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236611236611B008YA1NWCA1NOK2VEQF58PNxiolablue0021305504000Surprisingly weak!I love coconut coffee and I was extremely excited to give this coffee a go on my new Keurig B60. All of the rave reviews made me even more eager to try this seemingly great flavor. Unfortunately this coffee fails to deliver. There is hardly any aroma when it brews and the coffee itself on the smallest cup setting looks and tastes like dirty water with a hint of coconut flavor. Since this coffee was the first coffee I ever brewed in my Keurig I thought the machine was faulty. But then I tried out other flavors and it turns out that the coffee itself is to blame. I usually have my coffee with a generous amount of flavored creamer so for ME to think certain coffees are weak means that it is EXTREMELY weak. I even tried the coffee without any creamer or sugar and it was STILL without much flavor. I will NOT be purchasing this coffee EVER again.
236612236612B008YA1NWCA3NKRXQLI3FQMLazgal0051305331200Real coconut flavor!I was pleasantly surprised that it actually tasted like coconut. It has a great taste and after taste. Highly recommended.
236613236613B008YA1NWCA21H2BWMSNR503Coco0051304985600SOOOO GOOD!!This coffee is fantastic!! I've loved most of the Green Mountain flavored coffees with this one & the Egg Nog being my favorite.
This coconut coffee has a great flavor & aroma.
236614236614B008YA1NWCA1E45EFOUOTZ7XRedsmoon0051304985600goddess on earththis is the most delicious flavor of coffee and use the new dark chocolate liquid coffee creamer and it tastes like a mounds bar awesome
236615236615B008YA1NWCA1T86REQZSV2UBPaul D Silvers0051304640000Great K-CUPFinally another Good Flavored K-CUP. This is a k-cup that delivers on flavor, it smells like coconut and actually tastes like coconut. I highly recommend adding in a Coffeemate French vanilla creamer as its the perfect mix. If you like coconut or just want something good and different this is the way to go. Dont hesitate buy it now.
236616236616B008YA1NWCA2FP4OW3YF9GY9Dana A. Baum "dabaum77"0051304640000Wonderful taste!Absolutely love this product! I had seen it advertised and wanted to try it and was happy to catch it on sale. Very good flavor...the coconut flavor is present without being too overwhelming. Wonderful flavor!
236617236617B008YA1NWCA17N6MNN6HVHEXCrysti0051304294400A great light roast coffeeThis is my absolute favorite K-Cup flavor. I don't like many of the coffees, as some of them are simply too strong or have a "burnt" flavor to me. This is a wonderful coffee that I add just a splash of "sweet cream" creamer to, and reminds me of dipping a coconut macaroon cookie into a cup of coffee.
For anyone complaining it isn't very strong, keep in mind it is not meant to be an intense or stronger brew. Expect a nice lightweight, easy to drink coffee. If you prefer the more intense brews, this one is probably not for you.
236618236618B008YA1NWCA1H9DJU1BGMJW5Luke J. Mattheisen "AzraelLJM"0051303948800Perfect cup for Spring and SummerI was a little hesitant at first to purchase these K-Cups as coconut and coffee never seemed like a good pairing. But alas! It was. I really enjoy this coffee, especially the aroma when it brews! I say if you are hesitant to give it a shot!
236619236619B008YA1NWCA2JXL5AA6HCMT2rasdsm0051303862400Amazing coconut flavorMy sister bought a box of this flavor, and I was pretty skeptical. Coconut and coffee didn't seem like a natural mix for me. However, she gleefully described it as "liquid Samoas" and let me try a sip. Amazing! The aroma is tantalizing. I love coconut flavor and it really comes through in this coffee.

I immediately bought a box for brewing at the office, and she bought several more boxes as well. It's quickly become the favorite flavor of everyone in my family. It's sad that it's a limited edition, and we're hoping it becomes a normal flavor for year-round purchasing.
236620236620B008YA1NWCA1C6NFRREC0YENM. Dermody "Miraj"0051303603200My daily coffee, wish it wasn't seasonal.I love the aroma and taste of this coffee. It's great for everyday. My only concern is that this coffee is seasonal and only available during the spring so I'll be stocking up.
236621236621B008YA1NWCA3N4H3UA3B8FWKDanielle0051303430400A favorite at our house!My husband and I have tried more than a dozen k-cup flavors since getting our keurig for Christmas. Island Coconut, so far, is our favorite! We use flavored coffee creamer in the weaker flavors of k-cups, but there is none needed in this one. The flavor is strong and it smells fabulous when brewed.
236622236622B008YA1NWCA3FY3H6F4249E0Kathy W0051302912000OMG To Die For !This is an "OMG! To-Die-For" flavor! I really shouldn't have caffeine, so I use a 24 oz cup and do 1 Coconut puck plus 1 Donut Shop decaf puck and add Hazlenut creamer. Sweet Heaven, I'm In Love Again!!! Nice coconut flavor.
236623236623B008YA1NWCA2IPVVI871NM3Xbizeemomma0051302912000Yummy!I tried this for the first time this morning and YUMMY! It is a heavy coconut aroma and flavor, which is exactly what I was hoping for. I will be ordering many more boxes. It will be great with Easter Sunday brunch.
236624236624B008YA1NWCA1RY6BEFNF8OMJAdawndria0051302739200Coconutty!Delicious and wonderful coconut flavor! I was afraid the coffee would over power the coconut, but it stands on its own. I love it with sugar and fat-free half and half. What a treat!
236625236625B008YA1NWCA2XTVCHZHBHR8HD. Williams "D"0051302480000Really, good, nice changeI'm a non flavored kinda guy. I drink my coffee black. Finding some of the K Cups "weak" I figured I'd try some flavor. Green Mountain is already my favorite coffee, but this stuff is good. Flavorful, not to rich, not too light, JUST RIGHT.
