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236670236670B008YA1NWCA3EM8Q1XSB9KEJR. Leuser "zastorthezygon"0051347148800The best flavorIn my opinion this is the best flavored k-cup available!!! If you like flavored coffee you need to give it a try. The flavor is great with a strong coconut taste. My only criticism is that you can't get it year round. So if you like it stock up!!!
236641236641B008YA1NWCA18RCK7EU24EHIX_HOBBES1151334534400One of My FavoritesIf you like mild-roast coconut-flavored coffee, then this is a great choice. If you prefer a stronger brew, then consider the "Jamaican Me Crazy" coffee from Wolfgang Puck (coconut infused, but medium roast). The Island Coconut coffee definitely has coconut flavor and people will definitely smell it in the room (it's not subtle).

I love it!

NOTICE: This is a "seasonal" coffee, only available from April - October (or something like that). I wasn't aware and ran out over the winter, and couldn't get more until April! So, if you like it, stock up before the winter.
236642236642B008YA1NWCA2UEB48LAWFUCWJoseph "jck09"1151318982400My Favorite K-Cup!I'm not normally a fan of flavored coffees, but this one won me over. The underlying coffee flavor is mild and balanced, with hints of caramel. The coconut flavor balances well of that - it's not too heavy, but you can definitely taste it with each sip, and the aroma is pure coconut coffee heaven.

This is a "seasonal blend" that is not currently available directly from Green Mountain, but I'm delighted that you can still get it here. Well worth a try.
236643236643B008YA1NWCA39C5ANT2MQZ99Coffee Lover1111317168000No Flavor!!!I was expecting a lot more from this coffee. It was extremely bland and had very little coconut flavor. We couldn't even force ourselves to finish the cup. The only we have now is what to do with the remaining 22 K-cups we have left...
236644236644B008YA1NWCAQMGQDYE9M4G4Linda Logue "~LL"1151310083200LOVE Green Mountain's Island Coconut!! Wonderful!!!!!I have to tell you that if you like coffee and you like coconut, there is nothing on earth like this Island Coconut coffee from Green Mountain!!! It's smooth, scenty, and quite flavorful, but definitely not overpowering. My husband and I LOVE Coconut anything and we will always keep this Island Coconut on hand. I tried making lattes once with coconut pieces in it and it was ok, but if I ever did it again, I would strain out the coconut pieces, but it still wasn't half as good as this coffee. I will buy this coffee until I can't find it anymore because THIS Island Coconut coffee was better than I ever imagined; and I hope they keep this flavor Forever and it's not really just a limited edition!!!
236645236645B008YA1NWCA2QSH17HMY8Z7SJulia A. Lichty "ghostfire"1151308528000Perfect amount of coconut flavorWhile I've had bad experiences with other coconut or tropical flavored coffees, this one hits the spot dead on. It doesn't taste artificial or overwhelmingly pina colada-y - instead being plain good coffee with a decent amount of coconut flavor. It is a little on the sweet side, but unless you take your coffee black, cutting back on your sweetener by a bit will make it just right.
236646236646B008YA1NWCA38S7IRMROBB9CBostonFrankG1131306713600Too weakThe coconut flavoring is nice, but it can't cover up for the watery coffee. I liked the french toast and pumpkin spice coffees from Green Mountain, but this flavored coffee disappoints.
236647236647B008YA1NWCA15MES3O6I17C9kawfeefan1121303257600Not worth the hypeI have been contemplating getting this for about a year but because it was a limted offer coffee it was way too expensive. I almost broke because I heard all the great reviews. Finally it became available for a normal price and it is one of the worst flavored coffees I've had. My problem is that I like EXTREMLY bold and strong coffee. Also I am not normally into flavored coffees. This stuff is weak and only has a hint of coconut. I don't get it. Definitely will not buy again and will be sticking with my old faithful Midnight Magic!
236648236648B008YA1NWCA20AOKNSF1HMOVDollymomma "Lainee B."1141291507200K-Cups Green Mountain "Island Coconut" CoffeeI have tried most of the flavored K-Cups coffees. When I saw "Island Coconut" advertised I just had to try it too! It smells delicious just sitting on the table, but the aroma gets really yummy the closer it gets to your mouth! Mercy Matilda! This is so good....not sweet, not creamy, just a good cup of coffee with a definite hint of coconut.
236649236649B008YA1NWCATXDX08LIQLSLila B81231303344000Don't know what the raving is aboutI was expecting more (much more actually) after reading the reviews. And for the record, I really like coconut. But maybe it's that I really like REAL coconut. As for this coffee? It's okay, that's about the best I can say for it. Flavor is rather synthetic and seems to vary from pod to pod. Smell is nice. It isn't the worst flavored coffee I've ever had, but it ain't a "contenda" for a regular spot on my shelf.

