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236701236701B008YA1NWCA35VXFPI2WKNNYMark0051336262400Great FlavorI have tried many Keruig flavors from a varity of companies. Really enjoy this flavor. Try it your will like it!
236702236702B008YA1NWCA1IRTDWFC5UOAOScott Thompson "Patmos"0051335830400Fantastic Flavored Coffee!!Normally don't drink flavored coffee but this one intrigued me. Very glad I tried it. It is amazing. Taste like I am sitting in the islands. Very pleasant coconut taste while not over bearing. Coffee is not strong but a mild flavor. This is a seasonal flavor so you better get it while you can! I am ordering more now. I already finished my 1st 24 count. Everytime I would get ready to fix a cup and think about my regular Donut Shop I would grab this!!
236703236703B008YA1NWCA3EJ0CYGQDJET9Savannah Girl0051335571200Green Mountain Island Coconut, K-CupsI was afraid this might be too much coconut but I was very pleased. The Island Coconut is a delightful addition to my French Vanilla. Hazelnut, Butter Toffee etc. Don't be afraid to try it . you won't be disappointed.
236704236704B008YA1NWCA27FP0S5QH7GNEIslandSandy0051335312000Favorite coffee ever!I can say hands down this is the best coffee for me. It is slightly coconut flavored and a very mild roast. When you brew a cup the entire house takes on the island coconut scent. I wish that they produced this flavor year round and I also wish it came in decaf.
236705236705B008YA1NWCARIDYUP102OLHippie-Mama0051334275200My favorite flavored k-cup!Green Mountain Coffee should really consider making the Island Coconut k-cup available year round! It is my very favorite flavored k-cup! The taste is fantastic black and I also love it iced for a nice summer treat. It's not necessarily super sweet, but just right and enough flavor to make it an amazing coffee. I also get a lot of comments about how good my coffee smells when I bring this flavor to work in my travel mug. Please keep making this flavor, even if it is just available for part of the year!
236706236706B008YA1NWCA25SRMQYQ9RM7QResidentevil350051334102400Best k cupsThese are my favorite k cups! I always become excited when summertime rolls around! The coconut flavor is refreshing and the coffee is very full-bodied.
236707236707B008YA1NWCA3HWOYAGAJ9QRFa.0041326326400yumthis is my husband's favorite flavored coffee. he really doesn't like flavored coffee at all, but he loves this one!
236708236708B008YA1NWCA35GQN8V34YQUSA. Diegel0041325548800so good icedThis was one of the first K-Cup blends I tried. It's a very light coffee, and I was very disappointed with it as a hot drink. After some looking around I found people put it in the fridge and then have it as iced coffee.

