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236551236551B003LWOS7AA1IQ2N96GLJD90Lynn M. "pacificnorthwestlynn"0411299456000WOW A BUCK A CUP???shouldn't this be for a 2-pak, not for just one box? That would be more in-line with the prices of the other keurig cup offerings on amazon.
236552236552B008HAL7KCA3BYEWBW2J172ORamon0051349654400blk gumballsI used these to fill a vase for a centerpiece and they came out beautifully. My customer was amazed on how it turned out.
236553236553B00759NNKIA2NYK9KWFMJV4YMike Tarrani "Jazz Drummer"0051334966400Nice flavor enhancer on certain dishesThis is not a true balsamic vinegar, it is more of a condiment type vinegar that is made from a base of generic wine vinegar with no specific aging requirements. This does not diminish the quality of this for what it is. I am stating this up front because this product has uses that a true balsamic vinegar would not. For example, this product is no nearly as complex, allowing you to use it as an ingredient in a salad dressing (although I recommend against that.)

A true balsamic vinegar is made from Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes and is aged for a minimum of 12 years (in addition to only being made in Modena and Reggio Emilia, and designation and production controlled by the Italian Government.)

First, why do I recommend against using it as an ingredient in a salad dressing: although it does not come close to the complexity of a true balsamic vinegar, it is still overpowering and relatively complex in flavor and aroma compared to lighter vinegars, such as a red wine or white. This product, unless very sparingly used in a dressing, would completely mask the flavors of the salad herbs and vegetables.

I have found that a few drops on fish, and especially salmon, greatly enhances the flavor, as well as most shell fishes. Although I am a vegetarian, back when I did eat meat, a few drops on a piece of red meat also worked wonders. And it adds an interesting and savory flavor to grilled vegetables, especially zucchini and eggplant.