I love (and drink) many flavored coffees but I can't see going out of my way for this one again...maybe if I find it on clearance or something.

Green Mountain's Pumpkin Spice.. now THERE is a flavored coffee (another limited edition) that is superb (and I stock up with half a dozen or so boxes when its available). This one? Meh at best.
236650236650B008YA1NWCA2GH0L50430WJFE. Reynolds2331335744000Light mistakeI love coconut. I love coffee. SO, this coffee should have been a match made in heaven. It smelled absolutely sinful while it brewed. But, it smelled way better than it tasted. I guess i should have somehow noticed it was a light roast, instead of my customary medium roast. The smell of coconut was stronger than the flavor. I will finish them, but i am not likely to order them again. I think it could be improved with Almond Joy creamer though.
236651236651B008YA1NWCA34V2FLDMSAZIBGina2331313884800Great taste but texture clogs my coffee machineI like the taste of the coconut but I'm tired of cleaning out the funnel of my Keurig with a paper clip. I wasted a lot of these pricey K-cups because the filter clogs up from the mushy coffee grinds. I would purchase more of this flavor but the costly waste along with the aggravation of a clogged up coffee maker is a big deterrent. This was my first attempt at the green mountain flavored coffee and now I'm afraid to try the others.
236652236652B008YA1NWCA39WLLSBKYAHQZswhite2351280188800My Favorite Summer FlavorDidn't know what I would think of this flavor when I first bought it. My husband was especially skeptical. It turns out that it's my favorite summertime flavor and he's good with it too. It's just the right amount of flavor without going overboard. Who knew coconut and coffee would go together so well? But I guess if you think about it, lots of "nut" flavors blend well with coffee. In any case, I love it. Highly recommend.
236653236653B008YA1NWCA2O4V3MCB7EPPUBellingham Bookworm0041351209600One of my favorite K-cups flavorsThis is one of my favorite k-cup flavors. The coffee roast is mild and has just the right amount of coconut flavor. It is not over powering or cloying. I like to brew this on the second to largest size setting (on my machine) and add one splenda and liquid carmel creamer. It sounds like a weird combo but it's really good. It's my Saturday morning go to coffee combo.
236654236654B008YA1NWCA125EA9YX1FQ62GlobalArchitect "GA"0041350518400Good FlavorThis is a great flavor to have for a short amount of time. Something about that coconut flavor in coffee is just so good and refreshing. I cannot drink this for months and months on end but it is definitely one that I drink over and over again for short periods of time.
236655236655B008YA1NWCA23MZH48RYHI4QLeanora Whitted "Lea"0031350345600disappointmentThis set must have been on their shelves MUCH TOO LONG! The taste of this coffee wasn't good! I've had much better Island Coconut coffee! Direct from Vermont might have to be my best option!!
236656236656B008YA1NWCA2ABTU25HH6R6Sophie0051350345600Please restock Island coconut from Green Mountain!Green Mountain Island Coconut is my favorite coffee, the aroma is delicious! I would like to be able to purchase Island Coconut year round because of its smooth coffee taste. This is dessert with zero calories!
236657236657B008YA1NWCA2RKJJQQ120MZSjellEFish0041350172800Great taste, poor shipping!!!Love the flavor of this coffee!!! My only complaint is the lack of thought involved in packing and shipping my items. Not sure who the genius was who decided it would be great to ship an 8lb gate on top of the box of coffee, but I would love to meet him/her. Needless to say, I ended up with 3/4 of the K-cups and the 1/4 of the cups which spilled over into the box, permeated coconut aroma all over my office. The aroma lasted for days and smelled wonderful. Overall, I cannot knock the product, it tasted great!
