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236671236671B008YA1NWCA20M0Z96N9MP1SJanet0051346976000Delicious, if you like coconutI love coconut flavored anything almost as much as I love coffee, and this is the perfect blend of the two. The coconut taste isn't overpowering, but it's strong enough to make me feel like I'm enjoying my morning (or afternoon) cup of coffee at some beautiful island in the Mediterranean.
236672236672B008YA1NWCA2D75WF8EBJIUPV. Komrow0051346976000Coconut TreatI like to have a cup of this coffee mid-afternoon! Especially good with a sweet coffee creamer....almost like having a treat - without all the calories!
236673236673B008YA1NWCA3HBMD4YF6K754Wiiworkout0051346889600Ordering more!!Love my morning cup of coffee with the hint of coconut! I look forward to it every morning! I'm ordering more right now!
236674236674B008YA1NWCA1EC9OS7PUKEORazldazlrr0021346889600Didn't do it for meI really didn't like the flavor of this coffee at all. It came as part of an assortment. I also don't like coconut water, so maybe it has the same taste to it. Just not for me.
236675236675B008YA1NWCA2A8SPJ5QE69QPJ. Locke0051345593600Delicious! My favorite K-Cup!Island Coconut is the best K-Cup ever! If you like coconut and you like coffee you will love this coffee. :)
236676236676B008YA1NWCA3CVOWPTIOSR2OMrWonderfull0051345420800Great Taste.To bad only for short time.I heard about this coffee late. It is a Special Edition flavor of Green Mountain, that only comes out in the spring till it's gone. I think it would have been even better with a more bold say medimum roast versus the light roast they use.

If you like coconut it adds an unusual and different taste to coffee. I would never have thought of coconut as a flavor for coffee but it is actually very good.
236677236677B008YA1NWCA3TBQRJF7F7PRSMable0041345420800Island CoconutThis Coffee tasted very nice. It was not strong, somewhat light with a hint of coconut. The flavor was not over powering. It was satisfying. It was worth the try. I liked it over all. I recommend it. :)
236678236678B008YA1NWCA3LYNMSU91W4WCJohn F.D. Taff "John"0051345075200Mild, Lightly flavored and Delicious!A great kcup! It's lightly roasted, which is good since I believe a lot of the Kcups have a distinctly burnt flavor. This is light and delicious, and the coconut flavor isn't overpowering or artificial tasting at all. Recommended!
236679236679B008YA1NWCA18JBTHHKEOQQVJulie0051343865600Very tastefulIf you like coconut, you will love this coffee! It is very hard to find. Stock up on it before you can't get it! I wish they made it in iced coffee!
236680236680B008YA1NWCA14LE9DSWRPM1UMegan T.0051342828800Great flavor, unexpected!I saw all the great reviews on this coffee so I decided to give it a try and I was definitely pleasantly suprised! This coffee reminds me of Mounds, kinda chocolatey undertone with a subtle coconut flavor. I loved it! Definitely good to switch up and have midday as a sweet treat.
236681236681B008YA1NWCA21O6PNPN11TJEnana20051342483200best coffee everi luv, luv, luv this coffee. too bad it's only a seasonal flavor or i would have it on autoship.
the coconut flavor is not too overpowering yet you know it is there.
236682236682B008YA1NWCA1MA2LCN3D1936M. Greenleaf0051342224000Island CoconutMy all time favorite flavored coffee. Please keep making it ! Never had any of the problems somebody mentioned with it clogging the machine.
236683236683B008YA1NWCA12VYWCG0OBMM9Paul Logan0051341705600Great 10oz cup of coffee!My wife and I both really enjoy this flavor. It is certainly not a strong cup as many of the reviews have stated but it is tasty. Don't buy it if you expect a creamy coconut flavor like you'd get from a flavored creamer. If you are looking for a light cup of coffee that has an awesome aroma and subtle coconut flavor, give it a try.
236684236684B008YA1NWCARAMXGJ4IFXZ6lisakp710051341187200My favorite flavored coffee EVERCoconut sounded like a weird flavor for coffee, but then I remembered: years ago my favorite little coffee shop ago made a delicious Almond Joy-inspired drink that prominently featured coconut flavor, and I had completely embraced that recent Toasted Mochanut Frappuccino that tasted like a Samoa/Caramel Delight Girl Scout cookie, apparently I already like coconut coffee! I grabbed a small box of this flavor once I'd worked that out, and I cannot believe how much I love it! Most flavored coffee is too in-yer-FACE! for me; I end up cutting it with unflavored because it's too cloying or strong, but this is just right. I have noticed that some Keurigs brew differently - the fancy one at my work makes this pretty weak, but using my super-simple one at home it comes out nice and tasty. For me, this one works just as well hot as it does iced. My only problem is that little "limited edition" label on this - I'm planning to stock up like it's Y2K. :D
236685236685B008YA1NWCA8QD3DE5JXXQ5roger "roger"0031340928000not to strongcoffee taste okay, not too strong. i like my coffee little strong.
good flavor but not for me. i bought burr grinder so, i'll try it with whole bean.
236686236686B008YA1NWCA22G4MICXOZQW2Granny Paula "Pool&SpaGranny"0051340409600Enjoyable treat!If you are looking for a great relaxing cup of coffee with great flavor this is the one for you. I bought a small box which ran out quickly since we all love the coconut taste. My daughter told me to buy more when I saw them and always check out the good deals with Amazon. I was willing to wait but it was delivered earlier than promised. Green Mountain is one of my favorite cups of coffee.
236687236687B008YA1NWCAMEUOIO2DEJ8Christina Richards0051339459200Not a coffee drinker but am now an Island Coconut coffee drinker!I am not a cofee drinker but was convinced to try the Island Coconut and all I have to say is YUMMY! I also tried it with the Almond Joy creamer and can I say heaven. It is definetly a light roast but perfect for me. Curbs my cravings for sweets. This is a limited edition but am hoping it stays for a while.
236688236688B008YA1NWCA183MACRPCNOV3Ted Bazer0051339200000yummyLove the flavor of the coconut coffee. Great either iced or hot. Everyone who has tried it loves it also!
236689236689B008YA1NWCAGQ1P3TE0UOS7Janeen Benevent0021339113600Coffee is too lightMy problem with this coffee is that it is too light. I can't brew it on the 10oz setting because by the time its about half done it looks like water dripping down. I tried it today on 8oz which was a little better but still very light. No I am not a strong coffee person. I prefer medium blends so I was surprised at how light this was. Otherwise I do like the coconut flavor, its not overpowering and its not too light but I won't buy again.
236690236690B008YA1NWCAA3STBZCDCB38JerBear "Amazon shopper"0041339027200Yummy......This is a good flavor. Just a hint of coconut without being overwhelming. I will be ordering again when I run out!
236691236691B008YA1NWCA2QR6NHIL0UL85Rockville0051338768000Smells good and taste deliciousI always love green mountain coffee. I just found myself fell in love with this new coconut flavor coffee! It smells really good, and it does have the coconut taste to it! Love it. I am getting more!
236692236692B008YA1NWCA2XNOB1T796Y6BChibiNeko "Sooo many books, so little time!"0051338768000Absolutely delicious!I can't say enough good things about this K-cup. This was one of the flavors brought into work recently and well, I've been in a coconut mood lately.