This is genius. The coconut flavor really pops when the coffee is cold, and it doesn't taste watery. I would not attempt to make it like the specifically iced drink K-cups but if you have time to spare, putting a cup of it in the fridge really makes it better...maybe add some chocolate syrup to it while it's still hot too...
236709236709B008YA1NWCAG2S7N7ZPPNW2jeciwall280051325116800My Fave k-cupI love, love, love Island Coconut k-cups. You can pair it with so many different flavored creamers and still taste the coconut. I suggest everyone buy this, and then again, and again, and again.
236710236710B008YA1NWCA152PRXNAVTKKAcojeepguy080051322956800Awesome summer blendI love my Keurig but with all of the k-cup options (and prices), it's sometimes a challenge to find a blend that you like. This one is definitely a mild blend with a smooth coconut flavor. Good stuff!
236711236711B008YA1NWCA37Y1PTI70SNOMJ. Shilander0051322179200My favoriteI love this flavor - its my favorite. Deep, full flavor with a nice hint of coconut. Not overpowering but enough to notice.
236712236712B008YA1NWCA2BIPY03BDDOWYA. Parker "Luv 2 travel"0051320105600Island Coconut K-cupsThis is a seasonal item (usually comes out in March) but I was out and very lucky to find it on Amazon!
236713236713B008YA1NWCAWMUHMCJFD3WQR. Siminitis0021319328000FlavorI thought it would have more of a coconut flavor, it tasted no different then coffee without flavor. I wouldn't buy it again
236714236714B008YA1NWCAA4BHKJ4S2PS8Beth Marceau0051319241600Island Coconut K-CupsIsland Coconut is my very favorite! I wish it was available year around instead of just seasonal. I try to order enough when it is available to last me through the winter. I would highly recommend it to everyone.
236715236715B008YA1NWCA1TRUJN74M0W4Vroramom0051319068800YummyThis is my favorite flavor, I feel like I am on a tropical island, at least for a few seconds.
236716236716B008YA1NWCASDB73EYX2F0UJudith Papos0051318896000coconut flavored coffeeI love this coffee, especially with almond joy coffee creamer. You can only purchase this coffee in the spring and summer. Last year i was devastated because I couldn't find it. This yr I purchased a couple of boxes to keep me in supply. I was not a coffee drinker till the flavored ones came out. Thank you Amazon for carrying this product and also the quick delivery.
236717236717B008YA1NWCA17VUM7DGU7P8Fsuekansas "suekansas"0051318809600One of my favorite flavorsI love Island Coconut for my Keurig. This is my third purchase of that flavor and I will be buying more. It has a very pleasant taste and it's a wonderful smelling cup of coffee. Just the right amount of delicious coconut flavor in a yummy cup of coffee.
236718236718B008YA1NWCA2OICPLYFWZJJUPink Rose "J.P."0031318809600Less smooth...I wish I could rate it HIGH as lots of others have. I am a 'weak coffee drinker" so consider that fact. I don't like that high acid/bitter like after taste that I have to drown in milk and honey.
236719236719B008YA1NWCAKCL1EHRNJIKFP. TAN0011318636800WasteI don't think I have ever given 1 star to any product but this one deserves it. I am a weak coffee drinker and this taste like water. And, I do eat coconut bought from Asian stores (yes, the one I have to open from it shell) and this does not come close to it.
236720236720B000LKU7ZWA2MSOUKNU4RN1Bnightowl3351270512000Makes THE BEST tasting pot roast!Sprinkle this mix on top of a roast with a little bit of water in the slow cooker and 8-10 hours later you will think you've died and gone to heaven.
Turn the meat every couple of hours to marinate in the juices. That's all you have to do, the seasoning packet does the rest.
236721236721B000LKU7ZWA29Y8VKV7VW5GLLinda S. Pierce "big spender"3351247356800Not Lipton'sI wanted an organic alternative to Lipton onion soup mix which I use in several recipies. This is heavy on garlic. I only use 1/2 an envelope per recipe and it's a decent replacement, but not the same flavor. Will buy again just to avoid MSG.
236722236722B000LKU7ZWA1PRWEDRTXRBXMRhonda Lane ""2251231027200Makes a great low-fat, low sodium dipWhen I mix it, I use a little bit of mayo (preferably the olive oil-based) and a full container of fat-free sour cream.

The mix is low in sodium, for people watching their salt intake. And people like it. It makes an easy, healthier onion dip for veggies and chips.

And sometimes, it makes a good sandwich spread, too.
236723236723B000LKU7ZWA27OPNET5OKMH9Peggy Sue Leggett2251205539200the best of the bestThis is the best french onion mix. If you want a great chip dip, mix one pkt. with a 24oz container of daisy sour cream the night before you want to serve it. The other great use is to sprinkle one pkt. over a roast and slow roast it all day at 250 with some fresh organic rosemary sprigs on top.