236658236658B008YA1NWCA2CGL95HNG8EZSPatricia Carr0051349222400yummyWonderful stuff! Coconut's a dynamite flavor to add to coffee, though you might not think it. Adds to the aroma and taste without conflicting.
236659236659B008YA1NWCA37D4WZ5CJ5XURJMOGH "JMOGH"0051348790400One of MY Absolute Favorites!!!The Island Coconut is one of my favorite blends. I enjoy it in the morning or even if you need that afternoon cup of Java for a pick me up. I must point out while I am a Bold roast Coffee lover this is a mild Roast however the flavor just makes it enjoyable. I would Highly recommend this Coffee.
236660236660B008YA1NWCA2RJ1CG75NMNLPPAShoeGal0011348358400Horrible FlavorI love coconut but this coffee tastes like tanning lotion. I couldn't even finish my cup of coffee, which is very rare. Two thumbs down!
236661236661B008YA1NWCAQF0QPRUM53WCWilliam H. Willis "Wolf Moon HP"0051348272000Surprisingly DeliciousLet me begin by saying that I REALLY like coffee. And I strongly favor the darkest, boldest flavors. I'm generally not a big fan of flavored coffees. Most of them use the flavors to hide the fact that the coffee itself is not that great. Imagine my shock when I found the opposite to be true of this coffee. Even without the coconut flavor, this would be a rich, delicious coffee. And the coconut flavor just serves to enhance what is already a tasty brew. Quite simply, this is by far the most delicious flavored coffee I have ever tasted. But do yourself a favor...try it yourself, and take a few moments just to inhale the aroma. From the first tantalizing scent to the last sip, this coffee is a great experience. By the way...I just ordered some more of it!
236662236662B008YA1NWCA2FHF5YD98RG2LKathy Freeman0051348272000yummy coconut flavor!This Island Coconut coffee is awesome! A friend shared it with me a few months ago, and since then I have ordered it by the 50 ct box more than once! I keep it at home and at work. Love the flavor and the aroma! Hope this flavor sticks around for a while!
236663236663B008YA1NWCAR40TVNMDIYZ0Jim R0051348185600Delicious!The Green Mountain Island Coconut coffee was quite delicious. We were happy to see this flavor in the K-Cup selection and it lived up to its name. Most delicious.
236664236664B008YA1NWCA3JX5X77692322M and M0051348099200very interesting flavorI am no coffee expert but have been tasting as many different coffee beans and packages I could get my hands on and this one was a total surprise to me. The flavor and bouquet were not only unique but pleasant and calming (coffee ? calming).
It was so good that I had to share it with everyone.
I bought it at a nice price but if you want to break the routine, this is definitely for you.
236665236665B008YA1NWCA15OG6KWRKPR4Dsldtp0051348099200Yummy!I went looking for this item because it was a limited edition item and Green Mountain did not have it available. I should have known that Amazon would have it and come here first! This should not be a limited edition, but available all of the time. It is wonderful! Thanks Amazon!
236666236666B008YA1NWCA1P1HX0GITXK28Leslie Harris0051347667200They should make this coffee year round!Green Mt Island Coconut (K cups) is a great tasting coffee, my favorite! GMC should make this available year round.
236667236667B008YA1NWCA22F0NG2B84J9FJaki Dodson0051347148800Makes great iced coffee!Wonderful flavor and I enjoy it every day as iced coffee at work. I also like Hazelnut and Kahlua so this is a great compliment.
236668236668B008YA1NWCA18TW2HEML61LDNonnie1109510051347148800Absolutely Delicious!!!If you like coconut, you will enjoy this coffee. It's one of my favorite K-cup flavors!!! Don't hesitate to buy!
236669236669B008YA1NWCA3QK4CM7B7F7JZiscreamnut0021347148800iscreamnutI so wanted to like this coffee. I love some of the other Green Mountain products. There is no real coconut flavor in the coffee. It is a very weak hint of coconut. If you love coconut this coffee is not for you. The coffee is not harsh just no real coconut flavor.

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