236626236626B008YA1NWCA1SZG52GFZYEUXJ. W. Walker1231307836800Not As Good As I Thought It Would BeI thought this would've tasted better than it did. Smelled stronger than it tasted. Wouldn't buy again. It's not bad, just not what I was hoping for.
236627236627B008YA1NWCA3IMJGBAPFJTDEKathleen4721304899200GREAT coffee...poor priceAwesome coffee, I love it as a treat after meals or as an afternoon pick-me-up. Amazon, $15, really? I can go to Bed Bath and Beyond and get it for $12....less with a coupon of theirs. Step up your game. I thought I was supposed to go to this website for better deals than I can get in stores!!
236628236628B008YA1NWCA1L5VZVR2Z4BPIRonald Stoutenburg0131306281600Island Coconut for Keurig brewersJust ok for an afternoon cup of coffee. Will I buy it again, proberly not.This flavored coffee can be purchased from
236629236629B008YA1NWCA29ENJ5KUOH57XMRix0221311033600VERY WEAK!If you like slightly flavored water or very light coffee, then you might like this. I like my coffee to actually taste like coffee - this does not. Even made at the 6oz setting, it's still very weak. It does have a nice mild Coconut scent and slight flavor, but the coffee is almost non existent. Of all the k-cups I've tried, this one is most disappointing.
236630236630B008YA1NWCA239MCVKSY4ETKAnnie M. Schmitt192051271980800New favorite K-Cup!!!!My favorite coffee in the world is coconut flavored coffee from Dunkin Donuts! I have never been able to find anything that even comes close...until now!!! This is just the perfect blend of sweet coconut and mild coffee flavor. I think I may have even convinced my best friend to buy a Keurig Coffee Maker just because of this flavor! I am in love for sure!
236631236631B008YA1NWCA31W55J90T8NFFD. T. Socci-Brown171851305936000Oh Yum!! This tastes Like Summer!I mostly drink regular non flavored coffees....but since buying the Keurig I have grown fond of flavored coffees as a dessert or afternoon pick me up. This Island Coconut is by far one of my favorite coffees to indulge in. The coconut taste is very realistic and fresh, and it makes a wonderful iced coffee treat.The only thing I wish was a little different is that it is a mild coffee and I believe the coconut could stand up to a bolder blend.
236632236632B008YA1NWCAPXFWNEAJR1O6PAUL BRADSHAW101051302134400Absolutely delicious. One of my all-time favorite Green Mountain flavors.I have been a big flavored coffee fan ever since I first tasted hazelnut coffee about 20 years ago. My wife orders the K-cups for our Breville coffee maker and likes to rotate the flavors so that we don't get bored. Green Mountain certainly makes a wide variety of flavors- Perfect Peach, Wild Mountain Blueberry, Golden French Toast, etc. and I like them all, but when I tasted the Island Coconut for the first time I was blown away by how coconutty it tasted. This is not a strong coffee, it is more like a medium strength (probably on the weaker side of medium) but anyone who enjoys coconut should try this flavor. This is definitely one that I will be asking my wife not to rotate out in the near future. (My second favorite flavor right now is the Van Houtte Candy Cane which is peppermint flavored, but only available over Christmas, so we will be running out soon).
236633236633B008YA1NWCAYFG3KWUXVB5LYulia M6651310515200My favorite ever!I am not in love with strong coffees at all, I drink it for flavor not for heart shaking, and this is my favorite so far. It has very mild delicious taste, after trying so many more I just stuck on this one. Please make it "unlimited edition" ))
236634236634B008YA1NWCAS9MWZ7HP97ULBrad Wohlander8941280102400Very good , but a little weakThis is a very tasty blend, but it's quite weak and loses a lot of its floavor in iced coffee.
236635236635B008YA1NWCA3OD7RJXS4AUE2Dori5551311206400Best Coconut Coffee EverI love this stuff...I've tried other coconut flavored coffee's, even ones from Hawaii, and this is by far the best. It's great with plain creamer or try some coconut milk that you buy next to the soy won't be diappointed.
236636236636B008YA1NWCA3N3QK86OEC3UOScott E. Allen "BLuDKLoT"4451311379200Oh Snap!I was almost afraid to leave a good review in fear all you freaks would snatch up all this coconut flavored goodness. But what heck, it's so good I can hardly stand it.
236637236637B008YA1NWCAP448FMCNTM4ZBevin Duston "Bevinita"2251312416000Best K-cup yetI love this coffee.. it is the best, The only down side is that it is a limited edition for the season.. It has been promised to return though.. :) imagine a cup of coffee with the perfumes and flavorings of toasted coconut.
236638236638B008YA1NWCAV6QDP8Q0ONK4Michael Ledo1151346457600BETTER THAN THE RESTIf you like coconut in your coffee, this is the one. I have tried the Donuts Shop Brand as well as the Jamaica Me Crazy and this one by far has a smoother roast and cleaner flavor. I use coconut flavored creamer which makes a heavenly combination. I wonder if Keurig is safe for using coconut water?
236639236639B008YA1NWCA2TV5D48K9NJYWMichael1121336435200Mild and WeakHas a mild coconut flavor, good for those who don't love coconut. The coffee, however, is light and week; almost too light. Not a big fan, especially for a "Limited Edition" brew.
236640236640B008YA1NWCA32TO30BFFKYELamazonfan1231121334534400Not so muchI was really looking forward to the Island Coconut based on other reviews and since I love flavored coffees and coconut I thought to myself "I can't go wrong." Unfortunately I was totally disappointed - although it smells great, it just tastes weird! Oh well, you don't know if you don't try. I'll be offering my leftovers to friends and I'll be curious to know what they think.

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