"0151313884800goodgood, tough, easy use, comes assembled. no need for assembly. Sorry, the rest of message is fill in to make it to the new rule by amazon of at least 20 words.
236549236549B003LWOS7AA2XB6Y6TELH1BGME to TN "ME to TN"0131300924800k-Cups Tea sampler packThe tea sampler pack is nice to have for a variety, but doesn't seem like there's a rhyme or reason as to how many of each variety of tea is put in each pack. All the tea has been up to Celestial Seasoning's standards with good flavor. I would buy again.
236550236550B003LWOS7AAU7W876X07T4AKathie W. Dobberteen "BookWings"3711320278400Horrible "variety"I should have looked more carefully at the types of tea in this awful variety pack. I just saw the package and assumed it had a variety of fruity tea. Instead it has mostly icky black tea and green tea. It has some Lemon Zinger and Sleepytime. Where is the hybiscus, the orange, berry, and cinnamon on the box?

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