The only bad product this company has is the revised mushroom sauce mix. It used to be wild mushroom and because their quality control didn't like it anymore they changed it. They need to bring it back. I gave it a fair chance when I recieved it and I threw it all away because there's no flavor to it. I wonder if this company forgot about that old cliche' if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Please bring the wild mushroom back. That really was a much better product. There's a local organic store and that product isn't moving on their shelf.
236724236724B000LKU7ZWA1Y27H0CVORD07Ms. Meredith Kibbee2241202428800Very good.It tastes great and I like the ingredients and the things it doesn't have, like sugar.
236725236725B000LKU7ZWAY8BXRVKOKOJ0Karen "Ex-engineer Mom"2251189382400AMAZING - bright, fresh flavor vs. salty brown Lipton varietyIf you think your only onion dip choice is the yucky overly salty Lipton variety, this will make your day. Even the kids love the fresh flavor of this! GREAT for entertaining - I've had so many requests for the recipe that I've started buying it by the case here on Amazon... and I'm giving it away as a holiday gift this year, packaged with a natural bag of chips and the sour cream recipe in the other review here!
236726236726B000LKU7ZWA1YP5WLIHGG136Techthusiast "n00b"1151290988800Simple Ingredients: Old Fan of Lipton's/Mrs. Grass etcAbsolutely love this stuff. Love the simple ingredients "Organic onion, organic maltodextrin, sea salt, organic garlic, organic black pepper" and agree with the reviewer trying to avoid MSG (and other extras) in my old standby.

I mean, we've used Mrs. Grass, Lipton, and knock-offs for onion dip in my house for 20+ years now so I didn't have high hopes for this organic brand. But I can mix it to taste and get just the flavor I'm looking for.


Now, you DO give up the little onion bits of the old kinds... I did always like those and I did miss them at first...but I'm thrilled with this organic variety and will be purchasing it from now on.

236727236727B000LKU7ZWA1WJ0A4KI27GINC. Siligato "C Siligato"0041350259200Tasty, but expensiveI found these to be pretty tasty, but for the price, I'd rather buy dips that are already made or make it myself. If you are very into organic and can't find things locally, then this product is for you.
236728236728B000LKU7ZWA2VYA8WBHYUT8XTX Mom0051307923200Great for dips!I mix this with 0% fat plain greek yogurt (I buy Fage) for a rich flavored no guilt dip! I sometimes add extra minced fresh onion, maybe chopped fresh chives or parsley, too. You can add a little extra powdered garlic or onion powder if you want a stronger dip. Depends what I'll be dipping. Carrots sticks, broccoli, celery- it all goes well with this dip! Refridgerate overnight if you want the flavors to blend. A very nice mix that doesn't have the fake additives, color, msg or msg-like ingredients. If you like dip but don't like the guilt, mix this with 0% fat greek yogurt!!! I forgot- for extra kick, add a tiny bit of horseradish...good on top of a chopped up grilled steak sandwich!
236729236729B000LKU7ZWA24W7XNKMIGRFWK. Kremer "Self-proclaimed Cheapskate"0021307318400Too SaltyI was hoping this product would be as tasty as the dill dip but it is far too salty. I had to double up on the sour cream to tone down the saltiness.
236730236730B003IN848QA3GULQ3RG5HJF4wonton151651280793600Better and cheaper than Starbucks VIAI really enjoy Douwe Egberts coffee. My girlfriend turned me on to it about a year ago. She would drive out of her way to some restaurant just to get herself a cup. We later found out that Burger King's BK JOE was actually Douwe Egberts so we could get it pretty much when ever we wanted. Unfortunately BK switched to Seattle's Best earlier this year so we would have to again venture out to that tiny restaurant to enjoy a cup. When I saw this product, I figured I'd have to give it a try since I've tried the VIA freeze dried coffee from Starbucks and enjoyed it. I'm happy to report that this product is better than VIA and significantly more affordable.

I purchased this on 7/30/2010 and it was at my door 2 days later. The expiration date on the packages is 1/03/2012. I'm probably going to stock up on a few cases of this since I have a terrible track record of finding something I like once then never being able to find it again.

200 8oz servings ($.23 a cup)
I would describe this as a medium/light bodied roast with a very slight nutty flavor.

Remember, taste is subjective and I don't claim to be an expert of any kind on coffee.

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