For what it is, this is a quality product that occupies a permanent part of my pantry. I also recommend that you check out an interesting companion product - Gia Russa Balsamic Glaze - which I have also reviewed and think that it complements this as a staple in your kitchen.
236554236554B005KQ098CA8KSRXILB0663John U.0041346371200Red Sockeye SalmonThe product is delicious but the price a bit high. Including the price of shipping and I can't afford to purchase any more. I will savor the three cans I purchased for myself.
236555236555B000LKVCIIAWOSASOZHE1TXE. Norris3511293235200Not What I ExpectedAs a Senior citizen and diabetic who has loved peanut brittle, this was not at all what I expected. It was too thick to simply bite into and chew. I had the fear of breaking my dentures. I expected "thin & brittle" It was even too hard to simply "break", I honestly had to take a hammer to it. Not an enjoyable experience at all. Although it was a gift from my wish list, it was a total waste of money. I definitely would not recommend this to a friend.
236556236556B00317H97QA20IQLFES5BDPGAlly Singh "Sushi Snob"0051316649600Tasty, quick meal!I love the Tiger Tiger product line, so I decided to give this a try. Amazing! I like to add tofu and extra veggies, but it's delicious on its own. Creamy, not too spicy, perfect. Don't pay attention to the other review. They were talking about the quantity of the product they received (clearly an Amazon mistake and not Tiger Tiger's fault!). I am definitely going to try their other flavors.
236557236557B00317H97QA1FZ4LP2AGXDBEQu Ying "ying"0711280188800terribleThis stuff is terrible, I order the one pack which should be includes 6 boxes, but I only received one. don't buy anything from this tiger tiger, terrible experience!
by the way, I saw this kind of thing happened on other customers, but I didn't pay attention to it. because I think it is just radom mistake, but now I changed my mind. Don't buy it!!!
236558236558B000HWJT94A1E6LQY8YG5C2CSusan B. Burnett "royalteelabs"2251275350400The True One and Only OriginalAll the other Herbs de Provence are imposters. This is the only TRUE product that should bear the label, because as with all great French Epicurean items, there is a story with the Originale Recipe behind it. If anyone using this product doesn't know the Story, it's definitely worth reading. Thank you for carrying this product in the original crock in the large size. I use it in almost everything; sometimes a very tiny pinch, others several large pinches, and Voila, Aux Anysetiers Du Roy!
236559236559B002JVN69KA36JK8MZ59X3BHScubafiend "scubafiend"1151310342400ExceptionalI have been purchasing Maldon Sea Salt for a year or so and I am always extremely satisfied. I have tried other salts, but with the exception of Cypress Black Flake Salt, no other salts have the same mild salt flavor that the Maldon has. The hand harvesting provides the most amazing pyramid shaped flakes. I carry a small wood box of it with me in my purse and frequently get attention from other diners as I use it. The flakes are crunchy and have a unique flavor. I prefer it to most other sea salts I've tried including Hawaiian Alaea and Pink Himalayan.
236560236560B002JVN69KA23JBI1UQ34YT8lbbs0620120051312243200ObsessedAbout 5 years ago I was introduced to Maldon Salt and I fell in love (then I only used it for pastries). On my own I rarely buy it because it is a bit pricey for someone who has to watch their finances carefully. But last month I gave in and splurged. I shared some with my friend. Her and hsr partner have come obsessed!
236561236561B0060BAMWYA2EL2B2P3WMS0Beovinka3341327536000Tasty but smallThe chocolates are only a third of a size of a normal chocolate bar. They are like KINDER size. A little disappointment for my BIG sweet tooth...
They are pretty delicious though. I very much loved the lavender flavor to them.
I found the chocolates to be less sweet that typical American chocolate with the white bar being the sweetest.
Overall these bars are a great gift... (for a little kid lol)
But if I realized that I would be paying $20 for a total of one Cadbury-size chocolate bar, I'd think again...
236562236562B0060BAMWYA165MO3UQUSLKAJ. Twilley1151345507200Not for gobbling.. For enjoying.This is the square of chocolate that you enjoy with a hearty glass of red wine - and it takes you about 2 hours to finish both. The pieces are small, yes. This isn't meant to be for an easter basket for a 10 year old. Enjoy this stuff slowly, and it will reward you; the finish on this stuff is fabulous. I don't even really like chocolate, but something like this that's original, not too sweet, and has a lavendar finish, is an exception.
236563236563B0060BAMWYA32AEH1JS99RKEsophie "sings"0051350864000A Great Chocolate TrioOne bite and I was hooked. The trio was the perfect go to treat, and I felt so special. I am giving this Pelindaba Lavender Chocolate Trio to all my friends at Christmas, so they will know how special they are to me.
236564236564B000633XA0AATW8OJD11V50Candace O. Barrigar2431288828800Caution for small dogsWe used the product for over 4 years before we learned that it shouldn't be opended and refrigerated for more than 3 days. For a small dog like a Chihuahua who can't finish a can in 3 days, this restriction is an issue. We stopped using it.
236565236565B008YA1NWCA19WLQYP4M6TTRSeason0041318032000Love the coconut!I really enjoy the flavor of the coconut in this coffee. I like Jamaica Me Crazy as well, but I think this one is a little better. I'd highly recommend.
236566236566B008YA1NWCA1MJU00IIW2T9Rlaurence0051318032000great tastewhat would I do without amazon?? this is the only place where I can find all the keurig existing aND the price is great.
the coffee tastes awsome, too bad it is limited.
smells and tastes like very light coconut in coffee.
good buy
236567236567B008YA1NWCA29OG57KFG8FJ3Melinda J. Talley "The Pink Princess"0051317945600GREAT COFFEE!this is a delicious coffee that arrived very quickly. My first shipment was damaged in transit and I called & had a replacement is less than 24 hours. I was very impressed with how that was handled. Amazon is now my source for K-cups.
236568236568B008YA1NWCA37S5YRQCB4XJTA. Scott "Mom of 2"0051317600000LOVE IT!This is by far one of the best k-cups I've tried. It smells and tastes like coconut with no weird after taste. I use hazelnut creamer with it and it's my absolute favorite coffee drink. I'm not sure how long it's available since it's seasonal so i'm definitely stocking up!
236569236569B008YA1NWCA2MTPVXL6HD5VPA. Apars "Oakville"0051317513600Coconutty!My daughter and I have decided that Green Mountain is one of our favourite brands of Keurig coffee: strong aroma and not bitter. I love anything coconut and have been enjoying the coconutty taste of this coffee. It is the one flavour I have re-ordered. It's not all that strong, which I like, but the flavour is unmistakably coconut. Tastes great with milk and a bit of honey.
236570236570B008YA1NWCA1JC45E1JG5VL9KristenC0051316995200Fantastic!I am not a frequent coffee drinker because I always found it too strong
236571236571B008YA1NWCALJ9WJQWW0WT5Glammy0051316736000Bright flavor, devine aroma!This has easily become our favorite flavored coffee! From the moment it begins brewing, sharing a whiff of the tropics to the last sip in the cup it delights the senses! I usually save flavored coffees for an afternoon treat but this one makes it into my morning routine often as well!
236572236572B008YA1NWCAZ8Y3MES22UNVCarl Insco0051316390400Kookoo for coconuts!Wow...this is a delightful, fresh coffee from Green Mountain. I did not know what to expect it to taste like as I am not real fond of fruit type flavored coffee, but I like coconut allot. The taste was fresh, clean with just the right amount of coconut flavor. I highly recommend this coffee to anyone who adores coconut or for those that want something different. It is a seasonal type coffee, so get it while it is available. Thumbs up Green Mountain!
236573236573B008YA1NWCAR81JOVWQAANCNicole_260031315958400That's some weak coffee!My roommate and I tried this one because she really likes the Kona Island blend from Coffee People. The first time we tried it was this morning and we brewed the largest size (travel mug sized). It was extremely weak and the coconut flavor was really strong.