First off, you can taste the coconut flavoring in this without it being overwhelming. One of the biggest flaws with flavored coffee is that many times you'll get drinks that say they're flavored with some sort of taste, but it's so subtle that you'll wonder if it was added at all. No worries with this- you can taste the coconut and it tastes good. The coffee underneath is nice and smooth, very drinkable.

This really was a great tasting drink. Even with Sweet and Low (which I absolutely hate), the drink tasted great. If you're a coconut fan, this is a must try. Now I just have to figure out where my coworkers bought it and buy more of it for my house.
236693236693B008YA1NWCA2YLNC7H8Y5T95Chase "chase"0031338076800smells great but lacks tasteit has a fantastic aroma. however, it has a very weak taste. if it tasted as great as it smells it would be great product!
236694236694B008YA1NWCA5ZJKS3MH6QO6E. Sulhan0041337904000Something differentI LOVE the Keurig brewing system and I have tried many different kinds of k-cups. This is up there with the good ones, in my opinion. I drink coffee every morning, and was looking for something different and "summery" to replace my pumpkin spice and hazelnut flavors (I know hazelnut is a classic, but it just makes me think of fall/winter for some reason). Like others have stated, the brew is pretty weak (which is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5). Don't buy this if you're looking for a full-bodied, bold coffee. The coconut flavor is really nice, and the smell when the coffee is brewing is to die for! I think it would be the perfect flavor for an iced coffee. Overall, I recommend this product to you if you have a variety of k-cups and want a fun new flavor to add in for something different.
236695236695B008YA1NWCA3NEAETOSXDBOMStephen M. Charme0051337472000Great hot or coldCoffee drinkers have very individual tastes, but for me and my wife this coffee tastes great. It has just the right amount of coconut--not too sweet, not syrupy tasting, and definitely not synthetic tasting as one negative review claims.

My wife enjoys this as a hot cup of coffee in the morning, and I like it as iced coffee in the afternoon. Either way this is something that I would recommend if you like coconut.
236696236696B008YA1NWCA27A9QYJ6YH2T1Jennifer Spahn "JennS"0051337299200Yummy coffee!I really enjoy this coffee, it has a nice island coconutty flavor. Will definitely purchase these coffee K cups again.
236697236697B008YA1NWCA2IM69TB3LKK7QT. Anderson0031337040000Too weakI'm a coconut junkie, so was very excited to try this island coconut flavor. It is extremely weak. I use coconut creamer, and if I put in my usual amount of creamer the coffee turns white and has zero coffee flavor. I'm not really a strong coffee drinker, but I like to be able to taste the coffee AND my creamer. I'll keep looking for a stronger brew coconut coffee, and finish off this box mixing it half and half with regular coffee.
236698236698B008YA1NWCA3ABQC2S7YOC3VSummerOtaku0031337040000Good coffee but Coconut flavor is very weak!Like all Green Mountain coffee the flavor is smooth and good and definitely not a bad cup of brew, that said, I was REALLY looking forward to Island Coconut (since I always get coconut coffee at Dunkin when I'm out) and ended up being disappointed. Like I said the coffee is still good but you can barely taste the coconut.
236699236699B008YA1NWCAKJHHD5VEH7VGDominique W0051337040000I love this flavorMy department at work has a Keurig machine and drinking Jamaica Me Crazy while at work had me craving some coconut goodness on my off time. I chose the Green Mountain Island Coconut for the price value but also because I've never been disappointed with Green Mountain. This blend was not an exception. The coconut taste is wonderful without being too mild or too overpowering. For me, this has been a great blend from Green Mountain. Much like their blueberry coffe, I will continue to buy the Island Coconut throughout the season.
236700236700B008YA1NWCA2ELBRDMDOJGQGHeather 4.0051336694400wonderful!!The best flavor yet!! I love coconut so I may be bias. I just wish it was available year round!

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