We brewed another generic kcup in the smallest cup size and mixed it then split it into two cups for each of us. It was a great cup of coffee, but it was a DYI process.

Brew in the small size and then brace yourself for the taste of a melted coconut snowcone in your coffee.

I will be honest that I do like it and I am glad we have it, but if you are in great need of coffee and you like something strong, go with something else.
236574236574B008YA1NWCA2D45ZF2E3819Gpardos0051315440000Coconut lover's dreamThis coffee is rather mild, but if you like Coconut in most foods and drinks like some people do, then you'll probably like this too. The only complaint I have is that it's not always available, being more of a seasonal flavor and somewhat overpriced.
236575236575B008YA1NWCA3UUK116CBFUHUVKC0051315353600Island CoconutThis is one of my favorite k cup flavors. Put some Almond Joy creamer in and it is delightful. A great treat
236576236576B008YA1NWCAHK3HFORSNM33sendallq0051315008000AWESOME FLAVOR!!!I love this coffee in the morning, noon, or night. It does not have too much coconut flavor, but just enough. I would absolutely recommend this coffee!!
236577236577B008YA1NWCA31YJ4UH62NLPFAaron W0051314316800Great after dinner coffeeThis is an excellent after-dinner coffee. It's smooth and mild, with a hint of coconut flavor and a nutty coconut smell. I drink it in the mornings sometimes too, but I usually prefer a bolder, darker coffee to start the day.

Tastes great with just a little cream and sugar. My only complaint is that the price is a little high, but I'm not reviewing the cost - just the flavor.
236578236578B008YA1NWCA1BWPCSYKJ5U7ZElem Math Science "cool dude"0041313712000Wonderful!This was one the best Green Mountain flavors yet! Very rich flavor and not too artificial. I would buy it again and again without hesitation.
236579236579B008YA1NWCA74WRAGMUPSB7Ducky Shopper0051313539200love this flavori love this coffee flavor. you can really taste the coconut flavor and price is better than anywhere else. i just wish this was on subscribe and save.
236580236580B008YA1NWCA1KLE6FUKH3QLRdpicard30051312761600MMMMmmmm GGoooooddddddI certainly hope this limited edition makes a comeback next year. I love this coffee and my Keurig coffee maker.

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